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Road Map. FiNMAX is a trading brand name for binary options products and brokerage accounts and is entirely owned and operated by Morris Processing Ltd. Morris Processing Ltd. has two primary offices, one located in London, and another based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Although the broker has claimed to have offices in other countries across EU and the Asia-Pacific, it appears that the company has simply hired virtual addresses, which provides a phone number and a virtual address. Binary Options Tradable Instruments At FiNMAX. As far as Forex, commodities, and indices are concerned, FiNMAX has indeed provided the most varied financial assets, but the company seems to be lacking in the choice of stocks for binary options trading. Other brokers are popular in the market for offering anywhere from 100 to 500 different stock options, which does tend to make things a little bit harder for FiNMAX stock binary options traders. However, if you are not too concerned about the limited availability of stocks, FiNMAX does provide an excellent range of instruments for other markets. FiNMAX Binary Options Platform. The FiNMAX trading platform runs on the Trade Smarter trading interface, which is a web-based trading platform that can be accessed through a compatible web browser. The FiNMAX platform employs an advanced Graphical User Interface that provides all the information pertaining to trading markets in a simple and easy-to-use trader dashboard. The layout should be comfortable for both amateur and professional traders, which provides a wide range of trading information such as charts, account history, choice of assets, and trading parameters. The full-size trading platform is not only pleasing to the eye but is also designed with the trader in mind. Almost all binary options platforms provided by leading brokerages tend to have minimal options when it comes to using advanced charting options. Traders are usually forced into resorting to other means such as using multiple charting platforms or paying for technical analysis from third-party service providers. FiNMAX has made life a bit easy for advanced traders, as they have provided an advanced charting platform, courtesy of TradingView. The Trade Smarter platform employed by FiNMAX has a few drawbacks. The platform is not as reliable as other third-party or proprietary interfaces, as there are a few latency issues. The FiNMAX platform also lacks access to different financial products, and the choice of assets is severely limited. Furthermore, short-term trading can also be risky, as the broker has full control over the trades and the price feeds. Nevertheless, FiNMAX users can use the advanced charting platforms along with the primary Trade Smarter interface to increase their odds of succeeding in the markets. FiNMAX Mobile Trading.