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Annual Filing Requirements For Limited Companies
http://www.setupacompany.co.uk - Running a limited company means you must filing certain documents each year in order to comply with the rules for maintaining your listing. The two main requirements are annual returns and annual accounts. This video looks at both of these requirements and how you can go about completing them.
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Different Types of Limited Company Explained
http://www.setupacompany.co.uk - After deciding to set up a limited company you'll need to decide what type of company to start, beginning with the choice of a public or private limited company. Here we explain the key differences to help you decide which is best for you.
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Responsibilities of Limited Company Directors
http://www.setupacompany.co.uk - A limited company director has a number of responsibilities that they must meet in order to comply with all rules and regulations. This includes things such as ensuring all annual filing requirements are met and maintaining a safe workplace. This video looks at the four 4 main legal responsibilities of directors.
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Business Bank Accounts & Basic Bookkeeping For Limited Companies
http://www.setupacompany.co.uk - Once you have a business up and running you will need to ensure it has a suitable business bank account. You'll also need to put some basic bookkeeping practices in place to ensure you maintain the necessary records and make accounting easier and cheaper!
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Assigning Shares in a Limited Company
http://www.setupacompany.co.uk - Getting the share value and structure correct is essential when starting out a limited company as it will directly impact who can take what share of profits in the business. This video looks at how you decide on the number and value of shares to issue as well as to how to split them between multiple shareholders.
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Sole Trader or Limited Company?
http://www.setupacompany.co.uk - One of the first decisions you'll need to make when starting a business is whether you'll be a sole trader or set up as a limited company. Ultimately the correct decision will depend on your own circumstances. In this video we examine the pros and cons of both options.
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How To Set Up A UK Limited Company - Course Summary
http://www.setupacompany.co.uk - This video is the summary for the 'How To Set Up A UK Limited Company' course.
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Registering with HMRC
http://www.setupacompany.co.uk - As a business owner there are a number of things you will need to register for both personally and as a business. This can include things such as being self-employed, self-assessment, class 2 national insurance, VAT, corporation tax, PAYE, anti money laundering, data protection and more. Get the lowdown on the various requirements in this short video.
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Limited Company Registration Requirements
http://www.setupacompany.co.uk - Ready to form a limited company but need to know what the requirements are? This video will take you through the necessary information and documents that need to be provided to successful form a new company.
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SetupaCompany - UK Limited Company Formation Agent
http://www.setupacompany.co.uk - Are you looking to set up a UK limited company? Here at SetupaCompany we provide the quickest and easiest way to register a new company at Companies House from just £19.99.
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Introduction to Forming a UK Limited Company
http://www.setupacompany.co.uk - An introduction to the short course on 'How To Set Up A UK Limited Company' put together by UK company formation agents SetUpaCompany.
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The Limited Company Formation Process
http://www.setupacompany.co.uk - Looking to form a UK limited company? The process is easier than you may have thought and it's possible to get your application submitted in just 4 minutes. This video takes you through the process, step by step.
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How to Know if Your Business Idea is Viable?
http://www.setupacompany.co.uk - Before starting a business you need to ensure your idea is actually viable. This video looks at the things you can do to check your idea will work and how you can build up a list of prospective customers as you do!
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Choosing a Company Name
http://www.setupacompany.co.uk - Getting the name of your business right seems like an incredibly important step. However, it's probably not as vital as you think. Still though there are certain things to consider in order to choose a name and you'll also need to ensure it meets the requirements as set out by Companies House.
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