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I'm Careful Because I Lost it All TWICE
After the first bubble in 2013 I lost 80% of my gains in the crash thereafter, same happened in second bubble of 2013. Main reason is that I started with too little exposure, in both bubbles I started with only 10% and 20% crypto. But another mistake was that I was too heavily exposed at the top, I had a majority in crypto and could have sold a lot more. I also started buying back too soon during the bear market. My twitter: https://twitter.com/marcdemesel
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My Buy-In Strategy Revealed
Only investing in Bitcoin Cash during this Bear, but u can apply my buy-in strategy to any other crypto u prefer. Plan to diversify BCH into smaller coins once ATH of BCH @ $4k is breached (= $20k for BTC). Now have: -40% exposure, with BCH @ $300 (BTC @ $5000), Plan to raise to: -60% exposure if BCH hits $200 (BTC @ $4000), -80% if BCH reaches $100 (BTC @ $3300), -100%, fully invested, if BCH reaches $50 (BTC @ $2500) Whatever fiat that is not filled will be used to buy smaller coins once ATH's are breached. Links: Great technical analyst: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnwxzpFzZNtLH8NgTeAROFA
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Preparing For a Bitcoin Surge
It is probable that top alts will correct for several months slowly but steadily while shitcoins give back all their gains of last months. Check first tweet on my twitter also: https://twitter.com/marcdemesel
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It's Always Darkest Before Dawn
Due to this massive parabolic run to $8k / $230B, odds for serious correction have become very high but sadly, odds we saw bottom half year back have increased also a lot. Raised my buy orders, and plan to go back to majority exposure of 60%, no longer at -50% but at -35% undervaluation compared to trendline. Trendline currently stands at $262B, so correction to $180B, $5900 BTC, will do the trick, and is still likely to be hit. However have accepted that I will likely be unable to invest a big piece of my portfolio sitting in cash, and that I had reserved to invest in crypto, as my undervaluation target of -80% below trendline, even -50%, seems more and more unlikely to be hit (again) during this bear market, before we go into a new bubble, and will have to start looking for other investment opportunities. Links: Big majority people think we go higher, even among my followers: https://twitter.com/marcdemesel/status/1127839849740947456 Calculate trendline in real time: https://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=10%5E(3.03529++*+ln((number+of+weeks+since+2009+Jan+09)%2Fweeks)+-+7.67399
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Bitcoin $1000 PARTAY!!! :) & Goldbugs wake up!
Just like the internet makes television, radio, newspapers, magazines and mail obsolete, so will bitcoin make fiat, gold, and banks obsolete. Song used: https://soundcloud.com/robscott/time-on-the-fucking-moon
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Live Show
Now that BTC broke $5k and BCH $250, many think we might have seen the bottom in Dec 2018 at $3200 and $80 for BCH and ETH. However, nothing changed, volumes were extremely low then for a bottom to be in, timing was off, usually bears take half the time of a bull, which means 1.5y bear more likely instead of only 1 year. If you don't have a decent minority exposure to crypto yet, sure build it but wait at least couple of weeks for market to cool off. Today is a time to sell, not buy in my opinion, so if you overinvested before, now is good time to scale back. Link to twitter poll: https://twitter.com/marcdemesel/status/1113419380908601346
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Deel 1 Marc De Mesel op Goud Congres 15/5/2010
Maarten Verheyen nodigde me uit te komen spreken samen met James Turk en Willem Middelkoop op het goud congres in Eindhoven. Bekijk ook deel 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJLnfZ9IyKM
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Correction: Majority Exposure Recommended Already
In my video "Serious Undervaluation Is Here" I recommended to go to big, but still minority exposure as I thought, and still think, bottom was not in. However, you don't want to wait until u estimate bottom is in before you invest the majority of your allocated funds into crypto. You need to build in a margin of safety as you never know for sure where bottom or top will be. Cutting 50% from previous peak in over and undervaluation is a decent margin of safety, where you can already reduce or increase to a minority or majority exposure. Since previous bear went to -70% undervaluation, going already to majority exposure at -35% undervaluation is the safe thing to do, this was hit already at $4000 BTC/ $200 BCH, and since you should never sell the coins u bought, one should today at $5500 BTC / $300 BH still be at majority exposure. Time to correct this mistake is not now after pump, but if we get a serious correction back to these valuation,s which is likely to happen sooner or later, even if the bull has started, I would recommend to do so with say 60 or 70% of your planned total allocation. I would still leave enough to scale in more and more until we reach estimated bottom of -85% undervaluation, after which I would recommend to be fully invested.
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Bear Unlikely Over & -30% Undervaluation No Steal
As you can see on Trololo chart, period of undervaluation just started, and will likely take a lot longer and go a lot deeper. This would not happen if we have started bull market with recent pump, as we would quickly go into overvaluation again. Always possible as also happened middle 2013 when another bubble started already half a year after previous one, and since potential reward in crypto is so high always recommended to have a minority exposure, but to go to a majority exposure, you want to see many boxes tick off before taking on such big risk, which today is lacking. Check also other indicators still pointing bearish, presented very well in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eoAiDEXPV1g Other links: https://twitter.com/throwaway82738/status/1114362917187547137 https://twitter.com/marcdemesel/status/1114145360086171648 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnwxzpFzZNtLH8NgTeAROFA
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Hard To Bear
With Fear & Greed Index at ATH of 69 my impression that market is very bullish is confirmed. This typically means reversal is near and correction likely, as bulls and bears seem to all agree on these days, 'to test/confirm the bottom'. Do plan to go back to majority exposure of 70% at $4200 BTC / $180 BCH, just in case bull started, but think odds are still high we will continue to drop from there and find a new low in the next few months of around $2700 BTC, $60 ETH but only double bottom for $BCH around $75. If we do not find new low by September I'll have to admit I was wrong, change strategy and likely will have to buy in at considerably higher prices. Links: Fear & Greed Index: https://alternative.me/crypto/fear-and-greed-index/ Updated Trololo Chart: https://twitter.com/Awe_andWonder/status/1124400533845024768 My Allocation Targets: https://twitter.com/marcdemesel/status/1125590929484677121
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My Bitcoin & Altcoin Cash Out Strategy
Bitcoin is rallying strongly and a new bubble seems in the making. Hard to predict how high Bitcoin will go in this next bubble. Could be $5k, but also $20k since it's been 2.5 years ago we had a bubble. Unlike last bubbles I won't sell when I get fear of heights, but only when technical indicators are strong that the bull market is over. Please like the video, share with your friends and subscribe to my channel! :)
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Altcoins About To Explode, Are You Ready?
Odds are high altcoins will start to go up a lot more than Bitcoin once bitcoin starts to go over it's ATH of $1200 into a clear new bubble. Are you well positioned for this? Odds are high because this also happened in past bitcoin bubbles, but also because bitcoin fundamentals have weakened a lot compared to altcoins. In that regard check out what to expect from Bitcoin going forward: "Why Bitcoin Will Get Scaling Without Segwit or Large Blocks": https://medium.com/@jimmysong/why-bitcoin-will-get-scaling-without-segwit-or-large-blocks-772799fab021
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Is Going All-In Wise?
Going full retard and investing everything in crypto, let alone one coin is perceived as very risky. But it does come with some great advantages. Just like going all in on your startup, going all in on your coin allows you to fully focus on it, have zero distractions of other investments, able to start promoting and building the coin, and thereby increasing it's chance to become a success. But how do you deal with all the insecurities? What do you do when you lose it all? Are you able to hedge yourself in other ways?
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Should I Buy Real Estate? πŸ€”
This questions has been on my mind all too often and up until today my answer was no. Here's a 1000 reasons why.
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Deel 2 Marc De Mesel op Goud Congres 15/5/2010
Bekijk ook deel 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOIXvwG-Kvs
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No, You Are Not a Loser 😠
Going your own path is often not supported by your family and friends, they want you to live the life they have. Many children are neglected and not really loved, and as a parent do the same to their children. This causes a low self esteem, that will impact the rest of your life. Break the cycle of abuse/neglect. Family is not sacred. Insist on surrounding yourself with people that don't put you down, or neglect you, but that build you up and support you. Check out Louis Thomas his video: "Everyone Thinks I'm a Loser": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZYSP8NOZ9AE
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Deel 3 Marc De Mesel op Goud Congres 15/5/2010
Bekijk ook deel 4: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qH2-8qcosQI
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Preparing To Invest Big
Was wrong in previous video in that I do not think we have hit historically high undervaluation today that justifies a majority position (See chart: https://twitter.com/Awe_andWonder/status/1093756318425468928). But I do think one has to be prepared for that event to happen anytime over next half year when Bitcoin breaks $3200 and likely bottoms at $2500, worst case $1900. Recommended 40% crypto exposure, and still do today, but go to majority of at least 60% up to 100% if you are comfortable with such risk level. Buy & Hold forever or HODL is nonsensical when market extremes occur. If you have good tools you can read whether we reach serious over or undervaluation and are wise to act upon that. Also a word on babies sucking titties. Other Great Chart: https://twitter.com/gravitywave2/status/1108968866950967301
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Serious Undervaluation is Here
Summary: Now that we reached serious undervaluation of -50%, odds for seeing the bottom here are up a lot as this was exactly where bottom was found in previous bear markets of 2011 and 2014 ... Still good odds fiat bottom will be later and deeper this time, say 60/40, so a minority but decent position in crypto is already rational & justified. Please consider Awe & Wonder for donation, even small better than none: BTC: 18kRpopwRyKboTtbyQKFJ8WLU7yXc8hNsj BCH: qp207lf4v4vw7asyr66075urukeye34axch54648c9 Links https://twitter.com/Awe_andWonder https://twitter.com/gravitywave2 https://twitter.com/gravitywave2/status/1057925542727553024 Calculate today's trendline marketcap: https://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=10%5E(3.23720++*+ln((number+of+weeks+since+2009+Jan+09)%2Fweeks)+-+8.81809) Updated the chart (7 FEB 2019): https://twitter.com/marcdemesel/status/1093427601006313472
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Resources Are Not Scarce, Nor Will Crypto Transactions Be Expensive
Many people have a scarce resource mindset, believing natural resources, space or blockchain transactions are limited and we must make them expensive. Politicians often find great support promoting this false belief to justify more taxes for a certain group but businessman will find little support when raising their prices as if there is no competition. During the dotcom bubble, the leaders and cashcows of 1995 Netscape, Yahoo and AOL had totally lost the market to underdogs like Google and Amazon, after the bubble collapsed. The same setup I see in cryptoland. Current leaders are failing to capture the expanding market. It is the job of the devs to build and scale a cryptocurrency so that valuable features of no counterparty risk and fast confirmations are preserved, new smart features are build on top, and this all while fees go down over time instead of up. Sold my ZENcash and most of my Monero. Continuing to scale out of crypto as prices get out of touch with real adoption. Check out The Ultimate Resource 2, by Julian Simon or the amazing interview with him: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uLQoa_FA_zo
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The System That Will Set You Free
Respecting the Kelly Criterion does imply that you should never go all-in and never all-out, as even when risk/reward is extremely favorable, and chances for it to happen very high, there is still a low chance the investment might fail, and u might not get the chance to get out, losing it all. Same on the way up, crypto can due to a black swan event go up a lot more than expected and your fiat may at the same time lose all it's value quickly in for example a hyperinflation scenario, hence going all out, is not wise either. Respecting these rules the Kelly Criterion lays out, increase exposure as it goes down, reduce exposure as it goes up, but never go full retard, I believe will set me free of "what if" worries, not sell when goes up, not buy when goes down, and increase my investment returns. In the live chat I also answer questions why I believe in Bitcoin Cash vs Bitcoin BTC untill a troll army ends the show. Enjoy! :) Link great bearish case: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi6ccY1zwc7uTfOylwsKpQg
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Showing off a Yellow Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder 2006 (Giallo Midas)
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
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Make Decisions All Your Parts Agree With
Seeing a lot of bad investors following me, greedy/not selling at high valuations, fearful/not buying at low valuations. It is no different then for example being addicted to something, as here too it is caused by only one part that rules you, and you are not listening to your other parts that have other needs and feelings. Overly emotional and one sided decisions/actions that you later regret can be avoided by starting an internal dialogue between your different parts and making decisions that all your parts agree with. Often it's a compromise that protects you in different scenarios or satisfies different needs at same time.
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Brand New Engine For My Lamborghini Gallardo!!! :)
Ordered a new engine from Lamborghini after the previous one blew up. Payed €40'000 total, new engine, new clutch and 21% Sales Tax included. He drives great again! :) Hope I can do 125'000 km with it (80k miles) instead of the previous one that blew up already at 75'000 km (45k miles): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2EaoMwPpqE
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Respecting The Kelly Criterion
Due to HODL strategy, widespread bullishness, or simply expecting higher prices many, me included, failed to sell to minority share around top. Due to FODL panic, widespread bearishness or just expecting lower prices may cause many, me as well, fail to go to majority exposure around bottom. Therefore I must respect the Kelly criterion that says you should increase your bet size if risk/reward improves (when prices go down), and reduce bet size when risk/reward declines (when prices go up). Ofcourse you need to ride it too, so you only start selling when you reached serious overvaluation on Trololo chart and only start buying when you reached serious undervaluation. But you should start strong and go to minority or majority immediately as you never know how high or low it will go, you may well have reached the top/bottom already the moment u reach serious over or undervaluation. But if not, you continue to scale down, or scale up as higher or lower prices are reached. That is a winning strategy. Links: Checking track records: https://twitter.com/marcdemesel/status/1118073037264494592 Trololo Chart: https://twitter.com/marcdemesel/status/1114145360086171648
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Short On Bitcoin & Stuck In Alts
Bitcoin rallying from $3 to $4k while my alts neutralise all profits. Little to sell as even my Bitcoin Cash is acting like an alt. Likely they will catch up with Bitcoin and then some, for the grand finale at $200 Billion.
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The Bear Dance - USDT On Brink Of Collapse
Now that government agents likely again stole assets in crypto industry, this time from Tether $USDT company, solvency uncertainty is rising, and investors want to get out pumping BTC price on those exchanges relying on it. This scenario is very similar to Mtgox uncertainty early 2014 when it's assets were also stolen and uncertainty was rising, pumping BTC price on that leading exchange as people wanted to get out by buying Bitcoin as they could not withdraw fiat anymore. However after couple of months Mtgox finally shut down, many people losing their fiat and crypto, after which we went down big forming the bottom of 2014 Bear only months after this event. With today BTC at $5630 on Bitfinex, we have 6% higher price on USDT Exchange than on USD Exchange (eg $5315 on Bitstamp & Coinbase), likely because people wanting to get out of USDT. It could go up to 20% like Mtgox at the time when suddenly all trading is seized and assets frozen. Make sure to get out USDT exchanges before then so that you have fiat to buy the bottom that will likely occur during panic times around middle 2019, when many things come together (mtgox finally returning part of btc/bch to old investors sitting on major profits still, slow summer, timing typically bear duration after top of half time bull market 3y/2 = 1.5y).
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Majority Exposure Not Justified Yet, Especially Not With Bitcoin BTC!
Most of my viewers are already invested for more than 50% of their portfolio in crypto today, and most of that in Bitcoin BTC. This people is not what I recommend. I have a minority exposure of 40% in crypto, of which nothing in BTC, but almost everything in BCH. Here's why. Links: Last Trololo Chart: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bv3ejkfnZwW/ Great Bear Case: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDi7n5a24Ho&t
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How To Become Filthy Rich With Crypto
1. Go All In During This Bear 2. Stay All In The Whole Way Up 3. Add Leverage When ATH Is Broken 4. Spend Crypto On Goods & Services 5. Focus On Only a Few Crypto's 6. Help Them Become a Success & Make More Coins Doing So 7. Brake Rule 2 When You Became Filthy Rich 8. Take Holiday During Next Bear and Make Babies
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Kindergarden Crypto
Disappointed the amount of retards following my work. Comment section is low quality and a contra-indicator. The more dislikes a video gets, the better the call proves to be. If you can't think, you should not be investing your money, especially not in high risk extremely speculative and volatile investments like crypto. Yet my comment section and the scene in general is full of inexperienced investors, that do not think critically, want to get rich quick, are passive aggressive or outright insulting to opposing opinions, misrepresent history and have their emotions of greed and fear not under control.
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Deel 4 Marc De Mesel op Goud Congres 15/5/2010
Bekijk ook deel 5: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlEG62tpBJg
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My Investment Plan For Bull + Bear Case & Why Likely NEW BOTTOM
Showing that volume was low at bottom of $3150, cycles take longer over time, and growth is going down over time while undervaluation up over time, means it is likely we see a new bottom of $2800, possibly $1800 over the next few months. However, will raise my exposure from current 45% already to majority of 70% at $4500 BTC/$200 BCH that I think is still - very - likely to hit, even if bull has started, as this breakout to $8000 is very likely to fail looking at the relatively low volume, means very likely we will retest the bottom of $3150 at 30% higher or so. Will raise exposure to 80% if we reach $3000 BTC/$100 BCH that I think is not very likely, but still likely, and to 90% exposure if we would reach $2000 BTC/$50 BCH, which would be a new considerably deeper bottom, not likely but certainly possible, and for which you need to prepare today if you don't want to chicken out if it would happen. Links: https://twitter.com/cryptomedius/status/1129398888522231809 https://twitter.com/hithrowaway/status/1128391235633176576 https://twitter.com/marcdemesel/status/1122103436101791744
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How High Will Bitcoin Go? $2000, $5000 or $10'000? πŸ€”
The bad news is, likely not that high in the next bubble as most expect. Think highest odds only 2x ATH, around $2300. Maybe 3x = $3600, but very unlikely 4x = $4900, at which point I would keep only a minor exposure of 10% Crypto / 90% Fiat. The good news is that alts at the same time, compared to their ATH, will likely have gone up many times more than bitcoin and will allow to lock in great profits with high odds to buy back considerably cheaper.
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Crypto Finally Fairly Valued
Now that crypto market cap has dropped to $190 Billion and reached the trendline of Trololo that currently stands at $200 billion (not $180B as mentioned in video), we can say crypto is fairly valued. Some coins dropped a lot like Byteball ($50, -95%), but Bitcoin still at $6k (-70%). Target for this bear however is -90% undervaluation to trendline in about 1 year as you can see in my last Trololo video (link below). In meantime trendline will likely go up to $400 billion, so $100 billion as final low seems likely, cutting bitcoin again in half and most other coins in 3 or 4 from here. But since this is not that much lower and another year to go, a strong rebound is certainly possible before the real bear starts. Going below 5k could start the real bear leading to the final low of $3k but be careful for possible strong rebound first to say $12k. Growth rates users in Crypto: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=caYy8pafFeY&t=923s Great crypto bear channel iTradeCrypto from Kevin Svenson: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVTbGN6Hzi4sSAz1bKHiDiQ https://twitter.com/KevinSvenson_ My last Trololo video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvQzjyhtjRg&t Troiolo trendline calculator: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2000218.msg30510563#msg30510563 Compare amount of transactions on Bitcoin vs ETH, BCH, XMR,and many more: https://bitinfocharts.com/comparison/transactions-btc-eth-bch-xmr.html#log My awesome daily tweets: https://twitter.com/marcdemesel My lovely girls and lambo: https://www.instagram.com/marcdemesel/
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Byteball: Scalable, Private, Free but HURRY!!
It's been 3 years since I have been so enthousiastic about a new crypto! Make sure you register your bitcoins ASAP, before 25 DEC 00:00:00 UTC!!! Be careful to download LIVE client (v0.7.1, notice 1 at end), not TESTNET client (V8.0t)! Don't forget to back up your wallet first, see below for more. Download here: https://github.com/byteball/byteball/releases Complete instructions here: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1608859.0 More info about project here: https://byteball.org Backup instructions: For a complete backup of your Bytes and Blackbytes, *the wallet seed is not enough*! On *windows*, backup all contents of hidden byteball folder 'C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Local\byteball'. To get there go to windows file explorer and insert in search bar on top: %LOCALAPPDATA%\byteball On *linux*, backup hidden folder '~/.config/byteball'. On *osx* (mac os), backup folder '~/Library/Application Support/byteball'. *As Blackbyte transactions are only stored locally, it must be done again every time after you've sent or received Blackbytes!* Check out my: https://twitter.com/marcdemesel https://instagram.com/marc_de_mesel/
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Byteball, https://byteball.org/
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Zijn er Bij Ons Nog Veilige Banken?
Geen enkele bank heeft 100% eigen kapitaal in reserve maar sommige banken hebben het geld van de spaarders wel degelijk conservatief belegd zodat ze een grote depressie kunnen overleven. Om te weten of jouw bank veilig is moet je dus toegang krijgen tot hun balans sheet waar staat in wat ze de spaarders hun geld belegd hebben zodat je kan kijken of dit relatief veilig is. Geen enkele Belgische of Nederlandse bank publiceert dit bij mijn weten in begrijpbare taal en dus ken ik geen enkele veilige bank in onze regio's. Wel bestaan dergelijke veilige banken in Zwitserland.
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Bitcoin About To Fork? πŸ€” Bitcoin Core vs Bitcoin Unlimited vs ZCash
Since both camps have strong support neither will likely win over 95% of the miners and so a fork will likely happen where just like in Ethereum you have 2 Bitcoins. I think after this event price of both combined will not be lower than before, as was also the case when Ethereum forked into 2 coins. Afterwards I think the fork, Bitcoin Unlimited (BTU) will however grow bigger than Bitcoin Core as BTU continues the original vision of onchain scaling and low transaction fees and will be backed by reputable people like Gavin Andresen and Roger Ver However both Bitcoins will still lack a proper business model hooked into the first layer, as well as lack decent privacy. Therefore altcoins like Zcash and many others innovating, will likely continue to gain market share from the Bitcoin Duo.
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Investing in Real Estate & Land Good Idea? πŸ€”
Buying my dream house or investing in land in developing countries can be profitable investments that I have been researching. Thanks to low mortage rates at home or investing in fast growing economy where land prices are likely to go up, you can get returns between 6% and 12%. Still it requires time and some expertise to do it well. Think I will just invest in precious metals portfolio that is also great hedge against crypto failing and can achieve 15% per year on top if I follow experts in the field like portfolio of analyse.be that has 20% per year since 1999. For now I think I'll continue to rent my home, maybe just upscale a little ;)
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Great Time To Buy Altcoins!
Up until Bitcoin's All Time High of $1100 altcoins will likely continue to have a hard time vs bitcoin, but after that they will likely outperform bitcoin. Make sure you have your buying done by then.
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Preparing For Take Off, Review 2014 & Outlook 2015 - Bitcoin & NXT
2014 was a terrible year for Bitcoin and NXT price wise, but a great year to load the boat. I'm ready for take off! :)
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Amount Of Transactions BTC & Dash Manipulated?
Now comparing Amount Of Transactions vs their peak during bubble, for BTC, BCH, Dash & Monero, left out Litecoin*. Discovered Amount Of Transactions for Dash was seriously overstated due to mixing. Starting to doubt BTC transactions are for real too. Very strange they have been going up so well past half year from bottom of 170k to 270k per day, eventhough other metrics, USD Sent & Median Transaction Value, have collapsed as much as BCH. Same for Dash that collapsed equally little in amount of transactions compared to peak bull market (-25%), but all other metrics collapsed as much as BCH. Do BTC and Dash have popular apps running on it that might explain it? If yes, who has data? *Left out LTC as I don't believe in it long term due to too much of a copycat of BTC. Links: Sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vSL6nK3t1QYmF2wFN19pCn2jxVfug7FNdIoPPzqT1rF6_A2Ok5amXGoS7djm65To1nTVFCRrG2K3JyQ/pubhtml Data source: https://bitinfocharts.com/comparison/marketcap-mediantransactionvalue-btc.html#log
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My Lamborghini! :) (Gallardo Spyder 2006)
Checking out my lambo in my garage. Roof On & Off, interior up close, wheels, features, more pro's and con's, etc
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Ikea Shopping with the Lambo - In 4k HD! πŸ˜‰
The Gallardo Coupe has some space after the seats but the spyder has it where the roof folds in! ;) The smarttop mod to open the roof with your keys (as well as being able to open and close it while driving) I bought from here: http://www.mods4cars.com/
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The Kelly Criterion, Investing Proportionally Based On Risk/Reward πŸ‘Œ
The Kelly Criterion is a scientific proven method to maximize your returns. It simply states one should invest most on the best risk/reward ratio investment. There is even a mathematical function for it that says exactly how much you should bet. If done disciplined, thou shall prosper. Edward Thorp was first to apply it with poker in casino' s, beating the house, and later applied it to money management with his hedge fund, beating the market with 10 year long astronomical returns. The book 'Beat The Market' by Edward Thorp is too focused on 1970 stock market instruments, but his first book 'Beat The Dealer' I enjoyed very much. Make sure to read up on the Kelly Criterion, for example this great article: http://www.investopedia.com/articles/trading/04/091504.asp?lgl=rira-baseline-vertical
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Fondsen met Kapitaalsgarantie - Deel 1
zie ook deel 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQuVCpzoTUw&feature=channel_page en het volledig artikel op mijn blog: http://www.marcdemesel.be/2009/02/kapitaalsgarantie-of-gegarandeerd-nu-al.html
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