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Finding mass of sun example
Sample problem using just the distance and orbital time of a planet to find the mass of a star. (In this case, we're using the earth and the sun!)
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Review for test on 11 29 18
Review session for the test on 11.29.18.
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Ch  32 HW screencast
Ch. 32 HW solutions for Mr. Forrest's AP Physics C class; 2019
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Circuits Screencast part 1
Screencast /Pencast of Circuits HW from Physics Classroom. Part 1 of 2
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Ch  21 Screencast AP2
Ch. 21 HW solutions as a screencast. Remember, the book answer for 51(b) is incorrect! My solution for 51 (b) IS correct.
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CH  13 screencast
Here are verbal explanations for the CH. 13 HW solutions for AP Physics 2
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Circuits Screencast AP1
Solutions to the circuits HW from Physics Classroom.
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Ch  4 Screencast APC
Solutions to HW due on 9/11/2018 for AP Physics C.
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Review for test on Jan 25, 2018
This is a video of the review session during E/I on Jan. 24.
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Ch  11 Screencast
Explanations for CH. 11 HW for AP Physics C, 2018/19
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Review for test on Feb  9, 2018
This is the review for AP Physics 1 on circular motion and gravitation
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Ch  12 Screencast
Description of homework solutions for AP Physics 2
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Ch  29 Screencast conceptual plus probs
Ch. 29 HW solutions by Forrest. Both conceptual questions plus book problems.
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Rotational Review AP 1
AP Physics 1 review over torque and rotation
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Forces Screencast
Solutions to HW problems on forces. Please listen to this as it gives solid problem-solving strategies.
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Ch  12 screencast
Homework solutions and descriptions for AP C Ch. 12. Please listen to explanations.
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Ch  11 HW Screencast
Homework solutions described for Ch. 11 of AP Physics 2 at Pickerington North
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CH  23 Screencast capacitors
Screencast of solutions to Ch. 23 HW on capacitors in circuits
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Vid Smacktalk
A video I received earlier from our competitors in Las Vegas.
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Projectiles screen recording HW solutions
Please note #22 has wrong answers; the correct time is 0.685 sec, and other answers follow from that.
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AP free response sample problem
Mr. Forrest demonstrated how he solved a free response problem for AP Physics C. NOTE: This wasn't a super hard problem, but I wanted to do one I could actually get through.
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Torque HW solutions Screencast AP1
Solutions to the torque HW for Mr. Forrest's AP 1 class
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Ch  27 HW solutions screencast
Solutions to Ch. 27 HW for AP Physics C Mr. Forrest
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Force sample problems
Verbal explanations of five sample force problems. Listen to and practice these before doing your homework.
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Ch  9 screencast AP C
This is a screencast of the HW solutions to the CH. 9 HW for Mr. Forrest's AP Physics C course.
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Ch  22 AP2 screencast
Ch. 22 homework solutions for Mr. Forrest's AP Physics 2 class.
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Ch  25 HW solutions Screencast
Solutions for AP Physics C HW
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Scientific Reasoning Screencast
This is my explanation of the homework for Unit 1 (scientific reasoning) for AP Physics 1. Please listen to explanations if needed.
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Ch  23 AP 2 HW
Solutions to the assigned work from Ch. 22
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AP C review on 10 5 18
AP Physics C review
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Ch  2 Screencast
This is a screencast for solutions to the Ch. 22 HW for AP Physics C, due 8/30/2018.
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CH  25 Screencast
Solutions to the CH. 25 AP physics 2 homework on 'Motional EMF'. There's a lot going on, so if you had troubles take the time to listen - thanks!
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AP1 review 1 screencast
This is a video as a review of objects sliding down a hill. NOTE: If an object had been pushed up a hill, then the friction would actually act downward!
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Test review on Jan  17, 2018
Test review in AP Physics C
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Circuits screencast part 2
Circuits HW from Physics Classroom part 2 of 2. This is the audio Screencast/Pencast of solutions.
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Linear motion HW screencast
Solutions with audio explanations for Mr. Forrest's AP Physics 1 class - it's way better than ALEKS!
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Solutions to Ch. 24 HW (except #57, which I forgot to describe - however, it's in the PDF).
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Big Practice Quiz explanation
This is an explanation for how to solve a fairly complicated DC circuit.
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CH  28 Screencast for AP Physics C
CH. 28 problems (solutions) as done by Mr. Forrest.
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Ch  33 homework screencast
Solutions to HW for AP Physics C (Induction!)
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AP Physics 1 Review 3 screencast kinematics and graphing
AP Physics 1 screencast review (kinematics and graphing). NOTE: I made a mistake at the end, so be patient and wait for the correction! I was thinking of something i described as a position-time graph as a velocity-time graph. Be careful - that's easy to do!
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Ch  20 Screencast
These are solutions to the Chapter 20 HW assigned for AP Physics 2 by Mr. Forrest.
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Ch  6 7 screencast
Screencast of solutions to CH. 6-7 homework for AP Physics C
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CH  3 Screencast APC
This video discusses the homework solutions to Chapter 3 for AP Physics C.
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Projectiles HW screencast
Homework solutions to Mr. Forrest's projectiles problems in AP Physics 1
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Ch  17 screencast AP2
Solutions to CH. 17 homework (diffraction and thin film interference)
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Ch  18 AP 2 screencast
HW solutions for Ch. 18 (mirrors, lenses, and refraction) for Mr. Forrest
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IMG 4299
Here's a video of 'silent singing' for our fall, 2017 retreat. Can you remember the words?
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AP Physics 1 review 2 screencast tension
A screencast for AP Physics 1 review #2 from Mr. Forrest. Main topic is tension, and goes along with the examples in the "5 steps to a 5"
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Ch  30 Screencast
Description of homework solutions for AP Physics C in Mr. Forrest's class
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