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Mine Expo 2016 - Detailing today!?
It's time to set up Mining... or the Mine Expo as some would call it. On this particular day we are detailing some heavy machinery! Enjoy, Peace
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Biggest RC Car in the World? Komatsu IAHV
This top loader is automated and can be programmed to run on its on with GPS coordinates. They are manually moving it via remote to get it loaded up onto a truck for its next destination! Peace
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3D Printed Car!?!
Yup, a 3D printed car shown at a convention in Las Vegas, Nevada
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We are trained professionals! Forklift Time
Raising a staircase column for the second and third level platforms... Don't try this at home! Be safe, tape up your blades... lol cheers all, peace
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Got Money? These tires cost $75k
Big jobs call for big equipment! You better have a BIG wallet to mess with one of these! Komatsu
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Big Azz Dump Truck - Komatsu
That thing is huge! An automated Komatsu dump truck. Mine Expo 2016
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Maserati at CES
that is one hot car! Maserati ooh wee
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Photo Bomb Fail - Woopsie
a photo bomb blooper
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56+ Tires on this Rig! Wide-load trailer...
Now that's a grip o tires! rotating those babies is a days work! omg, leave a comment below or the first thing that pops into your mind seeing this beast... peace
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A s**t ton of carpet, with pad! lol Day 1 Komastu
Yes that is a grip if carpet and we are going to lay it all! Get it, get it! #teamsterlife
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Live from #SuperZoo
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