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L'architetto Numeronix di Asterix
Numeronix l'architetto pasticcione con uno stile molto...Gehryano
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messaggio a Emilio Fede
emilio fede mi ha ispirato un video, che è veramente uscito dal mio cuore:
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functional analysis (architecture) - [ PART I ]
brief functional analysis of a kindergarten. project by Giancarlo De Carlo
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death in Naples
camorra killers in action kill an innocent
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Myth 1 (TFL) single player LIVE GAME
Myth: The Fallen Lords single player game. Recorded LIVE (no slowdowns, no saved games, you can see how units are managed) :HIGLY ADDICTING GAME. PLAY THIS ONLY IF YOU HAVE TIME TO waste,LOL:
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東京国際フォーラム Tokyo International Forum (Tokyo Convention Centre)
another video on buildings in Japan! this time we are in Tokyo, visiting Tokyo International Forum building, from Vinoly architects. next video, on Yokohama International Port Terminal!
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ways to lose your time : Caesar IV - BATTLE!
ohddiiiiooooo!!!! che bello caesar 4! DA PANICO!!
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Archi stadium models [Poli.Mi. class A11 3°]
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surfaces with branch cuts
questa è una dimostrazione di come, da particolari equazioni, possano essere ottenute superfici adatte in architettura ad essere utilizzate, ad esempio, come coperture. il tool è stato realizzato da yu sung chang per wolfram alpha
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安藤忠雄設計の淡路夢舞台 Westin Awaji Yumebutai (tadao ando)
***********UNIQUE VIDEO ON YOUTUBE!! *********** this is my experience at Awaji Yumebutai. (recording date: november 2009 - editing date: august 2010) softwares: premiere pro cs4, wavelab, photoshop and a lot of audio/video converters and extractors. because premiere sucks. dont buy it. dont even download it.
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exploring ancient ruins. Cirella monastery
this is an amazing tour among the ruins of the monastery nearby the ruined town of Cirella (Calabria, Italy)
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Discovery Space Shuttle last landing (weird colors)
After the mission to the International Space Station (ISS), where it brought some new modules to expand the ISS construction 350 Km away from Earth, the Shuttle Discovery lands today on one of the runways at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Once ashore, the ship will no longer be used to carry astronauts into space. STS 133, the mission, is ending at this time, and its the penultimate one of the space program Trasportation Space System.
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4X4 hot tyres at Vigorally [sgommate sulla neve]
YOGI ANA PELLE & zioJOLLA having fun on fresh fallen snow in front of Vigorally cycle track
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functional analysis (architecture) - [ PART II ]
brief functional analysis of a kindergarten. project by Giancarlo De Carlo
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Milano Speaks Contemporary (?)
video riassuntivo progetto tesi di laurea di M. De Matteis. progetto di spazio espositivo non-profit a Milano. sculture di Sandro Del Pistoia. progetto mostra con Riccardo Buratti. **************************************************************** summing-up video for M. De Matteis degree essay. project for a non-profit exposition space in Milan, with Riccardo Buratti. Sculptures by Sandro Del Pistoia.
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Myth 2 - melee river battle
its a late 90's game! look how cool is that!
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