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MOP Booleans | Subtract Option
William Vaughan here with a quick introduction to the subtract option in the Pushing Points MOP Booleans Kit for MODO. The Pushing Points MOP Booleans Kit is a MODO KIT designed to remove the challenges of working with complex boolean operations and introduces a non-destructive workflow that makes creating highly detailed meshes a trivial task. http://pushingpoints.com/v2/the-pushing-points-mop-booleans-kit-for-modo/
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Most people find retopolgy to be dull and tedious. I find the process rather meditative and use retopo time to catch up on podcasts and movies. Check out these quick retopo tips, throw on some whale sounds, and tap into that deep poly-flow, maaaan.
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Marvelous Designer 8 New Features
In this video I quickly cover the new features found in Marvelous Designer 8.
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MODO | Model Screw Threads
This video shares a walkthrough of modeling screw threads in MODO.
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MODO | Modeling a Diamond
This video shows a quick tip on modeling a diamond in MODO.
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MOP Booleans | Modeling a Screw
This video takes a quick look at creating a basic screw using the Pushing Points MOP Booleans Kit for MODO. http://pushingpoints.com/v2/the-pushing-points-mop-booleans-kit-for-modo/
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MODO | Channel Chimp: Puppet Controller Setup
This video takes a quick look at setting up a puppet Controller using Channel Chimp for MODO and the Touch OSC Editor and App. The video uses a MODO assembly that you can download here: https://goo.gl/tRNFra The Hatchet Collection is also used and you can find more information about the collection here:http://pushingpoints.com/v2/hatchet/
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MODO | Geometry Constraints
This video is a quick introduction to geometry constraints in MODO. Geometry Position Constraints enable you to attach an item's center to a vertex, edge or polygon's positon on another mesh item. Geometry Normal Constraints match an item's orientation to that of a specified components normal direction.
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MODO | Texture a Logo on a Glass Surface
There are several options for texturing a logo on a glass surface and in this video, I share the option I prefer to use. Using this setup enables you to isolate the material attributes of the logo on the glass surface and adjust them independently. The bottle used in this video is from the Chris 3D Bottle Kit for MODO: http://www.chris3d.com/bottlekit
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MODO | Mesh Fusion Basics: Part One
In this introductory video, Ed covers the basics of working with Mesh Fusion.
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MODO | UV Transform
This video is a brief introduction to the UV Transform operator in MODO, which enables you wrap a mesh over the surface of another mesh.
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Substance Painter Layers and Masks
In this video I cover working with masking and layers and the polygon fill tool.
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MODO | Modeling a Basketball
This video walks through the creation of a basketball in MODO.
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MODO | Soft Body Goal Map
This video is a quick look at the power of goal maps in MODO. When working with Soft Body Dynamics in MODO, a 'Goal Map' is a Vertex Map that controls how much the soft body mesh retains its initial shape.
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MODO | Topology Pen Tool Shortcuts
The Topology Pen tool can be found in the Polygon tools menu in the Model Layout, and the Tools menu in the Topology Layout. Whether you're using the Topology Pen tool for retopology or other modeling tasks, you'll want to take advantage of the shortcuts that are available. This quick video shows the various shortcuts available.
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MODO | Tension Texture
MODO's Tension texture is a powerful gradient that can change the attributes of a surface based on how much the surface is either compressed or stretched. This quick video tutorial introduces the workflow for using a Tension Texture for both Diffuse color and as a Group Mask.
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MODO | Smoothing Groups
Smoothing groups enable you to define smoothing between polygons based on groups. This video takes a quick look at working with smoothing groups in MODO.
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MODO | Create Curve Polygon Feature
When using curve-based tools such as Curve Slice, Curve Extrude and Curve Clone, you have the option to enable the "Create Curve Polygon" feature which will generate a curve that remains after the tool has been dropped. This video shows 3 examples of how this simple feature can be useful when modeling.
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MODO | Creating Damaged Edges
Here's a quick tip for creating damaged edges in MODO. There are endless amounts of variations to this setup using different procedural textures and adjusting values so have fun experimenting.
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MODO 12.2 | Workbenches
This video is a quick introduction to Workbenches in MODO 12.2, which enable you to quickly and easily create and customize forms.
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Anchor Points andn the MatFX Edge Wear Detail Filter
In this video we look at the new Anchor points feature in Substance Painter 2017.2 as well as the recently added MatFX edge wear filter to see how they're set up and why you would use either or.
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MODO | Model Cathedral-Style Ceilings with Pillars
This video is a step-by-step instructional video on modeling cathedral-style ceilings with pillars in MODO.
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MODO | Modeling without Modeling
Sometimes there’s no reason to model everything when creating an asset. Using a Halloween pumpkin as an example, this video walks through using powerful options in the Shader Tree to aid in the modeling process. This image based modeling approach uses Stencils and Displacement maps to quickly create "modeled" detail on a mesh.
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MODO | Modeling an All-Quad Internal Hex Shape
There are several ways to model an all-quad internal hex shape in a subd mesh and I thought I'd use this video to showcase some of the powerful modeling tools in MODO that make light work of this modeling task.
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Modo Simple Tuck Box Packaging
In this video, Ryan Ernst takes you through creating a simple tux box in Modo.  The final mesh is a great starting point for a lot of packaging projects.  It's modeled with realistic folds and unwraps like a die-line for print.  It's also a great technique to get your mind thinking in a new way for modeling packaging.
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MODO | Model and Rig a Spring
This video walks through modeling and rigging a spring in MODO. To see a completed rig setup visit: http://www.pixelfondue.com/blog/2016/11/4/ln00vb5u7vutg4iee4o5qarw450z40?rq=spring
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MODO | Creating a Piston Rig: Part 1
This video walks through the creation of a Piston Rig and shows Position, Direction and Vertex Position constraint modifiers in action. Watch Part 2 here: https://youtu.be/JFRmpqcZhqc
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MODO 12.2 | Stitching
This video is a quick introduction to the Stitch Mesh Setup in MODO, which lets you quickly add stitching to your mesh items.
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MODO | Introduction to the Contour Tool
The Contour tool found in the topology layout, generates curves from user-defined slices across an existing polygon surface. The resulting curves can be used with the Bridge tool for retopologizing a surface. Although this is a powerful tool for retopology, the curves that are generated with the contour tool can also be very useful for other operations in MODO as well. This video explores a few uses for this powerful tool.
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MODO | Tack Tool
This video takes a quick look at the Tack Tool in MODO, which enables you to quickly position and orient selected geometry to any active geometry in the scene.
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MODO | Using a Weight Map as an Input Parameter for a Gradient
This quick video shows how to use a weight map as an input parameter for a gradient in MODO. I also show a quick way to create a custom weight map by taking advantage of the Falloff weightmap that is created by the selection falloff. If you'd like to see a more in-depth explanation of the Falloff Weightmap be sure to check out this video: http://www.pixelfondue.com/blog/softselectionsets?rq=soft%20selection
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MODO 12 | Hatchet Tools
This video takes a quick look at some of the Hatchet tools that have been added to the core functionality of MODO 12.
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MODO | Making a Procedural Tube
In this video, Ed demonstrates how a procedural tube or hose can be made with MODO 10.1v2.
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Modo 12.0v1 Trailer | Pixel Fondue
MODO 12.0v1 Release Trailer
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MODO | Textured Stitches
There are many ways to add stitch detail to your mesh. In this example, I use a weight map and procedural texture to show a road less traveled.
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MODO | Modeling a Microphone Mesh
This Vaughan in 60 Seconds video walks through the creation of a microphone mesh model.
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MODO | Rust
Rust and corrosion occurs when metal surfaces are exposed to the elements, primarily oxygen and water, from moisture in the air, or water collecting in creases and crevices. This can happen when protective finishes become scratched, chipped or wear off over time. Fortunately, there is an easy way to isolate these areas without the need of UVs and hand painted textures. This quick video shows one way of adding rust to the surface of your mesh in MODO.
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MODO | Fix Symmetry
The symmetry tool in MODO is a quick way to interactively fix minor symmetry errors when working in symmetry mode. While this is an amazingly powerful tool, there are times you will need to manually correct symmetry issues. In this video, I share a technique I have used for years which always results in a perfect symmetrical mesh.
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NUKE | CornerPin Secrets
Easily understand the basic function of a corner pin and demystify how the To and From panel work with your images. These simple techniques will allow you to better implement the CornerPin2D node into your Nuke scripts.
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MOP Booleans | Add Additional Boolean Operations
This video takes a quick look at adding additional Boolean operations when working with the Pushing Points MOP Booleans Kit for MODO. The MOP Booleans Kit was designed to be open ended and allow users to expand on the assembly to suit their needs without having to edit the code that drives the kit.
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Exploding and Baking in Modo
In this video we look at exploding your mesh for the purpose of baking a mesh made up of different parts to avoid baking errors.
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MODO | Introduction to Light Linking
Light Linking is a shader option that allows you to control which surfaces of a mesh are affected by specific lights in a scene. This quick video introduces you to this incredibly powerful feature and shows multiple ways of using it.
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MODO | Introduction to Render Passes
Render passes in MODO offer you a way to control channel values in a scene and store them in separate containers. Working with Render Passes allows you to easily create rendered variations from a single scene. This video is a quick introduction to working with Render Passes in MODO and should get you up and using them in no time.
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MODO | Polygon Bevel: Shift and Inset Random Value Range
This short video looks at the Random Value Range options for the Polygon Bevel tool in MODO. The Random Value Range input fields for the Polygon Bevel tool are often overlooked and misunderstood. Without a clear understanding of these options, they can wreak havoc on the Polygon Bevel tool and have been a cause of many artist's frustrations.
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MODO | Add Item Mode Button to MODO 12 UI
This video a quick look at how to add the Item Mode button back on the interface in MODO 12. Command Used: select.typeFrom "item;center;edge;polygon;vertex;ptag" [1]
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MODO 12.1 | Smoothing Groups UI
This video is a quick introduction to the Smoothing Groups UI in MODO 12.1
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MODO | Action Centers
This video is an introduction to Action Centers in MODO, which are a definable origin position for modeling and transform actions. They allow you to easily change the positions from where the action of any tool originates.
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MODO | Modeling a Soccer Ball
This video walks through the creation of a Soccer Ball in MODO.
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The Future is Progressive
Adam shows how to set up progressive rendering in The MODO. Originally posted at pixelfondue.com/blog/adam-gets-progressive
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Introduction to per ray fresnel
Per-ray fresnel is a new feature introduced in modo 11.2 that allows for more realistic renders of matte surfaces, this video shows how it can help you achieve greater realism.
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