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StartupIndia Journey
StartupIndia film : Visit https://www.startupindiahub.org.in for more information
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Startup India Learning Program
Startup India has launched a free interactive online learning program for young and innovative entrepreneurs. The 4 week long online learning program is available in English & Hindi. For more information log onto bit.ly/2iU2saA
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StartupThursday on Biotech startups
This #StartupThursday, know all about the support provided to Biotech #startups. #StartupIndia
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StartupThursday on difference b/w an accelerator & incubator
Gain insights on accelerators & incubators by industry experts this #StartupThursday. #StartupIndia
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StartupThursday on Atal Innovation Mission
Watch how Atal Innovation Mission supports & promotes #startups in India. #StartupThursday #StartupIndia
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‪Watch #StartupIndia team addressing #StartupThursday queries.‬
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StartupIndia Pavilion, IITF 2017 (Part-II)
The startups at the #StartupIndia Pavilion, IITF 2017 are showcasing their potential through their innovative products. Watch them, listen to them and find out how their products will create an impact.
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New Startup definition
Joint Secretary Rajiv Aggarwal explains what the new Startup definition entails #startupindia
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Startup India Pavilion at  IITF 2017, Hall #18,  Pragati Maidan
Get a glimpse of Startup India’s theme pavilion at Hall #18, Pragati Maidan and look out for the innovative #startups and their products. #StartupIndia
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StartupThursday on Incubation
Watch Bishakha Bhattacharya, Senior Director & Head of Public Policy, NASSCOM, addressing queries on approaching an incubator for your start-up ideas.
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StartupThursday on Angel Investors and VC
VC Funds? Angel investors ? What's the difference? Get answer to all your questions on this #StartupThursday #StartupIndia
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#StartupThursday, JS DIPP, Rajiv Aggarwal addresses queries around the revised #startup defination. #StartupIndia
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StartupIndia Launches Hub
StartupIndiaHub Launch : Visit https://www.startupindiahub.org.in for more information
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StartupThursday on Incubation in Tier 2 & 3 cities
This #StartupThursday get to know about incubation in tier 2, 3 cities and mentoring support for #startups #StartupIndia
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StartupThursday on StartupIndia Learning & Development Program​me
Watch your queries on StartupIndia learning and development programme being addressed.
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StartupIndia Pavilion at IITF 2017 (Part-I)
From pencils which can become a plant, to floor tiles made from plastic wastes to technology products, the #StartupIndia Pavilion at IITF 2017 is proudly showcasing the country’s new age startups. Catch them live!
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StartupThursday on Stages of Funding for Startups
So far you have heard of a startup lifecycle. It's time you know the funding lifecycle. Listen to #StartupIndia experts sharing insights on various types of funds and investor in this #StartupThursday video.
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स्टार्टअप इंडिया - परिचय
भारत सर्कार के स्टार्टअप इंडिया प्रोग्राम का एक संक्षिप्त पूर्वाभ्यास | और जानकारी के लिए जुड़िये www.startupindiahub.org.in पर |
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StartupThursday on Intellectual Property Rights
Look for your queries being addressed on Intellectual Property Rights. #StartupThursday #StartupIndia
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StartupThursday on Incubation support to start-ups
This #StartupThursday get info on the value proposition provided by incubators to #startups.
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StartupIndia Hub
A walk-through of India's Largest virtual incubator provided by the Government of India under the Startup India program. Connect with Incubators, mentors, investors and take part in workshops, events and challenge across the world. Curated content and programs for each member of the Eco system! Visit www.startupindiahub.org.in
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World Entrepreneurs' Day 2017
Director OneIndig, talks about easy recognition process & benefits available under #StartupIndia initiative. #WorldEntrepreneursDay
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StartupThursday on Benefits of StartupIndia for Indian Entrepreneurs
Watch Shri. Ramesh Abhishek, Secretary DIPP and startups talking about the benefits of Start-up India for Indian Entrepreneurs. #StartupThursday #StartupIndia
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StartupThursday on India Israel Innovation Bridge
India Israel Innovation Bridge is the best platform for #startups to showcase potential. Find out at #StartupThursday #StartupIndia
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India Israel Innovation Bridge
India Israel Innovation Bridge
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StartupThursday on criteria for choosing the right mentor
Know how & when can a mentor help in your #startup journey. Watch the video to know more. StartupThursday #StartupIndia
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StartUp India, Delhi - 23 July 2016
StartUp India, Delhi - 23 July 2016
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StartupThursday on value of a mentor in Startup’s journey
Listen to #startup expert & know how to find the best #mentor for your startup. #StartupThursday #StartupIndia
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StartupThursday on Relaxed Procurement Norms
Watch Rajiv Aggarwal, Joint Secretary, DIPP talking about relaxed procurement norms for startups. #StartupThursday #StartupIndia
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StartupIndia Hub Launch
#StartupIndiaHub,a platform for all stakeholders of #startup ecosystem to discover, connect & engage
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StartupIndia - #StartupIndia Hub
Looking to #startup? Have queries? Access resources at #StartupIndia Hub. Watch the explainer video here. startupindiahub.org.in
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StartupIndia States’Conference
Second Start-up India States’ Conference, 12th Sept' 2017
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#StartupLink : An Indo-Dutch Initiative
In an endeavor to further the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship, Invest India (host to the Govt. of India’s initiative, ‘Startup India’ under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry) and the Dutch Government are jointly launching the Indo-Dutch #StartUpLink initiative. Visit the Hub for more details: https://www.startupindiahub.org.in/content/sih/en/home-page.html
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#StartupIndia Team at Co-Creation Summit
When entrepreneurs come together no problem is too big. Witness the historical moment when finest minds of India and Israel come together to solve global problems in agriculture, water & health technology at Co-Creation Summit. #StartupIndia #StartupThursday
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Startup India Introduction
A walk through of Startup India, it's vision and the benefits it aims to bring for the Startup Eco system.
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StartupIndia States’Conference
Second Start-up India States’ Conference, 12th Sept' 2017
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StartupThursday on Start-up India Hub
Here are the answers for all your queries on #StartupIndia Hub. Watch the complete video to know more. #StartupThursday
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StartupIndia UP Yatra
Uttar Pradesh, #StartupIndia Yatra witnesses the potential of some of the state's next generation startups and entrepreneurs. Take a look at the innovative #startups from Uttar Pradesh in this #StartupThursday video.
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StartupIndia at TiEcon
From a shaving brush made out of banana fiber to an anti-burst tire technology, this #StartupThursday video will introduce you to the some of the most exciting startup ventures at TiE Delhi. #StartupIndia
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Launch of the State Startup Ranking Framework
Catch the glimpses of the action at the State Startup Ranking Framework launch event from this #StartupThursday video and know how this initiative would help States and UTs create a more conducive environment for #startups. #StartupIndia
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Launch of the State Startup Ranking Framework
The State Startup Ranking Framework will enable States to help Startups every step of the way and also address challenges faced by the stakeholders of the Startup ecosystem. Find out how from this #StartupThursday video. #StartupIndia
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Startup presentation by the State of Gujarat in States’ Conference
The presentation is uploaded at the Startup India portal : bit.ly/2aw7vfw Ms. MamtaVerma, Commissioner of Industries, Govt. of Gujarat and Mr. AnupamChatole, iCreate presented the reforms implemented by the State and their action plan
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StartupIndia team at Ashoka University, Sonepat
Take a look at the insightful session with the #StartupIndia team at Ashoka University, Sonepat. #GENERATIONEXT Campus Connect Program is a platform for next generation #entrepreneurs to showcase their potential.
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StartupIndia Yatra UP Edition
Budding entrepreneurs, enthusiastic #startups & supporting mentors; #StartupIndia Yatra UP Edition has everything it takes to create a #startup culture in Tier 2/3 cities.
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StartupThursday on Incubation facility for start-ups
Watch your queries on incubation facility for #startups being addressed. #StartupThursday #StartupIndia
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Welcome Address by Secretary, DIPP
The key points from the of the Startup India States’ conference is uploaded on the Startup India portal: bit.ly/2aw7vfw
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StartupIndia GENERATIONEXT Campus Connect Program
From fun to knowledge, this #StartupIndia GENERATIONEXT Campus Connect Program at FMS Delhi had it all. Catch a sneak peek at all the fun! #StartupThursday
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Startup presentation by the State of Karnataka in States’ Conference
The presentation is uploaded at the Startup India portal : bit.ly/2aw7vfw Mr. Tanusree Deb Barma, Director, Information Technology and Biotechnology, Government of Karnataka (GoK) was the representative from the state.
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World Entrepreneurs' Day 2017
Joint Secy, DIPP motivates & supports entrepreneurs in their #startup journey with #startupindia.#WorldEntrepreneursDay
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Startup India - One Stop Platform for Startups
स्टार्टअप अब www.startupindia.gov.in पर अपना पंजीकरण करा सकते हैं, ताकि उन्हें DIPP द्वारा मान्यता प्राप्त हो सके और वो कई लाभ उठा सकें, जैसे पेटेंट फाइलिंग में सहायता, प्रशिक्षण किट की सुलभ उपलब्धि, और देश भर के इनक्यूबेटर/ एक्सेलरेटर कार्यक्रमों में भाग लेने का मौका। स्टार्टअप प्रासंगिक सरकारी योजनाओं, समाचारों और ब्लॉगों का सबसे बड़ा भंडार होने के साथ-साथ इस प्लेटफॉर्म का उद्देश्य है स्टार्टअप को ज़्यादा से ज़्यादा जानकारी मुहैय्या कराना और उनकी यात्रा के प्रत्येक चरण में उनका समर्थन करना।
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