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Creating Your Business Organization Structure
Here's a short video to help you create a compelling organization chart for your business.
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To Sell is Human - Book Review
Rich Allen shares a powerful interpretation of Daniel Pink's blockbuster book To Sell is Human. This book is FULL of useful, actionable strategies you can use to improve your sales performance. It is a MUST READ for any entrepreneur.
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Key Performance Metrics
Business owners who want to be able to predict their future sales know their Key Metrics that will drive their business. You must know your numbers - those that will drive you forward, not leave you looking in the rear-view mirror!
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Celebrating Success
Successful Business Owners know how to Celebrate their Successes. The key to long term business growth and achievement is to recognize the small wins in your business and take time to celebrate the small victories with your team.
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Lessons from Darren Hardy & The Compound Effect
Rich shares useful tips from Darren Hardy's book The Compound Effect. This week's tips will help encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and take the risks necessary to enjoy huge success. - Captured Live on Ustream at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/actiononline
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The Line of Choice
Every day, and multiple times during the day, we each make a choice to either play ABOVE or BELOW the Line of Choice. The Line of Choice is the decision point between taking responsibility, ownership and accountability for our actions and outcomes or placing blame, finding excuses or being in denial. Those who CHOSE to be above the line will find more success and fulfillment than those who chose to play below the line. Check this out...
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Rich Allen - Why
Sometimes it is important to share your WHY. We all have one. This is my Why. http://www.awesomebusinesscoach.com
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Grading Your Customers
Successful business owners grade their customers and make a choice to focus their efforts on their A and B customers rather than their C and D customers. Learn why this is critical to your business success and growth.
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Set Your Standards HIGH
This video is about how and why to Set Your Standards HIGH in your business.
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The CHANGE Formula
Making Change happen in an organization is difficult. YOu must understand the CHANGE Formula in order to effectively manage change. I'll share with you the critical elements of the Change Formula and give you tips on how to implement effective change in your business.
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GrowthCLUB - Quarterly Planning Workshop
Every 90 days, we ask business owners to step out of their day-to-day business activities to work ON their business and create a specific plan of action for the next 90 days. This is a high-energy, high-impact workshop that allows business owners to share their thoughts with their peers and develop winning strategies to grow their business over the next 90 days.
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Episode 92 - Wildly Important Goal
Source: https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-j8rcc-a615c1 Your Wildly Important Goal for 2019 Earlier this year I introduced you to a very powerful book – The 4 Disciplines of Execution by Sean Covey. It has proven to be a game-changer for many of my clients over these past years. The premise of the book is that if you want to make significant change in your business, you need to FOCUS your attention on the One Thing that you truly want to improve. This is your Wildly Important Goal – Your WIG. As we put a bow on 2018, the question for you is – What is YOUR WIG for 2019? Here’s Your Net Worth Tip of the Day Ask yourself this very important question: If everything else were to stay as it is in your business right now, what is THE ONE THING that would make the biggest, positive impact on your business right now? Take the time to define your answer using the following formula: Improve _______ from _________ to __________ by __________. This should become your Wildly Important Goal (WIG) for 2019! Now, go back and re-read the book, The 4 Disciplines of Execution, and put in place all 4 of the disciplines so that 2019 can be your break-out year! Avoid the trap that many business owners fall into. That is repeating your very same experience year after year. While my Dad worked his business for over 40 years, he did not have 40 years of experience, he had 1 year of experience repeated 40 times! Don’t let that happen to you! Make 2019 a NEW year with NEW experiences! My hope for you is that 2019 is YOUR BEST YEAR EVER! To get more tips on how to improve your leadership skills, your team engagement and your business results, go to my website, www.tourdeprofit.com and you’ll find lots of free stuff there. Now, go get ‘em this week. And remember, whatever you do, RIDE HARD!
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Episode 87 - The Challenger Sale
Source: https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-kbtc4-a53bdf The Challenger Sale Whether we want to admit it or not, we are ALL in sales! Some are very comfortable with the idea of being in sales while others wish they NEVER had to “sell”. But since it is a critical part of each of our roles, then why not be GREAT at it, rather than just try to get by with whatever skills we have (or don’t have). I’m a big fan of always learning when it comes to the game of selling. And recently I re-read one of my favorite books on the art of selling – The Challenger Sale, by Matthew Dixon. In his book, he outlines the 5 categories of B2B sales reps: The Hard Worker, The Problem Solver, The Relationship Builder, The Lone Wolf and The Challenger.  Here’s Your Net Worth Tip of the Day Greater than 50% of all Star Performers use The Challenger style of selling! Clearly, if you want to be on top of the game in selling a complex product or service, you need to become familiar with The Challenger approach to selling. Challengers become competent in 3 major activities: Corporate Teaching, Tailoring and Taking Control. Other research findings show that only 7% of top performers use the Relationship Building approach! First and foremost, READ THE BOOK! This is a must-read if you are selling a complex B2B product or service. Secondly, become familiar with the core elements of Corporate Teaching, Tailoring and Taking Control. Thirdly, don’t be satisfied with your current level of competency. ALWAYS be learning and challenging your own knowledge, skills and abilities! To get more tips on how to improve your leadership skills, your team engagement and your business results, go to my website, www.tourdeprofit.com and you’ll find lots of free stuff there. Now, go get ‘em this week. And remember, whatever you do, RIDE HARD!
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5 Things to Regain Momentum
Rich shares 5 things to do when momentum is not in your favor or is slipping away. - Captured Live on Ustream at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/actiononline
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ManeGait Board Meeting
The power of purpose and passion is evident in the staff and board of ManGait. It is truly a remarkable organization.
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Episode 71 - 5 Gifts of Successful People
Source: https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-vi96w-a2e4f8 5 Gifts of Successful People             If you’re not constantly reading you’re missing out on some of the greatest knowledge and wisdom you’ll ever find.  Let’s be honest, you won’t find it on Facebook or on Sports Center or the Nightly News.             I’m constantly reading.  Right now I’m in the middle of a great book titled simply “Ask” by Ryan Levesque.  I’m sure you’ll see a “tip” from that book very soon.  But recently I was talking with a guy at our men’s bible study and he reminded me of a book I read several years ago – Wild at Heart by John Eldredge.             No, it’s not a business book.  But it does contain one of the “secrets” of successful people, whether in business or in life.   Here’s Your Net Worth Tip of the Day             In the book, Wild at Heart, John shares the 5 “gifts” that we are all born with.  He also shares that when you look around you at the people who are “Successful” they all live out these gifts to the fullest.  Here are the 5 gifts: Enthusiasm – unbridled passion and excitement for their mission & purpose. Persistence – unwilling to quit, never letting roadblocks get in their way. Adventurous Spirit – energized by the unknown, breaking through the fear. Gift to “Get Over It” – holding no grudges, not looking back, always looking for ways to do it better next time. Faith – a pure belief that anything is possible, it just takes focus on gifts # 1-4.             How are you doing with these 5 gifts you’ve been given?  Are you utilizing them to their fullest potential?  Can those around you sense them in you all day, every day?             If not, then my challenge to you is to go get the book and take time to read it!  You’ll be surprised how much of success in business comes from an inner sense that you’re doing the right things for the right reasons.  When that alignment happens, it’s like magic in a bottle.  Go get yourself some today! To get more tips on how to improve your leadership skills, your team engage and your business results, go to my website, www.tourdeprofit.com and you’ll find lots of free stuff there.  Now, go get ‘em this week.  And remember, whatever you do, RIDE HARD!
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Setting a Solid Foundation
This video is about Setting a Solid Foundation in your business.
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Legacy Plumbing Testimonial for Rich Allen, Business Coach
Theron and Michelle Young, owners of Legacy Plumbing, share their experiences having Rich Allen as their business coach.
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Rich Allen Speaks at the Majestic Theatre in Dallas TX
Rich Allen speaks to business owners and leaders at the Achieve Momentum Now Showcase in Dallas TX.
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The Blueprint - a Model for Business Owners
This video outlines the business model, or blueprint, that is a powerful centering method for small business owners to improve their business performance.
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Giving 100% Effort
Business owners must give 100% effort if they want to achieve their business and personal goals and dreams. Recognizing what you need to be doing to grow your business is the first step to making positive change.
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Why Some Businesses Go FAST
Ever wonder why some businesses grow FAST while others are just flat year after year? The secret is in the Business Chassis. You must know what the Business Chassis is and how to use it properly. This video will show you the what and how. You just need to make the decision to go do it!
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Tour de Profit - Why
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Every Business Could Use a Business Tune Up
This is the first of a series of teaching videos related to the Ultimate Business Tune Up Program.
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The Hospitality Sweet Testimonial for Rich Allen, Business Coach
Meghan Adams, owner of The Hospitality Sweet, shares her experience having Rich Allen as her business coach.
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6 Powerful Sales Pitches - compliments of Daniel Pink
Rich shares the 6 different sales pitch styles from Daniel Pink's book To Sell is Human. This will help you focus on your selling skills and selling message. - Captured Live on Ustream at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/actiononline
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Tour de Profit Bike
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The Story of a Special Small Business Owner
This is the story of a very special small business owner who inspired me to focus my efforts on helping small business owners everywhere be more successful.
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Build Your Team with the BEST Talent
This video is about why you should Build Your Team with the BEST Talent no matter what!
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Episode 16 - The 4 Disciplines of Execution
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Knowing Your Key Performance Indicators
This video is about the importance of knowing your key performance indicators for your small business. It is critical that you track and measure your results so you can predict your future success.
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It is critical to deliver to your customer exactly what you promised - and even more! This video will give you some ideas you can use right away to help improve your delivery mastery.
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Mastering your business financials is critical to the success of any business. This video will teach you some of the fundamental financial details you need to be successful.
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Sub Four Intro
Introduction to business coaching tips. Rich Allen shares useful tips and techniques to grow your business.
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Find Your Passion!
What are you passionate about? You need to find it and make it the thing that keeps you working hard day after day.
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Silver Linings - Making the Best of Your Current Situation
Sometimes you have to make the best of your current situation. Rich shares the benefits of not having a computer while on vacation. It has provided an opportunity to spend more time thinking, planning and goal setting - something we just don't find time to do often enough!
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Tour de Profit Intro - Mobile.m4v
Tour de Profit - a 52 Stage Race to Grow Your Business, is a new book written by Rich Allen, business coach. This book is designed to lead business owners through a series of 52 critical activities (52 stages) that they must do to successfully grow their business. This is a weekly guide to build a hugely profitable business. A must read for any business owner serious about growing their business.
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Episode 93 - Insane Productivity
Source: https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-wmsfa-a615cf Insane Productivity Have you ever wondered how the uber-successful people can accomplish so much while you are always feeling stressed out and over-committed? I sure know I have! So recently I decided to enroll in a course called Insane Productivity by Darren Hardy. The goal was to learn the principles and techniques used by the ultra-successful to achieve so much more than the average person. I’m only half-way through the course, but I’ve already had a big “Ah Ha” that I want to share – that is, most of us have Digiphrenia and Acquired ADD! Here’s Your Net Worth Tip of the Day The biggest block to your being Insanely Productive is that fact that you think you are great at Multi-Tasking! But you’re not! Because it’s not how your brain works. Rather than being able to FOCUS and get things done, we are constantly SWITCHING from one thing to another and being DISTRACTED hundreds of times each day! If you want to be Insanely Productive, you’ve got to FOCUS and AVOID DISTRACTIONS – most of which are SELF-IMPOSED! Take out your smart phone and turn off EVERY notification! That’s right – no dinging, no buzzing, no pop-ups! Now do the same thing on your computer – turn off all alerts and pop-ups. Now set a schedule to check your email only 4 times a day – twice in the morning and twice in the afternoon. Next, only check your phone once per hour. You may need to put it in a drawer or leave it in your car to help you avoid temptation. Try this for just 1 week and I PROMISE that you will be amazed at how much more time you have and how easy it is to focus on getting important things done! To get more tips on how to improve your leadership skills, your team engagement and your business results, go to my website, www.tourdeprofit.com and you’ll find lots of free stuff there. Now, go get ‘em this week. And remember, whatever you do, RIDE HARD!
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October 2018 Newsletter Intro
This video introduces the October Newsletter. Our focus this month is Exceptional Customer Service. I hope you find this video and the articles in the newsletter helpful as you improve the service you provide to your customers.
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Tips on How to Focus on the BIG things in your TO DO list. Helpful tips for business owners wanting to improve their business performance and make more profits.
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Episode 94 - Your Legacy
Source: https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-bhsf3-a615e6 Your Legacy Several events have happened recently that make me realize we are only “in the game” for a defined amount of time – and we don’t know when we’re going to get “benched”. A City of Richardson SWAT team member was killed recently but never imagined his duty call would be his last call. My father-in-law passed away exactly 1 year to the day that he had his first stroke. And I’m sure you have someone you know who was taken “out of the game” well before their time should have been up. While it is sad to think of these situations, I am inspired when I think of the LEGACY some of these men and women have left behind. And it makes me ask the question – “Am I building my ideal legacy every day?” Your Net Worth Tip of the Day Today, we are still “on the court – in the game” and have an opportunity to truly make a difference in the lives of those around us. We cannot forget that. We cannot take that for granted. We MUST use each and every day we are given to make progress on our legacy – never putting it off until tomorrow! I’ve asked several business owners about this over the past week and as expected, many do not REALLY know what they want their legacy to be – do you? Make time – this week – to write down your ideal legacy. What you want those you leave behind to say and think about you when you are gone. Then, begin to live each day as if it may be your last day! One business owner I asked about their legacy opened a document they had written several years ago as the speech they hoped would be read at their funeral. It was powerful and compelling. Are you that clear? If not, take time to work this out now! To get more tips on how to improve your leadership skills, your team engagement and your business results, go to my website, www.tourdeprofit.com and you’ll find lots of free stuff there. Now, go get ‘em this week. And remember, whatever you do, RIDE HARD!
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Business Planning - Emagazine
This video is about Business Planning - Emagazine
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Stage 2 - Creating a Plan for Success
Rich shares 6 tips to building a plan that will propel your business faster this year. - Captured Live on Ustream at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/actiononline
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Tour de Profit - The Bike.mov
A bike is a great metaphor for a business. Come take a lap around the bike and learn why your business must operate like a well-maintained racing bike. You'll learn how the critical parts of the bike relate to the critical parts of your business. Join me for a fun and thought-provoking ride!
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Client Testimonials
Rich Allen, Business Coach with ActionCOACH Business Coaching has been helping his clients achieve some significant results. Hear directly from five of his clients about how his work with them has helped them grow their business.
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CEOLink Testimonial for Rich Allen, Business Coach
Ed Curtis, founder of CEOLink shares his experiences having Rich Allen as his business coach.
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Speaking Demonstration
Rich Allen is on a mission. His primary mission and purpose are focused on one single objective - to put an end to small business failure!
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Episode 18 - 5 Gifts of Successful People
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Promoting Your Business
How are you letting your prospects know who you are and what you do? You need to have several lead generation strategies that help your prospects come to know you. Here are a few ideas.
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Episode 48  Team Engagement
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