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Realize Your Product Promise with ANSYS
Everywhere there's a need to innovate faster, to build better, to achieve smaller, to make our world safer, our lives healthier, our children smarter, everywhere a mother depends on a promise and scientist searches for answers. Everywhere a pilot navigates the sky and a future engineer wonders what could be. Everywhere you go you will discover that the world holds great promise thanks to the most advanced simulation software on earth. ANSYS
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Welcome to ANSYS Discovery Live
ANSYS Discovery Live is the first ever simulation environment that provides real-time answers to engineering challenges. It lets you interactively change geometry, physics inputs, and results display all while instantly visualizing design performance. Try it now, free of charge! https://www.ansys.com/discovery
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Creating a Digital Twin with ANSYS
Pervasive engineering simulation isn't limited to the product development process. A digital twin is a real-time, virtual copy of an actual operating machine that provides insight into individual product performance and maintenance. Sensors on the machine relay data — temperature, pressure, flow rate, voltage, loading, etc. — to the digital twin, and the twin evolves in step with the machines working environment. The digital twin can predict conditions long before they happen, so you can monitor the twin and replace a distressed component — or take other corrective actions — during scheduled downtime, rather than making an untimely shutdown. You can also use the collected data to improve the design of next-generation products. Learn more: https://www.ansys.com/products/systems/digital-twin
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Before Every Innovation, there is ANSYS
Before every breakthrough in autonomous driving, robotics, 3D printing, reusable rocket engines, digital twins, patient-specific healthcare interventions and advanced fighter jets, there’s an engineer, designer, entrepreneur, scientist or visionary using ANSYS simulation solutions to ensure a successful outcome. Watch this video to learn how ANSYS Pervasive Engineering Simulations can turn your dream product into a reality.
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ANSYS Discovery Live Product Features
ANSYS Discovery Live is a disruptive software for the product development process. Designers can experience the benefit of simulation, iterate on many more design concepts and discover new ideas previously not possible. The speed of simulation solving, coupled with ease of use, makes this tool ideal for anyone working in 3D and needing to know how a design will perform.
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ANSYS Discovery AIM [Overview]
ANSYS AIM is an easy simulation environment designed for all engineers. It offers integrated single discipline and multiphysics solutions based on best-in-class solver technologies in a modern, new, immersive user environment that enables engineers to rapidly evaluate product design performance with confidence. Learn more https://www.ansys.com/products/3d-design/ansys-aim
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ANSYS ICEM Cut Cell Cartesian Meshing Method [Tutorial]
This ANSYS ICEM CFD tutorial demonstrates cut cell cartesian mesh method in ANSYS version 13.0. This method is ideal for CFD simulations and produces a high percentage of HEX cells with minimal user setup.
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ANSYS 12.1 (part 1 of 2) ICEM CFD setup for Tetra/Prism meshing of a simple manifold
http://www.ansys.com/yt presents a short tutorial on the typical setup for a Tetra Prism Mesh with ANSYS ICEM CFD
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ANSYS 12.1 (Part 2 of 3) ICEM CFD Hexa 2D Airfoil meshing
http://www.ansys.com/yt presents How to Hexa mesh a 2D airfoil in ICEM CFD Hexa
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ANSYS 12.1 (Part 1 of 3) ICEM CFD Hexa 2D Airfoil meshing
http://www.ansys.com/yt presents Looks at Blocking strategies (topologies) for a variety of airfoils...
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ANSYS 12.1 (part 2 of 2) ICEM CFD Tetra/Prism meshing of a simple manifold
http://www.ansys.com/yt presents a short tutorial on the typical meshing process for a Tetra Prism Mesh using ANSYS ICEM CFD
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Pervasive Engineering Simulation [ANSYS 18]
With the release of ANSYS 18, engineering simulation is expanding throughout the product lifecycle for digital exploration to digital prototyping to digital twins. Learn more: https://www.ansys.com/products/release-highlights
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ANSYS SpaceClaim as a Primary Design Tool
ANSYS SpaceClaim is a multipurpose 3D modeling tool that delivers faster engineering results. This video will illustrate the many benefits of using it as a primary design tool. As a result, engineers everywhere are boosting productivity because of SpaceClaim's direct modeling technology, ease of use, and unprecedented versatility. Learn more: https://www.ansys.com/products/3d-design/ansys-spaceclaim
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Discovery AIM Simulation of Butterfly Valve [Demo]
Follow along in this Discovery AIM evaluation of the fluid, thermal and structural performance of a butterfly valve. Learn More: https://www.ansys.com/products/3d-design/ansys-aim
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Aerospace Industry Demands Accurate, Fast and Reliable Simulation Technology
The modern aircraft is an engineering marvel, and the epitome of a smart system. To reach this level of performance, the aerospace industry demands accurate... fast... and reliable simulation technology supported by scalable and cost effective IT solutions that leverage high performance computing... as well as cloud... and mobile technology to empower robust design methodologies offered in an integrated multiphysics environment allowing aerospace engineers to collaborate across disciplines... departments... and even continents. Aerospace has led the way with simulation-driven design processes amplified through automation... customization... and a seamless user experience empowering engineers of ALL experience levels to truly extend the boundaries of innovative design. The technology, vision and strategy of ANSYS stand alone as the leading provider of critical modeling and robust simulation solutions for the aerospace industry. Learn more: https://www.ansys.com/solutions/solutions-by-industry/aerospace-and-defense
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ANSYS Twin Builder Used to Create a Digital Twin of GE Offshore Wind Turbine
GE’s Haliade 150-6 MW offshore wind turbine traditionally required regular physical inspections to determine if there were any problems with the turbine. By creating a digital twin of the yaw systems of the turbine’s motors using ANSYS Twin Builder™ and GE Predix software, operators can now monitor the turbine’s operation remotely and predict the remaining lifetime of components. Engineers on shore can take action to remedy any problems or schedule downtime for repairs, which is much cheaper than arranging for emergency repairs when the situation is critical. Watch this video to learn how ANSYS and GE engineers built simulation-based digital twins to monitor the maximum temperature and torque of the turbine’s motor coils to save time and money in the operation of offshore wind turbines.
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Efficient Meshing with ANSYS Workbench [Tutorial]
This ANSYS Workbench tutorial offers suggestions to make more efficient meshes for both stress analysis and fluid dynamics (CFD). It covers different mesh methods and geometry.
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ANSYS Discovery SpaceClaim - ANSYS 19 Overview
In ANSYS 19, Discovery SpaceClaim is full of enhancements making it easier and faster to concept model and design. We’ve improved SpaceClaim’s core modeling technology which improves navigation through assemblies and quickly constructing blended features. You’ll see improvements to the transferring of models to ANSYS Workbench, smoothing of faceted data for STL files, and speed ups to various sheet metal operations. Learn more: https:/www.ansys.com/spaceclaim
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Rossignol Uses ANSYS Discovery to Design Skis and Bikes
Rossignol has a team of engineers that work with skiers, designers and others to create new products. With ANSYS Discovery they realized that their engineers could assess changes in real-time and discuss them with the other team members to rapidly explore designs. What was previously a longer and more individual exercise became collaborative not just among engineers, but with every team member benefiting from simulation insight. The engineers could literally capture feedback from the skiers as they came off the slopes and Discovery gave them a joint language to explore product performance. Learn more at ansys.com/discovery
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What Can Serious CFD Do for You?
ANSYS CFD is a tool with amazing flexibility, accuracy and breadth of application but needs to be properly applied in order to deliver insight and value. Serious CFD delivers quantitative results that provide insights to help you optimize your designs. These insights can reveal unexpected opportunities for your product, opportunities that even experienced engineering analysis can otherwise miss. Learn More: https://www.ansys.com/products/fluids
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ANSYS ICEM CFD HEXA 3D Elbow [Tutorial]
This 3D elbow tutorial walks through step by step on this simple geometry, yet complex topology.
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Lucid Air and ANSYS: The Full Potential of Electrification [Case Study]
Lucid Motors' CTO Peter Rawlinson describes the value of creating digital prototypes with ANSYS.
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Structural Simulation - ANSYS Discovery Live to AIM
Learn how you can use ANSYS Discovery Live to perform preliminary, instantaneous simulations to obtain a viable structural design, followed by ANSYS Discovery AIM for more rigorous mechanical simulations to refine and validate the design. See how a rocker arm can be quickly engineered to your specifications using this powerful combination of simulation solvers. Learn more: https://www.ansys.com/discovery
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Engineering The Internet of Things with ANSYS
Our world is more connected than ever, thanks to the growing web of smart electronics that surround us every day. Find out how ANSYS simulation solutions can help you engineer high-performance electronic devices and systems for the Internet of Things. For more information visit https://www.ansys.com/Campaigns/internet-of-things
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Evaluate Structural BMX with ANSYS AIM [Tutorial]
In this video, ANSYS AIM is used to evaluate the stress on a BMX bike frame and to begin to optimize the bike frame thickness considering fatigue life standards.
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Creating and Managing Coordinate Systems
This video is an example of the on-demand content available in the ANSYS Learning Hub. The Learning Hub gives you easy access to self-paced courses, tools to manage learning goals and instructor-moderated “Learning Rooms.” Discussion boards and additional tutorials and instructional materials outside of the standard curriculum are also available. To learn more about the ANSYS Learning Hub go to http://www.ansys.com/services/learning-hub
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CFD Simulation of a Peloton Reveals Complex Aerodynamics
Running ANSYS Fluent computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software on a Cray supercomputer, Professor Bert Blocken, with teams at Eindhoven University and KU Leuven, performed the largest-ever sports simulation. The eye-opening results, validated by wind tunnel tests, reveal the air resistance encountered by riders in each position of a peloton and why successful breakaways are so difficult to execute.
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Red Bull Racing - Engineering Simulation with ANSYS
ANSYS helps Red Bull Racing to optimize the components fitted to the race car to ensure reliability and performance to deliver winning results. Learn more: http://bit.ly/29C4Xw4
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Discover the Optimal Shape with Generative Design in ANSYS Discovery
Watch this video to learn how the latest features in ANSYS Discovery help you to rapidly explore, iterate and validate hundreds of potential shapes using topology optimization during upfront design and concept development for additive manufacturing or traditional manufacturing processes. Generate the optimal shape, material and process to ensure superior performance of your product before you start building it.
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5 Critical CFD Applications You Have to Get Right
To truly understand your product, you must get your CFD simulations right. For example, can you effectively predict the operating limits of a valve or pump without fully characterizing the extent of cavitation? Unexpected cavitation can cause pitting that damages parts and impedes performance. Watch five common CFD applications that you just have to get right.
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Beam and Shell Modeling with ANSYS Mechanical [Tutorial]
Starting from a solid model, this video shows how to extract the beams and shells using ANSYS SpaceClaim and perform a structural analysis in ANSYS Mechanical. Learn more: https://www.ansys.com/mechanical
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ANSYS: Systems-Level Simulation
With product complexity increasing to fuel innovation, manufacturers need to simulate their products early in the design process. But they need to do so at the systems level so they can better understand how subsystems and other interconnected systems interact with each other. ANSYS offers the industry's broadest suite of simulation solutions aimed at encompassing the entire system.
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ANSYS in Action - Control Systems & Rigid Body Dynamics
ANSYS Mechanical rigid body dynamics, able to simulate complex mechanisms with joints and contacts and the ability to couple in control systems using ANSYS Simplorer. Learn more: https://www.ansys.com/products/release-highlights
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ANSYS Breakthrough Energy Innovation
From startups to multinationals, businesses are seizing the opportunity to deliver breakthrough energy innovation by using engineering simulation to explore the much wider design space that is presented by increased complexity and to tackle key engineering applications in the areas of advanced electrification, machine and fuel efficiency, aerodynamic design, effective light-weighting and thermal optimization. Companies do this with the support of a simulation platform that enables complete virtual prototypes. ANSYS is the only company with the depth and breadth of engineering simulation technology in a single platform to help create energy innovation breakthroughs. Learn more: https://www.ansys.com/energy
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ANSYS Training Overview
Brief description of the ANSYS Training offerings and their value. When using engineering software, training is the most effective catalyst to get from a novice to an analyst producing useful results. Designers of electrical and electronic products​, embedded software, integrated circuits, structural engineers and CFD experts can accelerate their path to expertise with training. Learn more: https://www.ansys.com/services/training
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Red Bull Racing Formula 1 Using ANSYS Engineering Software
Red Bull Racing Formula 1 uses ANSYS software for aerodynamics.
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ANSYS 12.1 (Part 3 of 3) ICEM CFD Hexa 2D Airfoil meshing
http://www.ansys.com/yt presents How to edit 2D ICEM CFD Hexa Blocking of a 2D airfoil, how to smooth, how to export to Fluent, how to use ICEM CFD Replay Scripting
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ANSYS in Action - Topology Optimization
ANSYS Mechanical has in-built topology optimization to enable engineers and designers to easily determine where material is needed and where it can be removed. For Additive manufacturing, 3D printing, casting, injection molding and more traditional manufacturing processes this is key in driving down weight as well as cost of components throughout engineering. Learn More: https://www.ansys.com/to
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Introducing a New Fluent Experience
Introducing a whole new way to enjoy CFD simulations. Built on top of the proven ANSYS Fluent solver, this new experience offers innovations from end to end so users can get more accuracy, in less time, with confidence.
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A Kinematics and Dynamics Study Using ANSYS Workbench Mechanical 12.1
Tim Pawlak of ANSYS demonstrates the use of ANSYS Workbench Mechanical 12.1 in simulating a Stirling engine.
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ANSYS AIM - Simulation for Every Engineer
ANSYS AIM is an easy-to-use simulation environment. In a CAD and simulation integrated user interface, it offers guided workflows for single discipline or multiphysics simulation solutions. Learn more: https://www.ansys.com/aim
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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) from ANSYS
http://goo.gl/ImQ5Q ANSYS computational fluid dynamics solutions are a comprehensive suite of products which allow you to predict, with confidence, the impact of fluid flows on your product - both during the design and manufacturing and how it will perform during use. The unparalleled fluid flow analysis capabilities in the software can be used to design and optimize new equipment and to troubleshoot already existing installations. Whatever fluid flow phenomena you are studying: single-or multi-phase, isothermal or reacting, compressible or not, ANSYS computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solutions gives you valuable insight into your product performance.
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ANSYS Cloud: A Quick Demonstration
Watch this brief demonstration of ANSYS Cloud, the ANSYS-managed cloud service developed in collaboration with Microsoft Azure. It provides on-demand access to high-performance computing (HPC) directly from within ANSYS Mechanical and ANSYS Fluent.
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Simulation of a Motor Mount Concept with ANSYS Discovery Live
Making better informed design decisions upfront can potentially reduce costly changes later on towards production. Using engineering simulation is a proven way to make this happen. However, simulation is often seen as costly, slow, and too complex for the average engineer to utilize. ANSYS Discovery Live removes several barriers to simulation by coupling real-time simulation and geometry tools that are both easy to use. In this demonstration of Discovery Live, we’ll walk through a concept model of a motor mount bracket. You’ll see in Discovery Live the setup of different solutions, monitoring different loading conditions or modal response in the same design, along with charts to track changes with each design point. For more information or to get your free download, visit https://www.ansys.com/discovery today!
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3D Printed Rocket Engines Using ANSYS Simulations
Learn how engineers at the Additive Rocket Corporation (ARC) are using ANSYS Mechanical and ANSYS CFD simulation solutions to reinvent rocket engines using 3D printing based on bioinspired geometries. One example is using simulation to optimize fluid flow (fuel and liquid oxygen) from a single source to a set of distributed (branched) locations for optimal combustion. Learn how ARC engineers use ANSYS simulation solutions to innovate complex designs quickly and cost-effectively to revolutionize and democratize spaceflight.
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Aero Vibro Acoustics Demo
Simulate the complete acoustic process including generation by fluid action, transmission through a solid and propagation on the other side with Deterministic Aero Vibro Acoustics (DAVA). See an automotive example. Learn more: http://www.ansys.com/Other/virtual-prototypes/flow-induced-vibration
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Sports Engineers Use ANSYS Simulation to Create Equipment
Sports engineers have three primary tasks when creating equipment: 1. They must facilitate the sports. 2. They must protect the user. 3. They must enhance performance. Using the power of engineering simulation from ANSYS, engineers can do all three. Learn more: https://www.ansys.com/sports
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ANSYS Additive Solutions
ANSYS has the only solution that lets you simulate the entire metal additive manufacturing process to determine the best machine, part setup and material configuration before you start printing. Learn how ANSYS Workbench Additive and ANSYS Additive Print can help you analyze your process and determine beforehand that the part will be manufactured as specified with no complications. Learn more: https://www.ansys.com/additive
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Volkswagen Motorsport Sets Record at Pikes Peak International Hill Climb Using ANSYS Simulation
Volkswagen Motorsport shattered the time record at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb with the help of ANSYS’ Pervasive Engineering Simulation solutions. Finishing in 7.57.148 minutes, Volkswagen’s first-ever, fully electric race car broke the record for electric and gasoline powered cars with a battery pack designed using ANSYS simulations.
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ANSYS Workbench Quick Tip #2 - Reporting Linear Vibrations of a Fan.
http://www.ansys.com/yt presents Tim Pawlak from ANSYS, Inc. is back, this time demonstrating the use of ANSYS Workbench automatic report generator to capture and report modal and stress analysis results, including pre-stress modes.
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