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Sang Pengejar Mimpi - Filem Pendek Inspirasi
SANG PENGEJAR MIMPI menceritakan tentang Rudi, seorang anak yang tidak mampu inggin menjadi orang sukses, Film SANG PENGEJAR MIMPI ini didukung oleh TVM. ================================= Produced by Egy Multazam Directed & Edited by Bawazir Fadhil Mohammad Cameraman by Ari, Bawazir, Dimas, Udin, Gilang Music by J-Rocks-Meraih Mimpi, Zigas-Sahabat Jadi Cintah, Bondan Prakoso & Fead Two Black Cast Adi Utama as Rudi Sukarni as Emak Sella N as Shely Hudi Si as Guru Bawazir Fadhil M as Vino Ari Rizkiawan as Ryan Reny Fernandia as Reni Kartono as Roy Dimas Hidayanto as Rizal M Nasirudin as Nasir Terima kasih sudah menonton film pendek kami, jangan lupa Like, Share dan Subscribe ya :)
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