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A Dietitian Talks About What Supplements She Takes as a Breastfeeding Mother
Megan Callahan, MS, RD, LD describes the supplements she takes as breastfeeding momma! Multivitamin https://goo.gl/pRstVq Omega-3 https://goo.gl/TsZPM9 Bone Essentials https://goo.gl/zqGQdh Whey Protein https://goo.gl/h3QFmJ
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What's In Your Health Supplements? Watch this Video to Find Out...
You Deserve Better: http://zanthia.linktrackr.com/vitasouth-youtube Have you ever thought about what might be in your health supplements that you don't know about? You've turned to health supplements to solve something that matters to you....and your HEALTH depends on finding a great solution. Well, I have something to share with you.....Not all health supplements are created equal. In fact, some products out there can be pretty scary if you know what's really going on... Only a few years ago an unscrupulous health supplement manufacturer -- one of the biggest in the United States at the time in fact -- was shut down by the Food and Drug Administration for some pretty nasty things. When the inspectors visited this company's manufacturing facilities, they discovered dead rodents in an area used to store finished products, products that might have been on their way to you. The investigators also observed bags of raw ingredients that were gnawed through by rats. So, you might ask, why am I telling you this gruesome story? Because you deserve better. The company in this story, one of the biggest supplement manufactures at the time, is not the only one hiding things from you. Supplements are a multi-billion dollar a year business for manufacturers and there are many out there simply to make money -- companies that don't care about the quality of the products they sell or what those products do to you. This is why you are able to find such cheap supplements at your local grocery store and vitamin store. Fortunately, not all supplement manufacturers are created equal. GOOD manufacturers search the world for the finest raw ingredients and keep them fresh in spotless facilities until they are produced into finished products. GOOD manufacturers make sure products are consistently produced by measuring a product's value not by how many people they can sell it to, but by how WELL it works for you. They put their products through lab testing by objective third parties to guarantee you get a great supplement. GOOD manufacturers produce products free of harmful additives such as: binders, fillers, disintegrates, and flow agents. How do you find such quality products that YOU can rely on? We have researched thousands of health supplements and have sourced the finest manufacturers in the world. Only a select few of these make the cut to be sold at VitaSouth.com. Whether you're buying a multivitamin or a high-performance endurance product, you can depend on VitaSouth.com to have found the absolute BEST product for your needs. If you sincerely care about your health, you're in the right place.
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The Cardiotabs Story Part 6
Cardiotabs CEO and cofounder Joan O'Keefe, RD, explains the genesis of the Cardiotabs brand of health supplements she and her preventive cardiologist husband, James O'Keefe, MD, created in 1999.
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