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Phu Kham Mine, Phu Bia Mining, Laos - Gold/Copper - Using Whittle, MineSched & Surpac
During the rainy season at Phu Bia Mining in Laos, the company relies on Surpac, MineSched and Whittle to optimize their operations and help with the challenges that the rain brings.
Laos Episode 03: Bomb Disposal
The Aqua Survey team hits the road (and water) once again. This time their on their way to a gold mine. It's hoped their skill and technology can help locate bombs hidden within the mine.
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Mineralien # 441 - Top Azurite aus Laos, Sepon Mine
Alle diese Mineralien finden Sie bei www.matrix-minerals.de
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A Laos mountain: Higher than the clouds
[NOVEMBER 19] www.danielbaylis. ca | Today I got high. Wait, that doesn't sound right. I hiked to the top of one of the highest peaks in the Nong Khiaw region, and just as I arrived to the summit, the clouds lifted to unveil the stunning vistas of northern Laos.
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Gold Market  in laos
Gold Market in laos
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Supporting Sustainable Forest Management in Lao PDR
The Sustainable Forestry for Rural Development (SUFORD) project has been operating in Lao PDR since 2003. It has been helping build capacity to sustainably manage forests in Lao PDR by strengthening partnerships between local government and villagers, supporting village livelihoods, and improving forest and wildlife law enforcement capacity. SUFORD has contributed to 2,242,257 hectares of forest area currently brought under management plans, as well as supports to legislation and regulation reforms.
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IP Survey Laos
3D Induced Polarization Survey in Laos Supervised by Goldman Exploration At Phonesack Group- KSO Gold Mine, Laos
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PanAust: overview of the Company as at May 2014
See how PanAust's own employees and external partners describe working with the Company.
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A trip back to see the changes in Vientiane, Laos after 23 years. A city worth revisiting even if only for the inexpensive, good quality French Wine and the friendly Lao hospitality.
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PanAust Ltd in Frieda River Project
The Frieda River Copper-Gold Project in the West Sepik Province has been seeing progress since Australian miner PanAust Limited acquired a majority interest in the project in August last year. A cocktail function was held on Thursday evening (February 6th 2015) to mark PanAust’s entry in Papua New Guinea, through the Frieda River Copper-Gold Project. PanAust is a copper and gold producer in Southeast Asia and has a portfolio of organic growth projects in Laos, Chile and now in Papua New Guinea. - visit us at http://www.emtv.com.pg/ for the latest news...
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Luxurious Villa for rent in Vientiane, Laos
This is a fantastic furnished villa with a swimming pool and 4 bedrooms. A huge living room with an open kitchen and 3 bathrooms. An office and a beautiful garden with fruit trees. One floor, no stairs. The size of the property is 1300m², the size of the house is 250m². There is a covered garage for 2 cars. It is situated near Joma Ponthan and Once Upon a Time, far enough from the main road to don't have traffic noise. The property is entirely closed and have a big gate with cameras. The cost per month is 3000$ that can be shared in-between 2 tenants as there is 4 bedrooms. Gardener, WiFi and TV cable are included. Electricity and water are not, 6 months is the minimum deposit. The owners of the Villa are spending time in-between Laos and France but they would like to stay in France more to spend time with their grand children and family. This is why this villa is for rent. During your stay a English/Lao responsive management from their family will be there to help at anytime. If you have the money to afford it, it definitely worths it.
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vientiane construction
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Laos: Vientiane - 1893 -1975
A first impression of Vientiane is of a sleepy, backwater city set on a bend in the Mekong River....... True..... Dig a little deeper, though, and you will find Vientiane has undergone many changes...... No better illustration of these changes than a look a her rich architectural heritage. Here I look at the French Colonial period to 1975.
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Overview of PanAust's Corporate Citizenship Programs in Laos
As a leading copper and gold producer in Laos, PanAust works with key partners to to make meaningful and enduring contributions to its host communities.
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Whose Land? Part I
People from Paksong District, Champasack Province, Lao PDR, describe how they in 2010 lost their agricultural lands to an international company that was granted a land concession to grow coffee in the area. The video was recorded in 2012 and tells the story from the local farmers' point of view. PART I
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PanAust Employee Awards Ceremony 2014
PanAust values its employees and each year the Employee Awards Program recognises outstanding contributions to safety, environment, community, leadership, teamwork, training and production. Among other prizes, award winners are recognised at a gala ceremony held in Vientiane, Laos.
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Thailand's only Gold Mine - Chatree
Akara Mining Limited, is the Thai subsidiary of Australian company, Kingsgate, which operates the Chatree gold mine in central Thailand, 280km north of Bangkok. Chatree, Thailand's first modern gold mine, commenced operations in November 2001. We travel with AUSCHAM on one of their regular Field Trips.
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gold mining in Ecuador
... just a few highlights
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Situationer on Australian couple accused of smuggling gems
1. Exterior prison where the two Australians are being held 2. Watchtower of prison 3. HQ of the mining company, where the couple worked 4. Gem mining HQ 5. Close up sign of mining company 6. Various high shot of city 8. Independence Monument and Supreme Court on right 9. Exterior of Supreme Court 10. Ministry of Immigration 11. Australian Embassy sign 12. Exterior Australian Embassy 13. Street of Vientiane 14. Laotian women walking 15. Laotian street vendors 16. Buddhist monk walking STORYLINE: An Australian couple accused of stealing gemstones in Laos will be freed within days after six months in jail, their lawyer said. The Australian government has been making strenuous diplomatic efforts to have Kerry and Kay Danes freed following their arrest on 23 December, 2000, after gemstones disappeared from Laos' largest sapphire mine, where Kerry Danes was in charge of security. As the husband and wife were never charged, the Australian government demanded their release. Their lawyer, Ted Tzovaras, told Australian Broadcasting Corporation radio that after a month of intensive negotiations with Laos authorities, he expected the couple's imminent release. The Danes had this week finally been charged with embezzlement, destruction of evidence and tax evasion, Tzovaras said. There was no reference to stolen gems. The charges and a court hearing were formal precursors to the Danes being released from detention, he said. "These charges which are quite broad are a necessary step to the resolution of the matter to the clearance of the charges against Kerry and Kay and ultimately to their release," he said. Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer confirmed charges had finally been laid and said he hoped the Danes would soon be released. Downer said "delicate" negotiations were continuing. The Australian government has maintained a major diplomatic effort to have the two released. Prime Minister John Howard appealed to Laos Prime Minister Bounnyang Vorachit to release the Danes, earlier this year while Downer has held meetings with his Laos counterpart. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/d509432acfb3ea8b15f75717d0508457 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Laos - Land of Ample Opportunities and Success
Lao Ministry of Planning and Investment. [ www.investlaos.gov.la ] Invest in the future, invest in Laos. Discover Laos' investment potentials and opportunity in non-natural resource sector. Laos is the best destination for investment in Southeast Asia.
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Crazy Transportation in Laos
Fast, dirty and smelly. Yesss!
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Lao NEWS on LNTV: The Gold Embroidery Ex shows unique & indigenous from LuangPrabang.9/9/2015
VO The Gold Embroidery Exhibition showcases unique and indigenous to people from Luang Prabang Province INTRO: The Gold Embroidery Exhibition showcases unique and indigenous to people from Luang Prabang Province. According to Tiao David Somsanith, The Lao Fashion Week and Promote Young Lao Designs Projects together held a Gold Embroidery Exhibition to promote the integration of gold embroidery patterns into fashion products. STORY: Over 30 gold embroideries were exhibited focusing on patterns familiar to local people that are unique and indigenous to people from Luang Prabang Province Speaking at the gathering where attended by Vice President of the Lao Journalist Association Somsanouk Mixay and Invited guests, Artistic and Cultural Advisor of the Amataka hotel in Luang Prabang, Tiao David Somsanith said that , The Gold Embroidery Exhibition aims to promote and provide opportunities for young Lao designers to show their embroidery work, skills and designs He said, we use natural materials such as dried leaves which can be sourced in nature to embroider clothes and other household items such as the sinh (Lao skirt), men’s and women’s upper body clothing, pillowcases and tablecloths It is disclosed that embroidery is an art of Lao people featuring creative and colorful patterns. The exhibition is open for free to the public with training workshops available for free as well for students interested in learning and practicing embroidery. The event will be held from the 7th to through the 9th of September from 9:00-11:00 AM at the Mercure Hotel in Vientiane Capital.
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Lao NEWS on LNTV: The bank releases its Lao PDR Economic Monitor 10/3/2014
INTRO: The bank released its Lao PDR Economic Monitor in Vientiane on Tuesday the 4th of March, showing that, Economic growth in Laos will slow down this year as one of the largest mining operations in the country has halted gold production STORY: According to a report from the World Bank, economic growth in Laos is projected to moderate at 7.2 percent in 2014 after experiencing growth of at least eight percent over the past two years. The report titled Managing Risks for Macroeconomic Stability says one of the main causes of the slower economic growth is that the resource sector is expected to provide a smaller direct contribution to growth. World Bank Country Manager Keiko Miwa said, "We encourage the government to increase efforts to tighten fiscal and monetary policies so as to safeguard the economic achievements of recent years". An official from the Bank of the Lao PDR who attended the meeting said that the foreign reserve of Laos was still high, noting that it is still able to secure imports of goods and services for at least five months. Sepon mine, one of the largest mining operations in Laos, opted to cease gold production at the end of last year, forcing it to lay off 400 workers. A Lao economist from the National Economic Research Institute agreed with the World Bank's projection that the Lao economy will see slower growth but said it would not be as low as 7.2 percent. He said that the state owned economic research institute was preparing to unveil its own Lao economic monitor over the next few weeks. The World Bank's report says another cause of the slowdown is that numerous major investment projects are still under construction and are not expected to bring in revenue until further down the track. Despite lower gold production however, the output of copper production in Laos will continue to increase. Production output in the services, food processing and beverage sectors is expected to continue to grow this year with support from domestic demand. The report also looks at the 2013/2014 budget plan and finds that it indicates a slightly narrower deficit compared with the previous fiscal year. However cuts in civil service benefits will be offset by new recruitment as well as a further increase in salaries paid to civil servants for two consecutive years. The report says, It is important to review the pace of the public wage bill increase going forward. The report also notes that the government has discussed some revenue administration measures to help address the issue. In addition to revenue measures, there is a need for prudent medium-term expenditure planning and execution by the government. The reports also notes that foreign exchange reserves in 2013 fell to their lowest level in a decade in terms of import coverage, with only 1.3 months of goods and service imports. This trend was fuelled by the widening current account deficit, driven by resource sector investment as well as strong domestic demand and accommodative fiscal and monetary policies.
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The Spanish Empire, Silver, & Runaway Inflation: Crash Course World History #25
In which John Green explores how Spain went from being a middling European power to one of the most powerful empires on Earth, thanks to their plunder of the New World in the 16th and 17th centuries. Learn how Spain managed to destroy the two biggest pre-Columbian civilizations, mine a mountain made of silver, mishandle their economy, and lose it all by the mid-1700s. Come along for the roller coaster ride with Charles I (he was also Charles V), Philip II, Atahualpa, Moctezuma, Hernán Cortés, and Francisco Pizarro as Spain rises and falls, and takes two empires and China down with them. Crash Course World History is now available on DVD! http://store.dftba.com/products/crashcourse-world-history-the-complete-series-dvd-set Follow us! @thecrashcourse @realjohngreen @raoulmeyer @crashcoursestan @saysdanica @thoughtbubbler Like us! ‪http://www.facebook.com/youtubecrashcourse Follow us again! ‪http://thecrashcourse.tumblr.com Support Crash Course on Patreon: http://patreon.com/crashcourse
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2013 Pee Mai Parade in Vientiane (3)
Lao New Year Parade on Setthatirat street, Vientiane. Miss Laos parades on the float. For more information with pictures, please visit http://bbrsun.blog.eonet.jp/bbr/2013/04/post-e572.html (Sorry, only in Japanese)
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Lao NEWS on LNTV: More than 10 kg of gold leaf places on the That Luang stupa.31/10/2016
VO More than 10 kilogrammes of gold leaf places on the central spire on the top of That Luang stupa INTRO: Vientiane authorities are preparing many activities for the 450th anniversary celebrations of the national icon, the That Luang stupa, with its restoration set to be complete on time. This morning, Monday the 31st of October, Vientiane authorities place more than 10 kilogrammes of gold leaf on the central spire on the top of That Luang stupa STORY: The placing gold leaf on the central spire on the top of That Luang stupa as part of the stupa's 450th anniversary celebrations took place in the capital on Monday and was attended by President of the Lao PDR Bounyang Vorrachit ,Vientiane Mayor Dr Sinlavong Khoutphaythoune, other officials, monks and novices and Lao people from near and far President Bounyang Vorrachit hits the gong and presses the button lifting the more than 10 kilogrammes of gold leaf to place on the central spire on the top of That Luang stupa According to MICT Minister Bouagern Saphouvong, this year's celebrations were very important as they mark a historic milestone - the 450th anniversary of the That Luang stupa's construction. According to Vientiane Mayor Dr Sinlavong Khoutphaythoun, the celebrations would be held during the That Luang Festival with many activities and the night fair running from November 12-14. The activities include the wax castle procession, to include 450 of the colourful structures, as well as the traditional game of tikhy (similar to hockey) between the country's leaders and officials. However, the highlight will be the completion of the That Luang stupa restoration project with the project committee confirming that repairs to the stupa would be completed ahead of the festival. The restoration involves work to improve the main structure, paintwork, surrounding garden, drainage channels, electrical system and other features, notably the gold leaf to be placed on the top of the stupa. During the That Luang Festival large numbers of local folk and visitors can be seen carrying silver bowls with flowers, candles and incense walking towards the That Luang esplanade to pay homage to the grand golden stupa and the sacred artefacts that surround it. There will also be a street fair, along with performances by Lao artists and traditional dance shows. One of the main rituals is for people to give offerings around the That Luang Stupa on the last day of the festival. The stupa was originally built during the ancient Khmer civilisation, when Vientiane was inhabited by people known as the Cham. Researchers believe the structure was originally a four-sided stone obelisk. The site was built as a place for people to worship and pray to idols. The structure was renovated on the orders of King Xay setthathirath in the 16th century when the original site was covered with a bigger stupa. From then on the monument took the name That Luang, or Grand Stupa. The Cham period saw the second wave of Buddhism in Laos. Under the patronage of Emperor Ashokka of India, the venerable monks Sona and Outala and five scholars brought what believers understand to be pieces of the pelvic bone of Lord Buddha to Vientiane in the Buddhist calendar year 218 (BCE), when they were stored at Phou Luang hill. The ruler of Vientiane at that time, Lord Chanthabouly Phasitthisack, had a stupa built over the obelisk in 236 BCE. The sacred site was then named Pha Chedi Lokachulamany. According to the legend of the That Phanom Stupa, also known as Tamnan Oulangkhathat, Emperor Ashokka authorised the relics to be placed inside the That Luang stupa in Vientiane. The same legend claims that the remains of Lord Buddha were distributed to all corners of the globe where there were Buddhist followers and his ashes were placed inside 84,000 stupas. This number corresponds to the 84,000 points that believers are required to study in the tripitaka (Buddhist scriptures).
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Australian couple pardoned in Laos arrive in Hong Kong.
1. Arrivals board at Hong Kong airport 2. Arrivals board showing flight CX2074 from Singapore 3. Kerry and Kay Danes walking into arrivals area 4. Pull out and pan to Kerry and Kay Danes walking into arrivals area with their lawyer and being greeted by representative of Jardine Securicor 5. The Danes, lawyer and representative of Jardine Securicor walking through Hong Kong airport 6. SOUNDBITE (English) Kerry Danes, husband, "We have no comment at this stage" 7. SOUNDBITE (English) Kay Danes, wife, (in response to reporter's question about their children): "Yes they're fine, they're very much looking forward to us coming home." (in response to reporter's question whether they could describe the conditions they were kept in): "Not at the moment." (in response to reporter's question about how they feel about leaving Laos): "Happy and sad." 8. Danes and lawyer and representative of Jardine Securicor walking through Hong Kong airport STORYLINE: An Australian couple convicted of embezzling gems from the largest sapphire mine in Laos have arrived in Hong Kong after receiving an official pardon. Kerry and Kay Danes were met at the airport by a representative of Jardine Securicor Asia, which employed Kerry Danes as security chief at the mine. Kerry Danes declined comment to waiting reporters, but his wife said they had spoken to their two children and looked forward to returning home to Brisbane. Asked about leaving Laos, Kay Danes said she felt 'happy and sad'. The Danes received a pardon from Lao President Khamtay Siphandone on Tuesday. The couple were arrested on December 23, 2000 after gemstones disappeared from the Laos sapphire mine. They were held for six months without charge before a swift trial by a Lao court in June. They were sentenced to seven years jail for embezzlement, destruction of evidence and tax evasion. The couple denied the charges but agreed to pay compensation in return for their pardons. They are due to arrive in Australia on Friday. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/6e3d50cb3bf9e883803f5bf29f813a05 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Bronze Lao Buddha on big base
19th century, bronze from Laos. Kind of rough, it makes it moving. Worth due to the BIG BASE which give a modern touch.
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Lao NEWS on LNTV: Laos receives US$2.5 million for clearing  UXO land clearance.15/7/2014
VO Laos receives US$2.5 million for clearing unexploded ordnance UXO land clearance and victims INTRO: Laos received a grant from the European Union and World Vision Laos for a total of almost US$2.5 million for clearing unexploded ordnance or UXO contaminated areas, risk education, and victim assistance for accident survivors. STORY: New projects of the Mines Advisory Group known as MAG, funded by the European Union and World Vision Laos, in partnership with the National Regulatory Authority or NRA were the subject of a memorandum of understanding signed in Vientiane on Friday to launch operations in Xieng Khuang and Khammuan province s. The EU grant worth over US$1.1 million will fund two MAG Mine Action Teams to clear UXO contamination in Nonghet, Khoun and Phaxay districts of Xieng Khuang, the second most heavily UXO contaminated and fourth poorest province of Laos. MAG's ten-person Community Liaison Team will also deliver much needed mine risk education messages and train village volunteers as peer educators to reduce risk taking behaviour and casualty numbers among most-at-risk groups in rural communities. From a sub-grant worth US$106,600 or over 860 million kip provided by MAG from EU funds, the Lao not-for-profit organisation Quality of Life Association will also carry out victim assistance activities in the three districts, including community capacity-building in first-response first-aid, training of local healthcare workers and livelihood trainings for those affected by UXO accidents. World Vision's grant worth over US$1.2 million will fund four MAG Mine Action Teams to clear UXO contamination from twenty villages in Mahaxay and Xaybuathong districts of Khammuan, one of the poorest and most heavily bombed provinces of Laos containing 15 percent of all the UXO co ntamination in the count ry. The twenty target villages have been selected by World Vision and local development partners for follow-on development projects, such as agricultural extension and construction of schools and health centres, once the land is cleared of UXO. As part of the project, MAG's Community Liaison Teams will also build and train a network of community-based mine risk peer educators and first aid responders to reduce the threat of injury and death from UXO accidents. The project entitled Integrated UXO and development action in Khammuan province will run until the end of February 2016. According to Country Director of MAG to Laos, Simon Rea MAG will continue to take a leading part in these developments and contribute resources as required Laos is the most heavily bombed country per capita in the world: between 1964 and 1973, over 580,000 bombing missions were flown across the country that dropped an estimated 270 million cluster sub-munitions, or 'bombies' as they are known locally. This equates to a planeload of bombs every 8 minutes, 24 hours a day, for 9 years. It is estimated that about 30 percent of these, some 80 million sub-munitions, malfunctioned and did not explode. It is these items that predominantly contaminate the country to this day. This means one tonne of bombs for every person in the country.
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mining lao
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Laos Vientiane.mp4
The beautiful capital of Laos - Vientiane
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Lao NEWS on LNTV: The Interplast team from Australia & NZL.9/2/2016
VO The Interplast team from Australia and New Zealand to continue surgery and training support INTRO: The Interplast team from Australia and New Zealand with support of the Spellbrook Foundation and Rotary Club will continue to carry out plastic and reconstructive surgery and training in burns management and treatment. STORY: An agreement was signed yesterday by Director General of Mahosot Hospital, Associate Prof. Dr Bounthaphany Bounxouei and Interplast team representative and surgeon Dr Philip Slattery. Australian Ambassador to Laos John Williams was also in attendance. The programme, worth a total of US$150,000, is funded by Phu Bia Mining (PBM) and supported by the Women's International Group (WIG) for 2016 - 2017. According to Dr Slattery, Interplast's long-term objectives were to improve the quality of life of people living with disability as a result of congenital or acquired medical conditions and to increase their access to local health systems. Interplast also contributed to the development of sustainable health systems and capacity building of health professionals in the Asia-Pacific region. Mahosot Hospital and Interplast have been working together for over a decade now. Interplast Australia and New Zealand signed a new three-year agreement in 2011 to continue to treat patients in Laos. According to the programme, Interplast commenced operations in Laos in 1995 in cooperation with the Lao Ministry of Health, initially focusing on cleft lip and palate training. WIG has helped patients with transport and other costs during their stay in the capital, aiming to ensure that treatment can be accessed by those who need it most. Since 1996, Interplast has undertaken more than 20 visits to Laos to train local staff in the techniques of cleft lip and palate repair, and co nducted over 1,000 surgical procedures. This year's team includes: Dr Philip Slattery (surgeon), Dr James Savundra (surgeon), Dr David Vyse (anaesthetist), Dr Christopher Lowry (anaesthetist), Ms Gillian Bathgate (nurse), Ms Shannon Muir (nurse), Ms Samantha Jervios (nurse) and Ms Sharon Goldby (hand therapist).
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HMONG SOS from North Laos, april 10th 2007
S.O.S. Message sent by phone to UHA members by Hmong leader from inside North Laos jungle in the Phu Bia area, Xaysomboun special zone, on april 10th 2007, asking for International Community to save their lifes. Hmong language, French subtitles.
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Lao NEWS on LNTV: The value of Lao mineral exports increases substantially.14/5/2015
VO The value of Lao mineral exports increases substantially after the expansion of excavation capacity INTRO: The value of Lao mineral exports has increased substantially after the expansion of excavation capacity by both domestic and foreign investors. The Ministry of Energy and Mines reported recently that, the dividends and tax earned from these exports has made a significant contribution to the government's budget, helping to push economic growth. STORY: The Ministry of Energy and Mines reported recently that, In the five years between 2006 and 2010, the total value of mineral exports was US$2 billion which rose to US$8 billion during the years 2011 to 2015. The major projects involved are the Sepon mine in Savannakhet province, Phubia Mining in Xaysomboun province, potassium in Vientiane and Khammuan provinces as well as the Hongsa Mine in Xayaboury province. The dividends and tax earned from these exports has made a significant contribution to the government's budget, helping to push economic growth. Investment in mining comes in three forms, investment directly by the government, a joint venture between the government with domestic or foreign investors and private investment by domestic or foreign investors Expansion of the mining sector has created job opportunities for Lao people amounting to over 15,000 positions, which has helped develop local people's living conditions and some districts have been able to declare their escape from poverty as a result. The government currently is revising its mining policy with the aim of generating more revenue and ensuring the people benefit from mine concession projects.
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Govt to address compensation issues at Saysettha development zone
The government is on track with its plan for the 1,149-hectare Saysettha Development Zone in Vientiane, which will contribute to the country's economic growth, but some issues still need to be ironed out. The main issue is that families living on 404 hectares of land allocated for the zone have not yet been paid compensation for the land or property they will lose because the government does not have the resources to pay them at present. Families living on about 570 hectares that will be incorporated into the zone have already been compensated by the government at a total cost of more than 100 billion kip, a senior official from the National Committee for Special Economic Zones (NCSEZ) said. Deputy Minister and Vice President of the NCSEZ, Ms Bouatha Khatthiya, highlighted the issue when welcoming Prime Minister Thongloun Sisoulith and his delegation to the site last week. She said the NCSEZ has reaffirmed its commitment to work closely with the developers to identify the best way to compensate people who will have to leave their homes. Despite the compensation issues, much progress has been made and companies are investing in the zone after realising the great potential it has in relation to regional integration. Some 30 local and foreign companies are now investing in the zone with total registered capital of US$350 million. They have set up businesses on 73 hectares of land in the fields of construction, agriculture, energy, and logistics. Ms Bouatha said the NCSEZ will continue to assist the zone to upgrade its one-stop administrative service and electronic management system to attract more investors. “This zone will become the main driver of growth in the industrial and service sectors in Laos, laying the foundation for diversifying the nation's economy,” she said. “The zone is part of the government's policy to boost economic growth and generate job opportunities for local people through modernisation and industrialisation.” Ms Bouatha said the project will include a large residential area, a public park and green spaces, a lake, roads and drainage, tourist sites and other facilities. During their visit, Mr Thongloun and his delegation toured some factories, including one producing animal feed, after hearing about the progress of the zone. The Saysettha Development Zone is being managed by the Laos-China Joint Venture Investment Company, which was established by the Yunnan Provincial Overseas Investment Company and the Vientiane Municipality Government in 2010. The Saysettha Development Zone is located 17km to the northeast of Vientiane's central business district. It is one of 12 zones to be established under the government's policy's to develop special and specific economic zones. The 12 SEZs are located in Vientiane and the provinces of Savannakhet, Khammuan, Champassak, Luang Prabang, Bokeo and Luang Namtha, covering a total area of 19,499 hectares. Many companies in the region have opened factories in Laos which has generated thousands of jobs for local people as well as revenue for the government. By Times Reporters (Latest Update May 16, 2016)
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Laos 2014
Do you know Lao PDR ?
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Building the tallest gravity dam in Laos and the region
ນັບແຕ່ເລີ່ມຕົ້ນ..ຈົນເຖິງປະຈຸບັນໂຄງການກໍ່ສ້າງເຂື່ອນໄຟຟ້າ ທີ່ສູງທີ່ສຸດ ໃນປະເທດລາວ ແລະ ພາກພື້ນ..! Building the tallest gravity dam in Laos and the region Since July 2016 - June 2018.
Australian Market Report of July 22, 2010
The Australian share market was lower in early trade as Wall Street plunged overnight on Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke's comment that the economy was fragile. The US central bank is not prepared to consider further stimulus in the near term despite an "unusually uncertain" outlook. Today Australia's benchmark S&P/ASX200 Index 0.32 per cent while the broader All Ordinaries Index shed 0.3 per cent in early trade. Company News APN Property Group Limited (ASX:APD) has entered into a long term strategic partnership with ARA Asset Management Limited (SIN:D1R), an Asia-focused real estate funds management company. APN has issued 21 million new shares to ARA, representing approximately 15 per cent of APN's issued capital. APN will acquire ARA Strategic Capital, the manager of the ARA Asian Asset Income Fund, subject to customary conditions precedent being satisfied. ARA is an affiliate of Hong Kong-based conglomerate Cheung Kong Group, which is controlled by Hong Kong tycoon Li Ka Shing. Santos (ASX:STO) today reported that its second quarter production in 2010 was 11.9 mmboe, down 11 per cent from a 13.4 mmboe in the corresponding period last year. Santos said major wet weather and flood events continued to significantly impact Cooper Basin activities in the June quarter, but recovery is well underway. Sales volume for the three months to June 30 rose two per cent and revenue increased 20 per cent on a year earlier as oil and gas prices were higher. Production guidance is maintained at 49 to 52 mmboe for 2010. Newcrest Mining (ASX:NCM) said its production increased 26 per cent during the June quarter with higher production achieved at all sites. Newcrest's Telfer operation in Western Australia and Gosowong mine in Indonesia had record production in the third quarter. The company's full year gold production of 1,762,200 ounce was within the guidance range provided at the end of the March quarter, Newcrest said. Gold and copper producer PanAust (ASX:PNA) produced around 32,000 tonnes of copper in the first half at Phu Kham, Laos. Gold concentrate produced in the June quarter was 12,211 ounces, up 46 per cent on the prior corresponding period. The company said Phu Kham is on track to achieve 2010 year production and operating cost guidance of 60,000 tonnes to 63,000 tonnes of copper in concentrate.
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Problem with mining in laos.
ຊາວບ້ານໄດ້ຮັບຄວາມເດືອດຮ້ອນຍ້ອນການຂຸດຄົ້ນບໍ່ຄຳ ໃນແຂວງຫົວພັນ...
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Sirius Minerals on track to deliver mine feasibility study
19 February 2015: Chris Fraser, CEO at Sirius Minerals says that, while waiting for the final approvals for mine development from the North York Moors National Park, the company has everything in place to deliver the definitive feasibility study.
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Kao Rao Cave in Vieng Phoukha, Luang Namtha Province, Laos
Phou Iu Travel and Eco-tourism, Laos, http://www.phouiu-ecotourism-laos.com/ Kao Rao Cave in Vieng Phoukha, Luang Namtha, Laos, Nam Eng Cave, Nameng Cave, Cave in Vieng Phoukha, Long cave in Luang Namtha, Cave in Laos, http://www.phouiu-ecotourism-laos.com/
GARPOT (Phonesack Group VDO) Preview
GARPOT (Phonesack Group VDO) Preview
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That Luang Vientiane Laos
Der Weg ist das Ziel... komm fahr mit in meinem Goggomobil =G= Sightseeing in Krisenregionen, Armenviertel, Bürgerkriegsgebieten. Along radioactive Death-Zones, MOAs, No-Go and Civil-War Areas.
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Catai Tours - Laos es uno de los países más sorprendentes y vírgenes de la cuenca del Mekong. Su joya es Luang Prabang, pequeña ciudad en el norte con una sorprendente concentración de monjes y templos de exquisitas pinturas, declarada Patrimonio de la Humanidad por la UNESCO. Otros focos de interés son la gran stupa dorada de Vientiane, la capital, el parque de los Budas, donde se mezclan las iconografías budista e hinduista, y su sobrecogedora naturaleza.
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Laos Mekong River 2010 slow boat
A trip through Laos, including by boat along the Mekong River. The river was very low, so the boat had to navigate very carefully around the rocks which are otherwise submerged. The locals were seen panning for gold by the shore. There were forest fires, probably deliberately used to clear land for crops. Luang Prabang was very peaceful and a well-preserved former capital. The night market was really worth a visit just to browse the local handicrafts, especially woven products. As for the primary rainforest, think Jurassic Park! Wonderful.
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Lao Railway Savannakhet to Lao Bao Master Concession Agreement Signing Ceremony on November 05, 2012 at Lao National Convention Centre witnessed by Malaysia Prime Minister YAB Dato' Sri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak and Lao Prime Minister H.E.Thongsing Thammavong
National University Of Laos - Vientiane Lao P.D.R
Interviewing students Class 4A Before Graduation ceremony 13.09.2015 ການສຳພາດຄວາມໃນໃຈ ຂອງບັນດາສະຫາຍ☺😊 ສະມາຊິກ
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Lao NEWS on LNTV: World Food Day marks in Laos  “Social protection and Agriculture”.16/10/2015
VO World Food Day marks in Laos “Social protection and Agriculture” INTRO: As in the case every year, the World Food Day will take place on October 16th , whose main goal is to raise public awareness about hunger challenges and encourage people worldwide to take action in the fight against hunger. STORY: The topic for 2015 will be “Social protection and Agriculture”, which aims to underline the role social protection plays in reducing chronic food insecurity and poverty by ensuring direct access to food or the means to buy food. Social protection is, moreover, a viable alternative for stimulating agricultural production and local economic activity. …. His voice release…. “This year, World Food Day features the role of Social Protection in Agriculture as FAO celebrates its 70th anniversary. The World Food Day theme highlights Government policies around the world that aim to help small farmers and break the cycle of rural poverty. Social Protection measures can create a safety net for the most vulnerable in times of difficulty” According to Stephan Rudgard, in practical terms for a rice farmer, social protection measures could include access to seeds of improved varieties, reduced costs of small loans, and reduced cost of electricity for irrigation. In times of stress , rice farmers may be forced to eat less, sell assets, or even take their children out of school. …. His voice release…. “FAO has found clear evidence that joint agriculture and social protection initiatives can substantially improve rural livelihoods. The Government of Lao PDR recognizes that it is crucial to protect smallholder farmers, who face so many challenges. Let us work together to break the cycle of rural poverty and open up economic growth, reduce poverty, and improve food security and nutrition” FAO is committed to support governments and partners in addressing the main challenges for incorporating social protection into national strategies and actions to fight hunger and in promoting greater policy coherence and synergies between social protection, food and nutrition security, agricultural development, natural resource management and rural poverty reduction.
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