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Navy Cryptologic Technican
A quick description of the different CT rates in the Navy. Navy Description: https://www.navy.com/careers/information-and-technology/cryptology.html#ft-key-responsibilities
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This video I discuss some of the jobs that will pay more than others and how this works. Social Media: Instagram: NickyMGTV Snapchat: Emseagray
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Top 5 BEST Jobs in the Navy - NickyMGTV & JTsuits
Top 5 BEST Navy Jobs PART 2!!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4ib0MbF8Yk&t=25s JTsuits Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31GG7N0e1fk This is a video discussing our opinion on the top 5 navy rates based on our experiences. social media instagram:nickymgtv snapchat:emseagray If you have any questions or comments please let me know so I can include them in future videos!
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Crypto Officer Career and New Duty Station
In his video I talk about the Basic start to any Crypto Officer Career and I also talk a little bit about being stationed at NIOC Colorado. Hope you guys like the video.
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This video I discuss why you should not pick jobs based on the best advancement rates and how the navy advancement system works. http://www.navy.mil/ah_online/documents/EMBARGOED%20Active%20Cycle%20235%202017%20E4-E6.pdf Social Media: Instagram; NickyMGTV Snapchat: Emseagray
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Navy Sonar Technician – ST
If you can’t see us, we’re doing our job. As an ST, you gather intel through advanced sonar technology that few people on the planet have ever used. You quietly detect, track and classify contacts from surface ships or subs, using the immense range to listen for anything from ships to marine life. Process and share critical information with response teams to keep us alert and safe at sea. As a Sonar Technician, it is your job to find what doesn’t want to be found. Learn more at http://bit.ly/2CEIHQI
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A Day in the Life of a CTR Shill
Personal Growth Trump-Style! Open Your Trump-Eye! https://www.amazon.com/TRUMP-MAKE-YOURSELF-GREAT-AGAIN-ebook/dp/B01LZUNH1D
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Which Rate Should You Pick
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Cryptologic Command Display  3 of 5
U.S. Naval Cryptologic Veterans Association The Cryptologic Technician Rating Today’s Cryptologic Technician can trace his roots back to those enterprising Radiomen who taught themselves the Japanese Katakana code in the early to mid 1920s and established the first intercept station at Shanghai, China. What is a “Rating”? A Navy rating is defined as an occupation that consists of specific skills and abilities. Each rating has its own specialty badge which is worn on the left sleeve by all qualified men and women in that field. In the Navy and Coast Guard, pay grades E-4 through E-9 fall within a rating and reflect a distinct level of achievement within the promotion pyramid. There are: General ratings Service ratings Emergency ratings During the summer of 1927, five Marines attended Katakana training in Shanghai. In September 1927, they were transferred to Peiping where, under the leadership of Chief Radioman (CRM) Dorman A. Chauncey, they established the second radio intercept station. The Birth of Cryptologic Direct Support The Marine detachment in Peiping performed the first known temporary deployment of Communications Intelligence personnel. Two Marine operators, along with Chief Chauncey, deployed aboard USS TRENTON (CL-11)1, and two additional Marine operators were deployed aboard USS MEMPHIS (CL-13) for the entire month of September 1928. Presumably this mission was to copy traffic from Japanese fleet exercises. Early Formal Organization & Training The success of these early intercept operations led to the establishment of a permanent school on the roof of the Main Navy building on Constitution Avenue in Washington D.C. where especially qualified Radiomen were trained to intercept and analyze foreign radio communications. During the 12 year life of this school at least 176 (150 Navy and 26 Marine), enlisted radio operators received their training. The group became know as the On the Roof Gang (OTRG). Many of these graduates formed the nucleus of the communications intelligence operations in the Pacific at the beginning of World War II. The early ratings involved in communications intelligence were what we now identify as “General Service” ratings. Prior to World War II, the majority of these ratings were Radioman and Yeoman. The need for qualified communications intelligence personnel greatly expanded during World War II and by 1943 the following ratings were part of the complement of the activities under the cognizance of OP-20-G: Yeoman Radioman Specialist I (Punched Card Accounting Machine Operator) Specialist P (Photographic Specialist) Photographers Mate Machinist Mate Electricians Mate Telegrapher (for teletype) Not All CTCs Are Cryptologists On various Museum Ships, there may be references to C-TCs. For example, C-TCs are included in the Casualty List of the USS ARIZONA (BB-63) Memorial. This designation refers to “Chief-Turret Captain (C-TC).” The Turret Captain (TC) rate was terminated when Battleships and Cruisers that had turrets were decommissioned and all the gunship Aircraft Carriers had their turrets removed. The Turret Captain’s duties were to maintain, instruct, and take charge of the gun turret assigned. They were assigned to Aircraft Carriers, Battleships and Cruisers. Each turret was assigned a Chief-Turret Captain, First Class-Turret Captain, or both.
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Navy Cryptologic Technician – CT
What we don’t know could hurt us. That’s why America’s Navy has Cryptologic Technicians gathering intelligence every minute of every day. Play a key role in deciphering communication signals, decoding recordings, conducting radar surveillance, jamming guided weapons systems or using state-of-the-art technology—all to ensure cybersecurity. This is not a realm many can inhabit. If you have what it takes to battle with mental muscle, cryptology is your domain. Learn more at http://bit.ly/2O6FSKC
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Navy Rates Explained - STG
Have you ever watched a Military movie or TV show and wondered, “What exactly does that person do”, or “Could that person really do all those things”? Here on Navy Ratings Explained I’ll break down the Navy rates and give you an inside look at what their all about. About Me: I am Active Duty Navy since 2009. Started out as an ABH 09’ – 17’ and just converted to STG2. If you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to ask or post. Clips used and references Hot Shots: Fandango Movieclips - https://youtu.be/zgYGbR8f1PA Battleship: Fandango Movieclips - https://youtu.be/dGz9C2xMADc The Hunt for Red October: Fandango Movieclips - https://youtu.be/4unk6siO-tI Background Music: Nocopyrightsound – https://youtu.be/n79aphwhpW0 Radio Room: David Hoffman - https://youtu.be/sMe7TovEneA The Hunt for Red October “…Range 3000yds”: Fandango Movieclips - https://youtu.be/PWU9g1Fce3U Down Periscope: “sounds like a whale” Gogol Ginn - https://youtu.be/OEpEv6kWdtw San Diego Point Loma - https://youtu.be/xcnF2gMJqgE ST Classroom: America’s Navy - https://youtu.be/msMMwlkiRIs Swordfish: Fandango Movieclips - https://youtu.be/mWqGJ613M5Y The Hunt for Red October “…Playing chicken”: Fandango Movieclips - https://youtu.be/5kaBIMuW74Q Sub Footage: America’s Navy - https://youtu.be/msMMwlkiRIs USS Chancellorsville - https://youtu.be/slzaGJY_d1Q USS Truman - https://youtu.be/34aqAYaa4sw U.S. Army Air Jump - https://youtu.be/2S3WFjz2ITU Carrier Launch: Gung Ho Vids - https://youtu.be/Y92xIM7AyI4 Sonar Room: America’s Navy - https://youtu.be/msMMwlkiRIs Gun: San Diego Point Loma - https://youtu.be/xcnF2gMJqgE Sub Footage / Flag: America’s Navy - https://youtu.be/msMMwlkiRIs
Former "spook" tells tales of time as Naval cryptologist
George Cassidy of Stonington recalls his time as a Naval cryptologist in the 1960s.
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NO MORE RATES! Send to your buddies! Article: https://www.navytimes.com/articles/navy-scuttles-sailors-enlisted-rating-titles-in-huge-career-shake-up Subscribe for more Videos. www.youtube.com/dwkvideos www.youtube.com/dwkplaysHD ------------------------------------------------- twitter.com/dwkvideos instagram.com/donnyklein_
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Center for Cyber Warfare
The Center for Cyber Warfare at the Naval Postgraduate School is focused on the global cyber challenge. Established in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, CCW is a multi-departmental research center focusing on the general area of cyber warfare with emphasis on cyber attack. Research supports interdisciplinary graduate education for the cyber workforce. ~ CDR Zachary Staples, CCW Director ~ John McEachen, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering ~ LCDR Thomas Parker, Electrical and Computer Engineering PhD student
The Navy Is Not What I Expected It To Be
Hey! Let me share with you some thoughts I've had within my short Navy career so far.
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Ratings are BACK!
In a stunning reversal, the SECNAV and MCPON reinstated Naval Ratings and the Sailors rejoiced. The Salty Seaman breaks it down.
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How To Pick YOUR Navy Rate
Best way to make sure you pick the right rate for you. https://navymillionaire.wordpress.com/recommendations/ --- PRODUCT RECOMMENDATIONS Snapchat: @ JonnyC5 https://www.twitter.com/JonnnyFiveLive ---- TWITTER https://www.instagram.com/jonnny.five ---- INSTAGRAM https://navymillionaire.wordpress.com ---- WEBSITE FOLLOW ME ON PERISCOPE @jonnyFiveLive http://www.twitch.tv/jonnnyfive/profile --- TWITCH THANKS FOR WATCHING!
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CTI  Steve Barbee - in HD
Meet Steve Barbee. He is currently a Chief Petty Officer in the U.S. Navy where he works as Cryptologic Technician Interpretive or CTI, specializing in Mandarin Chinese. Thanks to the extensive training the Navy has provided him, Chief Barbee has become an expert in all aspects of his area of interest.
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Navy Reserve Intelligence Specialist -- Carina Stone
Being an Intelligence Specialist in the Navy Reserve has allowed Carina Stone to advance her career and education while being a full-time mom. Joining the Navy Reserve has allowed her to take advantage of opportunities that would not have been available in civilian life. Learn more about life in America's Navy Reserve on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/navyreserve Check out our career page to learn more about being an Intelligence Specialist: http://www.navy.com/careers/information-and-technology/intelligence-specialist.html
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How To Travel MORE In The NAVY
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Navy Jobs - MC Mass Communications Specialist
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AV rate, AT and AE combined, cultural difference, see description
1:50 rate AV, becoming an AT O lvl, at this point i haven't even been in class for AT yet, this is all hearsay, but it's still a pretty good gist as I am an AT now, and i'm in the fleet. I will soon have an updated video about what an ATO does. 5:40 waiting to class up, different phases. 8:00 meeting different kinds of people in navy
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Military News: Navy Cryptologic Technician – CT
#USDefenseNews #USMilitaryNews 🔴 Live: https://goo.gl/utludI
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Review of Navy Jobs: Religious Program Specialist
In this video I discuss with a subject matter expert on religious jobs and rates in the military. We discuss what you should expect and some personal experiences. Instagram:nickymgtv Snapchat:emseagray If you have any questions about the military make sure you comment so I can provide information for your military needs.
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different rates in the navy
rates on a "small boy" DDG are limited. i mentioned all of the ones that i know of. if you are a air rate im sorry i dont know much about your job or what you do so please forgive me :)
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Life of a Navy IT (Information systems technician) -- MLBAF ep. 51
Military Life Before and After ep 51 -- Make sure to show some love and like the video for IT JEN !!! how to support the channel social medias instagram - JTsuits snapchat - JTsuits twitter @JTsuits https://www.patreon.com/jtsuits ***if you want to be a patreon*** any amount helps ,, the goal is to make the best videos I can for you guys ! thanks so much for all the continued support I wouldn't be here without you. https://www.patreon.com/jtsuits ** The internets fastest growing Military App!!! ** @Sandboxx https://lynm.app.link/sandboxx-navy -Let them know I sent ya ;) !!! My EQUIPMENT: vlogging camera: https://goo.gl/7H1Kd0 motovlog camera: https://goo.gl/A0zGbN usb microphone: https://goo.gl/VEBDzW if you made it this far you might as well sub to my gaming channel :) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrNKLLQ5mxbS7w99UjWVdBA
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Choose Your Rate To Choose Your Fate - N-FAQs 14 - TheAndySan
In this week's N-FAQs, we look at some more questions about the different jobs in the Navy. Question: Mr. Andy...how are you? I'm joining the navy as well (E3) and I just left meps dec. 7th. I made it thru it all, but once I made it to the part where I picked my job I was told that they weren't ANY active duty jobs available. Which obviously sucked. Anyway, I have to go back Jan. 3rd to pick my job; I was wondering what type of jobs should I be looking at that you feel that are great for advancement ranks with an asvab score of 51...55 general? What jobs should I stay away from? And how long do I have to wait to receive bah if I get married after a-school? How much do u think each pay check would be as an E3 each pay period? Response: Thanks for the question! In my opinion, choosing a rating in the Navy is more dependant on your personality than your ASVAB score. That's not to say your ASVAB score isn't important, but what I'm trying to say is that you should pick a rate based on your interests and strengths and don't take a rate just because advancement is more likely or easier than with other rates. Originally, I wanted to be an IT (Information Systems Technician) or a CT (Cryptologic Technician) or an IS (Intelligence Specialist), but when MEPS finally had a rate available, all they had was a 6-year contract for STG (Sonar Technician - Surface). Although this was a technical rating with an excellent opportunity for advancement, I was hesitent to sign for it at first, especially since the counselor didn't know much about it. However, I told myself that it took me months to even be presented with a job and that if I denied this one, I might not get as good of an opportunity the next time they had jobs available. Besides, I didn't want to go back to my stepdad and tell him that I refused a job just because it wasn't exactly what I wanted. Things were pretty tense between us back then, and I knew that his patience was near its end. Ultimately, it was a major risk for me to just sign for the STG rating, but I'm glad that I did because I've been presented with so many opportunities because of it, such as living near Chicago and in San Diego; places that I would have never been able to visit (with my income at the time) had I not joined the Navy. What all this boils down to is that while you shouldn't be extremely picky about what ratings you're presented with, you should still do your research and have at least a general idea of what ratings you would be interested in. For more information on what each rating does and how your ASVAB score relates to it, click the link below. Jobs in the Navy: http://su.pr/5jMCfW Once again, thanks for your question and good luck!! Thanks again for all the questions so far, guys! Keep it up! TheAndySan
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Navy Operations Specialists: "Horizons Unlimited" 1975 United States Navy Training Film
more at http://quickfound.net/ "This 1975 Navy training film introduced sailors to the duties of the Operations Specialist (OS) rating." US Navy training film MN-11502 Public domain film from the US Navy, slightly cropped to remove uneven edges, with the aspect ratio corrected, and mild video noise reduction applied. The soundtrack was also processed with volume normalization, noise reduction, clipping reduction, and/or equalization (the resulting sound, though not perfect, is far less noisy than the original). http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operations_Specialist_(United_States_Navy) Operations Specialist (abbreviated as OS) is a United States Navy occupational rating. It is a sea duty-intensive rating, with most of its billets located afloat and assigned to warships, primarily guided missile cruisers, guided missile destroyers and frigates, as well as aircraft carriers, amphibious assault ships and tactical air control squadrons... Brief history The rating started from the Radarman (RD) rating. When the Radarman rating was split up into OS, Electronics Technician (ET), and Electronic Warfare Technician (EW) ratings, the original RD rating badge continued to be used by the Operations Specialist. It symbolizes the radar scope (circle portion of symbol) the pipology (radar pip displays on radar scopes) showing the ability to read various sized radar targets at various distances (the two spikes in the line drawn across the scope), and the arrow represents the ability to detect the azimuth or direction of the target. Description Operations Specialists aboard U.S. Navy combat vessels work in the Combat Information Center (CIC) or Combat Direction Center (CDC), aka: Combat, the tactical "nerve center" of the ship. Using a wide variety of assets available to them, they are responsible for the organized collection, processing, display, competent evaluation and rapid dissemination of pertinent tactical combat information to command and control stations, upon which sound tactical decisions may be made. Beginning training for Operation Specialist was centrally located in Damneck, Virginia. Intermediate and Advanced training in locations like California, Virginia, and various locations throughout the United States Navy. They maintain Combat Information Center (CIC) displays of strategic and tactical information, including various plotting boards and tables depicting position and movement of submarines, ships and aircraft as well as tote boards containing data relevant to the tactical picture. They operate surveillance, tracking and height-finding radars, Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) equipment, HF, VHF and UHF radios, Tactical Data Link (TADIL-A/Link 11, TADIL-J/Link 16, etc.) systems and displays, and computerized consoles and peripheral equipment that allows them interface with the Aegis Combat System. They operate encrypted and non-encrypted long and short range radiotelephone equipment as well as intraship communication systems. With specialized training, they also may serve as combat air controllers for helicopters, anti-submarine patrol aircraft, and jet strike fighter aircraft in Anti-Submarine Tactical Controller (ASTAC), Sea Combat Air Controller (SCAC), and Air Intercept Controller (AIC) roles. They also serve as watch supervisors, watch officers, and section leaders underway and in port aboard ship and at commands ashore. Operations Specialists assist in shipboard navigation through plotting and monitoring the ship's position using satellite and other electronic navigation resources, as well as fixing the ship's position near landfall using radar imaging. They interpret and evaluate presentations and tactical situations and make recommendations to the Commanding Officer (CO), CIC Watch Officer (CICWO), Tactical Action Officer (TAO), Officer Of The Deck (OOD), or any of their commissioned officer surrogates during various watch or combat/general quarters conditions... A minimum of a Secret security clearance is required for this rating, with more senior personnel holding a Top Secret clearance. Operations Specialists provide to their shipboard or shore-based command a wide range of technical information and assistance related to Anti-Surface Warfare, Anti-Air Warfare, Anti-Submarine Warfare, Amphibious Warfare, Mine Warfare, Naval Gunfire Support, Search and Rescue operations, radar and dead reckoning navigation, overt intelligence gathering and transmittal, and other matters pertaining to the Operations Specialist's area. They also have a working knowledge of protocols and procedures in Electronic Warfare, though this area is normally covered by its own occupational rating, such as Cryptologic Technician (CT) aboard ship or ashore, or Naval Aircrewman (AW) aboard specific naval electronic warfare and reconnaissance aircraft...
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Navy Mass Communication Specialist - MC
The Navy is always moving and Mass Communication Specialists are capturing it all. As an MC, you are here to educate and inform. Whether you’re behind a camera, in front of a mic or editing in the studio, people around the world will see your work. Art, graphic design, writing, journalism and more are all leveraged to reach Sailors and their families with news, major events and personal stories. Become an MC and use your creativity to share all that is America’s Navy. Learn more at http://bit.ly/2pOdmmp
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Navy Aviation Maintenance Administrationman - AZ
As an Aviation Maintenance Administrationman (AZ), you will protect pilots and their aircraft. It’s your responsibility to record and track detailed flight and maintenance records for the most high-tech aircraft in the world. Every bolt, screw and panel must be accounted for in order for missions to be accomplished safely. From helicopters, to E-2 Hawkeyes, to the cutting-edge F-35C Lighting II, you will maintain some of the Navy’s most valuable assets. Learn more at http://bit.ly/2OWYJZk
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Review of Navy Jobs: Master At Arms
This video discusses some of the job responsibilities of master at arms and what to expect. Instagram:nickymgtv snapchat:emseagray If you have any questions or concerns please let me know in the comments below. As always subscribe for future videos!
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Playing GSE...
Adjusting the settings for full and zero reference for the TLI's (Tank Level Indicators) for all the fuel storage tanks...
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STG answers questions
You asked 'em ;D
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Navy: MC Training Overview
This is a brief overview of the training that Navy MCs undergo after boot camp. Feel free to post your questions and comments below.
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Everybody in the Navy goes through different steps to get to their ultimate destination which is a ship or shore duty. In my case I end up on a boat in Japan! MY TECH GEAR: Canon G7xmarkii: https://goo.gl/F4Uxjc Macbook Pro: https://goo.gl/xhH52h Tripod: https: //goo.gl/g6XG57 SOCIAL MEDIA: INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/travelingwi... TWITTER: https://twitter.com/Travelingwithj FACEBOOK:https://www.facebook.com/travelingwit...
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Beat the Test: How to Win at the Navy Advancement Exam
Honest, above-board things you can do to improve your chances on the exam: How to use your time most efficiently, take full advantage of your resources, plus click-by-click finding your bibs. The best way to prepare is job experience. That's because it sinks in and stays with you better than any other way to learn something. Next best is knowing how to focus your studies. My answer runs sideways to the party line: I show you how to make the best use of your time. I give click-by-click directions to your bibliography, and follow it up with a little career advice for those in blocked rates. Please spread the word and share this video to your friends.
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GSE Training Montage
A overview highlighting some of GSE's core training offerings.
How Job Selection Works : Air Force
Just so I don't have to keep typing it out haha. Make sure you enter into the competition! Good luck
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Navy Operations Specialist – OS
As an Operations Specialist, you are the heart of Combat. Day and night, your team tracks potential enemy targets and records their movement using complex radar equipment. From the ocean surface, to outer space, you have a complete picture of all assets in the area. Your intel gives ships and aircraft a strategic advantage, and helps weapons operators neutralize any threat to American forces. Find out if you have what it takes to be an OS at http://bit.ly/2MJ7doy
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Navy Cyber: The 5th Operational Domain
U.S. Fleet Cyber Command serves as the (1) Navy Component Command to U.S. Strategic Command and U.S. Cyber Command, providing operational employment of the Navy's cyber, network operations, information operations, cryptologic, and space forces and (2) Navy's Service Cryptologic Component commander to the National Security Agency/Central Security Service. Fleet Cyber Command is an echelon 2 command reporting to the Chief of Naval Operations for administrative and service related matters. TENTH Fleet (C10F) is the operational arm of Fleet Cyber Command and executes its mission set through the same maritime warfighting organizations and mechanisms that the Navy uses in other warfighting domains. That is, C10F is a three-star numbered fleet that provides operational oversight and uses its Maritime Operations Center to execute command and control over its assigned forces and subordinate Task Forces. These Task Forces are organized to execute the actions necessary to support the Combatant or Joint Force Commander within their assigned mission sets of cyber/networks, information operations, electronic warfare, signals intelligence, and space. The backbone of this cyber capability is a motivated work force of uniformed and civilian teammates who are the foundation of the Navy's efforts in the cyber domain. For more information, please visit: www.fcc.navy.mil.
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STA 21 Link http://www.sta-21.navy.mil/ College Video Link https://youtu.be/WE2E3dm-i-M Whos Question Did I Answer? Big Rod - How to deal with home sickness - How does life differ from A school to Fleet Kid Hollywould - What do you do on Sundays at boot camp Goliiad - Benefits to NJROTC going into the Navy FS Alvrarez - DC's FSUXExcalibur - Would having a car be useful in the Navy FS Ley -Enlisted to officer FS Deremer - Do you get weekends off? FS King - Investments and stock FS Edmonds -Train in martial arts? FS Aleks - Outside school programs help rank? FS J - Can you bring/wear your retainer at night in boot camp? - Do guys and girls get treated differently? - Is it hard to take college classes? - Class from any university? - Classes while deployed? Zylow - Do you ever struggle with money? IMUCKO - When you graduate are expenses of family and friends covered by military? FS J - Do you have to go to school to work your way up? - Credits transfer? FS Godinez -MA A School FS J - Are there rates that guarantee deployments Vahallamusicem -Know anything about linguist and security clearance? FS Philip -Do you have to wear skivvies? FS Marley - life as e1 or e2 after A school.
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Indian Navy को मिला पहला Haryanvi Navy Chief, Admiral Sunil Lamba ने संभाली Indian Navy की कमान
Vice Admiral Sunil Lanba, Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief of Western Naval Command, has been appointed as the new Chief of Naval Staff and will assume charge on May 31. 58-year-old Lanba, a specialist in Navigation and Direction, will have the full three year tenure as the Navy Chief. He will succeed Admiral RK Dhowan who is retiring.
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St. Louis native and former Navy Seal Scott Wirtz is taken to his final resting place
Wirtz was killed during an explosion in Syria.
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Electronics Technician (ET)
ETs are in charge of maintaining virtually all of the Coast Guard's electronics systems from navigation systems to command, control and communication (C3) systems.
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