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Gini Index | Decision Tree - Part 1 (Hindi - English)
This video is the simplest hindi english explanation of gini index in decision tree induction for attribute selection measure.
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GINI Index With a Simple Example - Gain in Gini Index (Decision Tree Induction Algorithm)
Gini Index in Data Mining: Today, we will learn to calculate gain in Gini Index when splitting on A and B Attribute. Find out which attribute would the decision tree induction algorithm choose. Question: Consider the following data set for a binary problems. Table: Given in Video --Calculate the gain in the Gini index when splitting on A and B. Which Attribute would the decision tree induction algorithm choose? --Calculate the information gain when splitting on A and B. Which attribute would the decision tree induction algorithm choose ? Hope you Guys liked this video and found this helpful if yes so please Hit on SUBSCRIBE button. Check out our website : http://www.technofun.tk/ Don''t Forget To Check Out These Videos[You Gotta Watch These At-least Once] Most Recent Upload: https://goo.gl/7AaULr Most Popular Upload: https://goo.gl/5216JU I ***************Likes & Subscribe **************** ***************HELP US TO GROW*************** ***************SUPPORT NEEDED**************** Follow us on Facebook:- https://www/facebook.com/Techitechno Follow us on Instagram:- https://www.instagram.com/technofuns TAKE CARE YOU TUBERS & STAY BLESSED :)
Gini index based Decision Tree
How does a Decision Tree Work? A Decision Tree recursively splits training data into subsets based on the value of a single attribute. Splitting stops when every subset is pure (all elements belong to a single class) and OMG wow! I'm SHOCKED how easy it was .. No wonder others going crazy sharing this??? Share it with your other friends too! Code for visualising a decision tree - https://github.com/bhattbhavesh91/visualize_decision_tree Please Subscribe! That is the thing you could do that would make me happiest. You can find me on: GitHub - https://github.com/bhattbhavesh91 Medium - https://medium.com/@bhattbhavesh91
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gini Index example explanation  - Part 2 in Hindi
explanation of induction of decision tree using gini index in hindi
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Data Mining Lecture -- Decision Tree | Solved Example (Eng-Hindi)
-~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "PL vs FOL | Artificial Intelligence | (Eng-Hindi) | #3" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GS3HKR6CV8E -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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The Gini Index
A Measure of Inequality
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4 Gini Index
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Gini Index Examples
2 quick calculations of a Gini Index
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Decision Tree Classifier - Information Gain
Machine Learning Bootcamp: http://bit.ly/machine-learning-deep-learning
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soran hasan data mining gini index
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Gini index in data mining
In this video, I explained that how to find gini index of an attribute in data mining.
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Gain ratio in data mining
In this video, I explained that how to find gain ratio of an attribute in data mining.
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Decision Tree with Solved Example in English | DWM | ML | BDA
Take the Full Course of Artificial Intelligence What we Provide 1) 28 Videos (Index is given down) 2)Hand made Notes with problems for your to practice 3)Strategy to Score Good Marks in Artificial Intelligence Sample Notes : https://goo.gl/aZtqjh To buy the course click https://goo.gl/H5QdDU if you have any query related to buying the course feel free to email us : [email protected] Other free Courses Available : Python : https://goo.gl/2gftZ3 SQL : https://goo.gl/VXR5GX Arduino : https://goo.gl/fG5eqk Raspberry pie : https://goo.gl/1XMPxt Artificial Intelligence Index 1)Agent and Peas Description 2)Types of agent 3)Learning Agent 4)Breadth first search 5)Depth first search 6)Iterative depth first search 7)Hill climbing 8)Min max 9)Alpha beta pruning 10)A* sums 11)Genetic Algorithm 12)Genetic Algorithm MAXONE Example 13)Propsotional Logic 14)PL to CNF basics 15) First order logic solved Example 16)Resolution tree sum part 1 17)Resolution tree Sum part 2 18)Decision tree( ID3) 19)Expert system 20) WUMPUS World 21)Natural Language Processing 22) Bayesian belief Network toothache and Cavity sum 23) Supervised and Unsupervised Learning 24) Hill Climbing Algorithm 26) Heuristic Function (Block world + 8 puzzle ) 27) Partial Order Planing 28) GBFS Solved Example
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Decision Tree 3: which attribute to split on?
Full lecture: http://bit.ly/D-Tree Which attribute do we select at each step of the ID3 algorithm? The attribute that results in the most pure subsets. We can measure purity of a subset as the entropy (degree of uncertainty) about the class within the subset.
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12_Classification3 GINI INDEX
کەمپینى بە کوردى کردنى زانست لە زانکۆى گەشە پێدانى مرۆیی
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Lecture 75 — Information Gain | Mining of Massive Datasets | Stanford University
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Gini Index from Decision Trees and Lorenz Curve
Recorded with https://screencast-o-matic.com
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datamining Gini index
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Gini Index Calculation from a Lorenz Function
This video shows how to calculate the Gini Index that corresponds to a given Lorenz function, using either the fundamental theorem of calculus or the function integration (fnInt) command on a TI83 graphing calculator. The meaning of the Gini Index is also explained.
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Gini Index
Example calculating the Gini index. This is an application of the area between curves
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Data Impurity and Entropy
This video is part of an online course, Intro to Machine Learning. Check out the course here: https://www.udacity.com/course/ud120. This course was designed as part of a program to help you and others become a Data Analyst. You can check out the full details of the program here: https://www.udacity.com/course/nd002.
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Understanding the Gini Coefficient
This video explains the concept of Gini Coefficient using simple illustrations.
Decision Tree 4: Information Gain
Full lecture: http://bit.ly/D-Tree After a split, we end up with several subsets, which will have different values of entropy (purity). Information Gain (aka mutual information) is an average of these entropies, weighted by the size of each subset.
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Let’s Write a Decision Tree Classifier from Scratch - Machine Learning Recipes #8
Hey everyone! Glad to be back! Decision Tree classifiers are intuitive, interpretable, and one of my favorite supervised learning algorithms. In this episode, I’ll walk you through writing a Decision Tree classifier from scratch, in pure Python. I’ll introduce concepts including Decision Tree Learning, Gini Impurity, and Information Gain. Then, we’ll code it all up. Understanding how to accomplish this was helpful to me when I studied Machine Learning for the first time, and I hope it will prove useful to you as well. You can find the code from this video here: https://goo.gl/UdZoNr https://goo.gl/ZpWYzt Books! Hands-On Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn and TensorFlow https://goo.gl/kM0anQ Follow Josh on Twitter: https://twitter.com/random_forests Check out more Machine Learning Recipes here: https://goo.gl/KewA03 Subscribe to the Google Developers channel: http://goo.gl/mQyv5L
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Decision Trees Continuous Attributes - Georgia Tech - Machine Learning
Watch on Udacity: https://www.udacity.com/course/viewer#!/c-ud262/l-313488098/m-641939067 Check out the full Advanced Operating Systems course for free at: https://www.udacity.com/course/ud262 Georgia Tech online Master's program: https://www.udacity.com/georgia-tech
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Decision Tree - Splitting Criterion & Entropy Calculation | Part-3
The challenge in the decision tree implementation is to identify which attributes do we need to consider as the root node and each level. Attributes selection is important here. We have different attributes selection measures to identify an attribute which can be considered as the root note at each level. Learn the importance of a good splitting criterion and attribute selection measure – entropy. Entropy calculation is explained in detail in the video. Entropy characterizes the purity/impurity of a variable. It’s an indicator of how messy your data is. For the detailed video tutorials, code files, data-sets and other material, please visit our site https://statinfer.com/ This video is part of the e-learning course - Machine Learning with Python (https://statinfer.com/course/machine-learning-with-python-2/)
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information Gain | Decision Tree (in Hindi)
This video is a hindi explanation about attribute selection measure and describe about information gain in data mining
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Decision Tree Building based on Impurity for KDD or Machine Learning
In this video, I create a decision tree using Gini Impurity to determine the splitting attributes. I originally created this video (and the others in my series) to be used with a specific KDD class which is taught at my home university. I first encountered this algorithm in class there. If you would like to look into this topic in more detail, or read a bit about some similar algorithms, I am including the link to one of the presentations that I used as a reference. coitweb.uncc.edu/~ras/KBS-Class/1-Decision-Trees.ppt Thank you for watching!
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Gini index part 1
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Decision Tree 1: how it works
Full lecture: http://bit.ly/D-Tree A Decision Tree recursively splits training data into subsets based on the value of a single attribute. Each split corresponds to a node in the. Splitting stops when every subset is pure (all elements belong to a single class) -- this can always be achieved, unless there are duplicate training examples with different classes.
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How to calculate Gini's co-efficient by Sanjib Mandal  | SanGeotics
The Gini coefficient is a measure of inequality of a distribution. It is defined as a ratio with values between 0 and 1: the numerator is the area between the Lorenz curve of the distribution and the uniform distribution line; the denominator is the area under the uniform distribution line. It was developed by the Italian statistician Corrado Gini and published in his 1912 paper "Variabilità e mutabilità" ("Variability and Mutability"). The Gini index is the Gini coefficient expressed as a percentage, and is equal to the Gini coefficient multiplied by 100. (The Gini coefficient is equal to half of the relative mean difference.)
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Shannon Entropy and Information Gain
Blog post: https://medium.com/p/5810d35d54b4/
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Attribute selection measure: Information Gain CH8 IT226
Chapter 8, week9 Data Mining - IT446
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Evaluating Classifiers: Kolmogorov-Smirnov Chart (K-S Chart)
My web page: www.imperial.ac.uk/people/n.sadawi
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Der Gini Index
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Gain Chart | Logistic Regression | Model Monitoring |Model Validation
In this video you will learn what is Gain chart and how is it constructed. You will also learn how to use gain chart in logistic regression for model monitoring Contact [email protected]
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CART Regression Trees Algorithm - Excel part 1
CART, Classification and Regression Trees is a family of Supervised Machine Learning Algorithms. Follow this link for an entire Intro course on Machine Learning using R, did I mention it's FREE: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjPbBibKHH18I0mDb_H4uP3egypHIsvMn Also, be sure to check out my channel for over 400 tutorials on Excel, R, Statistics, Machine Learning, basic Math, and more.
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12_Gini index part2/4
کەمپینی بە کوردی کردنی زانست لە زانکۆی گەشەپێدانی مرۆیی Data Mining Classification Gini Index
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12_Gini index part1/4
کەمپینی بە کوردی کردنی زانست لە زانکۆی گەشەپێدانی مرۆیی Data Mining - Classification - Gini Index
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Busi Calc Applications of Area Between Curves - Gini Index
Busi Calc Applications of Area Between Curves - Gini Index
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Gini Index
An Easy Overview Of "Gini Index"
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