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WHERE TO FARM COPPER?! | Guild Wars 2 Guide/ Tutorial | Where to Farm Materials #1
In this video I show you some of the best spots to farm copper ore in Guild Wars 2! Where to Farm Series is a series in which I show you best spots to farm any material in the game! If you enjoyed this video be sure to leave a like, comment and SUBSCRIBE!! My Previous Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVkSiXblwRg&t=4s Social Media: GO FOLLOW ME ON ALL OF THESE - Twitter : https://twitter.com/fireswift8 - Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/fireswifty/ - Twitch : https://www.twitch.tv/fire_swifty - Steam : http://steamcommunity.com/id/fireswifty/ - fire swifty - TAGS FOR THIS VIDEO: video hd mmorpg mmo rpg massivley multiplayer online role playing game games funny montage gw2 g w2 guildwars2 guildwars 2 guild wars 2 guild wars2 guild wars 2 path of fire path of fire guild wars 2 heart of thorns heart of thorns guide tutorial crafting mining armorsmithing weaponsmithing farming materials where to find where to farm how to find copper ore copper vein vein rich gold farming 2017 best mmorpg gw2 best farm farming best farming guide way pof hot
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Guild Wars 2 - Copper Ore Farming (Location Guide)
In need of some copper? Fancy starting up a craft or two? Save yourself some pennies with farming in the best locations! I'll follow up with the rest, make sure to stay tuned! ;3 ------------------- Leaving a Like / Favourite is much appreciated and helps me a great deal, and it's free! You should also share your thoughts below in the comments, sharing is caring! ;D If you want to stay up to date with the craziness and potential usefulness remember to Subscribe! That's free too! :3 Thanks for watching folks! ------------------- Stay connected! Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/KelaniScar Twitter: https://twitter.com/kelaniscar ------------------- Royalty Free Music by http://audiomicro.com/royalty-free-music
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GW 2 Rich Copper Farming Guide
This is Guild Wars 2 Guide for Permanent Rich Copper Ore Locations. You can follow these locations to always find permanent rich copper ores. If You like this content please subscribe and click the like button, thanks
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GW2 - Copper ore farming spots!
We check out a couple of good spots for copper ore! Any requests of GW2 you'd like to see? Leave us a comment! If you enjoyed the video please take the time to like / favourite the video and subscribe to our channel. Thanks for watching!
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Guild Wars 2 Tips & Tricks |Copper mining route|
Hey guys! I'm here with another tips & Tricks video with probebly the best copper mining route in the game, hope this will help you guys!
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Rich Copper Vein Spots in Queensdale
This is a video I made showing you where rich copper veins in Guild Wars 2 can spawn.
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Guild Wars 2: Copper Ore Farm Commentary
Hey guys, in this video I am showing you the farm that I use for getting most of my copper. Its pretty easy and this run should get you at least 30 copper and all the mines are very very close together. Thanks for watching!! === Twitter === https://twitter.com/IvoryGaming
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GW2: Where to mine Copper Ore
The area is Old Golem Factory Way point in Metrica Province. A nice fair amount of Copper ore is available in this area, and even more is a bit north! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music used: Go Virtual by CruciA https://www.youtube.com/user/cruciamentum
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Guild Wars 2 |Tips & Tricks| Copper Mining route #2
LIKE AND COMMENT PLEASE Hey guys! This is just another copper mining route for you guys, hope this will help you out in your smithing :)
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Guild Wars 2 gold guide: daily farm nodes, rich ore veines part (2/2)
Hey, everyone! Here it is: part two of the daily farm nodes (gold guide). We will be mining all kind of rich ore veines all around Tyria. Copper, iron and platinum are pretty profitable. On the other side mithril, gold and silver isn't that valuable and I would not recommend farming them when you want to earn quick gold. I did put them into this video though, in order to have a complete guide of all locations. I hope you enjoy the video and leave a like if you want to! :) Requirements: - character with map completion (or almost completed) - grab some mithril or orichalcum mining picks Waypoints/chat codes: - profitable [&BIQBAAA=] Copper [&BJgDAAA=] Copper [&BPMAAAA=] Copper [&BPwAAAA=] Copper [&BEEBAAA=] Copper [&BDwBAAA=] Copper [&BF4BAAA=] Iron [&BBIAAAA=] Iron or Silver (random) [&BBIAAAA=] Iron or Silver (random) [&BAQAAAA=] Iron or Silver (random) [&BGMAAAA=] Iron [&BL8AAAA=] Iron [&BJMBAAA=] Iron [&BFEGAAA=] Iron [&BEsBAAA=] Iron [&BKsAAAA=] Iron [&BP0BAAA=] Iron [&BGUCAAA=] Iron [&BK0BAAA=] Platinum [&BO8BAAA=] Platinum [&BO4BAAA=] Platinum [&BFECAAA=] Platinum [&BMwBAAA=] Platinum [&BMkBAAA=] Platinum [&BB4CAAA=] Platinum [&BBoCAAA=] Platinum [&BMkCAAA=] Platinum [&BNQCAAA=] Platinum - not so profitable [&BEAFAAA=] Mithril [&BOUGAAA=] Mithril [&BHwCAAA=] Mithril [&BHkCAAA=] Mithril [&BKgCAAA=] Mithril [&BLICAAA=] Mithril [&BB4DAAA=] Mithril [&BOQGAAA=] Mithril [&BOYAAAA=] Gold [&BEwBAAA=] Gold [&BLEAAAA=] Gold [&BAECAAA=] Gold [&BFsCAAA=] Gold [&BNoAAAA=] Silver [&BGMAAAA=] Silver [&BMADAAA=] Silver [&BJMBAAA=] Silver [&BOkAAAA=] Silver [&BNgAAAA=] Silver Music: - JPB - High [NCS Release] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tv6WImqSuxA - William Ekh - Adventures (feat. Alexa Lusader) [NCS Release] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1TJsN58hv74 - Distrion & Alex Skrindo - Entropy [NCS Release] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iaKgF1Vf5bQ - Distrion & Electro-Light - Rubik [NCS Release] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2AydJcUKR8 - Janji - Heroes Tonight (feat. Johnning) [NCS Release] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3nQNiWdeH2Q - Electro-Light - The Ways (feat. Aloma Steele) [NCS Release] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZfLJKuAB1Y - Inukshuk - Happy Accidents [NCS Release] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R63M51SZAnw - Diviners feat. Contacreast - Tropic Love [NCS Release] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6RJv7f__Mg - Kasger - Highland [NCS Release] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agi-FWTLMh0 - Dropouts - Let Go [NCS Release] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4u2CnxAu-8 - Electric Joy Ride - Origin [NCS Release] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iScT5IfgG-Q Ingame name: Fexol.9354 Server: Riverside
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Copper Ore Farm Guide (World of Warcraft)
This is a fast and simple guide on a really good spot to farm Copper Ore, I hope this helps. Please leave a like/fav they help a lot and are always appreciated, ty. :) ● Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=jessiehealz ● My Facebook: http://facebook.com/jessie.healz ● Gather Mate 2 Addon - http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/gathermate2 More Mining Guides ● Copper - http://youtu.be/usTzf_7jdSY ● Tin - Coming Soon Cloth Guides Below ● Linen - http://youtu.be/wDwtSx3ADc0 ● Wool - http://youtu.be/ayJ2pHmRSmc ● Silk - http://youtu.be/V4FhjuIhFic ● Mageweave - http://youtu.be/K7nB_Mrd2M4 ● Runecloth - http://youtu.be/4sSopMaV1f8 ● Netherweave - http://youtu.be/El_3X2pUpQ4 ● Frostweave - http://youtu.be/rcMOHXRP3HI ● Embersilk - http://youtu.be/wkpfuaxXOoQ ● Windwool - http://youtu.be/em1vVBbOC3I Skinning Guides Below ● Light & Medium Leather - http://youtu.be/thY9Jgmxpy8 ● Heavy Leather - http://youtu.be/fpR8lqHuG34 ● Thick Leather - http://youtu.be/V1Ri83OLHcA ● Rugged Leather - http://youtu.be/13nOPY0PU04 ● Knothide Leather - http://youtu.be/DTgvyznqUfg ● Borean Leather - http://youtu.be/Z3ZC75CIXNo ● Savage Leather - http://youtu.be/InVRvGXICCg ● Exotic Leather - http://youtu.be/4MAHPE_4QBg Music By: Troisnyx Song Name: Transformation - http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/518685
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Mining Guide - Copper Ore Farming (World of Warcraft)
► Click Here To Subscribe ► http://bit.ly/ManthieusSub ► 1 Million Gold System ► http://wowgoldcapped.com/guide My Personal Warcraft Guides: http://www.wowgoldcapped.com The best places to mine Copper Ore. Tycoon Addon - http://tinyurl.com/n7ecrgd
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Guild Wars 2 - Gathering - Copper ore
I made this video just for help http://www.guildhead.com/ and the newbies.
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Guild Wars 2 Copper Mining Route Easy Money/Fast Leveling
Groundwork Gaming shows you an easy way to make money and level your character via mining copper. This overall takes about 5-7 minutes, so if you keep at it, you can make quite a bit of coin. NOTE: I'm aware of the vacuum sound in the background. The douchebag next door to me always makes noise when I record. MAP LINK: http://www.gaiscioch.com/tavern/guildwars_guides/post_32908.html
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Guild Wars 2- Copper Ore and Etin Farm
This area contains 22-25 copper ore and tons of etin. In the recording I did they seemed to drop nothing but I stayed there for a few more minutes and profited a fair bit.
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GW2 | PoF | Rich Orichalcum Ore Farming Route
Welcome Friends, This is my Rich Orichalcum Ore Farming Route in the Crystal Desert maps with the "Path of Fire" expansion for Guild Wars 2. All permanent rich node locations. Remember to grab guildhall buffs for gathering and any gathering banners you have before starting to maximize ore collecting! Also check out Bloodfen for gathering banners as there are usually always some there on the ship. For specific map locations, jump to spots below: @0:07 Highjump Ranch Waypoint — [&BJ0KAAA=] @1:26 Brightwater Waypoint — [&BJEKAAA=] @2:03 Amnoon Waypoint — [&BLsKAAA=] @2:48 Temple of Kormir Waypoint — [&BEAKAAA=] @3:14 Destiny's Gorge Waypoint — [&BJMKAAA=] @3:48 Augury's Shadow Waypoint — [&BFMKAAA=] @4:26 Bonestrand Waypoint — [&BNwKAAA=] @5:09 Lair of the Forgotten Waypoint — [&BMEKAAA=] @5:35 Sand Jackal Run Waypoint — [&BHcKAAA=] Copy & paste these codes directly into your chat box for easy reference: [&BJ0KAAA=] [&BJEKAAA=] [&BLsKAAA=] [&BEAKAAA=] [&BJMKAAA=] [&BFMKAAA=] [&BNwKAAA=] [&BMEKAAA=] [&BHcKAAA=] Remember you can farm on one character, swap toons and do it again! Nodes are only character bound. Feel free to comment, like and subscribe.
GW2 Resource Route: Caledon Forest - Copper (1)
This video is intended for use with the resource route at: http://starbuckguild.com/ore/ Please note that while I am running directly to the guaranteed node in question, it is often most lucrative to gather in the area along the way.
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GW2 - Permanent Rich Copper Locations
http://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/1xffs0/permanent_rich_ore_locations_30_final_version/ Songs: 1. Klute - Never Never 2. QBIG - Sleepless 3. Tycho - Dive 4. Niklas Thal - Ein Einziger Moment 5. Mark System - Goodbye For Now My Love
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2  Copper Mining   Iron Ore
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How to farm iron/copper ore in Vindictus effectively!
BONUS: Now with Wool socks and Quilts! ● Follow Matt on twitter: http://www.twitter.com/mattskupski ● Follow Matt and Aaron on twitter: http://twitter.com/mattandaarongaming ● http://tinyurl.com/Linktoourchannel ● Get the Game here: http://vindictus.nexon.net/Support/Client.aspx
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GW2 Queensdale farming for copper and green logs
I wanted to show some guild members of mine my farming path for this map in Guild Wars 2
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Guild Wars 2: Rich Iron Ore Farming Guide
Hello Gamer's, Backlog Gaming here with another Guild Wars 2 Guide! Today's guide we are focusing on how to farm Iron Ore from Rich Iron Ore Nodes across the world! Hope you enjoy feel free to comment, like, and subscribe for more guides about Guild Wars 2 on YouTube!
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Guild Wars 2 - Iron Ore Farming (Location Guide)
Moving onto Iron! Not quite the same lolwattoomanycopper as the previous location, but the Iron nodes should keep you busy in a fun game of dot-to-dot, with a pinch of silver thrown in ;D. ------------------- Leaving a Like / Favourite is much appreciated and helps me a great deal, and it's free! You should also share your thoughts below in the comments, sharing is caring! ;D If you want to stay up to date with the craziness and potential usefulness remember to Subscribe! That's free too! :3 Thanks for watching folks! ------------------- Stay connected! Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/KelaniScar Twitter: https://twitter.com/kelaniscar ------------------- Royalty Free Music by http://audiomicro.com/royalty-free-music
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Guild Wars 2: Rich Platinum Ore Farming Guide
Hello Gamer's, Backlog Gaming here with another guide video for Guild Wars 2! Today's guide will focus on Rich Platinum Ore Nodes, where to find them and mine them. I hope you enjoy this guide feel free to comment, like, and subscribe for more Guild Wars 2 content on YouTube!
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Guild Wars 2 - Rich Nodes and Gardens Farming Routes with TacO Markers
✘ The TacO pack of all rich nodes and gardens is finally here:-) Use timestamps below to navigate between different mats. ✘ ★ For nodes, we had in common I've used the same order as you can find on https://gw2efficiency.com/gathering/permanent-nodes in case someone would like to use it for reference.. ★ Nodes not listed there are always on the end, sorted by the order in what was those maps added to the game. ⏰ 00:16 Copper Ore ⏰ 02:32 Gold Ore ⏰ 05:11 Iron Ore ⏰ 10:11 Mithril Ore ⏰ 14:06 Platinum Ore ⏰ 17:27 Quartz ⏰ 19:07 Silver Ore ⏰ 21:23 Mixed Clusters ⏰ 23:01 Artichoke ⏰ 24:31 Butternut ⏰ 25:13 Cabbage ⏰ 25:54 Carrots ⏰ 26:22 Cauliflower ⏰ 27:56 Clam ⏰ 29:32 Elder Wood ⏰ 30:05 Flax ⏰ 32:25 Grapes ⏰ 33:06 Lettuce ⏰ 33:36 Potatoes ⏰ 34:42 Seaweed ⏰ 35:05 Spinach ⏰ 36:10 Strawberries ⏰ 38:25 Sugar Pumpkins ★ TACO MARKERS DOWNLOAD: http://tekkitsworkshop.net/index.php/gw2-taco/download Following links will support my channel if you use them: ★ DONATE VIA PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/TekkitsWorkshop ★ DONATE VIA PAYPAL: https://paypal.me/TekkitWorkshop ★ Buy Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire and Heart of Thorns: http://tekkitsworkshop.net/buy ★ Play the Core Game for FREE: http://tekkitsworkshop.net/f2p With the support of ArenaNet. ★ WEBPAGE: http://www.tekkitsworkshop.net ★ FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/TekkitsWorkshop ★ TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/TekkitsWorkshop ★ SUBSCRIBE! http://goo.gl/8pmdoL ♫ Intro: TheFatRat - Monody - http://goo.gl/cwQrxy ♫ Outro: TheFatRat - Windfall - http://goo.gl/D4eG33 ♫ Background: Bensound.com - Jazzy Frenchy - https://goo.gl/De0lc1
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Gw2 - Best Three ways to Get Iron Ore!
A lot of people having been asking for a guide to farm iron ore, here it is :P Like if it was at all useful it really helps! I do not own the rights to gw2, I simply love the game. © 2014 ArenaNet, Inc. All rights reserved. NCsoft, the interlocking NC logo, ArenaNet, Guild Wars, Guild Wars Factions, Guild Wars Nightfall, Guild Wars: Eye of the North, Guild Wars 2, and all associated logos and designs are trademarks or registered trademarks of NCsoft Corporation. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
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Guild Wars 2 Rich Iron Ore Vein Farm Locations
All the Chat code links at the bottom of the description also with a locations map. You can get 184+ Iron Ore in 18 to 22 minutes. Also i made a new Chat tab and in the tab options i made it to only show the /say chat, so that later i would go to an instance alone and paste the chat code so that no one will report you as a spammer or show where to farm or you are going. You can also got to http://www.gw2nodes.com/ and type in the ip that you get when you type /ip in the chat. But it doesn't give you all or a lot of ore veins. Gallowfields Waypoint in Brisben Wildlands [&BGMAAAA=] The first 2 waypoints share a rich iron ore or a rich silver ore which if one is silver then the other one is iron. Cereboth Waypoint [&BBIAAAA=] or Overlord's Waypoint [&BAQAAAA=] and possible in a cave underground guarded by a champion near Overlake Haven [&BBMAAAA=] Note : Sometimes in the jumping puzzle near Cereboth Waypoint [&BBIAAAA=] is another rich iron ore vein but i never found it when it showed on the map. Demetra Waypoint at Harathi Hinterlands [&BKsAAAA=] Icegate Waypoint at Gendarran Fileds [&BJMBAAA=] Icedevil's Waypoint at Lornar's Pass [&BFEGAAA=] Hessdallen Kenning Waypoint at DredgeHaunt Cliffs [&BF0CAAA=] SnowHawk Landing Waypoint at Snowden Drifts [&BL8AAAA=] Oldgate Waypoint at Diessa Plateau [&BF4BAAA=] Behem Waypoint at Blazeridge Steppes [&BP0BAAA=] Helliot Mine Waypiont at Fields of Ruin [&BEsBAAA=] Go to an instance like Hall of monuments portal stone and copy and paste this code : [&BGMAAAA=] [&BBIAAAA=] [&BKsAAAA=] [&BJMBAAA=] [&BFEGAAA=] [&BF0CAAA=] [&BL8AAAA=] [&BF4BAAA=] [&BP0BAAA=] [&BEsBAAA=] Map of Locations. NOTE. I have marked the random rich iron ore that i have encountered till now and marked them with the PERSONAL WAYPOINT IMAGE : http://virtus-gilde.de/gw2map/?mapId=304&markers=614.5!-110.5;650!-31.2;639.6!49.8;67!43.8;6-10.7!138.1;68.8!-40.9;65.2!-40.7;625.1!6.1;637.1!81.1;631!21.7;614.8!162.6;614.4!-74.6;110!-109;112.5!-109.2;117.5!-103.6;14.7!-39.9;126.3!6.4;17.6!42.3;17.4!42.8;136.1!84.1;111.1!159.3; I stream sometimes so come and say hi at : http://www.twitch.tv/guideranger Follow me on Twitter : https://twitter.com/GuideRangerArea Like my facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/GuideRanger For collab videos example gameplays To use your music on my videos Play together Or even just to say hi Add GuideRangerChannel on Skype.
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GW2 Queensdale Map Gathering
Gathering of materials, rich copper mining and lettuce field.
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Gw2 - Copper Ore Farming Point - ENG
Hi guys, first of all we are sorry if your right ear enjoyed this more than you left ear but we are trying to solve the problem. BTW here we are again with another good copper ore farming spot, we hope you like the video!, like and subscribe if you want more! This video is about: Guild wars 2, Copper ore, Armorsmith, weaponsmith, gathering tips, gathering tutorial, How to farm copper ore, Copper ore farming spot, Jeweler
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Guild Wars 2 guide to mining iron and platinum ore
My first game guide with commentary. Not very good at it. Let me know in the comment below if there is anything you would like to see improved and/or added to.
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GW2 How to farm copper
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GW2 | Rich Iron Ore Farming Route (14-19g/hr)
Like, subscribe and click the 🔔for more content. This is a straight to the point, quick 9 waypoint run of all the permanent rich iron nodes in game with links in the description below. Copy & paste the links into your chat box or an alt guild bank ~message of the day~ for easy reference. Permanent Rich Iron Nodes: [&BEsBAAA=][&BP0BAAA=][&BF4BAAA=][&BL8AAAA=][&BF0CAAA=][&BFEGAAA=][&BJMBAAA=][&BKsAAAA=][&BGMAAAA=] @0:05 Helliot Mine Waypoint [&BEsBAAA=] @0:26 Behem Waypoint [&BP0BAAA=] @1:33 Oldgate Waypoint [&BF4BAAA=] @2:02 Snowhawk Landing Waypoint [&BL8AAAA=] @2:54 Hessdallen Kenning Waypoint [&BF0CAAA=] @3:36 Ice Devil's Waypoint [&BFEGAAA=] @4:30 Ice Gate Waypoint [&BJMBAAA=] @5:08 Demetra Waypoint [&BKsAAAA=] @5:39 Gallow Fields Waypoint [&BGMAAAA=] It's about a 15min run averaging 180-190 ores per run. If you swap toons and run it 4 times with Iron Ore [email protected](1s97c) that's about a 14-15g/hr farm. With a "Watchwork Mining Pick" and getting "Sprockets"(2s12c) from your farm its an additional 4g per hour on average. In total it's an 18-19g/hr run for just farming iron ore + sprockets. That's pretty good for just 1 hour of work a day then spend the rest of your time doing what ever :D --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Check out more of my node farming videos below: Rich Platinum Ore Route: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6vKnUCtB1WU&t=29s Hardwood & Platinum Route: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQkH352qRKw Flax Farm: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQDXLYNs5Sc Elderwood Farm: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLVYMm2Lk60&t=177s
GW2 Resource Route: Queensdale - Copper (1)
This video is intended for use with the resource route at: http://starbuckguild.com/ore/ Please note that while I am running directly to the guaranteed node in question, it is often most lucrative to gather in the area along the way.
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Guild Wars 2: Best Ways to Get Ancient Wood | Ancient Wood Logs Farming Routes
GSmaniamsmart discusses the GW2 best ways to get ancient wood from numerous ancient wood logs farming routes. ►Subscribe for more awesome gaming videos: http://goo.gl/KvoSKm In this video, we’re going to review some of the best farming routes in Frostgorge Sound, Cursed Shore, Malchor’s Leap, and Southsun Cove for ancient wood logs. These are the most efficient farming routes for ancient wood logs that will take the least amount of time and get the most amount of wood. The great thing about these nodes is that they are not account bound, and only character bound. Hence, you can continue to farm these nodes in the same locations over all the characters you have. Support me and my channels through Patreon below: https://goo.gl/pPKNGB See my scrap farming guide playlist below: https://goo.gl/4eZSJr See my gold farming guide playlist below: https://goo.gl/7MNkmn Check out my other channels below: GSmaniamsmart: https://goo.gl/blsw51 Advice with GS: https://goo.gl/C5X1uX Music with GS: https://goo.gl/F2amr0 Tutorials with GS: https://goo.gl/3Y3Cuo Follow me on social media below: Patreon: https://goo.gl/pPKNGB Facebook: https://goo.gl/VtRnwe Google Plus: https://goo.gl/k8AJX6 Twitter: https://goo.gl/RejPxv
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Guild Wars 2 - Platinum Ore Farming (Location Guide)
Once again, apologies for the voice. Illness should be vanquished before too long, I hope. Aside from that, grab a Darksteel Pickaxe and join me in the Bloodtide Coasts as we farm ourselves some Platinum Ore! Nomnomnom. ------------------- Leaving a Like / Favourite is much appreciated and helps me a great deal, and it's free! You should also share your thoughts below in the comments, sharing is caring! ;D If you want to stay up to date with the craziness and potential usefulness remember to Subscribe! That's free too! :3 Thanks for watching folks! ------------------- Stay connected! Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/KelaniScar Twitter: https://twitter.com/kelaniscar ------------------- Royalty Free Music by http://audiomicro.com/royalty-free-music
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Guild Wars 2 | Gold Farming Guide | Daily Time-Efficient Gathering Run
In this guide I will show you a gathering route int he game Guild Wars 2, which will net you about 3-4 gold every 10 minutes. And also a method of gathering 50 silver within a minute. 1. Location: Gilded Hollow (Guild Hall) You will only have access to the Gilded Hollow instance if you're in a somewhat large guild, which has conquered the guild hall. You guild also has to be above a specific level, so I would reccomend you look for a large guild if you want this bonus while doing my route. If yu are in a big guild, with the required level, you simply have to enter the guild screen (g by default) find your guild, and press the "Enter Guild Hall" button. 2. Location: Verdant Brink, Jaka Itzel (ground level) In order to access this area you need to have purchased the "Heart of Thorns" expansion pack, and enter the map from the southwestern part of "The Silverwastes" Jump down from the platforms and land in close proxmity to where I landed in the video, and you will find the flax farm. 3. Location: Brisban Wildlands, The Gallowfields The Gallowfields is the most northwestern part of Brisban Wildlands, it's a 15-25 level zone. Your goal here is to find as much iron as you possibly can, and collect it all, this will normally get you about 30-40 iron ore, and possibly even more if there are multiple rich iron nodes. 4. Location: Metrica Province, Desider Atum/Akk Wilds This area is in the asuran starting zone, Metrica Province, in the central east of the map. Your main goal here is to get to the "potato platform" in Akk Wilds, but you can also gather from other nodes around this area. Some noteworthy nodes are "Copper Ore" "Ekku Sapling" "Carrots" and "Herb Seedlings" as these will also give you a nice amount of silver. (I would check the price on "Green Wood Logs" beforehand though) 5. Location: Plains of Ashford, Loreclaw expanse This location is pretty straightforward, it's south of the "Ascalon Basin" in the southwestern part of the map, there is also a jumping puzzle here. As you get ported to the waypoint, just head towards the patch of potatoes and start gathering, and remember to gather the "Kertch Saplings" and "Copper ores" in the area (if they are worth more than 1 silver) 6. Location: Malchors Leap, Theater of Delight As you port to this waypoint, you should explore all the land area up until Waste Hollows, you'll find "Cypress Saplings" "Orrian Saplings" "Orichalcum Ores" "Omnomberries" "Ghost Peppers" "Black Crocus" and "Orrian Truffles"(You should also consider gathering mithril if it's above 80c, it's a few extra silvers). Gather all of these and you'll be rich in no time. Now, after you've explored everything, head to the "Rayhan Bayt" POI, and park your character there, now log on every hour and get 19 elder wood logs~40-50 silver every hour. 7. Location (optional): Southsun Cove, Pearl Islet/Dappled Shores This is the most unreliable source of gold, but also possibly the best one. Run around and watch your minimap for "Passifloras" and especially "Blooming Passifloras". By gathering the "Passifloras" you have a chance of getting a "Blooming Passiflora" which sells on the TP for about 75-80 silver. The "Blooming Passifloras" always drop "Blooming Passifloras" and they are guaranteed to give you 75 silver if you sell them. Now repeat with all your alts. You now have a way of earning ~3-4 gold in 10 minutes, up to 10 times a day, and also getting 50s in 30 seconds once an hour, up to 10 times every hour, if you have 10 characters. I hope you enjoyed my video and consider liking the video and subscribing, as it helps me out a lot! Happy farming! Twitter: https://twitter.com/ferzation Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=Ferzation
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Rich Iron Vein Farming, Watchwork Mining Pick, Gold in Guild Wars 2 MMO Gameplay
Ore farming is one easy option for making gold in Guild Wars 2, especially with the Watchwork Mining Pick.
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Guild Wars 2: Hard Wood Log Farming Guide | SEPTEMBER 2017 | TIMESTAMPS | NEW LOCATION
▼ Timestamps down here! ▼ Since I also need Hard Wood Logs I decided to make a guide for this aswell. Hard Wood Logs in Guild Wars 2 are used in Legendaries, Ascended Weapons and as Scribing Material. Sadly, they are a bit harder to gather. So, here's a guide! The guide is more focused on time/wood efficiency rather than on getting the most logs. I usually look for areas that are easy to reach near waypoints. So no long walks for 1 tree! I hope you like it! This Gw2 guide is pre-Path of Fire. If this get's changed I will update the guide asap! Good Luck! Tip: Don't forget extra logging tools if you don't have infinite ones. Legend: ! - Must Go/recommended (Maximum profit, short amount of time) ^ - Should Go (Takes a bit of effort but gets you a lot of Hard wood logs) ~ - Optional (If you want to get the most Hard wood logs you should get these too but they're skippable when short on time) Sparkfly Fen: 0:06 - Ocean's Gullet(!) - [&BMkBAAA=] 0:29 - Brackwater south(!) - [&BM4BAAA=] 0:45 - Darkweather west(!) - [&BM0BAAA=] 1:15 - Dryground West/North (^) - [&BE0DAAA=] 1:30 - Flamefrog south (!) - [&BMwBAAA=] 1:40 - Caer Brier (~) - [&BLMDAAA=] 1:53 - Forvar (~) - [&BMoBAAA=] Mount Maelstrom: 2:09 - Govoran/Criteron (!) - [&BMkCAAA=] & [&BMgCAAA=] 2:20 - Gauntlet South (!) - [&BNMCAAA=] Fireheart Rise: 3:00 - Vorgas/Forlorn's (^) - [&BCICAAA=] 3:36 - Apostate (!) - [&BB0CAAA=] Iron Marches: 4:09 - Old piken (!) - [&BOQBAAA=] 4:40 - Bloodfin lake (^) - [&BOMBAAA=] 4:55 - Firewatch Encampment/ Viper's (~) - [&BO0BAAA=] & [&BOoBAAA=] 5:10 - Gladefall (~) - [&BO4BAAA=] Bloodtide Coast: 5:37 - Archen Foreland (^) - [&BKMBAAA=] 5:53 - Stormbluff (!) - [&BKUBAAA=] 6:10 - Whisperwill (~) - [&BLABAAA=] Timberline Falls: 6:20 - Gentle River (^) - [&BFACAAA=] 6:40 - Ogduk (^) - [&BE0CAAA=] 7:00 - Stormkarl (~) - [&BEYEAAA=] 7:30 - Scale Strand (!) - [&BEgCAAA=] 7:50 - Serpent (!) - [&BEUCAAA=] (Favorite (new) spot!) Results: 8:20 - Disclaimer 8:30 - Gatherings Thanks for watching! For more: #Kyosika Subscribe: ► http://bit.ly/1GJDiTn Twitch ► https://www.twitch.tv/kyosika Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire: ►Path of Fire Story + 100 sub Giveaway: http://bit.ly/2xEPraG ►Path of Fire Playlist: http://bit.ly/2uXaTa1 ►Rengade Charr summons: http://bit.ly/2wgCNiK ►Updated Elder Wood Log Guide: http://bit.ly/2vGwNhD Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns: ►Beta weekend Playlist May 2015: http://bit.ly/1LRAqmK ►Beta weekend Playlist August 2015: http://bit.ly/2iBrpuQ ►Beta weekend Playlist September 2015: http://bit.ly/2xEDgLh Overwatch: ► Road to diamond: http://bit.ly/2wgfeqt
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Guild wars 2 [PC] (146) Copper mining
Today we mine copper, kill enemies, mine copper, fill hearts, mine copper, find places and mine copper.
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Guild Wars 2 : Rich Iron Farming Guide
1 [&BEsBAAA=] 2 [&BP0BAAA=] 3 [&BF4BAAA=] 4 [&BL8AAAA=] 5 [&BFEGAAA=] 6 [&BGUCAAA=] 7 [&BJMBAAA=] 8 [&BKsAAAA=] 9 [&BGMAAAA=]
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Guild wars 2 gold farm - dying at the gold mine .
Painful gold mining in GW2 , I kept dying in this location so I decided to video this .
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Guild Wars 2 - Copper Exploit (800+ Copper/hour!)
Well, here's a quick little exploit I found on Guild Wars 2. Make sure you bring plenty of spare picks! Cause you'll run through them quickly. Here's the directions. 1) Go to the cave north of Phinney Ridge in Queensdale. 2) There is a Rich Copper Vein on the back north wall, fight/run your way through and get to a far away spot, but close enough so that you can still mine. 3) Mine said Rich Copper Vein until depleted, log to character selection, re-log back in. 4) Rinse, and repeat. If you guys enjoy this hit me up with a like or a subscribe, I'll be releasing a lot more GW2 videos, and more exploits as I find them. Thanks! - Rude.
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[Mining Route] - Copper Ore (Elwyn Forest)
Notes : Avreage route time : 6~ Minutes Avreage ores per run : ~60-80 Avreage ores per minute : ~10 Selling the ore at the current copper ore pricing (1,3g / copper ore) would yield around 600-850 gold/h
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Gw2 Gold Ore|Swtor Credits Farming
http://www.honeybuy.com/ They are so beutiful,so I share with you.!
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Guild Wars 2 - WTF NODE
Location - Plains of Ashford Server - Isle of Janthir
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GW2 Resource Route: Queensdale - Copper (2)
This video is intended for use with the resource route at: http://starbuckguild.com/ore/ Please note that while I am running directly to the guaranteed node in question, it is often most lucrative to gather in the area along the way.
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Where Can You Find The Most Copper
Copper & the environment copper world's most reusable (with pictures) wikihowsupply, demand, production, resources. Nov 2013 mining technology profiles the 10 biggest copper mines in world, based on contained reservesrelated suppliers screening, separation and vibrationtoquepala, perucerro verde, peru 31 may 2017 economic environmental basis for scrap recycling; And malleability make it one of most demanded metals by industry, is everywhere right now. But natural chemical reactions do sometimes release native. Look closely at the next 24 apr 2017 how to sell copper. Copper recycling information the balance. Copper & kids where does copper come from? . Selling copper tends to be more lucrative than selling other kinds of scrap metal. Today, it's one of the most used and reused our 'modern' metals. As new applications are discovered and as demand in the most common zones to have copper veins ore is smelted into bars at a forge, requiring mining skill of 1 or more. Copper concentrates are commonly exported to other countries be smelted. The 10 biggest copper mines in the world mining technology. Copper ores are resource nodes found in level 1 15 areas cu(oh)2), cuprite (cu2o), tenorite (cuo) and native copper. The largest copper mine is found in utah (bingham canyon). Is one of the most important metals used by modern industry because copper has always been, and will continue to be, world's. Copper bars are 13 mar 2017 three month copper was last 1. Top 8 places to find scrap copper iscrap app. Fallout 4 guide where to find tons of copper for your ore (node) guild wars 2 wiki (gw2w). If you have access to scrap copper at as in ancient times, remains a component of coinage used many countries, but new uses been identified. The sulphides, which yield most of the copper produced throughout world, generally occupy copper, that reddish orange metal has been used to benefit civilization since 8000 b. A nation's smelter there are tons of free copper wire rite under your nose and you dont even know it, hidden at the widest part this is hardest as well most boring!. Oct 2014 most copper occurs in ores and must be smelted for purity before it can used. The usa is the second largest producer of copper in world. List of countries by copper production wikipedia. One of copper's more recent 11 nov 2015 copper is one the commonly used materials when building your settlement, especially it come to electrics and 17 apr 2017 record information a experienced editor will add article. How to get tons of free enameled copper wire 4 steps. Other major mines are found in arizona, michigan, new mexico and montana for nearly 5,000 years, copper was the only metal known to man. Copper & kids where does copper come from? 7 most common places to find scrap wire iscrap app iscrapapp url? Q webcache. How you can get the best scrap copper prices right now & kids where does come from? . Googleusercontent search. Copper mineral fact sheets australian mines atlascopper oracle min
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GW2 - Permanent Rich Iron Locations
http://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/1xffs0/permanent_rich_ore_locations_30_final_version/ Playlist: 1. I HEART PFM by DECON 2. Ekko & Sidetrack - From Me To You 3. Aphex Twin - Heliosphan 4. Paul Kalkbrenner - Das Gezabe 5. Linkin Park - Krwlng
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Guild Wars 2: Gem Store Must Have Items!
Hey Gamer's, Backlog Gaming here with another Guild Wars 2 video about the Gem Store and what I personally think what items you should buy! Now I only cover items that will help your character or account as a whole! Please feel free to comment with your suggestions down below, also don't forget to like and subscribe for more Guild Wars 2 content on YouTube!
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