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Crack mifare card
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Crack Mifare card key using brute-force attack with NFC smartphone and Mifare Classic Tool(Modified)
Mifare Classic Tool: Github - https://goo.gl/TNRYbr
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miLazyCracker - Kevin Larson
recon 2017 Brussels Hacking Conference
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Mifare Classic anti-collision on Ehuoyan ER301
Demonstration af Mifare Classic anti-collision på billig kina hardware Ehuoyan ER301, med min egen UART driver.
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Crypto-1 Top # 6 Facts
Crypto-1 Top # 6 Facts
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Practical Hacker Crypto 1/7
Speaker:Simple Nomad clip 1/7
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Proxmark3 opens door with encryption
Proxmark 3. Opens a door at the University of Bristol that should only be opened with a MIFARE Classic card. Had to port the crapto1 implementation of Crypto-1 into compatible ARM code and update the firmware with it.
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Ash and the Cryptoguys -  Crypto1- La Rumeur 04 juillet 2013 Lille France
Ash and the Cryptoguys La Rumeur-Lille-04/07/2013 "Crypto 1"
Arduino UNO using a RFID RC522 - Arduino Tutorial
This video is about Arduino UNO using a RFID RC522 - Arduino Tutorial Parts list 1. Arduino UNO 2. RC522 Chip IC Card Induction Module RFID Reader 3. Jumper wires RFID MFRC522 Arduino Library https://www.arduinolibraries.info/libraries/mfrc522 Arduino Sketch https://goo.gl/NdxozA ::::::::::: SUPPORT CHANNEL :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Please Donate To Help Me Afford New Equipment And Software To Make My Videos More : https://goo.gl/1m8Dg2 Don't forget to subscribe!
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Mifare RFID NFC reader writer - uFR2FileSystem software Tutorial (Windows)
uFR2FileSystem is an independent software for Mifare cards reading and entering entire read content into the text file and online data base. It is an advanced upgrade of the previous version, ID2File software. The basic function of writing the card log with reading date and time is enlarged with a a function of entering the whole card content into the text file. Also the HTTP option allows to process the log file to the data base on the server and to have a real time access from the browser. If there is no connection with the server, the software makes a buffer file and send the data when the connection is established. Another option is Keyboard simulation which is made to allow the easy export of the card data into any selected field such as Word document, browsers address bar or any other form... ______________________ Digital Logic Ltd. company is a manufacturer of high quality RFID NFC equipment. Our devices incude RFID Readers and Programmers with SDK tools, Time Attendance and Access Control devices, BusLogic Ticketing Systems, Tracking Systems and many more. All our devices were evisioned and developed by our own team of engineers and software developers. Digital Logic readers are perfect solution for business solution developers, academic programmers and all other users who need stable hardware solution with professional software support, including free software tools. Most of our readers have OEM version solutions for implementation in custom development environments. Visit our official website for more information about our devices. Digital Logic Ltd. website: http://www.d-logic.net/nfc-rfid-reader-sdk/ Digital Logic Ltd. online store: https://webshop.d-logic.net/ Technical support email: [email protected]
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