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Reserve Taconite - History Day Documentary
A Turning Point for Industry, Environment, and Minnesota's Economy Minnesota State History Day 4th place 2013 The story of the economic and environmental impacts of the Reserve Mining Company taconite pelletizing plant in Silver Bay, Minnesota Examines economic opportunities caused by taconite, and the Reserve MC vs. United States court case over dumping taconite tailings into Lake Superior, and how these ideas are connected. Watch my entry from 2012: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Re1Lj3dH0fc
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Rare SD28's NSM #1230 #1235 #1234 #1233, Silver Bay, MN  4/13/2000
We are on the ex-Reserve Mining, Northshore Mining railroad at about mp6 east out of Beaver Bay Minnesota. We catch the loaded morning train in dynamic braking, dropping downgrade in the snow with SD18 #1230 leading SD28's #1235 #1234 #1233. A little more than an hour, and we caught the empty train headed back to mine at Babbitt. SD28's are now in the lead. #1233 #1234 #1235 and SD18 #1230 trailing. He notches it out at mp5 for the couple mile climb up from Lake Superior. We catch him again near mp7. Thanks for watching. Video was taken by myself April 13th 2000. By sure to check out my other clips from the 70's up to today. There is something for everyone. All my clips are Copyrighted material. Do not use or reproduce without permission. Have a great day. jackmp294.5™ video by Jack D Kuiphoff © 2015
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07 06 18 Cliffs Northshore Mining
07-06-18 This is video 5 of 10. I took a little trip along highway 61 in northern Minnesota to the Canadian border stopping here and there to do some drone flying. I have driven by this plant a few times and always wondered what it was. Today I stopped by to check it out. It is nice to see industry thriving in the north. Do something nice for someone today.
Northshore Mining at Milepost 6
With dynamic brakes howling, Northshore Mining's first raw ore train of the day rolls into Silver Bay, MN
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TRAILER: RailTrek Media "Northshore Mining Railroad: The Little Giant"
We've braved the dark of night, howling snowstorms and sub-zero conditions to bring you the story of Northshore Mining Railroad: The Little Giant! Formed out of the original Reserve Mining Railroad, this is the little railroad that could, did, and does in a big way! This program has it all. Explore the operations of the Northshore Mining Railroad with a look at the facilities in Silver Bay, rotary dumping activities, and giant lake freighters loading and unloading on Lake Superior! See the beautiful colors of fall in Northeastern Minnesota’s Arrowhead region. Listen to melodious airhorns echoing through the forest. Witness the brutal blast of winter as we film in all conditions, both day and night. Enjoy the 17,000 ton ore trains pulled by a pure EMD roster in crisp HD detail. This program is available in both Blu-ray and DVD formats and contains over 2 hours of exciting iron ore railroading! Come "up north" with us, and enjoy railfanning the Northshore Mining Railroad! Visit http://www.railtrekmedia.com for more information.
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Rain, wind, and waves in Silver Bay Minnesota
Rain, wind, and waves in Silver Bay Minnesota
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Northshore Mining Passes under Cliffs Erie
Northshore Mining returns to Babbit, MN with empty ore cars passing underneath the defunct Cliffs Erie line.
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Reserve Mining/Cyprus Northshore
In 1990, Cyprus Northshore restarted the former Reserve Mining operation, moribund since 1986. We visited ore country shortly after the restart, and the operation still had the flavor of Reserve, with only a few locos being re-lettered. A few miles out of Silver Bay we caught the returning empty tailings train being passed by the empties headed back to Babbitt. Later that day, we got the same power set just missing an over/under at the Erie Mining overpass. A few days later we were back at the earlier location to catch the tailings train, loaded ore, and then the tailings and ore empties passing right in front of us. Note the RARE EMD SD28's in use. This operation is currently owned by Cleveland Cliffs and is mothballed with the downturn in the iron/steel industry.
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Cyprus Cliffs Northshore Mining
Trains from Cyprus Northshore (1995) and Cliffs Northshore (2002) on the former Reserve Mining railroad.
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Northshore Mining at Toimi Ponds
Under a full moon, the 5:00 a.m. raw ore train passes Toimi Ponds as it heads towards Silver Bay.
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Northshore Mining at MP 6
With rainclouds not too far behind, the 5:00 raw ore train descends into Silver Bay past the MP 7 Road crossing
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Northshore Mining at Toimi Road Crossing
Northshore Mining brings up empties from Silver Bay back to Babbitt on a beautiful August afternoon
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Silver Bay, MN Ice Storm 3/24/09
Video we took as we drove around town the day after an ice storm. Every home has trees that are down and many light poles and power lines are down as well. So much so that the Red Cross had to come up and set up a shelter for all the people with out power so they could have somewhere to sleep that has heat.
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Northshore Mining at MP 5
The 5:00 a.m. Northshore Mining raw ore train coasts past the MP 5 area as it heads into Silver Bay on a beautiful Labor Day morning.
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Northshore Mining Railroad the 2/15/11 Overpass.
The 5:00 a.m. raw ore train travels down from Babbitt to Silver, Bay, MN passing under the highways 2/15/11 overpass - a railfan favorite.
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Northshore Mining empty train
Northshore Mining empties returning to the mine. This shot is north of Beaver Bay.
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NSMX 656 S - North Shore Mining
North Shore Mining heading to Silver Bay, MN with crude ore train
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North Shore Mining
North Shore Mining's 5am Raw ore train runs through early morning fog as the sun just starts to come over ther tree tops. 3 sd40's power 156 from babbit to Silver Bay through Toimi MN
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Scenic view--Silver Bay, MN
Fall time in Silver Bay, MN
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Silver Bay trip
Northern Minnesota rail fan trip
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EMDs in Minnesota's Iron Ore Country preview
In this show, we will cover CN's former DM&IR ore lines in northeastern Minnesota, along with a sampling of Northshore Mining and BNSF operations in the area. What draws fans to Minnesota's north woods and the shores of Lake Superior isn't just the beautiful country or the interesting iron ore operations, it's the motive power used to pull trains through this unique region. EMD is king here, and we document these fine machines as they thunder across CN's Missabe, Minntac, Iron Range, and Two Harbors Subdivisions. We also follow Northshore Mining's mainline between Silver Bay and Babbitt, Minnesota, exploring some remote areas of Minnesota's Arrowhead. You'll see NSM's older SD40-3s, as well as leased SD90MACs hauling raw taconite ore and tailings trains across the railroad. BNSF's Kelly Lake and Grand Rapids locals are also briefly covered, powered by pairs of SD40-2s. With GE power slowly being equipped with straight air for ore service on the former Missabe, we made it our goal to bring you the best of EMD-powered trains in the Northland before it was too late. Many SD40 and SD40-2 variants are seen in operation, along with a brief look at Missabe SD38 and SD38-2 locomotives. Rebuilt SD45T-2 tunnel motors in CN, B&LE, and DM&IR paint steal the show! We cover the area in all four seasons, adding to the variety of the program. Sit back and relax as we take you on an exciting tour from Lake Superior to the Iron Range, in C. Vision's "EMDs in Minnesota's Iron Ore Country". Running Time 150 Minutes ©2018 C. Vision Productions
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Fall on the Mesabi Iron Range
Next stop on Vacation 2011 was the DM&IR at Proctor, following both lines out of Two Harbors and Duluth. A quick chase of a Northshore Mining train out of Silver Bay was a welcome addition for this midwesterner.
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NorthShore Mining Railroad Vintage Power
In Oct of 1999 the end was near for the Reserve (NorthShore) Mining railroads vintage power. Here is one of my favorite video clip of some very classic lash-ups.
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SiLveR BaY, MN
28th June 2009. Gorgeous Silver Bay, MN. On the way to Grand Marais from Duluth. Beautiful place with wonderful landscape ! Anshuman, Mudit & I.
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North Shore near Silver Bay
Took an impromptu drive to Silver Bay. Decided to stop near the Marina and shoot some video. Shot and uploaded via my iPhone4, so the HD quality isn't as good as if it were uploaded from my computer.
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Silver Bay 1080p
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North Shore Mining, 6-4-2011
NSM 652 leads empties from Silver Bay to Babbit, MN. 1. Along County Hwy 3 2. As seen from the County Road 11/15 bridge.
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American Spirit departed Duluth for Northshore Mining in Silver Bay. (3/23/2019)
https://www.duluthharborcam.com This was recorded on Saturday, March 23, 2019 at 6:57 PM.
Minnesota Museum of Mining
Minnesota Museum of Mining Visit Movieproductionsllc.com to purchase full length DVD
Northshore Mining Tailings Train At Dusk
With a load of taconite tailings (waste material), a train heads out of the Silver Bay area up to Babbitt. Unfortunately, I was trying to shoot pictures on a tripod at the same time, so things are not very stable.
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EMD SD40-2's ROAR, on NSM #652 & #651, at mp6, mp5, mp6 5, Beaver Bay, MN
In the first clip, we see the empty tailings train at mp-6, with the crew operating the train from the radio controlled caboose backing down grade toward Silver Bay. The SD40-3's are in dynamic braking as they roll past. The second clip at mp-5, The SD's are getting a run for the hill, and you can hear the crew notch out the hard working units. NSM, North Shore Mining, SD40-3's #652-ex-PRR-PC #6092-CR #6345----#651-ex-PRR-PC #6085-CR #6338, and are seen at mp-6.5, and are almost were they need to go to dump there tailings, and head back for another load at Silver bay. These clips are seen here at Beaver Bay, MN. 4/13/2000 Thanks for watching Video was taken by myself 4/13/2000 Please check out for other video clips. I have something for everyone, from the 70's, until today. As all my clips, They are copyrighted. Please do not use without permission. Have a great day. jackmp294.5™ video by Jack D Kuiphoff © 2015
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North Shore Trip, August 2008
I recently went up the Iron Range/North Shore, from August 5th-7th. First up is a UP freight, most likely the DMIT (Des Moines, IA-Itasca Yard) passing through Sandstone, MN before sunrise. Listen to how the horn echoes off the surrounding countryside. Second is a Northbound CN freight in Ambridge, WI, just South of Superior. Next is an NorthShore Mining empty taconite tailings train, with a SD40-3 on each end (they run DPU's up there) near Silver Bay, MN. After that is the Sparrow's Point train. The recent market for steel has led CN to contract with Cliff's Erie to reclaim spilled taconite pellets from their dock at Taconite Harbor and ship them by rail to Sparrow's Point, MD. Following that is a taconite empty seen in Iron Junction led by BLE #909 heading for Minntac in Mountain Iron, MN. Finally, the same train is seen heading South with taconite loads at Kelsey, MN.
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Northshore Mining empty tailings train
Northshore Mining empty tailings train north of Beaver Bay, MN 7/31/15
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Black Beach Waves
7/23/2011 Black Beach in Silver Bay, MN after a strong east wind all day and thunderstorms in the morning. We've been here many times and have never seen waves like this...it was great!
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B&LE Tunnel Motors!!!!! lead loaded Taconite Proctor, MN
Railfanning 04/24/11 COPYRIGHT KC RAILFANNING PRODUCTIONS Earlier in the day, we ventured north to Silver Bay, MN to try and find a Northshore Mining train. Unfortinately we missed one of their trains by just minutes. :( On way back south stopped by Two Harbors, MN and saw a train on the docks unloading. Ended up back in Proctor, MN to see the same power we caught last nite(this time with the B&LE power leading!!!!!! Hell YEA!!!!! ) leading loaded taconite to twords the docks in Duluth.
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snowmobiling in silver bay
Snowmobiling in Sliver Bay MN
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Ultra rare SD28's on a hard pull, plus first load ore car. Please read! 4/13/2000
We are at Silver Bay, MN. as we watch North Shore Mining empties, with NSM 1233-1234-1230-1236 ( 3 SD28's & 1 SD18) getting a run for the hill at MP4. Then at mp6.5, she is working hard in the hill. As the train passes, we spot the car that carried the first load from Babbit to Silver Bay. The following day, 4/15/2000, the 1233, and the only caboose they own (Radio controled to opperate from on the backward trip to Silver Bay) was destroyed in a collision at Babbit. These are true SD28's, and not rebuilds. There was only 6 built for US markets by EMD in 1965. 2 for Columbus & Greenville, and 4 for Reserve Minning (NSM). They are 1800 HP non-turbo charged 567D1. They are basically a non-turbo charged SD35. They are on a SD35 frame. Type in EMD SD28 on Wikipedia. Thanks for watching Clip with caboose can be seen at link below. 4-13-00. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGPKxMQ8KMA Thanks for watching. Jackmp294...
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Northshore Mining tailings train
Northshore Mining tailings train north of Beaver Bay, MN
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Northshore Mining empty ore train with CIT SD90 MACs
Northshore Mining empty train upgrade with CIT units north of Beaver Bay, MN 7/31/15
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Silver Bay Fever
Silver Bay Minnesota Is The Most Boring Place In the World... dont believe me then watch this
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Gitchi Gami State Trail: Silver Bay to Beaver Bay
Segment Length = 2.3 miles This segment is inland of Highway 61 and features scenic views, sweeping curves, a railroad tunnel, and views of the Northshore Mining rail operations. Check out The Gitchi Gami Mapping Application to learn more information about the trail: http://bit.ly/1m4HELl
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North Shore Mining Railroad
During my many trips up north to capture the LTV Railroad I would also stop by the NorthShore Mining Railroad just 30 minutes away. Here is a classic view of the North Shore at mile post 11 from August 1999. The vintage EMD's would soon be replaced by SD-40's.
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Northshore Mining loaded ore train with CIT SD90 MACs
Northshore Mining loads downgrade with CIT units north of Beaver Bay, MN 7/31/15
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EMD SD40's in 8th notch climbing the grade. Please Read!!! 4/13/2000
We are in Silver Bay MN. on the North Shore Mining railroad. At mp6.5, we watch the tailings train with its string of side dump cars heading to the tailings dump. NSM 652-651 is in notch #8 as he split the signals while he fights the grade up from Lake Superior. Caboose #20 brings up the rear. The caboose is used as cab control back to Silver Bay, which elliminates the need of running around the train. The following day, the caboose (which is the only one they own), was total in a wreck along with 1233, one of their rare SD28's. The SD28 involved was the one leading my other clip. Thanks for watching. 4-13-00. Jackmp294.5 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CW8fcQRV8Zo
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Yuneec Q500 flyover of Taconite Harbor
Took the Q500 to fly over Taconite Harbor, MN. It's a small town along the North Shore of Lake Superior put there as an Iron Ore mining town. Now all that is left is a dilapidated Ore Dock.
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SUPER RARE SD28's in notch 8. Turn up your speakers and enjoy. 4/17/1999
Crank up your speakers, and sit back and listen to these rare EMD's roar past the camera. We are at Beaver Bay, MN. as we watch North Shore Mining with a tailings train, powered by NSM 1235, 1234, 1226 (2 SD28's & 1 SD18) We are near the top of the grade at mp7 as she is working hard in the 8th notch battling the hill. Almost a year after this video was shot, on 4/15/2000, the only caboose they own (Radio controlled to operate from on the backward trip to Silver Bay) was destroyed in a collision at Babbit along with locomotive 1233. These are true SD28's, and not rebuilds. There was only 6 built for US markets by EMD in 1965. 2 for Columbus & Greenville, and 4 for Reserve Mining (NSM). They are 1800 HP non-turbo charged 567D1. They are basically a non-turbo charged SD35. They are on a SD35 frame. Type in EMD SD28 on Wikipedia. Video was taken April 17, 1999. Thanks for watching All parts of this video and trademark are protected. Copy or use is forbidden by law. copyright Jackmp294.5T © 2012 do not use without permission... John 3:16 For life changing messages that will make a difference in your life, tune into pastor Bill Bailey at Journey By Grace. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ5daKxokximUiSFN5wkN3A
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Video #330 - A tour of the Duluth ore docks
Over the summer, I was allowed up on top of the Duluth Iron Ore Dock, see for yourself what happens when the trains stop rolling and go into places that people don't get to see. ENJOY!
Exploring Abandoned Lake Superior Silver Mine
Exploring an old Abandoned Silver Mine down near the shores of Lake Superior in Northwestern Ontario Canada, very cool mine!
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