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Forex Trading Course: How to Totally Beat The Best Forex System

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http://tradingmastermind.com/forex-chart-reading-training/ Want to totally beat the Best Forex System? Here's how: Over the last few years, our trading community has produced many professional traders who now earn their income from trading and also some who manage accounts for others as well as for investment firms and banks. The reason why we are able to keep producing successful professional traders like the many you have heard from already is that we know that success in Forex trading is not based on a Forex Trading System or Forex Trading Strategy such as entering a trade when some indicators cross a certain level. People still often ask, "What is your system?" What is the system for building a house, being a doctor, playing the violin, or developing computer software? Is using nails, or taking blood pressure or rubbing a bow on strings? In Forex trading the system is learning to read the market on all time frames and then entering trades at the ends of corrections and exiting at the ends of trends. Yes, I know that many people don't believe that is possible but that is why we are successful and they are not. If you have ever enrolled in a Forex trading training program, or seminar, or bought a Forex trading course or tutorial I'm sure you have experienced how vague the whole concept of the reason to get in and the reason to get out. Maybe your Forex trading account starts to immediately dwindle down to nothing while you still don't really understand why you would want to enter a trade and what are the conditions for entry. If you got interested in Forex and then found a coach or mentor from a Forex Broker you probably definitely experienced some advice that does not give good results. After all, the person giving the advice works for the company that prefers that you would love much like asking a Casino dealer how to win at poker or blackjack. In the world of professional Forex trading, the first step is learning to read the market in a precise manner that other books and courses not only do not teach but have no idea that it can even be done. Then it's about practice and patience over time and not about memorizing entry criteria in one weekend. If you have that attitude you will surely achieve your goals in Forex trading. Forex Trading: How to Totally Beat The Forex Trading System https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0lCXd97cr2Q
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Text Comments (13)
Ivica Koren (1 year ago)
@tradeartis Hello mate, would you be nice and tell me how to get this extra timeframes? most of solutions on internets is about offline charts.. thy for help! =)
Scott Shubert (1 year ago)
@IvicaKoren To get the extra time frames for free find a broker with MT5 demo account and use that for charts. Right click on the time frame tool bar in MT5 and choose customize and you can add other time frames
Raj Bajwa (3 years ago)
Can you send me sign up link
Scott Shubert (1 year ago)
@RajBajwa There should be an active link here if this offer is still available http://forextradingseminar.com/1/turning-points-revealed/
malthus101 (4 years ago)
Hi - what is that CCI indicator and what are its settings? I have never seen or used it before, looks interesting. Thanks.
mykasiurka (2 years ago)
+malthus101 Fibonacci be careful of using it because for beginner trader it still will give you hard times learn it in "Fx Pro Pipshunter".
malthus101 (4 years ago)
Thanks. And the one under the CCI? Looks fancy!
Scott Shubert (4 years ago)
Hi +malthus101, I normally don't use any special indicator or any "proprietary" indicator.  It's just a standard CCI that comes with metatrader in a range of settings to show expansion and cotraction of the lines. It goes from 21-50 The main thing to see is the price pattern and adjust to the right time frame and then the CCI can be used to help see the end of a trend or correction.
malthus101 (4 years ago)
Actually, I meant the indicator below the CCI - thanks!
warren hollis (4 years ago)
AWSOME! I am going through my email for training now. I am happy to be here see u on the inside :)
warren hollis (4 years ago)
SWEET I FOUND THE SIGN UP LINK http://forextradingseminar.com/order.php :)
warren hollis (4 years ago)
Hi Scott! Warren here. I have been trading the forex for 3 yrs now with little to no results. I have worked my butt off to learn as much as i can and spent thousands on training courses etc. Until i came across you late last year and was very interested in your yin-yan program. I left the forex world last year about to give up but i just still new that i can make money at this and you seem like a great teacher that works for me. I just seen this video and your offer for $99 per month to your private group. I would really love the opp to work with your group here & greatly appreciate it if you could let me partisipate. All i can say to you is i will pay very close attention to whats inside if you let me on board and i just know in my heart that i WILL succeed with ya so please could you send me a link to join thanks Scott and i look forward to your response :) Warren.
Scott Shubert (4 years ago)
Hi Warren! I can understand your experience. With some new inspiration I'm sure things will start to turn around for the best. The link is sent out in all the previous emails and videos I sent to the list.

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