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Forex Trading System - Hammer Candlestick Trading

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Learn how to trade the Hammer Candlestick formation in forex trading. This is a powerful tool that should be added to any forex trading system.
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scig gler (10 months ago)
Great video thank you
Naim (1 year ago)
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Irene Wesley (1 year ago)
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Tammy George (9 months ago)
gleen sabuero (1 year ago)
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brucebenward Bruce (1 year ago)
Made my first $40k in less than 3 weeks of trading with Wayne, sounds like magic but dam it was so real and awesome knowing this really worked.
Michael Bill (1 year ago)
Wayne has always been a guru and Mentor whose strategy is so awesome. I love the way he combines the MKT and the Finb
Jordan James (2 years ago)
I have been trading for over 3 years and throughout my trading career ,
Jordan James (2 years ago)
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Darrel Banks (1 year ago)
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vlad tyb (1 year ago)
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Fx SamuraiRobot (4 years ago)
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lewis matthev (5 years ago)
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Wilkinson Criag C. (5 years ago)
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SHines01 (5 years ago)
so what appears to be a hammer some 14 bars earlier does not qualify because it does not close at the high? or would that be a trade that syopped out? [for the aggressive traders] I see that waiting for the next bar would prove it to be a false hammer.
Bekim Zenku (6 years ago)
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Poseidon (6 years ago)
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Sanjay Ramachandra (6 years ago)
Great Video, thank you. I trade Price Action myself, and yes, i look out for pin bars exclusively in bottoms and swings. Funny how marketeers, who think traders are stupid enough to buy their useless robots, post in every forex video out there. I cannot stop laughing!!!
Jay Towie (6 years ago)
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DoubleJ (6 years ago)
ya that was 33 pips not 333 pips lol. use this system on a daily chart and you can find yourself making 333 pips
Super Story4u (2 years ago)
Its actually 333 pips if you look at it properly, or do the addition yourself just subtract 1.2594 from 1.2927
j20ffy (8 years ago)
ImGambini- you the dummy, best thing for you to do is go learn how to read forex charts, it's 333pips profit and 90 pips stop loss!!!! His mission phoenix master the forex is one of the best on the market today.

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