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Basic requirements for algo trading - c# and SQL - Hindi

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WEB API We should Buy API from zerodha. Price is approx. 2000 Rs. from API and 2000 for Historical Data.(it may be change). - You will get API key, appsecret and request token from zerodha. Those will be use in our code. -------------------------- Visual Studio 2017 Using VS2017, we will insert records from UI into Our SQL database. Like API Key, App Secret and Request Token. (These detail you will get from zerodha) ---------------------------- SQL 2017 Main part of our algo system is sql server 2017. We must have sql server 2017 because we will get response in JSON format and sql 2017 is supporting json format. Here we will create tables and JOB. Those Job will be scheduled in particular time and according to our strategy. We will send request and get response using SQL.
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SANJOY DATTA (5 months ago)
Apnar sathay kotha boltay chai9734099940
Nikunj Goswami (5 months ago)

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