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Agimat FX 2018 Pro how to set TP and SL

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https://www.agimat-trading-system.com How to evaluate your TP and SL with Agimat FX™ 2018 Pro by using the built-in market makers swing zones. Agimat FX™ 2018 Pro is a non-repaint Forex trading with extreme accurate performance on scalping and swing trades thanks due the neural network technology. https://www.agimat-trading-system.com
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samit roy (5 days ago)
Thank you very much Dennis ..much appreciate your kind advice
samit roy (5 days ago)
Hi Dennis, I just watched your video....thanks a lot for clarifying things...I had purchased the Agimat a few months back but was using it wrongly and managed to lose a fair bit of money, because I was not waiting for all the confirmations.....could you please let me know what we should do if the white arrow has appeared and the candle has closed below the line (on a SELL trade) but the Maxwell line is pointing slightly upwards......also could you please make a video on the maxwell...thanks a lot ...Samit
Dennis Buchholz (5 days ago)
The key to this trading system is to follow exactly as per what has been advised. You see the yellow box with black arrow, then see the white confirmation arrow. Then wait for a candle to fully form and close below the AAM line. Then the last part is to check the Maxwell indicator if it has a slope in the direction of your trade.  I do these checks on the 4Hour & Daily charts as they give much better results and more pips.  Once the above 4 are aligned. I then go to the 1 hour chart and wait for an overbought condition if I plan to trade short or i look for an oversold condition if I plan to trade long.......and that’s it.  I keep it as simple as that. Just stick to the procedure.......and there is definitely money to be made.  If one is going to be impatient and has itchy hands and feels they have lost something if they have not traded.........well this is a definite recipe for disaster. Keep it simple.. Stay disciplined and trade correct lot sizes in accordance to your account size...................I see no reason why one would fail!  Money is not in the chasing but in sitting and playing the waiting game… Trade responsibly and sensibly and you will realise Agimat FX™ is worth not just every penny but a great trading tool to have.  This tool/program is evolving and is bound to take trading to another level with time.
Edward Berrocal (9 days ago)
Dennis. Does this work on android devices or only Mac and PC?
Dennis Buchholz (8 days ago)
All systems are compatible with macOS, Windows and Linux.
shaypounds (21 days ago)
Is 4hr more accurate than 1day?
David Merritt (23 days ago)
Thank you Dennis
Naser Hussein (29 days ago)
I just wanted to say thank you for the video, it gave me more clarity on how to use the Agimat system effectively. I have been using it wrongly in the sence of 1 minutes time frame and 5 minutes, my account has just been getting eating away, and this was due too my impatient and panicking. once again thanks for the video.
episode04 (1 month ago)
it wasnt clear what you said about the entry so we wait for a "full candle" above or below the AAM line or just the opening of a new candle above or below to execute the trade. I mean, what if the candle opens above the line but the line is still in between that candle, please clarify.
Dennis Buchholz (1 month ago)
After full candle has been formed.
Natural Trader (1 month ago)
Dennis, I love your “no nonsense” approach. Robust system indeed. Keep up the great work you are doing!
Joe L (1 month ago)
Can I use Agimat FX 2018 Pro on MT5?
Dennis Buchholz (1 month ago)
As of the moment only MT4, but the coming version for 2019 will work on MT5, too.
Valerie Townsend (1 month ago)
Hello Dennis, I am a novice trader. I am currently an IML student however, if I were to purchase your product will I have the option to purchase an add on every year to update the old version that I will currently own? Or will I have to purchase the new version of the software in order to be current?
Valerie Townsend (1 month ago)
Thank you Dennis.
Dennis Buchholz (1 month ago)
Hi Valerie, you can register two MT4 ID's, does not matter if demo and/or live. Also, you can change your MT4 ID's at any time but max 2 different ID's active at the same time. You can install the system on as many computer you want, as long the MT4 ID is the same.
Valerie Townsend (1 month ago)
Thank you Dennis. Also, how many devices will I be able to download the scanner on to? I have a pc, laptop and tablet. And, being a novice trader do you have any recommendations for me regarding your scanner? I hope to be able to purchase it before or no later than Christmas.
Dennis Buchholz (1 month ago)
Hi Valerie, on one has to pay for updates which will be released each year. Updates are included in the one-time license fee.
Tom Taylor (2 months ago)
Do you have a demo of this at all?
Mad Mots (27 days ago)
Hey Tom, I've been using it on demo for a month, while I gather some $$ together lol. I was struggling with it to start, but I found that 4hr time frame and daily were the best time frame, for the system. But you got to have "patience" and trust the trade you take.
LV Shaun (2 months ago)
Thank you Dennis. Agimat has definitely enhanced my forex trading. I trade only the EURUSD on the daily time frame and find the signals are reliable and highly accurate. I believe the signal reliability and accuracy are enhanced when trading the daily and weekly charts as market noise is practically eliminated. I keep it simple, as you have taught, and my profits have grown without any alterations nor have I added other indicators or overlays. While there have been pull backs and consolidation common to all markets, it does take patience and trusting Agimat, but then, that's true for all trading. Thank you again and I look forward to a future video providing more information on Maxwells Equations and its application within the Agmiat trading system.
Dennis Buchholz (2 months ago)
Keep it going, Shaun. Highly appreciate your feedback.
barry yeatman (2 months ago)
thankyou Dennis i need more patience!!! very helpful
Zorro Zorro (2 months ago)
Hi Dennis, Im interested to join ur program and to ur AGIMAT EA.. Do u have email add? thank u
Dennis Buchholz (2 months ago)
Please the contact form here: https://www.agimat-trading-system.com/contact/
simonv76 (2 months ago)
Hello Dennis, your sistem seems to work very well, thanx for sharing these videos! So far, it seems to me that angular momentum indicator works perfectly as a sort of trailing stop loss. Isn't it? I mean, after the movement is started. In fact ,as I can see, sometimes price tends to consolidate before it starts. Anyway, great sistem, overall very good accuracy and really simple to use. I bought some EAs but I lost myself in a billion of options 😅
Dennis Buchholz (2 months ago)
Yes, some trades are using the AAM indicator for trailing SL.
Christy Ignatius (2 months ago)
Thank you, Dennis, I am looking forward to purchasing it sooner. need some clarification, there are Agimat, FSO Harmonic scanner and uncle Lee scanner what are the differences of these so confusing. Please explain
Dennis Buchholz (2 months ago)
With Agimat FX™ 2018 Pro you can perform Forex scalping on lower time frames and swings on higher time frames. This software is perfect for newbies.https://www.agimat-trading-system.com The FSO Harmonic Scanner is perfect for swing trading on higher time frames.Here you should bring at least basic Forex knowledge in order to understand harmonic.https://forex-signals.online The Uncle Lee scanner is a 3rd party add-on developed by another person and filters Agimat FX™ signals for you. This add-on is approved by us and legit.
Cenkle West (2 months ago)
can we also benefit from this system?
Dennis Buchholz (2 months ago)
Yes you can, here you are: https://www.agimat-trading-system.com
Profit Sharkz (2 months ago)
OUTSTANDING Dennis - this is very easy to understand. Plenty of flexibility within the system.
Dennis Buchholz (2 months ago)
Yes, you are right. Thanks :-)
Y V (2 months ago)
But will that will the market makers see your stop loss, can a enden trainling stop loss be add thanks.
Dennis Buchholz (2 months ago)
Most brokers can see your SL and some brokers will hunt your SL.  That is why you should not trade with a "Dealing Desk" Market Maker brokers is known as "B-Book Broker"
Joe L (2 months ago)
Hi Dennis You mention Agimat 2019 in the video. Did you make Agimat 2019 for MT5? Thank you and great video.
Dennis Buchholz (2 months ago)
Yes Joe, there will be a MT5 version by 2019.
sils (2 months ago)
Great video. Could you make a short video on an in-depth explanation of the use of the Maxwell indicator?
Dennis Buchholz (2 months ago)
Will come soon.
Jackson Lepono (2 months ago)
When is the 2019 version of FSO Harmonic scanner being released?
Dennis Buchholz (2 months ago)
Like every year, updates going to be released around April.
Team AraBitcoinFMC (2 months ago)
This Is Literally The Best Trading Indicator For Trading Forex......Follow The Rules, And You Will Be Winning 99.9%...Which Is Unbelievable, But True....
Dennis Buchholz (2 months ago)
Thank you. Beside rules, discipline and patience are key factors as well.
Rattle Hog (2 months ago)
Dennis... The best of the best! I appreciate all you and Agimat have done to literally change my life..and I hope I do it justice by sharing what I learned from you and Agimat with others!
Dennis Buchholz (2 months ago)
Hi Lee, you're most welcome. You do very well :-).
Steven Northey (2 months ago)
Thank you Dennis for your explanation,i want to do longer timeframe’s and this has been good for me,shorter timeframes does not work so well for me,so i will try this out on demo and see how this goes
Dennis Buchholz (2 months ago)
Yes, trust me, 4H time frame is the best and you get highest accuracy.
Béla Rozsi (2 months ago)
Thank you very much again Dennis!
Dennis Buchholz (2 months ago)
You're welcome.

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