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300 percent gain made in 5 weeks of Forex trading the simple Forex Envelope/RSI system, Learn how

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The RSI Envelope Forex trading techniques are the best techniques when combined with trade top-ups that multiply your final results. This technique is now fully automated. See the many other videos about this technique https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xyI8zzPmyI&t=0s&list=PLda98agBeOd6PtJIBE9VyXpyS4hPEqS1W&index=6
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Text Comments (103)
Eric Van Laecke (2 months ago)
Hi Alex,what if You run this EA on a 30 minute time frame ,insted of 15 min,it looks like You would have less stop outs ,is it not? Or afther a possitief trade not activate the nexst trade but skip it,offcource I dont know if you can implement this settings in this EA.or what results it would have.? But it runs allot better then my trades that is for sure.All the best.
Expert4x (2 months ago)
Hi Eric Van Laecke, Thanks for your comment and feedback - much appreciated. That is exactly what you should do with an EA - test everything - currencies, settings, timeframes etc. Personalise it. All the best, Alex.
Dr. Dave Schlute, DC (2 months ago)
It seems like there were a lot of stop outs as price often continued in the direction of the trend after hitting one side of the envelope and the overbought/oversold levels. Have you tried entering two DIAD trades simultaneously (1 in each direction) when price hits those same levels to potentially win one of the trades...either continued price action in the direction of the trend or if price reverses?
Dr. Dave Schlute, DC (2 months ago)
Hi Alex, thank you for your reply. I don't currently own the Envelope/RSI system. Is there way to set it up the way I describe (essentially a hedge) with trades in both directions, or would I have to place the trades manually?
Expert4x (2 months ago)
Hi Dr. Dave Schlute, DC , Thanks very much for your for your question. Sounds like it is something you need to back trade. Let me know what results you get after 30 trades using this approach. Hope this helps you Dr. Dave Schlute, DC, All the best Alex
Chris Bailey (3 months ago)
20% risk?!
Expert4x (1 month ago)
Hi Chris Bailey, Thanks for your comment and feedback - much appreciated. Have you seen all our videos about million dollar Forex trading https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCugkudcodM&t=10s&list=PLda98agBeOd4p4UMfrUsOlulYgl9-fd7E&index=4 All the best, Alex.
john rovira (6 months ago)
will this work for students in the united states of america?
Expert4x (1 month ago)
Hi john rovira, Thanks for your comment and feedback - much appreciated. Have you seen all our videos about Money management that will avoid bad Forex trading experiences https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0UtlcBlOijM&index=6&list=PLda98agBeOd4fMoIdRqqvcOAyJusPxhe7&t=0s All the best, Alex.
Carson Smith (3 months ago)
You don't really need indicators to work. A typical strategy usually have an accuracy rate of 70-75%
Expert4x (6 months ago)
Why not? - You watched the video - you tell me why it will not possibly work for US traders.
eman khan (6 months ago)
Plzz tell me how can I take profit through 50 bonus???
Expert4x (1 month ago)
Hi eman khan, Thanks for your comment and feedback - much appreciated. It is easy - Have you seen all our videos about Money management that will avoid bad Forex trading experiences https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0UtlcBlOijM&index=6&list=PLda98agBeOd4fMoIdRqqvcOAyJusPxhe7&t=0s All the best, Alex.
Expert4x (6 months ago)
Can you please explain how a 50 bonus works
Forex Help BD (6 months ago)
are you sure 300 percent gain
Expert4x (6 months ago)
What do you make it?
Oswald Oogink (8 months ago)
For which reason is RSI applying to Median and not Closed-rprice and could that account for the losses?
Expert4x (7 months ago)
Whatever gives the very best results can be used
Pauly Scherzer (9 months ago)
all I see is losing here
Expert4x (9 months ago)
Try watching the video again, Why this system works is you lose 5% when you lose and make 25% when you win. So losing a few trades is not that serious.
Bongani Zwane (11 months ago)
how can i buy this EA
Michel Stuart (1 year ago)
It is an impressive video for me. I am quite impressed with your technique. I am a new trader in this market. I am currently trading with AAFX broker. This broker gives me 1 pip fixed spread on major pairs and I believe low spread helps me to gain more than usual. I also get some free trade set up every day on their website. This broker is very good for new traders.
facundo nunes (1 year ago)
Michel Stuart i
Picsou Junior (1 year ago)
there is something that i can't understand, how did you do to open orders with a size bigger than the fund on the account ?
Picsou Junior (1 year ago)
Thank you :D , i'm so stupid, i don't know why but i thought that when you use a leverage mt4 show the fund with the leverage.
Picsou Junior (1 year ago)
at 16:06 on the table result we can see the order 24 has been open with a size of 2.69 if 1 lot is 100 000 $ that make 269 000 $ and the account has only 50 000 $
Expert4x (1 year ago)
You are ignoring leverage - an order of 2.69 lots is trading 269 000 dollars but because the broker provides leverage of say 100:1 the trader only requires a margin of $2 690 in the account.
Expert4x (1 year ago)
Got no idea of what you mean by that - which open order. Quote the time of the video.
HEF (1 year ago)
dear sir how to download this indicator.. i want this Bollinger bands type indicator only.. reply me soon sir.
Expert4x (1 year ago)
It is a standerd indicator on the MT4 platform - most platforms - ENVELOPES you can also find the Bollinger bands on most platforms
Mike Dunnell (1 year ago)
the DIAD ea does not have this envelops auto entry system  will it ever be added or is this a sperate ea now
Expert4x (1 year ago)
The link to the RSI Envelope DIAD trader is here: http://www.theforexexpertadvisor.com/ The EA is called the Happy EA.
Expert4x (1 year ago)
Thanks for that. The RSI Envelop top-up EA is on the shelf because of our summer holidays. It has been ready for launching for a long time now we just need to get our resources aligned after the holidays.
easy (1 year ago)
This is a terrible video example if you wish to sell your EA. Not to diminish your work but the amount of times you said 'Stopped Out' is not a good selling point haha
belvendran ranjan (1 year ago)
Why your not using standard division
Expert4x (1 year ago)
This system uses envelopes - there are other systems that use standard deviations
Abade (1 year ago)
This strategy sucks. A better setup (same settings). Last candle RSI crossed the 80/20 levels torwards the center. Last candle crossed: - Above lower envelope (buy). - Below the upper envelope (sell). TP = MIddle point (use a 13 centered weighted or exponential MA) or 100/200% stop loss distance (which is on latest high/low). Acept the fact that markets zig zag erratically 80% of the time already you trend rider sentimentals.
Expert4x (1 year ago)
Yes it probably will for you.
Van Brandimarte (1 year ago)
Hi, I have the DIAD EA, but, don't know how you are working the automated entry with the RSI/Envelope system entry as this Entry option is not available in the EA itself>
Expert4x (1 year ago)
Thanks for your enquiry, This is an 4 year old EA that you can find at this link http://www.theforexexpertadvisor.com
Faridul Islam (1 year ago)
Thank you very much for your strategy, actually Forex trading business is my part time job, that’s way; I am not interested on manual trading! As a result, I use most transparent automatic trading service, Social Trading Service of trade24 broker, here I get regular profit without any technical problem!
Arrowood Fodor (1 year ago)
Finaly I make some real money, $440 this session *i added video about this strategy*
Howard Hill (1 year ago)
The big wins on this system are made when price trends in a non or low volatile way after triggering from extreme level. It's good to see that this system keeps the losses much smaller than the wins, because there are a lot of losses.
Expert4x (1 year ago)
Yes in general you are risking 5% to make 100% - it means you can have 20 losses and 1 win and still break even.
G A (1 year ago)
Very aggressive strategy with 20% risk. The standard is 12 or less. But bravo, if this is real. Looks like a 50k demo account. Anyone done this on a real account and made money? Message me and I will buy this.
Sverre Mortveit (1 year ago)
Everything works with demo and editing videos..... there is no proof that this works that good, as i can see it, everyone would have it and shared it.
parrai khan (1 year ago)
i need this ea
Peejay Lal (1 year ago)
How can this be traded on Interactive Brokers platform ? If you have any program for scale trader/algo trader, please advise costs. thank you.
Milko Vivaldi (2 years ago)
Time frame and periods of indicator?
Vít Hránek (1 year ago)
Did you realy watched the video? :D it is all there man :D
loo lee (2 years ago)
you count funny. start $50K and end 80K it is 40K gain which is NOT 300% - but 80% profit - but it is good too. Thanks.
Winston S (1 year ago)
It is based on capital at risk, not on the entire account. $10K was at risk, which turned into $40K, hence the 300% return was calculated.
Md Nazrul Islam Rahat (2 years ago)
hello bro how can i set auto bye sell or tp/sl in this system ?
George Vlassov (2 years ago)
Alex can you explain ,how to set up trailing stops and profit targets. Thank you
Martin Tan (2 years ago)
Does this apply to 5 minutes and 10 minutes trading?
Alfa Won (2 years ago)
So have you made real money with this system ?
Don White (2 years ago)
Not the dumbest fucking thing I've seen . . . bit close.  You'd do better flipping a coin.
Vladimir Anatolevich (2 years ago)
The secret of a successful trade on forex! Leading trade since 2006.Now has developed a strategy , which brings profit of 100-150% per month! This method is very simple and ACCESSIBLE INFORMATION! FOR THE NOVICE TRADE AND NOT ONLY! MASTERFX. RU
Tim mi (3 years ago)
What other pairs can these settings be used with? Do you also have settings for other pairs, like EURUSD for example? or perhaps GBPUSD? thanks
Tim mi (3 years ago)
These are good entries. But I cannot help but wonder if, in addition to moving your stop to break-even, you might thereafter move it to a break even + modest profit, and then let it go from there. if not, a trailing stop the size of the average candle plus 50% or something of the sort.
Howard Hill (1 year ago)
yes, a trailing stop and/or some closer (scalping) targets may have helped, but the trade off is being able to let the winners run
Vinod Daryanani (3 years ago)
thanks for sharing this strategy. can u tell us how many trades do u expect to get per day using this strategy and from your experience on which time of the day does the set up occurs the most?
Live Stream (3 years ago)
+ARG & CO., KMM Here is his skype: hendrik.pacs  Thanks
ARG & CO., KMM (3 years ago)
+Luiz Fernando brother how to contact him
Live Stream (3 years ago)
+Vinod Daryanani My friend, i loss alot on forex, trying several strategies.... after i learned one strategy from one guy on skype, i'm recovering all my loss, im very satisfied with it.... His skype: hendrik.pacs Is awesome guy, you have full support and the strategy is really awesome...
*Trading without indicators*, look at the channel
Small Blue Chicken (3 years ago)
For those of you who don't pay attention and so don't understand, Alex says, right near the beginning of the video, that he was using only 10k for the DIAD trading, not the entire 50K. So when the account gains 10k, it has doubled what he was using to trade this method. If you don't get it, and the very strong gains made HOWEVER you look at it aren't enough, maybe you should go back to your millionaire jobs at McDonalds.
Is it 300% profit????????????????     its just 60% profit   not 300%  :)))))))))
Supremax67 (1 year ago)
No no no, he has a point. You never play with your full balance, market crashes you lose it all. So you have to work off the fact he was using 50k since it is his starting balance, hence 60% was his return. Not 300%
*93% of profitable trades. Look at my trading for a few months. And you learn what a good profit is....*
divineslaughter (1 year ago)
he is only playing with 10000 out of his 50k account.
otacon1024 (1 year ago)
Mike Haran (3 years ago)
A crap system that seems to try selling the trend instead of running with the trend. Useless.
George Ell W (3 years ago)
+Mike Haran Well it can work... I did it once on USDJPY. Not envelopes, it was repainting indicator. BUT... I made it that way that you could catch end of trend and get amazing profit (it was cca 5 000 pips..not 500, i mean 5 000) So it can work.. But this is really SLOW.
Fx SamuraiRobot (3 years ago)
Hey, thanks for video! Most of the time I trade by my own. I found free robot, It makes me small, but stable profit. Awesome :) Take it on my page
saiby alphonse (3 years ago)
Hi Alex,,... thanks for sharing... its a great inspiration to see some profitable trades and a growing account... ow do you automate the system? do you use bollinger bands at all?
Mala Vida (4 years ago)
Looks to be a very robust EA. A little confused at 16:25 you stated that a break even trade made a little loss, looking at the close of the previous batch of trades and the close of this batch of trades looks to me as though the break even trade made a profit of just over $700... :)  Small losses like that I can take..
topstar911 (4 years ago)
This is basically what I am trying to accomplish with the SMA feature for about two months now. A win/loss ratio of about 30/70 neglecting breakeven trades. In the above video 10000 from those 50000 were used for trading and the risk per initial trade was 5% if I am not mistaken. Regarding the SMA option, maybe Bollinger Bands would be more proftable to use. Anyway, thanks for the above content.
topstar911 (4 years ago)
+Expert4x Alex, I will reply via email to you and/or Mary. Have to go to bed now :-).
Expert4x (4 years ago)
Do you have any specific information on using the Bollinger Bands together with the DIAD concepts?
Tholithemba Ntsele (4 years ago)
Don't take it personal... just that I was following this system of yours. In some videos I saw the amount being doubled. Now it was just a surprise to me that 50000 was not turned into 100000 but I think I get it now.
Expert4x (4 years ago)
I can understand the your view. The fact is that professional traders use the DIAD EA to risk 1% to only make 4% to 5%. The success rate is in fact very high doing this.  These are called DIAD trades because of the EA name. The EA has that name because of its ability to in fact double your account with unique and relatively high risk trades but more importantly because nobody will buy an EA called the 5% EA. So you do need an open mind about these type of things.
Sam Gould (4 years ago)
...even if this is not planning to be automated into DIAD is there anyway to automate this completely by setting an alert to the RSI & Envelope that then triggers the DIAD EA start or place a trade that your aware of??
Jon K (3 years ago)
+Sam Gould what you see is a new ea that automatically enters trades on rsi & channel. Then diad trade management takes care of the trades once it is on.
+Sam Gould You are missing the idea. The DIAD in its current form is a manual entry but automatic trade management EA. This video shows an updated version of DIAD EA where it actually enters into a trade subject to two entry conditions being met and then follows the same automatic trade management as the DIAD currently does.
Sam Gould (4 years ago)
+Expert4x  so what your tell me is DIAD can enter a trade automatically off of the RSI and Envelopes trigger?? as I'm sure it doesn't, therefore I'm asking if you know of anyway to create an alert from the RSI & Envelope being triggered to then start the DIAD EA?
Expert4x (4 years ago)
As you see in the video it is already a fully automated EA that runs continuously and trades automatically - no alerts required 
Tholithemba Ntsele (4 years ago)
Alex but the account is not being doubled here.
topstar911 (4 years ago)
The partial account, 10000, was increased by four times. Not a factor of 2 but 4.
Expert4x (4 years ago)
OK - To teach people to risk their whole account is not something I want to do. Risking 10000 and doubling that is the same as risking $ 50 000 and doubling that mechanically
Sam Gould (4 years ago)
Please please tell me this will be able to be automated in a future DIAD update???
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