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Startup Funding Explained: Everything You Need to Know

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shahid zafar (3 hours ago)
very inspiring video. Start up funding is available. Even you have Idea for any business and keen to start. Amazing loan product. Peoples dream are coming true now. promptfund.com
rukain (4 hours ago)
Awesome video.
Pat W (1 day ago)
how shark tank works behind the scenes off camera.
Bryant Ortiz (2 days ago)
Well organized and explained. Our MorphoMFG team assist many entrepreneurs that crowdfund from kickstater and Indiegogo. If you ever need any guidance or information in entrepreneurship in the product development world, please feel free to check out our FB group: https://m.facebook.com/groups/1646551398953191?ref=share
Jeaf Gilbert (5 days ago)
“They will actually be stock split along the way which convert each single share anyone holds into multiple shares. Hance your number of shares is doubled or tripled every now and then along with everyone else’s”. Can anyone elaborate more how the splitting exactly works?
Jacky Do (5 days ago)
When you enter an investor agreement and you are supplying capital to the company for a startup, should all the other parties who also invested... Are they suppose to also know who all the big investors are as well and how much percentage they have? Should it always be transparent (on paper or legal investor document) to everybody who invested and how much each shareholder owns and how much they have contributed? What if someone makes up their contribution and gives themselves 30 percentage within the company?
babi ternak ✔️ (7 days ago)
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Veni Vidi Amavi (8 days ago)
*this video is so helpful thank you!!*
Sunny Pandey (9 days ago)
Wow god you are the best
Daija Booker (10 days ago)
Atanas Baichev (14 days ago)
Guys I don't get the principle how from a company with 100k got to a company with 250k with only 50k investment?
Kevin Burress (14 days ago)
So I need to come up with an idea for the project that isn't the one that I want to do so I can sell it so I can later sell my shares and leave to go do the one I want to do.
Marco Blackwell (17 days ago)
Amazing video
Behram Ko (17 days ago)
Your explanation doesn't refer to what creates value : which is that you get customers. But none of the investors or the founders create this value, only the work of human beings creates value, the work of tge employees and/or the work of the founders. You never mentioned the employees in your explanation, do you consider them like slaves or robots maybe???
Colin Wagaba (20 days ago)
Very insightful.
KIRAN BOYAPATI (20 days ago)
Surafeal Wolday (21 days ago)
I wish you were my professor in college! This is “painfully easy” to understand.
James Parker (24 days ago)
Lutherangrants com are life savers .I just received a grant of $40,000 from them .
I only focus on profit!!!
Mohammed Zaid (1 month ago)
This was so relaxing and informative at the same time.
ayush kumar (1 month ago)
thank you. it really helped me to understand
Luis Del Giudice (1 month ago)
Usually the money isn't for servers, that's actually the cheapest part, most of the time the money is needed to bring the engineers full-time. An investment of 50k is considered a pre-seed investment and seed investments are usually 1M or less. Series A usually go for 1m+
Istvan Homoki (1 month ago)
Can you recommend a mentor? My company has huge potencial but I need guidance.
Israel Galivjan (1 month ago)
515 people never understood the game the rich play.
Ritam Talukdar (1 month ago)
Speak slow
Atsushi Yamaguchi (1 month ago)
i love it when he says congrats
Well explained!. Thanks
nvshd (1 month ago)
Bank loan -- you pay it back with interest Fundraising -- your equity is diluted Kickstarter -- you own everything
KHP Steel Company (1 month ago)
I got a business grant of $25,000 credited to my bank account and that is all thanks to lutherangrants com
TheGameFreak013 (1 month ago)
dilution sounds a bit unfair to the early investors
Rohit Kumar (1 month ago)
You should mention the name of the song used, along with the mention.
Sándor András (1 month ago)
I like how you said "crowd funding" instead of fools, almost the same.
Jovad Uribe (1 month ago)
Can some one point me in the right direction for setting up the legal structure to distribute 100,000 shares in an employee owned company. I have an LLC but don’t necessarily know how to create legal documents. I am also interested in the legal side of receiving a seed investment. Thanks
IT Build (1 month ago)
can anyone recommend me some books on startups investments ??
IT Build (1 month ago)
God how i missed this video
chaos98GTVS (1 month ago)
The quiet fatrat song in the background, so great :D
Isabella Htun (1 month ago)
Love the intro lol
flora williams (1 month ago)
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Bryan Smith (1 month ago)
Seems like the first investment would be the hardest to get.
S O M E O N E (1 month ago)
100 out of 10 What a nice explanation I subed BTW
許漢庭 (1 month ago)
I have finished watching this video completely. (我看完這部影片了) I am a Taiwanese who cares about the global affairs. (我是一個關心全球事務的台灣人) And, sadly, most of my fellow Taiwanese don't really care about the world. (但是,很不幸地,我大部分的台灣同胞不那麼在意世界。) Hopefully Taiwan can become increasingly globally-aware and globally-competitive. (希望台灣可以越來越有全球意識與全球競爭力。) God bless Taiwan. (天佑台灣。)
ahmad fadzel (1 month ago)
if they are exiting by going public, who runs the company?
Leonardo de barros (1 month ago)
awesome veideo, thans a lot it really help me.
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Shaylah Harris (1 month ago)
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Ballwiz 23 (1 month ago)
The initial investor would have to agree that their percent of the company can be diluted. Otherwise you've just stolen part of their 25% and given it away without their permission. That's an important thing to note.
The Rest Of Us (1 month ago)
Ballwiz 23 All existing investors need to sign off on the new terms and conditions of the new funding round. Usually initial investors will be happy to be diluted by 30% if the whole pie is growing by 300%. That’s the whole idea behind startup investing.
Lilo Roesch (1 month ago)
This is incredibly well explained. Thank you!
The Romanian Traveler (1 month ago)
Dude thank you so much for puting this video online!
Tin Shing Lee (2 months ago)
angel and seed seems to have swapped around.. angel round usualy comes before seed. (angel = pre-product, seed = with some traction and POC) now theres even superangel round
Maxwell Graham (2 months ago)
I received $30,000 grant from acornsgrants com
Luca (2 months ago)
1) Not all founders want to have an exit = don't go for VC's.. 2) Company valuation at each step: don't be too optimistic, and it also depends on the evaluation method agreed. 3) FFF...Family & Friends: let them live in peace, it only get troubles. The numbers shown are for a quite good start-up...
Punyavudh Karasuddhi (2 months ago)
Great great content, very useful in real context
RBD (2 months ago)
First video I've seen by this channel. Instantly subscribed. Well done!
Jay Muring (2 months ago)
For a teenager like me, watching a video like this is like preparing my future for a bigsteps
Marc Gaspard (2 months ago)
Much Appreciate !! Can you help this to be in an excel table ? On how the shares and the money is split in future ? Thanks
Kamichi Kora (2 months ago)
Great great content
Koustav Chakrabartty (2 months ago)
Best video ever seen
Alexandre (2 months ago)
Super clear! Thanks a lot!
obscure323 (2 months ago)
When are you going to make videos for the “topics for another time”?
I'm So Diaosi (2 months ago)
Keme Kenneth (2 months ago)
Love the explanations and the animations.
Patrick Garrett (2 months ago)
Really excellent video. Thank you
Rawan A (2 months ago)
Interesting and useful
Burning Knight (2 months ago)
Nice explanation style.
Joshua Hibbs (2 months ago)
The Video got wrong about the idea of stock splitting it hardly ever happens anymore I read last year in 2018 that something like 7 companies in the S&P 500 did a form of stock splitting the principle of "stock splitting gas been on a extinction trend as it makes it easier for companies to buy each other out and for hedge funds to play the casino wheel while the average investor gets Sh##ted.
Kirk Schafer (2 months ago)
I remember the basics from cost accounting, but the "startups" context is very much appreciated. Thanks for putting this together in an easy-to-follow way.
Stephen Tilton (2 months ago)
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Joakim Andersson (2 months ago)
"You get 50 000 dollars from a wealthy family friend" Well... ok then... *Puts on clockmaker hat, dances through the upside down, into neverland"
Bruno Raschio (2 months ago)
I always look for businesses that have a very ambitious owner, he puts his money in his business and reinvests his profits for growth. Those are clear signs i look for when i invest in private equity through my company Grand Bay Investments
Bruno Raschio (2 months ago)
I always look for businesses that have a very ambitious owner, he puts his money in his business and reinvests his profits showing growth. Those are clear signs i look for when i invest in private equity through grand bay investments
Fellipemark Bartino (2 months ago)
globalcyberaids,com are only the genuine hackers here
Dumb Society (2 months ago)
What if i dont go to Public trade or no one buys my company? How will the investors recoup their investments? Thru dividends? or sell it privately to other investors?
Sibi Mathew (2 months ago)
Simple way of explaining a complex subject.. kudos.
Rupesh Sukale (2 months ago)
Doubt in calculations: @5:43 how 33k? Its is 25% for 100000 shares, so it must for 25k shares for investors right?
The Rest Of Us (2 months ago)
Rupesh Sukale 33/133=25%
shnehil shandilya (3 months ago)
very well explained!
hidden leaf (3 months ago)
Sorry but your accent is hard to follow.
Utkarsh Dubey (3 months ago)
I think you could have got patenting covered too. It takes a lot of money.
Utkarsh Dubey (3 months ago)
Nasif Ali (3 months ago)
I need co founder with me ... He should be an expert in programing and coding abig sites.... serious
joe montizo (3 months ago)
Another option for Startup Funding is to use you credit. I was able to build my own credit profile up to $226,000 in a little over 2 years from less then $8000 in credit. I made sure to pay my balance down to less then 10% every month and never missed a payment. Once my credit score hit 700+, I used a company called LendingMatchup to help me get approved for funding. Every 6 months I would have them get me a new round of funding then remove the inquiries for anything I didn't get approved for. My first round of funding I was only able to get approved for $32,000 because I barely had any credit established but my second round was $67,000 and each round after the second has been atleast 50k+. My advice is to work on building your personal credit until you can use your own credit to get approved for funding then use someone who knows what theyre doing to help you get funding. Its alot better then giving away a chunk of your business to someone else or having to ask friends or family.
goldleafboy (3 months ago)
Emmanuel Fleurine (3 months ago)
this video is wonderfull thanks for the explanation.
bani aly (3 months ago)
how the hell can i find an investore am in a contry where metal and fish and gold are so easy to get and yet we have one company that mine iron i got to use this opportunity but lack of funds i got some cash but not gone make a full company and i need that company to be full i live in (mauritania) look it up
Juan Flores (3 months ago)
Loved the Martin Scorsese table lol!
PinkTrash Unicorn (3 months ago)
What person investing their money doesn't care about the business plan?
Van Vu (3 months ago)
the capital raise is the fundamental flaw of this start up model. Cant just poof shares out of nowhere like the FED
808OnDaTrack (3 months ago)
Love this video. You made it very simple. Thank you!
You're on point on the information, however, the background noise and also the speed at which you are going, made it so distracting.
nim roo (3 months ago)
I have my exam tomorrow and this helps so much. Thanks for explaining it accurately and breaking down the complex process in a much simpler manner. Really appreciate it! (:
KSR TV (3 months ago)
This video killed my confusion!!! You made it look so easy bruh thanks you’re the man!!!
IELTS Fahim (3 months ago)
I learned almost everything I was looking for in these past months in one video, though I watched the video over and over again to understand the math and terms used here. But I loved it. Very professional! Do you have more videos like this one?
IELTS Fahim (3 months ago)
+The Rest Of Us Yeah, I watched that now. Another masterpiece! Thank you so much for making them.
The Rest Of Us (3 months ago)
IELTS Fahim Yea 1 more on startup contracts
Devon Fritz (3 months ago)
Great explanation! Thanks!
Santosh Bukkashetti (3 months ago)
The world is full of talent.
awesome djman (3 months ago)
6:16 I lied
Bango Tube (3 months ago)
Your video is very good. I saw the whole video. Awesome. I'm a regular visitor to your channel, Your channel is really good. I wish you good luck in your channel I also have a youtube channel “bangotube” . If you think you can see my channel. Thank you
REVO_MOVO (3 months ago)
Thank you for getting so far in the explanation until reaching the IPO, I wasn't expecting it and I needed to the understand it. Thanks again for the whole video.
Priyanshu Singh (3 months ago)
less post-money valuation means that the company is already worth more. Does that mean Investors look for companies with lower net worths?
Edwin Tobias (3 months ago)
Wow business degree say whaaaaaat?
Thom (3 months ago)
"A year has passed, things are going well." Not how it works.
Ron Chua (4 months ago)
Wow the most easy to digest explanation bout this topic in YT! More powers! Subscribed and liked :)

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