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Fast Way to Create Polygon Hair for Character in Maya

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This tutorial shows how you can create fast way 3d polygon hair for a character's head. I'm not recorded the full work process, just I focused to paint random alpha hair planes. I used spPaint3d script in Maya to paint the hair planes quickly. Of course for best result need some manual fine touch. Other important things: You should check the brush geometry: set pivot and freeze transformation. If you choose the "place" paint option you can rotate the mesh with SHIFT key. In the options menu you can set the "Place rotate increment" value to determine the rotate angle. You can increase the random painting by set the rotate and scale attribute range. Final renders: http://kollarandor.com/gallery/soviet-sergeant/ Awsome script from Sebastien Paviot, you can download the script here: https://www.creativecrash.com/maya/script/sppaint3d Andor Kollar - Character Artist © 2016 | http://www.kollarandor.com
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Text Comments (58)
TheLemonShelf (18 days ago)
the lack of sound in this video is annoying
free nomon (1 month ago)
Thank you for the script. Does this work with maya 2018 or 2019 as well?
Andor Kollar (1 month ago)
with 2018 works well
Icemanmodeler (6 months ago)
You don't need a plugin nowadays you can use Mash Placer node to create the hair in a similar way but u have more control like use the direction of the brush and randomization. The other way is to use Xgen with polygon strips.
free nomon (1 month ago)
Icemanmodeler, thanks for your tip. Ive used mash in maya to randomly create trees (various sizes n orientation). Do you have a sample of your hair done with mash? Also can I place once strip at a time for hair line area?
Scott Turner (10 months ago)
another fast way is to use a flat paint effects brush.. with wacom you can control taper on hair. change template brush setting to make flat and make your head paintable. select surface offset in channel box with all strokes selected to raise hair after the 'follicle point', convert to polys then tweak mode TF out of it
free nomon (1 month ago)
Scott Turner, Thanks for sharing your technique. It would be super cool if you make a quick 5 min tutorial n show how it looks in real life..Ive been looking for polygon game hair making tips for unity use and it hasnt been easy. I can easily create hair in xgen...but game hair there arent many plugins or scripts.
Vin D (1 year ago)
can u share does strands to us,please
reminds me of some jrench actor...
Daljinsko! (10 months ago)
Vincent Cassel ?
Davin Saputra (1 year ago)
how do you create the texture? what maps did you use
Daniel Olah (2 years ago)
Hi! When i try to use it, it places the hair cards far from the head, like it is put on a cage or envelope mesh, while i have tryed a many treshold values, and offsets as well. What could gone wrong? Thanks!
Daniel Olah (1 year ago)
Még egy kérdést, ha szabad! Nekem ez a script csak az eredeti állás szerint rakja körbe a hajakat, nem adoptálódik a felszínhez mint a videón látott. Ez maya verziófüggő lehet, vagy valami felett átsiklottam?
Andor Kollar (2 years ago)
Daniel Olah (2 years ago)
Á! Köszönöm!
Andor Kollar (2 years ago)
Try to change the pivot.
GameProve (2 years ago)
Hi,Please How I can make Hair For Game (Lowpoly Hair) in 3ds max
Aniket Raj (2 years ago)
I wish I could grow my own hair that way...
GK (1 year ago)
hahha, your humour...
joaobaltieriArt (2 years ago)
Awesome work! Thanks for sharing this technique! Makes life 80% easier... :)
Kostas Michalopoulos (2 years ago)
Hi! Great video, thanks! I wonder how do you achieve the rotation when placing the planes? Is there a shortcut, or just by moving the plane around? (it doesn't seem to work that way, when I've tried it).
Andor Kollar (2 years ago)
I forget to mention, in the options menu you can set the "Place rotate increment" value to determine the rotate angle.
Andor Kollar (2 years ago)
Welcome :)
Kostas Michalopoulos (2 years ago)
Awesome! You are a legend! Thank you for your reply!
Andor Kollar (2 years ago)
You should use the "place" paint option, then click on surface and hold the mouse button and with shift button you can rotate the planes.
Benjie may-ag (2 years ago)
what if you want them to be moving naturally like a human hair does?
Mauricio Becerra (2 years ago)
You use xGen instead of polygons. Or nCloth on the polygons. Simulation which takes a lot more power for computer to process. That's why games use this instead of other ways to make hair.
Kaian pk (2 years ago)
how can i export the hair to marmotset???
Andor Kollar (2 years ago)
Because this is polygon hair so you can export like the other mesh.
nuuskapeke11 (2 years ago)
That looks amazing 10/10 . and greetings from finland
Ffdggbhhhjj Vffggzh (2 years ago)
can i use this hair tool for a game engine ?
Stuart Bradley Newsom (2 years ago)
Thats kind of the point of Polygon Hair.
Skinkie22 (2 years ago)
do you also have a screenshot from the hair settings inside marmoset???
Skinkie22 (2 years ago)
+Andor Kollar yeah thanks for sharing!
Andor Kollar (2 years ago)
Martin Hanuš (2 years ago)
Andor Kollar (2 years ago)
Hi I share here the shader settings: http://kollarandor.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/Head-Hair_Marmoset-Toolbag-Shaders.jpg
Skinkie22 (2 years ago)
+Martin Hanuš look up the latest naughty dog zbrush summit. it helped me a lot
JJ De Rancho (2 years ago)
Were you speaking in a whole new level of sound wave? Where do I get the device to hear you?
Andor Kollar (2 years ago)
Sound was not recorded.
Jung il LEE (2 years ago)
Very nice work. I'm a 2D Painter. Could you recommend me a reference or a book or anything to start up a skill to be like you?
3D Artist Nykho (2 years ago)
-excellent brother. NICE WORK, thanks for sharing. Really Thanks
Jumeaux (2 years ago)
Vincent Cassel? Awesome !
Andor Kollar (2 years ago)
Thanks! You recognized well! Yes my face reference was Vincent Cassel.
Dag Isaksson (2 years ago)
Very nice. Good job. The likeness is very good as well. Thanks for the script.
322ss (2 years ago)
Great work!
Marquis Burt (2 years ago)
Out of curiosity how many polygons are the hairs?
free nomon (1 month ago)
Marc-André Désilets, thank you so much for your post. I can create xgen hairs in maya no problems but polygon hair is very hard to lesrn to make. If transparency (alpha hair) is more expensive in game engine (I use unity now) would you recommend that doing polygon hair without transparency is cheaper to render? Human hairs is about 100k so dont even need millions.. Do you have an example of your polygon hair? How did you place them on scalp? Mash? Xgen hair then spines to poly strips? Hand placement? I appreciate your professional advice. Thank you. : )
giantSwing (7 months ago)
+Marc-André Désilets cool! Thanks for the insight :)
Marc-André Désilets (7 months ago)
@giantSwing Haha no problem, there's no bad question :) Shading complexity, (transparent pixels, over transparent pixels) cost more to render on the gpu side. More layers = slower to render. Modern gpu are very good at rendering millions of polygons but still struggle with shading complexity. On my last project for the amount of fur we wanted on our creatures, we found out that rendering 2 millions polygons was actually ~2.5 times faster that trying to render the same thing will less polygons and transparency. Hope it helps!
giantSwing (7 months ago)
+Marc-André Désilets sorry for the noob question, what do you mean with the overdraw being more of a problem than the poly count?
Marc-André Désilets (1 year ago)
First Andor Kollar, you did a great job on this! I'm using this video as a "tutorial" with my artist at work. Marquis : It could be opimized more if needed. You would have to tweak the alpha mask to add more density at texture level and remove geometry . You could could also remove 1 or 2 edge loop on each strand to recude the poly count. But in realtime, the real problem would be the overdraw more than the polycount.
Chris Rawlinson (2 years ago)
Good work
M Whitty (3 years ago)
ok wow!

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