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Get the EXTENDED CUT of this tutorial: http://wp.me/P3V1aP-TL Download the character used in the video here: http://wp.me/P3V1aP-Tm This basic Maya character rigging tutorial shows how to create joints and skin your character to the resulting skeleton. Knowing joint creation and character skinning in Maya is the first step to animating characters properly! This tutorial shows how to place joints correctly to create a skeleton that deforms a character correctly, and then shows how to attach the character skin to the skeleton, to ready it for posing and animation! Topics touched on include the create joint tool and the insert joint tool, geodesic voxel binding, the hammer skin weights tool, the paint skin weights tool, and the component editor. Now available is the EXTENDED CUT version of this tutorial! Over an hour long, every topic in this video is covered in more detail. New topics are introduced as well: there's a guide on joint placement, skin weighting guidelines and best practices, and joint orients - and how the wrong joint orients can destroy your skeleton! Download it now: http://wp.me/P3V1aP-TL
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Text Comments (600)
Fritz Jewett (6 days ago)
Is there a reason you do Geodisc Voxel as the binding method?
David Jericho (16 days ago)
Pressing "D" switches me to pivot mode. Have the default hotkeys been changed since this video was made?
Footballerz (14 days ago)
yes, if you tap d once it switches to pivot mode. Tap again to exit pivot mode.
شوارع مصرية (18 days ago)
This awesome!!
陈博 (20 days ago)
Thank you very much for your tutorial and it has helped me too much! ! ! sir
Nour Ghafarji (29 days ago)
i tried heatmap option in bind skin option box, i don't know it seems to work pretty good! what's the difference ?
Nic Mooney (1 month ago)
You're a God
Bartłomiej Kozłowski (1 month ago)
I unbind skin with keeping history, relocate joint a bit (or add a edge loop on skin) and now I can't bind it back since it doesn't match the bind pose. What am I doing wrong?
Josh Black (1 month ago)
I assume adding nurb circles as controllers would just be adding the necessary constraints?
Ibrahim Satour (1 month ago)
You make the best Maya tutorials ever! Thank you :D
Rexcy Jones (2 months ago)
this is amazing! thank you very much!!
Arkadiy T (2 months ago)
Is possible to coppy and paste skin weights for the same skeleton, but with a small mesh changes. If yes, how to do it properly. Skin weight map doesn't work properly for me?!
Arkadiy T (2 months ago)
+James Taylor First of all thank you for answer! I am trying to copy skin weights by vertexes, but have some errors like too many vertexes selected an other. I am not a professional in Maya 3D and English languadge. Can you make some scrinshots or video how to copy skin weight for charater mesh?
James Taylor (2 months ago)
Yes, definitely possible. Just copy skin weights using vertex locations or world location instead of a weight map. As long as the meshes are close Maya should do a good job.
Indian Einstein (3 months ago)
plz tell me how to lay bones, orient pivots, do IK handle and add polevector succesfully for 'non-straight' hand and leg ???
idlevalley (3 months ago)
Where was this 6 months ago? :) SO RIDICULOUSLY HELPFUL, THANK YOU!
Conduitt (4 months ago)
If the model is already UVed and textured, do NOT move the geo. You will stretch and distort the texture.
Stephen Webb (4 months ago)
comment made at 10 minutes in: Why not use the component editor to manage the % of a joints weight on a vert? I guess I'm kind of old school but I hated having to use the paint weights tool! If you REALLY want uber control over the joints and thier influence over every single vert or component, use the component editor in the Windows->General Editors->Component Editor. If you guess have never used it before, I suggest you give it a go.
Stephen Webb (4 months ago)
LOL so I guess I should make it a habit to watch the entire video before commenting. Yeah man, James seems to cover it all. Great work James!
Spencer Wang (5 months ago)
This video is awesome. But I'm little confused about basic structural change part(around 15:55), when I beveled my edge the weight map just became super weird.
Spencer Wang (5 months ago)
+James Taylor Thanks!!! It works great!
James Taylor (5 months ago)
Beveling is still a pretty destructive tool - Maya updated it a few versions ago to fix the UV breaking issues, but I'm not surprised that it still breaks weightmaps. If you need to bevel geo, duplicate your mesh, bevel, delete history, skin to the skeleton, then copy skin weights from the old mesh onto the new beveled mesh.
crimsonBen (5 months ago)
super cool, aditionally you could use "snap to projected center"
James Taylor (5 months ago)
True! Maya has so many tools that I forget about half of them until someone brings them up, like the extra snapping tools in the snap menu :D
EDMBootCamp (5 months ago)
anyone else find this mildly erotic
EDMBootCamp (5 months ago)
Милош Баскић (5 months ago)
Amazingly well made tutorial <3
K S (5 months ago)
James Taylor is a beast.
Russel Realeza (6 months ago)
Very helpful James, been practicing now character rigging and modeling at the same time for my thesis!
Cienna Brown (6 months ago)
Is there any way to make the painting of the tool more sensitive? I keep struggling and clicking like the wind wanting a certain part of the mesh to be painted with no result. Also, is there a way to turn a part black?
Mike S (6 months ago)
Hey James, Currently taking a quick dive back in to some simple rigging, and came across this video. Thank you for being clear and staying focused on the task at hand! I can't believe how many videos out there that just go off on so many tangents...
zeb (6 months ago)
Thank you!
akash baidya (6 months ago)
superb..... thank you very much jams.
Ryan Cole (7 months ago)
Great tutorial. Very well explained. As a complete beginner who was trying to figure out why my rigging was not turning out well, this video really helped open me up to all the things I was not doing!
Rodrigo Ferriz (7 months ago)
thanks, great explanation
SuperSlackOff (7 months ago)
subbed, why? you are to the point, no time wasted. Thanks.
Radha Virani And Krutika (7 months ago)
Thank you. #radhaviraniandkrutika, #krutikaworld
Eng.Mohammed Salah (8 months ago)
perfect .. thanks for your time james
Quintonieum (8 months ago)
17:28 Got Em.
Olivier M (9 months ago)
Mutalib Gozalov (10 months ago)
Samuel Kayo (10 months ago)
Hi can you use this program to make animated movements like a press-up demonstration for example?
James Taylor (10 months ago)
sure, I don't see why that wouldn't be possible.
Ayush Dubey (11 months ago)
can i get your e mail sir, im 3d student and want some help.. my e mail id is ayushdubey [email protected] i need help regarding edge flow
Source Code Deleted (11 months ago)
You look like Loki from the avengers...
Supernova12034 (11 months ago)
Watched a million tutorials, this is the only one that actually helped Thanks a lot!
Nila Wright (11 months ago)
For some reason the arms don't seem to want to bind, even though I was able to bind them before. Anybody have a clue why?
PAULO LAZARO (11 months ago)
nice work bro!! but also you can teach us how to create Facial controller for a character i mean lips sync,,eye movement
Lukasss (11 months ago)
PLS HELP, when I rig my character and when I try to move joints, cause of some reason, the whole body starts moving. For example if i move the joint for my characters neck, then the whole body starts moving and it looks realy weird.
James Taylor (11 months ago)
either all your joints are parented to your neck, or your skin weights on the rest of the body are being influenced by the neck.
Joseph Croft (1 year ago)
the only part of my rig that moves the body is the pelvis when i bind it. when i try to rotate the shoulder only the joint moves and the arm doesnt. Does anybody know of any fixes?
Joseph Croft (1 year ago)
I figured it out. Had to select all the joints instead of just the pelvis and then bind
RedDigitalWolf (1 year ago)
Thank you James! It really helped me a lot! But I have 2 questions... 1. Let's say... When you control a hand and it touches the character's hair. Will the hair move by itself or the hair still stay and you need it to move by yourself? 2. What if my character had clothes? How do you rig with it?
James Taylor (1 year ago)
ugh, simulations are what you're talking about, huge pain in the ass. e.g. Rocket Raccoon - first you animate the character, then you simulate his hair, then you simulate his clothes on top of his hair, then you adjust original hair sim, then you adjust cloth sim on top of that so the answer to your question is always do bald characters wearing skin tight clothing
Jonas De Leon Mijares (1 year ago)
Hi. What's the difference of Geodesic Voxel to Closest in Hierarchy? In my school, we use closest in hierarchy.
James Taylor (1 year ago)
geodesic voxel is newer and fancier, use that instead. Closest in Hierarchy means exactly that, every vert is weighted to the joint it is closest to. GV takes into account joint placement and nearby vertex weighting to create a better solution
samuel sibal (1 year ago)
wow its very helpful, i'm studying my own so thank you very much for your your videos, this video is enough for me to learn by myself...
Justin smith (1 year ago)
GREAT video. Thanks so much for making this.
chance arana (1 year ago)
I have a question before you add joints to a character thats composed of mutiple peice like armour should the geo be combined into one ?
GUN DUDE (1 year ago)
Hey, i'm trying to rig a 4-legged spider using your methods but after i bind the skin the model does not follow the joints. only when i grab the joint for the head, but then it moves the whole model in one piece. Also since i created a spline and used the middle joint for the arms to connect to the spline is divided in 2 separate groups. Can you help me with this ?
Cole Schubert (1 year ago)
Lol this got age restricted
James Taylor (1 year ago)
there isn't even a real person in this video, SMH
Aegis Mind (1 year ago)
thank you for this. You got a good voice for tutorials!
Rajuuken (1 year ago)
how about joint local rotation? is it ok if you create in these views?
James Taylor (1 year ago)
I think I understand. That is one of the reasons I create my joints by duplicating them - that way I know the axes always face the same direction.
Rajuuken (1 year ago)
Thanks for your tuto by the way I liked it but my question was about the orientation of the axis. I thought the joint should have one main axis rotation and a secondary one but you don't really speak about it in this tuto. I'm more familiar with 3ds so I can only speak for this software but the axis of the joint are placed accordingly to the views. So I supposed It was the same with maya.
James Taylor (1 year ago)
ideally all rotations are zeroed out. I don't know what you are referencing by 'these views'
Metin Köktas (1 year ago)
thank you very mutch for this video. :D
Babak Sobhani (1 year ago)
Is that nessery to smooth character before skinning or it doesn't matter?
Babak Sobhani (1 year ago)
James Taylor thanks
James Taylor (1 year ago)
+Babak Sobhani you can use the low res version to drive a high res version of the mesh, if needed. Copy skin weights works between two different meshes.
frodo swaggins (1 year ago)
Fantastic tutorial. keep it up James
Conor Rogerson (1 year ago)
Hey great tutorial. How do you select the next joint when renaming them? For example at 3:44, you rename the shoulder and then it selects the wrist ready for you to rename again?
Conor Rogerson (1 year ago)
Don't know why I didn't try that, thank you!
James Taylor (1 year ago)
use the up and down arrow keys to go up and down the joint chain
This is a great tutorial... but it's called underscore, not underbar. This bothers me greatly.
Lawless Gaming (1 year ago)
My mesh keeps breaking apart and creating holes. Is this an issues with my mesh or something that standard?
James Taylor (1 year ago)
could be that you have unwelded verts, which is an easy fix, just weld them. You can also try doing a Mesh > Cleanup, to see if your geometry has any other problems.
Freedom Fighter (1 year ago)
Excuse me, how did you add the blue background in the scene
nfarquhar (1 year ago)
This is super helpful, great vid
Alexander Buryak (1 year ago)
some shortcut show while work goes? its not really clear when you are parenting shoulder
Gretsche Kunstmann (1 year ago)
This is amazing!!!!
Eunice Tamayo (1 year ago)
Perry's Hotter (1 year ago)
I like how there are joints for the boobs at the very end.
James Taylor (1 year ago)
it's either that or doing a full muscle sim rig!
Dylan Armstrong (1 year ago)
how do you take away skin weight? For example if I have too much weight on a part of the body?
James Taylor (1 year ago)
Well, if you think of it like a computer, it makes sense. The weighting value for every vert must always equal 1.0. If you subtract weighting from a vert, then the weighting is less than 1.0 - but Maya doesn't know what to fill in the remainder with, and it doesn't want to guess. So no subtraction!
Dylan Armstrong (1 year ago)
James Taylor That’s rather counterintuitive... thanks!
James Taylor (1 year ago)
you can't subtract weights, you can only add them using paint weights. So to subtract weighting from the shoulder, you add it to the clavicle instead. The alternate is to use the component editor, when you can type in the exact weighting amounts you want, including the ability to reduce or remove weighting.
Perry's Hotter (1 year ago)
I don't really need to know why it has to be in the A pose but more importantly how I should go about placing my arms in the a pose since I've already modeled it in the T pose.
Ken Masters (1 year ago)
God damn amazing video, thank you for making this! :D
Leticia Saldana (1 year ago)
Great Video! Any on IK and FK handles, there are no good ones on youtube?
James Taylor (1 year ago)
not yet, still gotta get around to doing that
CaptnKyrsh (1 year ago)
amazing tutorial!!! I used it to skin my flour sack... sorry hahaha. first time animating a character, gotta start somewhere I guess. so glad I found this channel!
PeeyanoKeys (1 year ago)
how do you change a T Pose to an A Pose without ruining the UVs and textures?
Stronk Komrade (1 year ago)
i think ill be a pro watching this 100 time and write the content you said
Thomas (1 year ago)
Using this on maya 2017 - Best rigging tutorial on youtube that I could find, James. Thanks a ton. EDIT: I'm really bad with skin weights, and this video really helped me. All best
thank you so much for advices ! you the best
MHA Beyond (1 year ago)
Hello there! If I try to add new joints after binding, I find that the new joints are not added to the bind pose, even if I edit influence>add influence to those joints. Any suggestions on how to fix that?
James Taylor (1 year ago)
try adding the joints when the body is in the bind pose, and make sure you parent it to one of the existing joints.
Carlos Caro (1 year ago)
What a great tutorial man. Straight to the sauce, very clear and concise.
James Taylor (1 year ago)
cool, thanks!
Nico D (1 year ago)
Great! Thank you!
Zachary Forcher (1 year ago)
Moving over from a decade in Max to Maya and must complement you on this fantastic, clear, and concise walk-through of basic rigging and skinning. Looking forward to your other vids!
Russell White (1 year ago)
This is a wonderfully done tutorial!!!! thanks for your time making this.
Jeffry Imarhiagbe (1 year ago)
great video, very usefull
James Taylor (1 year ago)
TribeofElephant dope (1 year ago)
Pretty sure your a very busy person but is there a way i can email you and i was wondering do you charge for personal one in one lesons??
James Taylor (1 year ago)
yup, see here: https://www.methodj.com/portfolio-review-private-instruction/
LordCatzen (1 year ago)
I love that you're not wasting any time and just get straight to the important points. I never even touched the rigging mode of maya but you made it easy to understand in just 20 minutes. Thanks!
James Taylor (1 year ago)
that is exactly what I was going for, glad to hear I hit the mark!
Lemon How (1 year ago)
My skin weights are always looked displaced in paint skin weight tool after editing the arm like you did in 16:01, not sure what I missed... It works just fine but colors in paint skin weight tool are all over the place https://imgur.com/a/sbcMn
Spooky gnu (1 year ago)
great tits!
Liangdong Zhu (1 year ago)
very nice tutorial~~
James Taylor (1 year ago)
Karl Eclaire (1 year ago)
Hello! is it possible to rig multiple meshes together? My head is separated from the clothing of my char, and I'm wondering if it was possible to rig it even if they are not a single mesh. Thanks and I love your tutorials!
Karl Eclaire (1 year ago)
Ohh ok I see I'll try it . Thanks a lot for the quick response! Please make more tutorials for Maya thanks!
James Taylor (1 year ago)
yes, you can select multiple objects and do bind skin at one time. Or you can bind each object to the skeleton separately. No need for them all to be a single object.
imad laggoune (1 year ago)
erick mosha (1 year ago)
Cherryl Anne Bataller (1 year ago)
i can't stop replaying that walk animation at the start of the video. cool and smooth.
James Taylor (1 year ago)
Rohan Bhargava (1 year ago)
Thanks James. I wasnt comfortable with rigging and i was refraining from it but your tutorial has changed my views towards rigging process now and makes me feel that rigging can be done smoothly and easily.😊 Thanks again.
Rohan Bhargava (1 year ago)
I also wanted to say that why don't you become a part-time voice over artist because you voice is good and you speak in a very dramatic way, creating a suspense of 'What next'' ...:D :D
James Taylor (1 year ago)
+Rohan Bhargava thanks, glad it helped!
PeeyanoKeys (1 year ago)
This is still the worst part of 3d animating and the single thing that's brought me to the brink of quitting multiple times. But I still persevere... though it hurts.
James Taylor (1 year ago)
Yeah I am not a big fan either. If you haven't seen my Delta Mush video check that out, it makes the skinning process a lot easier - like, one click skinning easier.
Lizzie Jo Stevenson (1 year ago)
If I create a rig following this tutorial, will I be able to use this rig with Unreal Engine 4 "Epic Skeleton?"Use it, and then be able to use Epic's built-in animations? Or do I need a different kind of rig?
Lizzie Jo Stevenson (1 year ago)
Thank you so much! I have been confused about this for a long time. So, if I download the skeleton, all I have to do is attach it to my character mesh, and it will work with UE4's built-in animations? I don't need an additional rig?I was thinking about purchasing your entire series anyway, it is the best one on YouTube! :-)
James Taylor (1 year ago)
+LIZZIE JO STEVENSON what I usually do is just download epic's skeleton and use it as-is. Much quicker than recreating it.
rafafr9 (1 year ago)
haha you said joint
rafafr9 (1 year ago)
no, but really, this is the best maya tutorial on the web
VFX Ltd™ (1 year ago)
Hi, when you are doing weight painting, how do you turn the selection bracket off? It gets abit hard to see if all the polygons in the way when im skinning.
VFX Ltd™ (1 year ago)
I mean the edged faces when you select the mesh
James Taylor (1 year ago)
what do you mean, selection bracket?
hi ppl (1 year ago)
i dont really get how to connect to parent(the connecting shoulder ,clavicle and neck one) anyone expain? im confused .thx
hi ppl (1 year ago)
nvm got it
Sebastián Rodríguez (1 year ago)
Hirak Banerjee (1 year ago)
in your model there is a triangle so is it ok ?
James Taylor (1 year ago)
Bony Ginger (1 year ago)
Best Rig and Sk. tutorial !
Cxeri93 (1 year ago)
its going too fast. can barely see what youre pressing
James Taylor (1 year ago)
+Cxeri93 try clicking the gear to slow down. Or try the extended cut, it goes much slower and spends more time detailing what I do: http://www.methodj.com/methodj-downloads/character-modeling-video-tutorial-downloads/
Mmdhsn (1 year ago)
dude that was awsomeeeeeeeeeeee!!! really appreciate that (y)
Jake Brown (1 year ago)
came to this after getting 3 hours into a 7.5 hour pluralsight rigging course for "beginners" and got totally lost, it was certaintly NOT for beginners. Nearly cried with joy after watching this makes it very easy for someone just getting started in the rigging aspect of cg, gives a great base to go onto more complex stuff. thanks so much, great work! definitely going to look into your website for some more good stuff.
sriman chowgoni (1 year ago)
I think you are working in Disney

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