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Successfully Trade Trends in Forex Trading by Adam Khoo

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These are essential Forex trading strategies for forex traders and investors who want to improve their investment and trading performance. Adam Khoo is a professional stocks and forex trader and the best-selling author of 'Winning the Game of Stocks" and "Profit from the Panic". He is the four-time winner of the 'Most Preferred Financial Educator' Award and 'Most Preferred Investment Speaker Award' in Singapore. Thousands of students have profited from his sharp investment insights into the world of stock investing and Forex trading. Helpful links Learn about Wealth Academy live seminars at http://bit.ly/2J5mQVn Learn about our Online Professional Trading Courses at http://bit.ly/2ILz0Q6 Visit Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group at http://bit.ly/2IKsX22 Facebook https://facebook.com/adamkhoosuccess
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Text Comments (175)
HipHopAndLyrics Here (13 days ago)
How do you get the straight Black lines on MT4 ?
I am from THAILAND. Thank you very very much. best wish for you.
Jason Bill (1 month ago)
Confidence is not "I will profit on this trade." Confidence is "I will be fine if I don't profit from this trade.
Issa Nana (1 month ago)
Am 18 and I've been watching your videos for the past week.You're simple the best teacher out here as your lessons are quite simplified.I hope after am done learning through you I'll be able to make good profits.Be blessed.
diary of a black man (1 month ago)
Well all know Success with forex market investments is tied to the investor's ability to identify trends, but locating the right trend may not be easy at times.
Freddie stone (1 month ago)
Please how do i know where a trend could start and how do i know where to take part in the action??
abstract chanel (1 month ago)
Best teacher
Emma Baba (2 months ago)
Am really new here and I wanna start forex and am so much desperate.. How can I go about it.. Am in Germany
フルちはや (2 months ago)
Which zigzag r u using
Rodney Meeks (2 months ago)
This Video Is Point! I Real Eye Opener! People Spend $1000's To Learn What Adam Just Tought Us For FREE! RESPECT!!
flat cheeks (2 months ago)
Stop loss should always be put above the previous high on a downtrend with atleast a 2:1 , that’s the only time the downtrend would be broken is when higher highs are made
Seguros.VHC. 651553638 (3 months ago)
Kem Vichet (3 months ago)
Hi Adam: I like you to teach when is good point to enter position and which indicators should be used?
5 5 (3 months ago)
Thank you Adam . you are a great teacher .
Gan Cheng Aik颜征益 (3 months ago)
Thanks.. U just let me learn how I can do my training even at market closed.. 😂😂😂
Jayanth Ukwaththa (3 months ago)
Thank you
Rogelio Tabay Jr. (4 months ago)
Hi everyone and mr. Khoo! Im planning to engage in forex. However, i do not know which broker is the most legit. Can someone help me? All love from the Philippines!
Michael Čermák (4 months ago)
Hello Adam and everybody here. I would like to scream "Thank you Adam!". Your videos are so clear and easy to understand. I am wondering if is reasonable to move my stop loss and eliminate losses when ever the market goes my direction. For example. I enter the market, set SL to 1 R, PT to 2R. If I come back some time later and the market is currently on lets say profit of 0.5R, does it make sense to move my SL to 0(entry price) to get rid of any risk? Everybody feel free to join discussion ;). Thank you, have a nice day
Mike Prentice (4 months ago)
One more top notch video from Adam Khoo!
Moe Muhsen (4 months ago)
Ive successfully profited thousands if not tens of thousands trading this way, very effective and profitable; what hes teaching is spot on! Love it.
Chad James (4 months ago)
bought a course called "wall street academy" from another forex trader and the way he teaches is so complicated. I've watched 5 of your youtube videos and have learned so much more. is the forex course remaining at 588?
Patrick Duffy (4 months ago)
Here are tips to becoming a successful trader, trade consistently, you need to have a smart working memory, you need to learn to manage your emotions, learn from experts, i have been working with an expert and it's been very successful.
Michael Barra (5 months ago)
Very informative. This is basically back testing. But Is there any youtubers who show this strategy in real time/live. And periodically show come back to see the strategy happening.
Tapash Chatterjee (5 months ago)
amir bashir (5 months ago)
what is the EMA? anyone ?
Jessica witherford (5 months ago)
Mr Benjamin woods is a life saver.
Jesse Sellier (5 months ago)
I wanna chill with this dude
Steven Haydon (6 months ago)
These videos have really helped
Amerul Hafez (6 months ago)
good day to you sir, may your life be blessed always! i started trading without any coach bcs i couldnt afford one. and now using your methods you taught improved my trading a lot! thank you sir, love from Malaysia
Organic Steam Clean Co (6 months ago)
Master Khoo! Thanks for another detail video on how to Trade in Forex!!!
Matt (6 months ago)
This video is gold! Thank you
leng tan (6 months ago)
thank you very much for this video Adam. but i have a question: So it doesn't need to fall EXACTLY on the fibonacci levels like the 61.8% as what you stated on 25:06?
Felicia Ting (6 months ago)
hi, what is the moving average you used for this strategy? Besides, M15 for entry is for short trade right?
Minh Do (7 months ago)
Tks too much Sir
Hayden Harris (7 months ago)
What underline reasons make the trend because after all its those ever changing reasons which plot the graphs journey which you need to follow as best as possible. Surely its not looking at the past trends but it should be that you need to know what is creating the future trends.
Forexbro lul (7 months ago)
Hi Adam, in your experience in the long term. What profit target would you say is more profitable using this system, 1.5R or 2R? Thanks.
Radu Alex (7 months ago)
EMA 6 , EMA18,EMA 50 and SMA 200 You're welcome!
Hugo Brock (9 days ago)
do nguyen (6 months ago)
Do you know the parameters of zigziac? 12 :3 :3 ?
Trim Ramadani (6 months ago)
are you in a group (fb,telegram) that shares signals ?
Issa Sbitani (7 months ago)
When watching this video you think you might have found the ultimate strategy, however Adam doesn't take into consideration the lag of the ZigZag indicator, thats why it might seem perfect in back testing however when you apply the same settings to your chart you will never find the next/latest high or low angle.
Adryan Anghelinei (7 months ago)
Hi ! Adam Thank's for this video Sir i like you simplicity to explain it is geniale
Sanjib Mitra (8 months ago)
Respect Adam....
Vinod Daayfule (8 months ago)
Great video Adam sir
yanick racicot (8 months ago)
Hi Adam, what are your SMA set up 10-20-50-100? thanks again
Mark Essah (8 months ago)
Hello Mr Ahdam koo I'm a beginner so what us my first lessom
Jorge Ayerdi (8 months ago)
Hello Adam, I´ve been watching your FX tutorials and certainly you are the best!! It is so well explained... Thanks a lot and keep that hard work!!!
Sean Peng (8 months ago)
Hi,Adam! i'm new to this channel and the market,it's so happy to have your advice. One question today, what is the name of this analysis application?
Sean Peng (8 months ago)
Adam Khoo really thanks for your reply😀
Adam Khoo (8 months ago)
I trade on MT4 platform for Forex
Meisam Hasanianfar (9 months ago)
Hi, it can not be correct since Zigzag indicator is very good at backtesting! With knowledge that when the correction phase is over by resorting to zigzag indicator you can show how good your strategy is but in reality zigzag indicator is dynamic and last high and low are changing!
Darur Ashok (9 months ago)
Hi Adam , Could you please tell how to get the ZIGZAG moving indicator please?
Collins Mandla (1 month ago)
+Adam Khoo There is only the Zig Zag but not the Moving averages
Adam Khoo (9 months ago)
It is available on most charting software
FX Channel (9 months ago)
May i know the platform do you use ?
Eazt West (9 months ago)
Sir Adam, may I ask what are the parameters of your moving average tool?
Okechukwu Victor (9 months ago)
I am a beginner in forex and your teachings and advice have been wonderful sir. I can only say a big thanks to you and wish for your mentorship sir
American Tech Support (9 months ago)
Dear mr adam, why u use 15m TF? Is it the best TF for trade with this method?
CEO VanKhaCrypto (9 months ago)
hello adamkho let me ask BTC market WHEN TO GO WHEN TO GO TO THANKS?
Kalina Teneva (9 months ago)
Great person, great teacher. I watched everything you shared, it helped me very much. Thank you!
jka179 (9 months ago)
where can I get the zigzag tool?
Oratile Thupae (9 months ago)
whats your instagram account ?
Fernando Caramelo (10 months ago)
Adam, I was wondering what setup is used on the presented ZigZag indicator? Great job with your videos by the way. See you on June 27th's webinar... Thanks
Hayden Harris (10 months ago)
Could we see this on a live trade please.
marsel widjaja (10 months ago)
Hi, I have enrolled all forex course. If anyone want the access, reach me. Thanks
vincent maitri (9 months ago)
hi can i access it ?
iZonesFx (10 months ago)
Great 👌 #iZonesFx
Issa Sbitani (10 months ago)
What are the moving average settings you have on this chart?
Issa Sbitani (7 months ago)
Rogério Oliveira Thank you, What about the ZigaZag deviation and depth (settings). Have you been using this strategy? If so, how is it working out for you?
Rogério Oliveira (9 months ago)
Issa Sbitani EMAs 6, 18, 50 and 200.
Colton Stogner (10 months ago)
Mr. Khoo, this live trading style of finding and identifying an entry helped a lot. Please do more like this in the future! -Colton
Bass Rover (10 months ago)
Bác Hồ Cháu (10 months ago)
thank you , legend
Millonario En Proceso (10 months ago)
Adam what time frame you use on your charts? Thanks for the video.
Millonario En Proceso (10 months ago)
Adam Khoo, how about stocks? It looks like a month on maybe 15 min or 1 min as you mention? Thanks for your answer and thanks for your great videos.
Adam Khoo (10 months ago)
On Forex I focus on the 15min time frame and scalp with 1 min time frame
Eniola Repizent (10 months ago)
adam khoo, Am motivated!!. it took me 10month watching all ur video just for me to understand course
Eniola Repizent (10 months ago)
adam khoo, Am motivated!!. it took me 10month watching all ur video just for me to understand course
Eniola Repizent (10 months ago)
adam khoo, Am motivated!!. it took me 10month watching all ur video just for me to understand course
Eniola Repizent (10 months ago)
adam khoo, Am motivated!!. it took me 10month watching all ur video just for me to understand course
Dennis Kuria (10 months ago)
Adam which are the best currencies to trade?
Adam Khoo (10 months ago)
I trade all the major pairs and their cross pairs USD, JPY, EUR, CAD, AUS, CHF, GBP, NZD
Anthony Musi (10 months ago)
What time frame are the candles?
Rogério Oliveira (9 months ago)
Anthony Musi 15 minutes
Aseeb Maz (10 months ago)
love this
kunal sangtani (10 months ago)
sir i m your biggest fan :) from India ....
T McGlynn (10 months ago)
When you see a gap up or a gap down, does that mean people were buying or selling after market hours? P.s Adam I'm buying your course, and thank you.
Adam Khoo (10 months ago)
there is always buying and selling after market hours, regardless of a gap up/down the next day. In the Advanced stock trading course, you will learn how to trade gaps using GUNS -Gap Up News Scalp!
Barry Syne (10 months ago)
Rated as one of the best videos on you tube,extremely powerful strategy,no questions....just practice needed,thank you Adam,I have just found your site as well 2 weeks ago.....all the best and keep up your impressive work :-)
DARC LYTE (10 months ago)
The zig zag indicator repaint. So my question is when do u actually enter
Rogério Oliveira (9 months ago)
DARC LYTE He does not uses zigzag, he can identify trends without it. He uses candle patterns to enter.
Mussa Vlogz (10 months ago)
Hi Please can anyone help me to find zigzag template
brian lien (7 months ago)
Go to Indicators -> ZigZag should be in one of the folders, look towards the bottom
tamedsnake (8 months ago)
Me too. Is the zig zag tool having other names?
Subas Basnyat (8 months ago)
have you found zigzag template?
Subas Basnyat (8 months ago)
have you found zigzag template?
Ari (10 months ago)
Hallo sir, Please insert your videos with German subtitles
stocklock (10 months ago)
I prefer stocks trading
Terrence Mcnamara (10 months ago)
Am glad i met Mr Williams devid the master of binary/Forex trade, with the help of his awesome strategy am getting richer every week and there is no reason to regret making him my account manager am grateful and GOD bless you sir
Dang hoang (10 months ago)
Investing in binary/Forex trade can be so frustrating when you make the WRONG person your account manager and investing in binary/Forex trade can also be damn sweet when you make the RIGHT person who knows and also have all it takes to be an account manager the manager of your account and the right person is Mr Williams the trade master, am making more money than i have ever made with his strategy since i made him my account manager i have no cause to regret. thank you Williams
sherina mukundenta (2 months ago)
What are his contacts
MARC44561 (10 months ago)
Very interesting and free, thank you Mr Khoo.
the other guy (10 months ago)
Adam why do you not use the psar indicator? that will show the trend lines much better and it is very easy to use. But thanks again for a great video keep them comming :)
Faith Ramole (10 months ago)
Hi Adam, i would like to know the dimensions of the moving averages and the zigzag. Are they in default setting?
Dennis Kuria (10 months ago)
Thanks Adam Khoo for the tutorial. However, I stick to your trading strategies for all specific trends but at what point do you determine the strategy to use for a certain price trend. Because there are days when I can't find a trade to enter with a certain trade strategy.
Rogério Oliveira (9 months ago)
Dennis Kuria Backtesting?
Barry Syne (10 months ago)
If there are days you cant find an entry where it looks right to enter,just don't,you will lose money.This is the best trend following strategy I have seen.
Dennis Kuria (10 months ago)
Can one change a trading strategy and use another trading strategy when the first one is not in one's favor?
Mara Villa (10 months ago)
Sir Adam Khoo, You're a great master!
wengz gnewz (10 months ago)
thank you sir adam khoo keep sharing free tutorial.:)
bob smith (10 months ago)
at 20min 18 seconds U didnt trade that? u cant trade 23.6 fib levels? has to be 38.2 50 and 61.8 only? that looked like a 23.6 but not sure looked like it went from 1.2509 to 1.2516 but yeah youre right 38 50 62 are the best TY wow very helpful video Ill look for those 2 teepees with MA Fib and bullish candles :)
brian lien (7 months ago)
23.6% retracement means it will continue to create a higher high or lower low. Not ready to create a correction yet, still impulsing
bob smith (10 months ago)
i trade the 5 sma & 10 sma break outs and above the 50.. but havent been that successful I see now why
vermasean (10 months ago)
Another Great Video Adam!!! Thanks!!
The Demize (10 months ago)
What broker do you use and is it available to canadians?
Tame Paewai (10 months ago)
@adam khoo Why you preffer 2:1 RRR is it because of forex markets can change during news etc or because of better probability of TP hitting??
Al Amin (10 months ago)
Awesome sir
sipho mbanjwa (10 months ago)
Hi sir is the zigzag pattern available on MT4? please direct me where can i find it
marwan mahdi (10 months ago)
you are a gift from the god , hope best life for you😍
Chhorn Handsome (10 months ago)
Hello sir I am thankful for your sharing knowledge on trading. I am a new interesting about trading but I never trade it before and I try to learn from you and others traders on YouTube and hope I could do it several months later. This is what I hope and try to be 👍
Serdar Yavuz (10 months ago)
Hi there.. Does anyone know the best settings for the zigzag indicator? Thanks
oliver fennesthea (10 months ago)
what do you mean on fibbonacci level ? what rules that must be accomplished on this case on this strategy? thanks @Adam Khoo
Zhao Huan (10 months ago)
Hi Adam,thank you for this very good lecture. Btw,, what are the MAs used in the chart? Please be so kind to reply
Harkanwal Sanghera (4 months ago)
+Issa Sbitani Mr Khoo has to eat aswell
Waqas Khan (6 months ago)
by E in EMA you mean, Exponential ?? & by S in SMA you mean Simple ?? Thankyou
forex kumar (7 months ago)
Hi I'm receiving email from you? That you are selling your strategy. Is that genuine?
Radu Alex (7 months ago)
EMA 6 , EMA18,EMA 50 and SMA 200
Issa Sbitani (7 months ago)
Zhao Huan, I have sent Adam on Facebook and on his company support email asking the same questions however simply told me to go purchase the course to obtain the settings of the MA's. So I guess that was the hidden agenda behind this video haha.
nightcore Gplus (10 months ago)
the very Informative video, thanks a lot sir
Korush Chenari (10 months ago)
Thanks Adam for sharing your experience with us
Marcel Liem (10 months ago)
Hate Liars (10 months ago)

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