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Day Trading Computer Requirements

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What kind of computer specifications may I need for day trading? A simple explanation from Day Trader Peter K, will answer that. www.fortetrader.com www.facebook.com/fortetrader www.twitter.com/fortetrader www.instagram.com/fortetrader
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Dennis Rox (10 days ago)
thumb rule! if ur sys is equipped for gaming, thats moe than enuf for trading!
ForteTrader (10 days ago)
Yes Dennis you are 100% overall in my opinion. At the time if this video we were dealing with hft level order flow footprints, profiles etc and that stuff was enough to make a video card fuss for sure. Overall though any modern system equipped for gaming is the sure bet when in doubt. Have a good year trading
wmam zsym (10 days ago)
Mayona Brenke (27 days ago)
Do you have any problems with wifi at a public place?
ForteTrader (26 days ago)
Mayona Brenke yes I use to I now only use a secured hotspot off my cell phone directly. If I can’t get signal from there I do not access on public access exactly just anywhere. To me also a security thing. Good question.
Darren Ford (1 month ago)
Day trading does not work FACT
Roberto Garcia T. (2 months ago)
day trading computer reqs or "let me bragg about my experience and sell you my program "?
Daniel (2 months ago)
Wow. I'm wasting my time watching this bellend
Sarah Watts (2 months ago)
Daniel Daniel sounds like your cervex is pumping for some Bellend What did your dad sit you down when you were a kid and force you to read books?
Daniel (2 months ago)
Back to the point.... 1 min 35 seconds of shit
ForteTrader (2 months ago)
Daniel hi Daniel with this kind of impatience we haven’t seen anyone make or profit in trading. You should stick with watching YouTube videos and commenting and wasting your time. Lol
Daniel (2 months ago)
To much shit at the start.... Just get to the point
Shubham Singh Chauhan (4 months ago)
Its amazing man.. U r great man.. Nice to see your trade set up
ForteTrader (2 months ago)
Thank you very much we appreciate your comment
Shubham Singh Chauhan (3 months ago)
+Nilesh Shah from kanpur bro... How ar u...
Nilesh Shah (3 months ago)
Bro where are you from
Алекс Сим (5 months ago)
Лекция дебила для колхозников. Какая размерность экрана удобнее -он не знает. Какой образ матрицы комфортнее - он не знает. Какой размер зерна лучше -он не знает. Какая матрица резвее для Дей Трейдера - он не знает. Какой микропроцессор имеет наилучшую арифметику, что бы "растягивать" все таблицы - он не знает. Только его РОЖА на полный экран, футболка и его лапки перед камерой. Такое воспоминание, что посреди трейдеров - 90 % дебилы. Рекомендаций толковых по мониторам - 0. Пока сам очи не сотрёшь - не узнаешь.
ll c (5 months ago)
Memory for trading is minimal, he recommends 16gb, please check system usage, it barely goes over 6gb running any pro platform, ms office and a few browsers open. Then he admits to video editing, many traders do not edit video. With out VE 10 to 12gb ram is more than sufficient. Buying retail at bestbuy is the worst. There are many refurbed pro workstations available for a fraction of the price.
Great info dude, I thought that a gaming laptop would be a good choice after my old one died.
ForteTrader (2 months ago)
Ande Viper Trader Pfeiffer yes Andy it does the job just for without overspending.
Khang Pham (6 months ago)
Does the laptop heat up?
ForteTrader (2 months ago)
Khang Pham with order flow or high resource platforms like think or swim the fan is loud, but doesn’t get physically hot on bottom.
Liam Howard (6 months ago)
RamkyR (9 months ago)
wow its good. I want to buy this stuff
Abu Hanif (9 months ago)
ForteTrader (2 months ago)
Thanks for the comment. Can’t please the world.
Mike Reed (4 months ago)
The guy looks like a slob.
spicytuna08 (11 months ago)
thx. what is the CPU? is it the lack of ram when the chart does not display with a rhythm?
ForteTrader (2 months ago)
spicytuna08 that is why I like a gaming system because it is the ram built also on a high performance video card that may be the fix there. You may want to double triple check my info as I will state I am not a Pro per say but definitely feel you probably have this issue and intel 7 gen and up and for things like order flow
Jeff Vice (1 year ago)
Oh my GOD what a great and wonderful strategy this Mr Frank Robert is making use of, i have never seen a strategy with Software that works mightily like this, i blessed Almighty GOD for connecting me to such a nice Account Manager/Broker which my winning in Forex trade/Binary option market is really rely on his strategy that earns me 15k usd every week, i will continue to appreciate him handsomely.
Jeff Vice (1 year ago)
One can contact him through his email:[email protected]
RoxyQueen (1 year ago)
God I love your trading room ..It looks sooo efficient yet so simple and comfortable looking.. I am just starting out too..its my first 14 months going strong learning and learning..Its really been a tough road!!
Praveen P (9 months ago)
dude can you explain me how to start and proceed in this field
RoxyQueen (1 year ago)
Hi Peter ..love your videos..do you still answer Q's here on your page?
ForteTrader (2 months ago)
RoxyQueen hi there I was out of it for a while but am back and working a lot on commodity spreads for myself and for traders out there. Hope all is well with you and your trading is coming along. Let me know what I can do to help.
Robert Williams (1 year ago)
More than likely you can beat Best Buy's price on Newegg
NIEUCZONY (1 year ago)
what is the name and model of the desk??? Like the video
ForteTrader (2 months ago)
NIEUCZONY sorry I was out for a while and will be back at these videos here shortly. Looks like you found the link to the desk. Awesome. It is one of the best , most affordable investments I’ve made
My Tube (8 months ago)
NIEUCZONY https://www.autonomous.ai/product/standing-desk?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI--Ok0bT82gIVSJ7ACh02Pg78EAAYASAAEgL0zfD_BwE
Global Vision (1 year ago)
I'm looking to start trading futures and I've seen the order flow platform on YouTube, it seems to be the way to trade how would you recommend a new trader get started trading order flow ? Vernon at [email protected]
ukxgerard (1 year ago)
Thank You Peter K for the informative video. May I know which order flow application and I heard you trade mostly bond futures? How many tics are running profits versus losses. Thank you Gerard
M BILAL (1 year ago)
I have just one Dell 17.3 display, 7th generation, it help for now , but this looks nice
Scott Toth (1 year ago)
Lol someone with minimal knowledge about computer hardware giving advice. Video memory and ram do completely different things.
Don DoDat (2 months ago)
Scott Toth how big is the screen pls. Ty. Great video.
RoxyQueen (1 year ago)
Yeah and when you are on the "think or swim" platform you need to have both sir..I just thought I would mention that to you in case you do not know what he is talking about..
Prime2.0 (1 year ago)
Verdi Ergün it is the new minimum, I don't think things can really use 32gig right now so so the 150 dollars for the extra ram probalby won't give you a boost
Verdi Ergün (1 year ago)
Is 16GB a lot of ram anymore?
urgirlswidme (1 year ago)
All you need is a decent Video card and a lot of RAM 16G to run these softwares

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