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Understanding Margin Rules and Requirements

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Please join us for this informative presentation in which we provide an in-depth look into the various rules and requirements related to trading in a Margin account. Margin involves the borrowing of funds for higher leverage in your trading account and it is imperative that a trader understands the guidelines and calculations required to manage one’s account. In this webinar, we illustrate the conditions involved for leveraged accounts which can vary based on many factors. Additionally, we cover the various types of Margin calls to show how they are generated, how they can be properly covered, and what are the outcomes if calls are not satisfied. Some of the categories we cover include: - Buying Power – intraday trading vs. overnight holding - Margin requirements for various priced securities, ETF’s, options, and option strategies - Margin Calls – initial, maintenance, strikes - Pattern Day Trading (PDT) rules and requirements - Margin Interest calculations
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