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5 Steps For Your Startup: Incubators & Accelerators - A Case Study for Entrepreneurs

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Incubators, Accelerators and Your Startup - 5 Steps - Case study #30 with The Biz Doc. Don't forget to subscribe to the Valuetainment http://bit.ly/2aPEwD4 Grab your notebook, take notes and if you see something interesting, please leave a comment or share the video on social media along with your thoughts – join the conversation. Come learn every Friday and take your company to the next level – subscribe to the Valuetainment channel on YouTube: http://bit.ly/2aPEwD4 Visit the official Valuetainment Store for gear: https://www.valuetainmentstore.com/ Valuetainment- The Best Channel for Entrepreneurs!
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Valuetainment (2 months ago)
The First LIVE Valuetainment Conference for Entrepreneurs is here. An event you won't want to miss hosted by Patrick Bet-David. For tickets and details visit: https://www.valuetainment.com
aemeric English (2 days ago)
1. Pitch - find date 2. Get n give - get mentorship n give 7%-8% for 20-30k 3. hit milestone 4. Get more 5. Graduation - demo day (pitch to alot of VC)
DeCarlo Calloway (1 month ago)
Appreciate this info... many thanks.
DeCarlo Calloway (1 month ago)
Appreciate this info... many thanks.
copy cat (1 month ago)
I love your video way more than the other guy's. plsssssssssssssssss make more!!!!!!!
Jose Custodio (1 month ago)
The fact that you're wearing an automotive shirt is fate.
Aish She (2 months ago)
Good morning sir. I am a student from India.I am writing research paper on accelerators startups.Can u give the statistics of its growth or failure globally
OwnLine (3 months ago)
3:10 5 steps : Pitch Get Hit Get Graduate
BROTHERS CHANNEL (4 months ago)
Jacob Manning (5 months ago)
Fairly good overview. You do confuse a few terms, also entrepreneurs must realise that accelerators and incubators are very different. Usually different stage startup and requirements. They are often used interchangeably. Incubation is normally appropriate for a funded startup and ran for a longer time period (9 months) and different metrics, more focus on growth rather than proving the business model. Accelerator proves the business model and normally ran for 9-12 weeks. Hope that helps
Sauske Uchiha (7 months ago)
There is an big incubator called T-hub in south India if you guys are intrested you can check that out and it helps any one to axis Indian markets
ShevRD (8 months ago)
i did not even know there were incubators in my country until I watched this video
Quinta Caylor (8 months ago)
Great content. Thank you!
Jason B Blake (1 year ago)
Start up funding lp.fundwisecapital.com/jbelob
ray tobing (1 year ago)
Robin van Bruggen (1 year ago)
1k subscribers to go!
Valuetainment, we owe you so much for laying the foundation of knowledge for our company. Thank you!
Andrei Simionescu (1 year ago)
As a Romanian, woohoo
Rina NRN (1 year ago)
Thanks, i'm preparing pitching for next year
Someone applied to @techwildcatters after watching this. Thanks for the shoutout!
Mohammed Hashim (1 year ago)
Thank you Tom.
Hava Nagila (1 year ago)
1. pitch/join 2. get/give 3. hit milestone 4. get more 5. graduate
Bold Motion (1 year ago)
Station Houston, Houston Tx
oliverv94 (1 year ago)
missed the DAMN catchphrase
Sergiu Spirescu (1 year ago)
Salutes from Romania
Chris Martin (1 year ago)
Thank you. I know now that I without a doubt require an accelerator. I have a business. The very basics are decided. Thanks to "Traction" by Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares I know how I want/should target my clientele (ie Business Development, Publicity (Traditional and Non-traditional, and Engineering as Marketing). I know my target demographic (3.7million in America) and I know my systems. I know my numbers, I know my pitch. It currently takes me about 5 minutes until someone says "I love it, whats the name of your company?" Thank you Biz Doc, Thank you PHP. You've seriously help me grow over the past several months.
Hans-Denis Bamal,Jr. (1 year ago)
You always leave... MEEE... better than you found me. 😅😅
The Grinning Skull (1 year ago)
Hello Tom, thanks for the tips once again, this past week I had been involved in pitching competitions, one for a small accelerator event and the other for larger funding. And like you say you connect with amazing people who want to help. When it comes to working with the first mentor on a business idea, what would you say is a reasonable share of equity? I did not win the prize money but I did connect with a good mentor who would like to take things forward with her contact.
aj fragata (1 year ago)
Showing love from Manila, Philippines Tom 💪
nadawcaPL (1 year ago)
Hey guys Can you record a video about funding startups and increasing capital at the beginning?
Manuel Ibarra (1 year ago)
Thank you !
Richard Knoche (1 year ago)
Patrick you should build an instagram account. First change your description dont write long sentences write key words like:" entrepreneur life style workout" and use emojis . You should also take your own pictures in high quality like with a canon 70D and post around 1 picture per day. And try to answer all the comments! thanks for your content!
Richard Knoche (1 year ago)
And take pictures with people
Roger Escobedo (1 year ago)
does anyone else like Valuetainment vids before watching them?
shubham sagar (1 year ago)
To my Indian friends, Indian government is offering ~50k USD and incubator help. do you think that government based incubator is good enough to keep up with quality and huge quantity of startups that are starting India?
Lamar Jackson (1 year ago)
Thank You! This is what I needed. Much APPRECIATED!
fuzzer714 (1 year ago)
Thank you for the information help me have the understanding and knowledge I need to know
Timothy Etuc (1 year ago)
I need to let my steam of somewhere xD Right now, I am doing a course at university about helping start ups. This is the most arrogant and incompetent course that I went through. And with this, I know now, that I won't trust any ph.D. nor anyone with a degree in the theme of start ups. (we all have at least a minor in the course). They actually have no clue but think, they do, because they have a degree. They do not even listen closely what entrepeneurs have to say about it - because the scientific method is the best solution, while we even do not use scientific methods, because it would take too long. Go for Valuetainment or people who have acquired real knowledge about this theme and learned from practical persons or did it from own experience. This arrogance in my class is so annoying, while they do not find any solution (while I gave them 2 very important hints /solutions - but they ignored it for 4 weeks and now came to the conclusion, that it is needed to do so. This course is wasted time and actually could lead to harm for other entrepreneurs (as this may go public into the scientific world and may change start up helpers, who do what they want anyways right now here and a lot of scammers are around them). Well, there you go with your arrogance - but I actually learned from practical persons and valuetainment, even this small amount of knowledge makes me steps ahead - while I do not think I am as competent, as I need to be for such kind of job right now. (though I have other goals in my life, this kind of skill set would be nice, too) But they do think they are compentent, with arrogance build on their degrees alone, with nothing behind it. And this annoys me so much).
Timothy Etuc (1 year ago)
ok, thank you. I wrote down your email adress. If you want to delete it, you can. I wrote you a short message right now.
Timothy Etuc (1 year ago)
+Alias Rehbar Since my last meeting with them I already plan out what to say and inside I went into "fighting mode" - while I was on "cooperation mode" before, thinking they will use reason. But the last meeting just crossed all my lines and I felt like in a bad dream or a strange reality. I lost respect to many of my collegues their. I do my major in psychology right now and I took a organisation psychology course (working psychology) with the main theme of helping start ups. It seemed promising at first, like that our work would actually count, if we deliver and present it (to many other start up helpers and start up helping instututions). But the last meeting just was too much for me. I will try to find a balance, when I discuss with them with more dominance - and confront them (mostly with a I don't even care anymore attitude, if it goes bad), but not being verbally offensive, but not holding back with being true - and that can be all, to speak out the devil, to banish it - but it could also create offensives against me (the I do not care anymore mentality protects me from this ... or lets me dive into risks for my principles, if they are crossed). I will try. But I don't know how this will work out. But I am now on the offensive mode, instead of nice guy mode, who hints, so people understand themselves. It works with some, hinting them and letting them know and showing their logical mistakes. But I found out, he (the course leader) does not care for logic and is more about presenting (I guess his main attitude in life in general). So I need to go on a more offensive mode, or nothing will work on him and this course. But this course made me disappointed of many of my collegues there, who just follow him, instead of questioning him. Well, they see the benefits, but that is quite sad. Some actions and words are not okay, and they harm their own trustworthiness infront of me. That made me write a black list, with whom I will not cooperate in the future (or double check if needed, but I will look out for others to begin with), while I have some plans and already build something up, the last years and want to go public with it. But I guess, it is also important to know, with whom not to cooperate. I guess you do have a own start up company or experience in it. I hope it will go well. Can you refer me some good books, maybe modern ones, with modern examples? I try to find some and read some right now (marketing, selling, start ups etc.), because of my own plans and goals.
Alias Rehbar (1 year ago)
" it is about presenting yourself as competent" - That's fucked up. And kinda sad. What many fail to see is that startups are more than just a company. You don't want to play with people's feelings as they have put a high hope to you. I see startups as a seed of innovation and a medium of change towards a better future. Most great things (and companies) are achieved and based with an attitude or mind of a startup. I'm currently studying in macroeconomics and business. My colleagues and my teacher often refer to me when they want a real case scenario that is outside of the example that were given by the textbook (because our textbooks example are old example). Whatever you do, show dominance. I'm not saying to be a douche, just be someone with an opinion and express them to others, and fuck the bureaucrats.
Timothy Etuc (1 year ago)
+Alias Rehbar If it were textbook, it at least would be something. But not even that. It is more like: "We are the experts. Sure we do not know anything about start ups. Others do not know as well. But we have a degree and know how to solve problems." ... well all most of students did was memorizing not solving problems. And how do they know, that entrepreneurs won't know it anyway? How about asking some successful entrepreneurs? University more and more feels like incest to me. We do not need to look out of our radius. Just ask start ups, that the university helped (even if many failed or were not serious to begin with or not successful). Ask our own start up helpers. Oh okay, we found out, they actually do not know, what makes start ups successful. Whatever. Lets focus on "communication" - how to do a good communication with entrepreneurs and the start up helper. This will solve anything. But hey, now we found out, everyone can do this job, and help start ups, as long as they have a normal brain and normal understanding of humans. I already told them so many times, that it is important to look, how start ups made successful, so a start up helper, can give those tips, if it is needed. (No, we do not do this - this is not so important, anyone can do this job... yeah sure). Or that we need categorizations, instead of random information, that we try to collect. Well no, this is ignored again. It is all about... well we don't know. They are just saying: We are too lazy and incompetent to get to know, what start ups make successful. But we want to be seen as an authority and need to deliver. This course about helping start ups. No actually, it is about presenting yourself as competent (that was directly told to us), even if we do not know anything. We should just do like if - because we were the experts. This attitude is not only arrogant, no knowledge, no experience, no asking successful entrepreneurs, who have a lot of experience, but claiming you are the expert... because of a degree, that does not even had any courses before about helping start ups. And this course is bull**** anyway. If this course at least were something, with no influence, it would not matter. But the course leader wants to use our solutions, to spread in our country to all start up helpers - as if we found the holy grail. But it is obvious, that our way leads to no goal (I actually said that, and his answer was, it is okay to be chaotical... but hey, we actually have NO GOAL! This is so retarded really. Retarded out of arrogance! Chaotical is okay, if you have a goal in mind... so you get structure and have something to aim. And he did like I am retarded (while I mostly A my classes - but not with just memorizing, but actually thinking critically and I do not believe what I memorize most of the time, because of all the mistakes and non sense, that is thaught to us). This course is so stupid and irresponsible.) And not only that, a start up helper came to us and actually gave us some good information. What did the students do? They actually tried to destroy his reputation behind his back and talked like, if he were totally incompentent. What the???? Then I told them directly, what was good about his statement and how we could use it. And they ignored this again. It is like, if you try to do something important, but which takes real thinking, you become the black sheep. I guess, they will implement it now. But after me, repeating it many times (while it was me also, who used the method before, which the start up helper identified in our works, and said, we should do everything like that xD - but that was too much critic for others I guess) Sorry. I let out more steam. But this is so unresponsible and so arrogant, with no content behind it, what happens at this course about start ups. From people, who just like to seem like experts with no knowledge behind it.
Alias Rehbar (1 year ago)
Academics = textbooks but textbooks isn't resistant of time. Time changes.
joe low (1 year ago)
wait sharktank isnt an incubater/acceleratit my life is a lie
joe low (1 year ago)
im almost done with the lean startup
joe low (1 year ago)
incubaters/accelerators process 1pitch/join 2get/give ($/equity) 3hit milestones 4get more($....) 5graduate ($$$$$) incubater/acceleraters ■■*mentor you*■■ (good way to start company)
Flat Penguin (1 year ago)
As always, great and very useful video Tom! But I really missed your trademark "Damn!"
Rodolfo Cervantes (1 year ago)
I've been following your content for a while now. Before I came across your channel I was completely in my thoughts and had the "Angel and Devil" on my shoulders. I lacked the confidence to pursue a career in sales. Finally, on Monday I decided to take the leap and apply to become a car salesman. I'm proud to say that I have been chosen for the position. I couldn't believe it! I'm beginning to realize if you really believe in yourself, your concepts, goals, etc you can really achieve anything. Monday is the day I start my new journey. Thank you valuetainment! You have given me the courage I thought I would never have!
Nitrous Diecast (1 year ago)
Thank you for making your videos, they have solid advice, and not a bunch of regurgitated nonsense about motivation! I have subscribed to you!
The Business Channel (1 year ago)
Hasnain Abbas Dilawar (1 year ago)
Really needed this! Thank you valuetainment!
karttick rajan (1 year ago)
tq for the video, Tom
Ashutosh Surve (1 year ago)
sir we have to give them detail information about our idea...???
Alexis Daroussos (1 year ago)
Congrats on hitting the 300k mark !
Mitchell. (1 year ago)
I like the RBMOUSA. Still think the spinning Twitter logo takes attention from what you are saying. Congratulations on thirty case studies.
Gibran Saliba (1 year ago)
Thanks Tom
Gibran Saliba (1 year ago)
I just started a company and am getting incubated
Juan Cabrera (1 year ago)
Hello I thank you very much for these videos. I have something that's bothering me. I have an idea that could potentially change how people purchase items. The issue I come across is that I'm not in to the technology industry nor I know anything about it. My question is should I go and learn how to code/become a developer or partner up with someone who knows the technology industry? I'm open minded to any suggestions. Thanks in advance!
Flat Penguin (1 year ago)
I think learn to code at least to a basic level. You will gain technical knowledge that will allow you to ask the right questions to a developer you may want to work with. Also, If you can learn to code a basic prototype you will likely be able to attract a more experienced developer who can help you refine it. If you don't have a basic prototype to show them, it might less tempting for experienced programmers to work with you as what's to stop them just taking your idea and doing it themselves?
Jin Kazama (1 year ago)
I really love watching this channel.
Rony Saha (1 year ago)
Case study request : Softbank .. MasayoshiSon . Thanks. God bless the Biz Doc !
prasun Das (1 year ago)
AWESOME...... Expecting more on 'finance for Entrepreneurs'
Moody Pacha (1 year ago)
a very valuable episode Tom thanks, Can I suggest a topic? if we lined up all successful companies on one side, and the declining ones on the other side, what do each group have in common in the area of office culture, how this culture contributes in developing or hurting the company.
Daniel M (1 year ago)
To whom reads this when is Valuetainment coming out with a new #PBD RealTalk?
AlexanderVanMan (1 year ago)
Thanks Tom! Educational and entertaining :)
niraj rimal (1 year ago)
hey can you post the link where I can I can search and learn about incubators in detail.
Elisha Watkins (1 year ago)
great video. Did Tom color the hair?
Igbo Prince (1 year ago)
What about incubators and accelerators for the service industry?
Mateja Petrović (1 year ago)
Just this morning I was reading about Paul Graham and the Y Combinator in a book called Mastery by Robert Greene. You're amazing Doc! Please make a video on crow-funding and crowd-sourcing.
pragun dua (1 year ago)
pragun dua (1 year ago)
TheLegend 27 ik man. chill.(edited) ;)
pragun dua (1 year ago)
TheLegend 27 ;) what are you talkin about?
CraySoul (1 year ago)
Great content, great video. Thanks again and keep it up brother. Learned something* #Incubators!! A video on Bitcoin(Crypto currency) or Forex would be hoe slaining!!!
James kng (1 year ago)
Valuetainment Patrick Last time you said that watching TV was a waste of time but virtual reality will be the next big thing will that be a waste of time too.
Jo jo (1 year ago)
great video, thanks!
Sharif Sourour (1 year ago)
Very good video! Really inspires deep thought and quick action.
Nacho TV (1 year ago)
an hour late to class..good thing Tom isn't taking attendance. 😁
Aswin Krishna (1 year ago)
Hey Tom I am a senior high school student and I want to build an app. So can or do incubators allow kids
Cole Bennett (1 year ago)
The market doesn't care about your age as long as your idea is solid and you are determined. Its more about selling the vision and convincing them you are the real deal than about being a certain age.
David Ajomale (1 year ago)
This is amazing
Courtney Ashley (1 year ago)
where is pat. good job Tom. I like Pats accent.
Aqif Imtiaz Mukadam (1 year ago)
ezeaghasi solomon (1 year ago)
Nir Altman (1 year ago)
As usual, a good video just at the right time! Much love to you valuetainers
ESD Inc (1 year ago)
make a video on how to find a team and people who belive in an idea and to start a business.
Medic Friends (4 months ago)
make something that has plenty of sales, or have old friends to convince that can create value.
TratiPL (1 year ago)
ESD Inc Great idea!
Dufresne (1 year ago)
Stéphane Karrasch (1 year ago)
Robert Anicai (1 year ago)
Ashish Abraham (1 year ago)
Would you be able to do a case study on ASOS?
CScuber (1 year ago)
Notification squad!!!!
Theo Taylor (1 year ago)
Teen Editor (1 year ago)
Sam Francis (1 year ago)
hi again

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