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Trading Forex Pin, Agimat and Metagrid

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Live Trading with the Forex Pin System, Agimat, and Metagrid Trade Manager. Simple steps to learn how to use trading products in forex trading. Connect with me on my website http://forexpipqueen.com If you would like the added advantage of my ADX MACD indicator you can get it here: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/37666 Thank you for watching and subscribing!
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Text Comments (17)
Pinoy Traders (1 month ago)
Good luck and more power to you
Rosa Payne (1 month ago)
What VPS provider has 16GB of RAM like the PIn system requires ?
Neil (4 days ago)
VPS user SWerver o/s and handles memory totally differently. - 1GB on VPS will be more than enough for Pin and Pin is ONLY heavy when all timeframes are activated.
Forex Pip Queen (1 month ago)
Rosa Payne if you have it on VPS you don’t need 16. You can do with two however I use 10. Go to ForexPipQueen.com And click on the VPS page
Don Hussle (1 month ago)
Stick with the pin system... It made me so much money in the past two weeks it's ridiculous. I'm trading it with S/R and Chart patterns
Forex Pip Queen (1 month ago)
Clement Ramashala Thanks for watching. I like using Agimat after I get the signal, Mainly for the fact that it helps me with an exit. And secondly it saves on memory call My PC to have only one pin chart open at a time. When I have it on the VPS I have more charts running at once. Thank you for your comment.
J7innovation (1 month ago)
Hello... how do you load the forex pin bottom exhaustion indicator onto agimat? If you could explain that would be helpful. Great video! Thank you
Forex Pip Queen (1 month ago)
You can go to the File button at the top of your MT4, click on open data folder, MT four, indicators, and you will see it in the list. Right click it and click copy and put it in a folder in your documents on your computer. You can there from there you can copy it and put it into the data folder on Agimat. Another way you can do it is to open the Pinchark and just add the Agimat indicators to the pin chart. That was a good question thank you for writing and for watching the video.
Sean Hooker (1 month ago)
Forex Pip Queen (1 month ago)
Thank you Sean, appreciated
Deon Hunter (2 months ago)
Great Video!!!!!!
Forex Pip Queen (1 month ago)
Thank you! I appreciate it.
The Jokr (2 months ago)
Damn, what happened to your chart??
Forex Pip Queen (1 month ago)
lol I'm not sure what you mean.
richie m (2 months ago)
Forex Pip Queen (1 month ago)
Thanks for asking. Just go to Http://forexpipqueen.com and you can get started. All my other links are there as well
richie m (2 months ago)

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