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[TOUGH LOVE] How to Trade Futures | Jonathan Rose Shares Futures Trading Strategy

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Let me show the Correct Way to Trade Bond Futures Jonathan Rose of Active Day Trader shares a little tough love with his Great Premier Members in this Member video: How to Trade Futures, Jonathan Rose of Active Day Trader shares the importance of trading interest rate futures, or bond futures with confidence and conviction. Trading, whether it's Futures Trading in Oil, in s&P 500 Futures, or Interest Rates comes down to believing in your position and being confident with your reason for being in the trade. Jonathan Rose is a professional traders and can help reinforce confidence in his clientele as they do their best to hold Futures trades in Bonds through a tough rally. This video covers trading, and how to trade the yield curve with bond futures.
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SoCal Joe (4 months ago)
I enjoyed the video and how you stress manage the trade by manage your money. If it hurts then you paid too much to hold the trade when it goes against you. Slow and easy is the way. Great reminder! Are Bub and Hob just a name for spread trades? I can see trading the /ZN or the /ZB and others in the Bond family, but I get thrown when talking Hobs or Bub? Why do that? Just go for the trade that is going long or short.

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