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HOW MUCH MONEY DO YOU NEED TO TRADE FOREX? (Trading Capital Requirements)

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One of the most popular questions we receive is about trading capital. In particular, new traders want to know how much money you need to trade (forex). In this video, we go through our own thoughts on money management, risk management and how much money you need in a trading account as a minimum to be able to execute sensibly. ================ JOIN US TO LEARN TO TRADE FOR FREE: http://bit.ly/DuomoInnerCircle ================ SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE TRADING VIDEOS: http://bit.ly/DuomoYouTube ================ GET OUR FULL ONLINE COURSE: http://bit.ly/DuomoCourse ================ SOCIAL LINKS: Website: http://www.duomoinitiative.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/duomoinitiative Twitter: http://twitter.com/duomoinitiative Nicholas Twitter: http://twitter.com/nikipuri Instagram: http://instagram.com/duomoinitiative Email: [email protected]
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Traders, this video is talking you through an example calculation. However, if you want to be more precise with your own capital, you will need to spend some time collecting data from your own demo account trading. By doing that, you can figure out what your maximum stop loss is expected to be (as an estimate for the calculation) and put the number of opportunities you are likely to get into perspective, so you can understand how far your capital is going to take you. If you fancy watching another video, why not watch this one next: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1QTzlbkyZE
Ray Ryan (2 months ago)
+Larry Tk How is your trade now? Did you make much more money? I'm a poor man, and literally can't afford more than $100, even with this is quite hard for me to let go. Even if it's take quite long time, if it's profiting, then it's not waste of time I think.
Favour Milo (2 months ago)
Your trading confidence might drop if you have been trading all wrong or without a proper trading strategy , thankfully trading Fx has been good for me since I started using the *Lukka Binomial Strategy* which was created by *Lukka Semenov* you can search for it on Google a lot of traders are doing really well with it.
melos salihu (3 months ago)
Larry Tk
FM Trading Strategy (3 days ago)
I can feel you... True Trader say things true and have self reflection.
BenZoneOfficial (7 days ago)
If I am able to throw 40k or even 10k pounds to a platform that doesn't guarantee a profit specially as a beginner that means im rich enough waste money and time in trading. So this tradings is just like past time for wealthy businessman.
As a beginner you should be using a demo account. Once you know what you are doing, taking calculated risks to earn money is just part of life - nothing guarantees a profit!
Dumane Daley (9 days ago)
You are so right, I've been going through the same process you describe. Trading too small an account, burning it out and depositing as much as I can afford every month. What your saying about saving it up and putting together a descent pot of cash is what I've been trying to convince myself to do. Looking at all my losses? I've really lost alot, had I saved up that money I could have a really good stack to trade from. Tiny accounts are really a waste of time. You don't have much connection to the money, the returns are unattractive and feel like nothing. You just want to be trading all the time to grow the account, and anybody who has been trading for sometime that's a recipe for disaster. Thanks for doing this video. Really helped to straighten my perspective.
Westsideguy (11 days ago)
Curious if you take on clients? I pay you to show me how to trade, in person? I have a lot of the fundamentals, understand price action, and have been trading paper-accounts for a while. I feel a good teacher would help the learning curve. I’m leaving a successful business to pursue trading (which is something I’ve always wanted to do. What do you think?
rob camp (13 days ago)
Well done on this good info. One of your best yet. ADVISE people watch this twice.
Santi Carzola (14 days ago)
Don't we go by Lot sizes??? why does it have to be a standard lot in all these videos?? Yes a standard lot offers $10 per pip, but one can start with a mini Lot even though is $1 per pip with a 40-50 pips daily target...sorry maybe I am missing something but starting capital is always a factor in any investment and some of us are just aiming for a passive income. Saving 40,000-50,000 just to start trading is a buzz kill
Stock Pumpers (16 days ago)
it took me a few years to learn this lesson, if you're serious about trading you will save at least 15k before you trade and you will learn while you get the money or you will blow up small accounts until you realize that you need money to make money. Finally im starting next year with 20 to 25k to give myself a real chance at success. Don't waste your time and give yourself a real chance at success if you wanna give your money away feel free but what he's saying is very true. In fact if I ever were to trade forex I would come to him for sure just because he's the first person that doesn't say " with 200 you can be a millionaire bullshit talk" Same thing when you go to fix your Iphone X and they charge you $250, you think apple builds a 1k phone with 30 bucks in chinese parts? same thing with trading. Treat this as a business not as your personal gambling addiction
Aka Neymar (20 days ago)
Can you please send Me £12,500 So I can start trading?
Mwansa L. Matafwali (1 month ago)
Oh no... 😖
Im a very poor kid right now, I have about 1 grand to my name and barely make any income, this money has taken me ages to get and I wanted to be atrader, I went to a beginners workshop seminar for trading hosted by "learn to trade" they were good at showing some ebasics but then offered a 7k course and it was all a scam and said i can make it as a trader starrting with just 500 pounds alongside their course, this guy is aweesome, love his content and he gives actual answers not bs fluff that doeesnt even mean anything and doesnt ive answers, just leaves you with more questions, love you bro
+Santi Carzola wow good choice, they aree a bunch of money grabbing thieves, which city did you attend? I was at the one in liverpool
Santi Carzola (14 days ago)
I was at the workshop myself...once they said the course was £7000 I just walked out
malthus101 (1 month ago)
I just started going live on stocks and began with a 1% risk profile. After losing many consecutive trades, I have brought it down to 1/8th of 1%! (about 12.5 basis points) Feel much better now and can trade live while preserving most of my capital for when I finally get the hang of it. 1-2% should be your risk AFTER you have become consistent at making profit and growing an account for at least 6 months I would say.
Pwat (1 month ago)
I started with $50 1 1/2 months ago and now at $2,000.
Ross McDowell (2 days ago)
send pics pls
Infamous Xpert (2 months ago)
lmao im trying to trade with 5 dollars on 1.3000 leverage interest rate decisions will get me to 50 road to 1250 from there
xy double helix (2 months ago)
thank you.
Vuyo Sidinile (2 months ago)
Thank you for being honest.
Alan Haynes (2 months ago)
Bit of a blinkered view of trading for me, based solely on making 'Life changing sums'. Making £200 per month with a £1000 account is entirely possible. add compounding to that, and in 1 year you can certainly build to £9,000. This is risking no more than 2-3% on any trade. 1 year is pretty short term, continue to build for 2-3 years and you would comfortable be earning a decent wage.
Nero Okios (2 months ago)
so are you gonna stop your stop loss a little bit below 1% /$400... if thats the case youll get stopped all the time and youll just keep loosing $400 for no reason!!
Adrian C. (2 months ago)
Lol buffer
Night24 (2 months ago)
to be honest you can start with only £250 and do small lot sizes like (0.01 - 0.05) then once the account grows you can do bigger lot sizes. it's more risky and it'll take longer but it works.
Rishawn Morley (2 months ago)
Night24 i agree
Bud Pierce (2 months ago)
Not .1?
Bud Pierce (2 months ago)
I like you but I don't understand pips and I don't understand Euro's .Can you change it to Dollars?
US Citizen (3 months ago)
Trade the best leave the rest.
Eugene Govender (3 months ago)
Brilliant video, extremely helpful for where I am in my trading.
AmpzTech (3 months ago)
Started with only £60 in a crypto account. Now making over £5000 per trade. Maybe I got lucky or maybe people just expect shit to happen overnight. I do think I started way too low and sure I was "gambling" on everything e.g. 50x leverage on some trades, but it has payed off. Idk this guy does speak the truth though. (Sorry if it sounded like bragging just wanted to give an example of successful trading with a "peanut" account :)
Ryan Coombs (4 months ago)
What trading platforms do u recommend? Uk
Michael Aslanian (4 months ago)
If I trade with .01 of a lot (10 cents per trade), then a 50 pip stop loss would equal $5.00 dollars, so $250 would be the minimum account size if we want to risk no more than 2% on any given trade. I don't know why we assume 1 standard lot on this video.
Mozzus (4 months ago)
good info man .. im trading cryptos at this moment returns are way better than forex + u can lose all your money in matter of seconds forgot to mention that, i really would liek to start trade forex as well ... as it is not so volatile as cryptos :D
B G (4 months ago)
Why forex instead of stocks?
Stevie (3 months ago)
Bruno Gonçalves because forex is cheaper than stock?
Bob's forex strategy (4 months ago)
Well, I agree my friend but the truth is that if you don't know what you're doing (when you're trading) THE LOGIC SAYS THAT there is no matter how much you risk because soon or later you will end up with empty account.
Richard B Magsig (5 months ago)
Not recommended. Can make a Lot and loose it all same day in one bad trade
Richard B Magsig (5 months ago)
I love doing high risk, high percent, quick scalp maybe 12 to 27 trades per day.
Beqassim Cherif (4 months ago)
we have same blood today i made EUR/TRY 5000$ with 10point it high risk but high profit took me less than half hour that what i call real casino
Richard B Magsig (5 months ago)
I always risked 30 or 40 percent per trade. I did ok.
Neil bickerdike (5 months ago)
As long as your risk managment is on the ball you can start with £500 or less and compound it... before you know it you have way more..
Matthew Fx (6 days ago)
+Cross8ow no one has the patience to wait 6 months to turn 500 to 1000£. Be real mate.
Aka Neymar (18 days ago)
+Cross8ow thanks
Cross8ow (20 days ago)
+Aka Neymar google compounding.. you let your earnings work, unless you need to live from profits.
Aka Neymar (20 days ago)
+Cross8ow I don't even know what you just said can you help Me?
matco prutcher (2 months ago)
Matt Klages (5 months ago)
Just a quick question. I understand that every trader is different with their goal preferences and Stop/Limit order, however for you personally, what percentage of profit do you try to aim for when trading. Just to give me, a newbie trader, an idea of what to shoot for as well.
I usually look for at least 3:1 on a trade, with no more than 2% at risk (usually below 1% at risk). - Nicholas
E2 theLP (5 months ago)
Not sure you'll see this comment considering how old the video is, but what about starting with less than the minimum but still make sure to stay within the risk guidlines explained in the video. Capital wise it's a waste of time, but at least if you can still grow the account consistently, you're developing a track record that you can show to potential investors in a year or two. If your method works then maybe that track record is all you need to get some 'real' start up capital, provided your system doesn't get into any volume/liquidity problems down the line
Absolutely, if you can stay disciplined with it then you can still generate money. From experience I've seen most people take risks that are too big with lower capital amounts, or just get fed up of the slow progress and give up. - Nicholas
Nicholas, my favorite Forex preacher, preaching the truth, and very realistic, that´s the way it is ! ¡ Saludos !
Shadhir Jannath (6 months ago)
Can totally agree with you bro!.. can agree with each and every word since I have gone through all what you said!.. like it or not.. very practical advise.. thanks and keep it up man!
Rufio MFZB (6 months ago)
Fantastic video! I personally started with a 3000 dollar account, but I'm still doing it as a hobby and compounding my profits until I know I can go full time. It would also be worth mentioning what kind of lifestyle people have/want, where they live (cost of living), style of trading etc. that would also affect how much one needs to start trading.
Miguel G. (4 days ago)
how's your hobby going
Lawrence (7 months ago)
Thanks for your vid, very informative. perhaps consider using a white board. you go through a lot of numbers in your vid and it's almost impossible to keep up since nothing is written. just a suggestion. I'm a newbee so tryna learn as much as i can
jay singer (7 months ago)
i know a couple hedge fund guys and they've all said the geniuses trade currencies. You should start a hedge fund! It's hard for an investor cus you have to understand the entire economic and political landscape of a country (interest rates, inflation, FDI). Then you have to predict what those will be in the future. Then you have to understand what country in the same region's economic and political landscapes are and will be. And then the same globally! . IS THIS TRUE ????????????????????????????????????
Sam Lucas (7 months ago)
Rubén Blanco (8 months ago)
I'm not sure when you have to stop trading if you get a row of losing trades, how much percentage of your account you can afford to lose before quitting for the day, and trading binary options you should stick to your initial money managment strategy or should you try to recover the following days the money lost to reach your monthly target? Do you think is possible to get a return of 60% every month doing compounding?
ThisnThatPackRat (8 months ago)
Honestly, if you only have smaller amounts look to stocks and etf's. Much better to trade especially if you're young and willing to really dig deep to learn. Forex with serous cash for a beginner is a lark at best, and pure insanity for most.
Mal (8 months ago)
So true, I concur....
Kuziai (8 months ago)
5k- 10k is enough to trade forex and make fortune in 10years
M Ibrahim (8 months ago)
Solid Information. Realistically, the 2% rule is irrelevant because the accounts are leveraged, you should really just use an amount that you are able to make a return over a basket of trades that your edge could play out. So, if your make returns over 20 trades, then you could risk 5% of your account per trade and still end up on top.
Damian Furrer (9 months ago)
Or you could get some with only 1$ per pip, what would reduce the requirement to 5000$
Raven Flau (9 months ago)
I'm a noob trader. Not a year yet. Living in city where US$300 is the monthly cost of living. US$1000 was the starting capital and I earn pretty much $600 a month. I haven't experienced a loss that drained my money to a point where I needed to replenish it. But I'm scared -___- So can you tell me if what I'm doing is sensible?? :)
danzi333 (10 months ago)
I like your style, straight talking with no ego :) I do feel trading at 0.01 has its uses, when I felt ready to go live I made a wise decision to trade at 0.01 for two weeks. I was quickly taught I wasn’t ready and went back to the demo.
Charley J Ramos (10 months ago)
Great video! This is excellent, and extremely precise. Thank you very much!
Jonathan Connor (10 months ago)
are you saying its impossible to grow an account from 500/1000 or that its just highly unlikely?
crazypaco (4 months ago)
Ross from Warrior Trading is a momentum day trader so he buy/sell within 20-30 seconds. It's quite risky. Ross also have few years of experience, at the beginning he was making only pennies and loosing a lot. Jonathan, keep that in mind
Diogo Conde (5 months ago)
Trading FX yeah, it's extremely unlikely. However, there are instruments that give you a more expressive opportunity to grow a small acc. If you really know what you're doing, day trading penny stocks (i mea "penny stocks" as defined by SEC = tocks under 3$, not stocks literaly worth pennies) is one of them. Ross from Warrior Trading actually grew up a 583$ acc as a challenge, to almost 400K in 12 months doing it. check it out, its all on YT But again, regardless of what you trade, chances are you won´t succeed without a loooooot of studying, optimized RM strategy, and a substancial ammount of papertrading
Ashfaq Sheikh (6 months ago)
Highly unlikely. But you most certainly will lose it all quickly.
Toby Grey (11 months ago)
Hi there! I really have a burning question and I dont know where i could ask you so i'm asking it here: is it also a good strategy to use 10% of youre account for 1 Trade (€10.000= €1000) and on that amount you put in a stop loss of 10% so you can only lose €100 on a trade of €1000, that is 10% of youre total account (€10.000). So you end up losing only 1% of youre whole account? Or is it to risky? Nice video btw! ;)
xfactorb25222 (9 months ago)
you would get stopped out most times and just lose fees...
Martin W (11 months ago)
I don't really agree with the conclusion of this video. I am using a live forex account now funded with 300$ and am practicing money management. I am buying such small amounts of units and a win for me would amount to a 10 cent gain. However, a loss would be 10 cents as well. The value of pips are in percentages of cents. I plan on doing this until I can demonstrate an effective strategy and then increase my account size. I did a demo account for a while, but it's not the same as live money. I had a 25 cent gain the other day and it was amazing. If I can reliability make 50 cents a day then I can scale it up to 5.00$ a day and so on. The issue for me is to demonstrate MM and risk management. I am on Oanda's platform, but I can imagine you can do this elsewhere.
Kevin Akol (11 months ago)
so i need 2,000,000 kenya shillings to trade!? i beg to differ
Theone martes (11 days ago)
+AK Chebiegon how can i reach you man?
Santi Carzola (14 days ago)
AK Chebiegon (1 month ago)
i started with 50k saa hii natrade na mita na si kuringa ni kujiamini. i trade in crypto though.
matco prutcher (2 months ago)
It's all about your risk management
HemaRampersad (11 months ago)
This is the third video of yours I've watched... and I love you lol #AwesomeContent
Rajesh Raghavan PM (11 months ago)
Solid advice
JEREMY LASCANO (11 months ago)
One of the best video ever about starts trading budget!! thank you so much
Golden Stocks (1 year ago)
What brokers do you recommend for US people
n91605 (1 year ago)
yes you are making a lot of heads spin.....swing trade or scalp? scalping can work but only after you mastered swing trading ....stop gap is 50 to 200 pips..... 4H and daily chart....split the position in half.......so then $1000 / 1% = $ 10 of [email protected] 50 pips = 20 cents / pip...= lot 0.02....so then risk 2%.... 2 X 1% 50 pip stop...target 50 or 100 pips on one position..if target hit...2nd position move stop to + 5 pips and let it run as far as you can !!....What if your holding a position in profit and another good set comes....need another $ 1000...the minimum lots is 0.01 or 10 cents / pip you could take 1/2% trades X 2 then the absolute minimum is $ 500 / position....but 50 pips is too tight you really need more fire power 200 pips stop now you are dangerous .. traders lose because market squeezes them out ...trade bigger stops like the big boys and be a winner..so you need $ 2000 / position @ 2 X 1% @ 200 pips stop...trades .. if your stop is calculated @ 100 pips you make twice as much profit the lot will be 0.04 X 2 positions... you can only afford to take one position at a time ...but you have deep enough pockets to play the game.....use these risk parameters and trade demo till you are 65% hit rate....trade your set up 4 hour or daily.....trade like a bank or stop....do not trade.....emotion is the key to winning 90% are trading stops too tight.....and 70% are scalping ....Nail Fuller channel .....let your stops get hit.....set and forget ... the only time you move the stop is into profit.....do not sit around watching the market....
August Priest (1 year ago)
Ooo, from the thumbnail with ugly sweater and puckered lips..I thought you were going to do a george Michael imitation. . but your stores are always cool...
Uyi Osa (1 year ago)
Very wise words from a young head ! I deeply appreciate this video and, yes, you are the BEST Scrooge ever !! LOL !!!
Keith Hudson (1 year ago)
I'm not saying you're wrong because let's be honest, I'm not the millionaire here but I feel like for a newer trader that isn't able to push as much volume, you are going to have to trade at a higher percentage. Your average person just doesn't have 40 grand to set aside. Maybe idk what the hell I'm talking about but I feel like someone could take some time to learn strategy and trade maybe 5-10%.
Sergio M. Lebrón (1 year ago)
Well, ALSO you can look at it from this point.. if you're not going to be successful trading with $500, what makes you think you'll be successful with $500,000?
Jakub Valenta (1 year ago)
Sergio M. Lebrón that's easy. You can risk just 0,5% of $500.000,- to make a very good living - minimal emotional pressure. But in case you want to make good money out of only $500,- and not to lose them, you gonna be under extreme emotional pressure and probably lose it all.
hakim messaoudi (1 year ago)
thank you for this video, it really open my eyes to the reality of a minimum capital to put in forex. I change my mind I may think of different way to invest, thank you so much .
kemms (1 year ago)
What's a good demo app to use to learn?
John Adams (1 year ago)
A really great video but one point that you mention in many of your videos is how you lost then made roughly 200K gbp in a week. of risking 1-2% per trade, you would of had to have 5-20mil gbp in an account. Where am I off? When you lost then made 200K gbp what was your trading balance? Thanks!
SUNIL K. GUPTA (1 year ago)
IS IT FINE TO TRADE ON expertoption.com ??????????????
Luano Fortuin (1 year ago)
Hi which forex broker are you using?
Hello, I am just starting to learn. This is one of the best videos I have seen. You show us a kind of inside strategic formula to set a relation among all the facts involve which is also most important than determine the minimum investment. I took my notes. I will follow you without any dude. Thank you very much. It is capital to understand this calculations. Very clever.Thanks again.
Ktoma7 (1 year ago)
I know a guy who does high risk and started with just $20 and now he's at $9,000 in 3 months
CovenantTrading (1 year ago)
That's the truth, bro.
LakeSide87 ! (1 year ago)
Dammit I wish I knew about trading years ago. I feel so behind 😫😩
Bees Wax (1 month ago)
LakeSide87 well your still alive and kicking. so it's not late
Jaron Lines (1 year ago)
Awesome video. So true bro.
Aerial (1 year ago)
25k min. Not a cent less. You can make a nice weekly income with this and stay safe. The more you get, the more you can make faster while being safe. The only problem is the broker.
Data Juggler (1 year ago)
What is a 'P'? A pound?
j cig (2 months ago)
Diogo Conde (5 months ago)
i think you mean "pip", which is the 4th decimal, or smallest unit of a price (for example, in the price 32.3167, the 7 is the pip value. If the price goes from 32.3167 to 32.3169, it means that the price went up by 2 pips.) Some experienced traders also rely on the 5th decimal, aka "pipette", for more precise trading.
Skyle Kobe (1 year ago)
Hey, which broker do you use to trade forex?
Alex Skywalker (1 year ago)
personally 30k US is good. if you dont have that much money save and study the market until you can come up with that money. worked for me.
kb lasalle (3 months ago)
anthony carlin hes seen back at the daybjob
anthony carlin (5 months ago)
nice bro, how you getting on now 9 months after posting this? are you profitable and if so what do you avg per month? just out of interest. is 30k enough for you to do it full time? :)
Simon Gallup (1 year ago)
@Duomo: 1.) What Broker... 2) What platform/Software........3.) what market(s) & Financial Instruments U trading !?
Martin Krabbe (1 year ago)
I would save up $ to live for in a year + my trading account. Just to take some of the pressure off at the start..
Wilmot sign (1 year ago)
nice video ,though its from 2016. tried trading with a 500 usd account and got burnt out twice. my income is js about 2k, guess illd have to save for some months instead. kindly advise thanx.
vrev official (10 months ago)
lol with risk management and good money management you can never blew your account. Regardless how bad you trade.
Kyle Mcpherson (1 year ago)
Over trading. over leveraged. over position size. adding to loosing trades. not keep your stops in place. has to be something with discipline you may not be sticking too.
Kyle Mcpherson (1 year ago)
I think its in the management. What leverage. What your exposure in percentages per trade.
coldfeel (1 year ago)
thanks for your honesty. well done
aluisious (1 year ago)
Long ago, when I was a kid, I traded $2k accounts. I knew then that it wasn't to make big money in any way, it was to learn. I always considered losses to be "self-educational fees." I couldn't be doing what I am now if I hadn't paid dues then and been involved in markets for this long. I think the main advantage to small accounts is to make the sorts of mistakes that would be a much bigger problem with bigger accounts. Losing half of $2k because you're fumbling around is not going to make a big difference to anyone really. Losing half of $100k because you went guns blazing into unfamiliar territory might end up in a divorce.
Xbot4Life (1 year ago)
how do you LOSE your £500 account? you still own the stock you bought right? even if you buy it at £500 and sell it at £350 you still get SOMETHING back? I dont understand. :(
Lou (1 year ago)
Xbot4Life What you said applies to stocks. What's being discussed applies to forex.
Kami sama (1 year ago)
So you have to be filthy rich to work as a trader XD
Kami sama (1 year ago)
Successfully Binary . Trade Option Go fuck yourself with your scammy binary options shit
Johan Benade (1 year ago)
Hi, I just started learning about trading, To be honest I understood about 40% of what you said, tho I find your videos very educational and would please like to learn more. Thank you.
Feel free to browse through the channel. We have well over 200 videos on here now. If you have any questions at any time, just let us know!
Alim Uddin (1 year ago)
What a joke. Don't think anyone with 40k lying around, or even 10k lying around is gonna be watching your videos. your target is those with 1k. People with 40k spend 2k, do the course, join a broker and make 40k a month from selling signals.
aluisious (1 year ago)
Wow, 2 different brokers? That really seals the deal. Do they also wear different colored socks? It's really easy to figure out you don't have the first clue what any of this means.
Alim Uddin (1 year ago)
aluisious Have you got any idea how forex trading works? I have 2 friends with 2 different brokers earning over 5 figures a month. You don't know what your talking about so to you its fantasizing.
aluisious (1 year ago)
No one with a 40k account is making 40k a month because they took a course. You're fantasizing, and it's not even a good fantasy, because 40k is not a lot of money. You could have 40k in cash if you wanted after a couple years of saving, and you're not magically going to start doubling your money every month. The main advantage in trading with a large capital base is that you have a buffer in case you do something wrong (as long as you don't go nuts and blow it fast trading foolishly large positions), and the trading fees are not going to wipe out your account quickly. 100 trades in a 40k account is less than a daily wiggle in the assets, 100 trades in a 1k account is half the account worth of fees.
Regardless of who the audience is, my only concern is to be honest and realistic. In any case, I clearly say in the video that you will need lower amounts if you trade micro or mini lots.
sperenza kotov (1 year ago)
hmm 25 000 at the absolute least if you if your very advanced atleast 100,000 realistically
to themoon (1 day ago)
+aluisious lol so how the fuck does a newbie co,e up with 100k
aluisious (1 year ago)
You're on to something. $100k gives a newbie time to figure out which way is up making small trades. Once you already know which way is up, sure you could make it work with $25k.
designamk1 (1 year ago)
Leverage is a beautiful thing ;) I've been trading at 0.02. I dont think its a bad thing to trade small lot sizes till u see you are making consistant profits. Trading a demo is definitely good idea to get to grips with everything but there is no emotional attachment to demo. I have been making about $10 on my winning trades. Small amounts but getting there
Ben Tj (1 year ago)
The way to go, keep it up. Money at this stage is not the most important part. Get your process in place and money will follow sooner or later.
Chad Williams (1 year ago)
Awesome video. You made the explanation of this topic very clear and easy to follow. Thank your for being honest and telling aspiring traders the truth. I hate it when people try to make trading forex into some super natural crazy easy way to get rich in 90 days with $500. A lot of good people get hurt like that. Trading forex is probably the greatest and most rewarding thing that any of us will ever venture to do. We don't have to lie and embellish the truth.....Trading is awesome as it is!
Kyle Mcpherson (1 year ago)
Id like to talk about trading experiences. Do you have a tradingview acct?
Lula Beast Boy #1984 (1 year ago)
All aspirations crushed
RobertCBullock (1 year ago)
What's your email📧 address? I don't understand enough to not ask.
Trevor ghostfrt (1 year ago)
just send a message via youtube. or you can ask here?
Rosario Guerrero (1 year ago)
I wished I would've seen this video before burning down my account, so been there!
George Curtis (9 months ago)
Try the best broker on binary option and bitcoin trade
Kyle Mcpherson (1 year ago)
Risk management is key guys. its not about how much you win. rather HOW YOU CONTROL LOSSES.
Trevor ghostfrt (1 year ago)
I noticed a lot of examples i related to. like where i blew $500 going stupid with my risk profile.
anthony carlin (1 year ago)
finding this now in 2017.... amazing
Deimo (2 months ago)
IGNORE THESE SHILLS POSTING CONTACT DETAILS FOR SOME GUY WHO WILL MAKE YOU RICH The advice on the video is sound but these snakes who tout for business on these posts are to be ignored at all costs And I would kindly ask Nick or whoever moderates the account to delete the 3 messages from the scam artists above
Favour Milo (2 months ago)
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Adam Oniel (1 year ago)
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Bernard Williams (1 year ago)
isn't​ it always been said it is good to invest low investment
Yes, we recommend a maximum of 1-2% of your capital per trade.
Hungry For Success (1 year ago)
So is 0.1 contract a micro lot? thank you for superb video.
0.1 is a mini lot. 0.01 is a micro lot
Gra Xx (1 year ago)
Trevor ghostfrt (1 year ago)
yeah i wouldnt consider myself a beginner, but ive lost a few accounts. So this video was useful to me to realise how much i should actually be risking per account size. theres a reason banks only make 1-5% PA.
I think maybe you missed a lot of the points in the video? We break down lower amounts too. Also, this is not necessarily about being a beginner or not, it's just about the realistic amounts you need based on certain lot sizes in order to only be risking 1-2% of your account per trade.
RoyalRo (1 year ago)
Is it 0k not to understand this at the beginning or I have a severe mental issue :))?
RoyalRo (1 year ago)
Understood, thanks for clear replying :)
The free course is about 2 hours long and teaches you the foundations, so some traders then choose to take that knowledge and learn on their own, or just use the free videos on youtube. It will give you a good head start and help you understand what direction you need to go in. The paid course goes into a lot more detail and is about 15 hours long, you also get access to the forum where we have a great community which really helps. It's a more structured way of learning and has everything you need laid out for you. However, it does take a lot of work and some people prefer to do that in their own way rather than following our curriculum.
RoyalRo (1 year ago)
Hahaha, you're awesome 0k, just wondering now, which is the big main difference between your Free Learning Guide and Paid Duomo Full Online Method Course? I mean, with the free method, after I'm done learning all in there, I should be able to start trading as every Trader right? If that's the case, what is it the main difference between that "normal" trading learned from the Free Method and the trading learned from Paid Method?
Definite severe mental issues. Just kidding!!!... it's fine not to understand it so far. Keep practising your trading on a demo account and come back to this again in a few weeks time, it might start to make more sense then. It's not a complicated thing, but if you aren't 100% familiar with the terminology etc. then it can be a bit overwhelming!
As a beginner how to start up demo free demo account.
Marc Barling (1 year ago)
great video i followed most of it but got lost a bit as well but i am going to watch everything u have put out so glad i found u on here binary option loli was just at the point of saying trading and me ?r done but i think i found u just in time so out with old and start again cheers

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