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ALL YOU NEED TO LEARN TO TRADE FOREX - (Full Course Playlist in Description)

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FULL FOREX COURSE A-Z Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8Nh17g-vzA&list=PLQAz-PtxBglB0qYesPniRyINj06zzR6z6 Rico of (http://www.TrendXSetters.com) spills everything in this private webinar....No secrets held back...I tell you EXACTLY what you need to study and WHY...plus show real examples. It's time to stop with the gurus and the software BS. Follow me on instagram @ AKATheGrower Hey guys, I did this private webinar for my private students. They loved the clarity and no BS approach that I take. Hopefully you guys can get some value out of it. #TrendXSetters
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AKATheGrower (6 months ago)
Hello everyone, Thanks for supporting me and helping me reach over 200k views on this video! As a thank you I have uploaded INSANE amounts of free Forex knowledge on this youtube channel. Everything I say you need in this video can be found on my youtube channel free. Hope you enjoy. Blessings my brothers
Sakina Sai (4 days ago)
+Harry Theo-George I hope you did not get the trap with this WhatsApp # is not Akathe growers info.
Smith Kasanda (1 month ago)
You really helping me
Glenn Weinstein (1 month ago)
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Calvin J. Cheney (2 months ago)
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evelyn Smart (1 day ago)
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Chijioke Daniel (1 day ago)
thanks lady
YRN BORNSTAR (1 day ago)
Hey, is this available as a document ?
Terrence Mcintosh (4 days ago)
up up
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Amauri Ferreira (5 days ago)
You are very good. Great video. Thank you,,,,,
Rashbell Benla (8 days ago)
Binary trading is quite different from forex trading.
Ambrose Jeremy (7 days ago)
+Miller Claire Trades on Nadex are the best so far. I even do my crypto trades with Mr Reed Peeters.
Miller Claire (7 days ago)
+Garcia Novak I do my trades on the Nadex platform. You can send an email to one of their agents ( [email protected] com )
Garcia Novak (7 days ago)
+Miller Claire I have losses trading with bots too. What are the commodities available on your platform?
Miller Claire (7 days ago)
I used to have losses trading with bots,till I got introduced to an agent whom I have been trading with.
Nowak Raheem (7 days ago)
I use the SMA to justify movement of commodities, though they are not accurate most times.
Matrix Edition (10 days ago)
This is one of the best most genuine trading lesson I have seen so far ... I don't think I could thank you enough for your efforts and energy spent on such gem . thanks a lot mate .cheers
Will Rodriguez (5 days ago)
DEEA M (10 days ago)
I appreciate your transparency, I hope you continue to be! Thank you!!!
Aj K (11 days ago)
so the wedge pattern called counter trend line ?
huseyn qurbani (14 days ago)
Man I can predict better now I will watch your videos, God bless you! :)
AKATheGrower (14 days ago)
Hey thanks for the comment and I appreciate you!
JH (15 days ago)
Well presented, thanks.
Noah Rage (16 days ago)
Amazing video for basics, please if you read this watch out for anyone advertising a "mentor" or "guru" it's a scam. Thank me later.
Dana Domenden (16 days ago)
Thank you sir Godbless! ❤️
Shanice Reid (17 days ago)
The best video ever!
Sgwili Thabiso (17 days ago)
thanks bro about free information about fx
Beniamin Hozan (19 days ago)
dude, this is awesome .... --- deep golden stuff --- Keep the good work, and bring us more ! (:
J00709405282 5 (22 days ago)
Excellent video!Thanks!
Friendly Person (23 days ago)
This was the most informative Forex info I have yet to see. Thank you so much for this! Incredibly valuable and I learned a lot. I think, also, you saved me from spending close to $600 on someone who isn't as concise or value-packed as you. I am subscribing!! Thanks!
Emily Joel (24 days ago)
I rushed into trading when I first started I almost lost everything not until I got a trader who helped me recovered all that I lost
K J (12 days ago)
Hi Emily oh my god how can I contact him so I can make as much money as you and post some bullshit on YouTube to try and scam people. Please send me the details I can't wait to make lots of money
Kcire (23 days ago)
Pure SCAM!!! Please don't fall for this bullshit.
Joao Paulo (24 days ago)
He handles all my trades, what I like most is his consistency
Antonio Rodriguez (24 days ago)
I just got another cashout, 4btc is not bad atall
JAMES COOPER (24 days ago)
+Emily Joel Thanks dear
Simmy.Gud.leader (1 month ago)
Let`s rock (1 month ago)
you doing great work god bless you brother
Let`s rock (1 month ago)
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Devrim Abaci (1 month ago)
Does this work for day trading of equities too?
Ivan Izaguirre (1 month ago)
Hi, If possible, someone could inform me if I can get this information in Spanish.
Litto Supra (1 month ago)
the amount of information in this video is just crazy.... and the craziest thing is that is for free... thanks a lot for the video... I just subscribed to your channel and I will follow you from now on...
Louis John de Villa (1 month ago)
Thanks for the videos bro... it helps alot..
Martin Touko (1 month ago)
please can you write down the name of the person who wrote the book "My support and Resistance System"?
crypto freeborn (1 month ago)
Very impressive and quite educative, I only got successful by trading with the assistance of trade expert Sylvia Allen.
CHAOTIC RAIIZ (20 days ago)
adrian lopez it’s him Einstein, she just changed her name to market
adrian lopez (25 days ago)
crypto freeborn any website? Or just email
crypto freeborn (1 month ago)
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Pratap Singh Rana (1 month ago)
Hi Would you please be able to give an idea about, how to choose a broker for Forex or please suggest a broker to get register with, I'm from north america.
crypto pro (1 month ago)
Hey Singh..Reach me via mail...if you need help trading ([email protected])
Jan Kolasa (1 month ago)
Good Job!
princess penn (1 month ago)
Wow. I loved this. I wish I had found this sooner. This was amazing👍👏
Alfred Hitchcock (1 month ago)
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Alfred Hitchcock (1 month ago)
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J. J Abrams (1 month ago)
Wow... It's truly an encouraging development.
Aniekeme udodong (2 months ago)
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louise D (2 months ago)
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louise D (2 months ago)
+Winnie Hendrick yes i am...fortunately. Nice meeting you. Where are you from?
Winnie Hendrick (2 months ago)
+louise D Yes i do😀. Are you also a trader on his Platform?
louise D (2 months ago)
+Winnie Hendrick Yes Yes. Grey Paddy. You know him too?
Winnie Hendrick (2 months ago)
Are you talking about Grey Paddy? Just curious. If you are, then i think we just might be co-investors on his platform.
Jessica Albret (2 months ago)
Traders must learn patience when making a decision to increase their trading risk. Do not make an impulsive decision to power into a trade when the price just seem to be taking off. Maintain discipline and Money management.
nizzo gamer (2 months ago)
Ur awesome man
Tekara Phillips (2 months ago)
By far the best Forex teaching video I’ve found on YT! So very informative and simplified! Thank you!!
Munib Khan (2 months ago)
i dont usuallly write comments but this one was good
Tara Diaz (2 months ago)
Where can I get access to that PowerPoint?
mohd muhaimin hamid (2 months ago)
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muttaqina sanzida (2 months ago)
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Alan Grossman (2 months ago)
Dude, you use the word "GUYS" way too much... Great video other than that
AKATheGrower (2 months ago)
Bad habit back then but I've cleaned up my speech a bit!
Brian Wallace (2 months ago)
I have the same broker
Orlando Habet (2 months ago)
The teaching was great but, the Chart was not clear, it was all bunch up together. If i did not know absolutely nothing about trading this would have been very difficult to understand. I am climbing up slowly but surely.
AKATheGrower (2 months ago)
Yeah it was the presentation software I was using screenshots and the aspect ratio was different on power point...I never intended to publish this publicly it was a private webinar but people liked it and it became very popular which is great! Thanks for the comment will improve future videos
Ju Wop (3 months ago)
AKATheGrower (2 months ago)
Use the weekly and daily chart, look at the previous candle, if its a large candle the next day will pullback a bit then continue in that direction, same with a big weekly candle, the next week a small pullback then continue in that direction....of course its more complex than that but you start with that and add on a trendline on the daily/h4 chart to see whats going on, are we breaking lows or highs, are we standing still on the h4? is the daily standing still or smoothly moving up. Don't overcomplicate, practice on demo if you have any fear with a small amount on the demo to make it realistic
Ju Wop (2 months ago)
Like I can’t tell sometimes what trend it’s in
Joseph Cote (3 months ago)
what is it that bothers you ?
Ndiso Nzimande (3 months ago)
it not full....😣😣😣41minute only
YaQuezzy (3 months ago)
This is guy actually teaches you about the market and how to trade instead of talking about his personal life for 25 minutes. Subscribed
AKATheGrower (2 months ago)
DESMOND P.O UMUKORO (3 months ago)
Where can I learn this patterns properly from beginning especially sporting them
AKATheGrower (2 months ago)
Look up "Neo harmonics PDF" on google and click the first or second link, print them out
Victor Vazquez Benavides (3 months ago)
Bro, you are the best, I literally watched about 50% of all your material in 1 weekend, thank you for your help and tutorials, I pretty much have explained all my weak spots to take my trading to a higher level. Thank you for sharing brother.
AKATheGrower (2 months ago)
No problem man I got more stuff coming Thanks for the comment
Mr Eligwe (3 months ago)
Thank you !
julkandi sahial (3 months ago)
Rico thanks you so much ! It's really starting to work for me now !....
julkandi sahial (3 months ago)
I will do that bro.. thanks so much .. I'm almost got even with my losses before I studied your video.
AKATheGrower (3 months ago)
julkandi sahial Awesome ! If you have any questions refer to all the videos I uploaded! Appreciate the comment
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Harry donald (3 months ago)
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Chukwudolue Ndubuisi (3 months ago)
very nice work THANKS for your time , but through you BREAKUP explanation you didn't tells us entry point
Steve Proctor (3 months ago)
Nice video
سینا شکری (3 months ago)
Darlene Borges (4 months ago)
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Darlene Borges (4 months ago)
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SkionGames (4 months ago)
Thank you
Eunz Coronas (4 months ago)
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WikiFX WikiFX (4 months ago)
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Kriptix9 (4 months ago)
Thank you , Overwelmed but I know so much than i did before!! Absolute hero
Cory Ann (4 months ago)
How long did it take you to become a profitable trader?
Afua Akua (1 day ago)
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kevinnash cobbs (22 days ago)
+sprouse donald who's your mentor? And how can I reach him? One final thing, does he trade for you?
Fabius Santiago (1 month ago)
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kyle willian (2 months ago)
Has never been better without him....he made me a better trader I am today......i owe him big time....
Annabel bent (2 months ago)
Nice....thank you
Luyanda Ntongwane (4 months ago)
Please update the fxmodiv website. It has been down for quite a while
Sen Crypto (4 months ago)
Havent heard before gartley bat butterfly and so on
Matthias Willy (4 months ago)
It takes years to master forex, only true professional traders can make consistent earnings trading forex to be honest.
Matthias Willy (4 months ago)
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Koketso Medupe (4 months ago)
good presentation...wish i could hv seen it earlier but its never too late as they say...may i please have PDF of tht presentation, if yes you may email it to [email protected] thank you
Bunga Florist Malang (4 months ago)
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Faith F. (4 months ago)
And I was dead ass about to pay $500 for one course and/or $200 a month for someone to mentor me...When you give this knowledge for free. Really appreciated. You are a blessing to others.
Rick Renacci (2 months ago)
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Omar Owens (4 months ago)
Excellent video, you are a great teacher! You have earned yourself a subscriber :-)
astroboii8 (4 months ago)
Really great, mate. Thank you so much.
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iMADKu (5 months ago)
I appreciate you for that amazing webinar💪
iMADKu (5 months ago)
Love it
Santi Carzola (5 months ago)
Really nice video ..this covers price action aswell which is worth $$$ in the market all for free...Thanks man
Thapelo Sealaphiri (5 months ago)
very helpful. God bless you
Luando Lloyd (5 months ago)
Damn this is very very simple,clear as someone who wanna start trading but I was afraid, now I think I'm goner go about it thanku!
Smith Bauer (5 months ago)
Traders must always be patient and wise when making a decision to increase their trading size/risk. Do not ever make a knee-jerk decision to power into a trade when the price just seems to be taking off like a rocket. Maintain your discipline and your money management.
Sarkar Uttam (12 days ago)
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iishuffle28 (13 days ago)
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Lucky (1 month ago)
Jayden Williams the scammer, yes i know him.
Ju Wop (3 months ago)
Afif Rusydi (5 months ago)
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redsox Patriots (5 months ago)
Not bad video. I'mma newbie ty
Natasha Chiware (5 months ago)
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Florry Young (5 months ago)
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Stephen Bruce (5 months ago)
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Alexander Mar (6 months ago)
You keep saying simple or easy stuff or not complicated. For all the newbie, nothing easy or simple, otherwise this kind of lessons in you tube would not exist and everyone would be making money in Forex.
Vincent (6 months ago)
With the wedges formation, okay it will explode but how are you sure it won‘t be an explosion in the down direction? why surely up?
Ganesh bhojwani (6 months ago)
Nice one
arash farrahmand (6 months ago)
Best forex video on YT !
Jānis Erdmanis-Hermanis (6 months ago)
Hello everyone! Really great video. I'm looking for someone with who discuss trading ideas. It's could be anyone as long as focused on doing business doing trading. I'm trading daily major currencies. So it's could be really great to discuss about trading with more people. Please don't advertise to me brokers or any other financial services. Again really great video. :0
SAIF ul islam (6 months ago)
great gob sir thanks alot
ahsanullah shanto (6 months ago)
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Pandian (6 months ago)
Which time frames use this method
Abhishek Kumar (6 months ago)
God bless you
AKATheGrower (6 months ago)
Abhishek Kumar thank you so much! Just uploaded more vids and will continue to do so!
Jabu Mthombeni (7 months ago)
Rico this is a very fruitful video I must say.excellent!!!
Brenton Walker (7 months ago)
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Collins Smith (7 months ago)
Indeed this is the best Forex training video that I've ever watched.i got my notebook right beside me and all the info you've given are so! true.Thanks a lot and God bless

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