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What are the requirements to become a top trader at Ayondo?

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Sarah Brylewski of Ayondo http://www.financial-spread-betting.com/spreadbetting/Ayondo-compare.html comments. What are the requirements to become a top trader? How many Top Traders do you have currently? Isn’t there a risk that this could lead to manipulation of some markets? To become a top trader at Ayondo you need to know how to do your trading; if you are successful then you climb up the latter. You need to deliver consistent performance on your trading performance. As soon as you are successful people start watching you and follow your performance and your strategies and if they trust that you could continue delivering your performance they will start following you. How do you find top traders? What's we've done is that we have created a trading career which has 5 different levels so investors can see if the trader is new or experienced and whether his trading is successful. We have over a thousand of our traders who are visible in our career system; of course the majority are at the lower level.
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