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[UNUSUAL OPTIONS RANT] Why Trading off Stock Volume is a Suckers Play stock market, tos, stocks

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Sean Mastro (2 months ago)
8703 Put Volume. You say "They bought Puts" Question how in the hell do you know all that volume is "buying" Puts? why not its "comprised of Put Buys, and Put Sells" when you have a chain sheet with stacks of volume and open interest loaded with larger than normal numbers...how to you differentiate between the long and short positions in that volume and open interest???
Jonathan Rose (2 months ago)
good question but that's a long explanation... you can see the level of volatility that the trade was transacted at... you could also see the direction of the market after the order, that will tell you what the market makers are doing to hedge their position. Have you tried a free week yet? You can use this link: activedaytrader.com/youfree. Thanks for the comment Sean Mastro!
Donny S (7 months ago)
I need more on UOA please!!!!!!!!
TrueDepth (1 year ago)
So they bought 2610 Calls, but at the same time they shorted 26000 shares? So the Calls are like a hedge, but will go to zero if stock continues down, while the short stock will go up, way more than they lost?
hba8103 (3 months ago)
Jonathan Rose  it makes sense, but how do you "interpret" in real time. Today, you'll notice there were several large purchases of PUTS in $TSLA around 8:36 this morning in the 295, 300, 305 and 310 strikes. I think they may have hedged a little and bought calls in the 310 strike as well. After the market closed, as you probably know, Elon Musk was sued by the SEC and $TSLA dropped like a rock. It's easy to see after the fact, that they probably had some forewarning that something bad was about to go down with $TSLA.....but how would you know in real time during the day?
Jonathan Rose (1 year ago)
if it goes down, the calls expire worthless but the short stock will work (just like a long put) -- that's why it's a synthetic. Does that make sense?
Tatyana Mircheva (1 year ago)
Trader (1 year ago)
Nice video I have researched it in the past and bought a few other courses but most just leave you guessing. Are you going to offer something on it.? also when I go to todays biggest volume in TOS like you do I don't see those trades at all. any idea why?>
Jonathan Rose (1 year ago)
email me, i have a great program on UOA - and the two trades I shared probably weren't the 'biggest volume' of the day

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