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Bollinger Bands Trading Strategy: How to Trade it Like a PRO

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Bollinger Bands is a versatile trading indicator (created by John Bollinger). And in this video, you'll learn: 1. What is the Bollinger Band indicator and how does it work 2. How to use Bollinger Bands and “predict” when the market is ready to breakout… 3. How to trade with the trend using Bollinger Bands 4. How to trail your stop loss and ride massive trends with Bollinger Bands You ready? Then go watch this video right now... If you want more actionable trading tips and strategies, go to https://www.tradingwithrayner.com Thanks for watching! FOLLOW ME AT: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/forextradingwithrayner Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/rayner_teo My YouTube channel: http://bit.ly/2EFg5VN
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Sodiq Amusa (15 days ago)
But with Bollinger bands it all depends on the time frame you’re looking. What time frame gives you the most reliable results
Branden Alexander (18 days ago)
What is the setup for both of the indicator
Alek bla (29 days ago)
Hello. I've been watching your videos and been following you. I have a question. Can you please help me find best websites with live stock chart or some app that I can download to my PC. I would be really greateful. Just the free ones please. Thanks :)
Rayner Teo (27 days ago)
try tradingview
ibrahim Isah (1 month ago)
lmfao!! a really tight sauasage !
Avinash singh (1 month ago)
Hi Rayner, could you please make a video on fibonacci retracement tool as well.
Arvin Bautista (9 days ago)
Abhinav Asthana (1 month ago)
Htay Htein (1 month ago)
Dear Rayner, Your guide is very clear to me. I will try to use in my trading. Thank you, Helen
Barbara Howse (11 days ago)
*T O D A Y $ 1 5 5 0* po.st/24optionfx
Dino Park (1 month ago)
will try your strategy on bitfinex
Prince Cole (2 months ago)
He talks like Joseph Prince. Nice video man. I learnt a lot
Twister Last (2 months ago)
thank you. I want to ask how to learn bollingerband math formulas, can you tell me?
VB Narasimham Garikipati (2 months ago)
There are no words to express my gratitude for the work I learned through your videos and really appreciate your good work gained by lot of hard work besides by the grace of God. Thanks a lot for your sincere services and wishing you all the best for the future.
Rayner Teo (2 months ago)
My pleasure, VB Narasimham Garikipati!
Shokshok 14 (2 months ago)
I honestly love your content and your books! Please keep up the good work and training us newbies!
Glenn Weinstein (28 days ago)
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Rhesa Wiratma (2 months ago)
yes right!
Michael Eamon Osborne (2 months ago)
Nice mate! 👌👌😎
Ariez dela Peña (3 months ago)
Thanks prof... you are simply amazing godbless 😇😇
Rayner Teo (3 months ago)
Cheers Ariez dela Peña!
Rock Emmanuel (3 months ago)
Thanks Rayner for this video. I once read your article on "how to win forex contest", and I was in love with it. Please I have a question: what time frame i can use to ride any contest like a horse or can I trade any contest with any time frame I like? What is the best time frame to trade any type of contest? Thanks.
Martin Lamas (3 months ago)
Rayner So, on your last strategy: There is a huge down treand price movement. Per your tip, we let it ride low and we use the upper bollinger band as a resistance, so if the price breaks above the upper band , then we exit. The problem I see with this is that by the time the price breaks above the upper band, you have given a lot of your profit back to the market and that's not a good thing. I think it's best to stick with your #2 strategy and use the middle band as an exit point. Thanks for your video and your information/tips on Forex trading.
hareesh kumar (4 months ago)
I love this stregry
Dennis Aguilar (4 months ago)
Eat, Sleep and Trade.. East, Sleep and Trade.. East, Sleep and Trade.. THat's what I do, so you dont have to.. Im sick and tired with this advertisement.. WTF
alejandro rodriguez (4 months ago)
Nice video. Thanks
Rayner Teo (4 months ago)
Cheers alejandro rodriguez!
Vande Mataram (4 months ago)
Hi sir, I am your fan, I have read your book on candelstick. Can you please help me with Intraday Indian Nifty/BankNify Option strategy or the best indicators for the same. thanks.
Sal Galeano (4 months ago)
Brother, I thoroughly enjoy all your videos good stuff brother man.
Rayner Teo (4 months ago)
Thank you, Sal Galeano. I appreciate it!
Mohanraj Govindaraj (4 months ago)
Will this work out in intra day 1min chart
Kaushik Nandy (4 months ago)
Good one, but at a very high level. Please provide more in-depth discussions about this indicator.
360 Degrees productions (5 months ago)
Vamsi Krishna (5 months ago)
I'm doing trading using similar strategies, coincidence 😂
Rayner Teo (5 months ago)
Cheers Vamsi Krishna!
Mr Govin (5 months ago)
Thanks very informative
Bose Ganta (5 months ago)
"Right Right!!"
kazar emir (5 months ago)
TQ RT Superman
Rayner Teo (5 months ago)
Cheers kazar emir!
HDFX (6 months ago)
Victor Inyang (6 months ago)
Great! More grace to your elbow!!
Willy Antoni (6 months ago)
Too much right? Lol
Francis Ucheanwu (6 months ago)
Thanks for the information
Rayner Teo (6 months ago)
Cheers Francis Ucheanwu!
Danny Izryan (6 months ago)
Hey,whats ur bollinger properties recommended?Good explanation tho
Rayner Teo (6 months ago)
I used the default settings
Steven Rogge (6 months ago)
Good Stuff Rayner.
Rayner Teo (6 months ago)
Thank you, Steven Rogge. I appreciate it!
Sua Bhu (7 months ago)
Great well you and give feedback
divine seed (7 months ago)
u always keep it simple. thanks
Rayner Teo (7 months ago)
You're welcome, divine seed!
Edinam Desolla (8 months ago)
I love that sausage thing bro. Really I love the presentation, Rayner I give you 101%, you are super superb bro thank you so much
Michael Reyes (2 months ago)
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Edinam Desolla (8 months ago)
I love that sausage thing bro. Really I love the presentation, Rayner I give 101% you are super superb bro thank you so much
Rayner Teo (8 months ago)
I appreciate your kind words.
Hugo Rodríguez (8 months ago)
Right :D
Ashwini Khanna (9 months ago)
good and informative!
Richard Metzger (9 months ago)
great advice!
RUGGED BREED (10 months ago)
I thought you are Adam Khoo
Zahiruddin Mohhar (2 months ago)
He's his son
Shekhar S (4 months ago)
He is Adam ohh actually😂
Flvff Wear (7 months ago)
dont compare him with the master
InnoDaGreat (7 months ago)
Flvff Wear (8 months ago)
sounds the same but adam getting those profits thightttt
Dinesh Kumar (10 months ago)
Hi Rayner Good Evening Great sharing of knowledge... Incidentally I am a great fan of yours from India. I have landed up in Singapore and want to meet you before July 07th 2018. I have also sent an email from my email account [email protected],com... But my request still remains unresponded. Could you plz find time to reply my e-mail.. and be kind enough to grant me an personal audience before July 07 2018,,,..Regards Dinesh Sharma
Rajarshi Mukherjee (10 months ago)
These are all in trending markets . What to do in a consolidating or a range bound market?
Farook Maideen (10 months ago)
Thanks Rayner
Kazakman 777 (10 months ago)
Rayner I think u missing one topic about strong fundamentals like geopolitics. Because when there’s a strong geopolitical aspect all these technical analysis don’t work. Especially with natgas and oil markets cheers
p karthik (10 months ago)
Intraday purpose what ma can use pls suggest
Ola Hansson (10 months ago)
Hi Rayner, thanks for the video! I've been trading BBs for more than 3 years now and I love it. About 15% annual profit. Not too bad. I'm using 3std dev 100 period for entry, 1 std below for exit. It really doesn't have to be very complicated. I can recommend a book by Nick Radge, Unholy Grails. One of the better strategies described there is a BB strategy.
greenscorpio1967 (5 months ago)
+MOB SQUAD i suppose the majority who first pursue retail trading think it just about buying shares in a company ,the shares go up or down and it just pure luck and getting a return which is greater than the average interest rates.There is luck involved because no matter how much a persons strategy is successful regarding technical or fundamental analysis anything can happen in the markets.The "art" is over a period of time use a system of making profit even though the amount of losing trades is below 50%, this been closing winning trades higher than the stops
MOB SQUAD (5 months ago)
yeah I think more the internal challenges are a barrier for some ppl, everyone really but learning to reign that in and be a professional is the real challenge. +greenscorpio1967
MOB SQUAD (5 months ago)
you can make lots if you put the time in. I find using a journal for my trades to help me go over patterns and such very helpful. I think it takes about 6-12 months to become a successful trader trading everyday for hours. I would think few ppl have that kind of determination and drive to keep going when it seems like they don't know the way. I think that is why few ppl have success with it. +greenscorpio1967
greenscorpio1967 (8 months ago)
yes thank for your comments,ive listening to some interesting points regarding the psychology of trading on you tube . You obvious lean alot to technical analysis.Trading can be very subjective and the psychology challengers are also interesting
Ola Hansson (8 months ago)
Hi again, for me it certainly has been worth it. I have an engineering background so programming comes easy. I love to spend time doing research on trading systems. I prefer doing this than actually trade! I'm in the process of automating my strategies so they take less time to run. I don't do daytrading although I've tried it. I have found end of day trading suits me best. I've discovered what works for me and also found some trading systems I'm happy with. I do have a passion for it, otherwise I probably wouldn't have continued. Hope this helps.
Awesome Video Rayner..........
Jota Kolopa (10 months ago)
awesoime ty for this video
Anthony Liew (10 months ago)
Hi Rayner. As usual, your simplified strategy has displayed strong interest for someone whom wanted and have not tried Bollinger Bands strategy. Thumbs Up!!
Robert D. Moore (1 month ago)
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Boreneo man (10 months ago)
this is how broadband internet created.
Francesco Razzetti (4 months ago)
Kazakman 777 (10 months ago)
Excellent 👍
Senzo Mseleku (10 months ago)
Great video
Rida Bone (10 months ago)
gREAT video.............
Air Elegant (10 months ago)
My favourite rubber band technical indicator
Juhász Fujisawa (10 months ago)
Bollinger Bands trading is better option to earn more rapidly, only with a reliable strategy. I strongly endorse everything *The Blended Model Strategy* when it comes to earning maximum profit, with a minimize risk factor in BB trading, identifying support and resistance trading zones perfectly. the creator is DMITRY VLADISLAV(vladislav @optionstrade .cc).
Nguyen Thong (10 months ago)
share to me your strategy

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