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Trading Stock Market Buyouts (case study) $INVN, $STM, $KN

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Techmobbin (1 year ago)
Dude your absolutely brilliant!... thank you for your knowledge
Techmobbin (1 year ago)
Jonathan Rose yes I'm starting to love it myself I just started and profited big from $dcth recently
Jonathan Rose (1 year ago)
that's awesome - thanks! And... far from brilliant, just good with risk, numbers and freaking love the game!
charles brace (2 years ago)
so what's going on so far with this one? now
Dominic Jake King Lim (2 years ago)
A $1 upside at $11 to a $12 buyout based on a rumour is really not worth it. I'd probably short or buy a put spread to capitalize on the pullback.

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