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My Best Trading Idea - Tariffs in Trumps Crosshairs | Trade Ideas | Technical Analysis | Stock

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Let me show the Correct Way to Trade Bond Futures Trump Tariff Trade Article https://business.financialpost.com/commodities/mining/trade-war-spills-into-uranium-as-u-s-weighs-import-tariffs Jonathan Rose from Active Day Trader shares his best trade idea with his Premier Members every Sunday night. stock stocks trading stock market
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David Fernandez (4 months ago)
hey i like your way of thinking
Jonathan Rose (4 months ago)
Thanks David -- thanks for watching and adding a comment
Zhen DING (4 months ago)
awesome, but it takes much time to research those news, i guess?
Jonathan Rose (4 months ago)
it sure does... i wish it was 'easy'
On a Silver Platter (4 months ago)
Other US worthy picks : UEC, WUC and EU
Robert White (5 months ago)
UUUU is the go to stock for a 232 petition success. I recently took my profits after a nice run. There are no catalysts to drive UUUU higher now so I would hold off. 232 could take until Feb for a ruling so until then I expect the stocks to drift lower. You have to consider also that 232 could be rejected. If that happened UUUU and URG will get crushed. Your best bet is to accumulate a modest position in them lower and wait for confirmation of a 232 ruling. At that point you should jump on them with both feet...their future will be secure at that point. Key is not to over pay now or be too committed until you have certainty
John Matthews (5 months ago)
I agree with your idea, but the idea is not to impose a tariff.  The companies that have filed the petition have said that they want a U.S. quota (25%), and that a tariff (import tax) would not help them.  So, the story is that U.S. production would need to grow by 12 times, and the price of uranium needs to be in the $50-60 per pound range for this to happen.  UUUU was $5 a share when uranium was $35 per pound, at $50 a pound it would go to the $10-20 range.
Jonathan Rose (5 months ago)
I would cover my position at $20 :)... good post John Matthews, thank you for sharing
Jan lulu (5 months ago)
Of course it will make sense if technically and fundamentally it clicks together it's amazing trade 100% degree I feel the same if behind the trade there is no story it's kind of doesn't give that confidence
Jonathan Rose (5 months ago)
heck yeah!!

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