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Rhino 6 Subdivision modelling - simple cup

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This video demonstrates the modelling of a simple organic cup using Rhino 6 Subdivision modelling. This is somewhat similar to Speedform type modelling. Note: To select components such as Face, Edge, Vertex on a mesh object, press SHIFT + CTRL Keys. For more rhino and blender video subscribe to this channel. Or go to http://www.studiorola.com
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Modeller Design (16 days ago)
Seems to be that Rhino admits that poly modeling is a real thing as it always be))))
vad vol (1 month ago)
how do you go back and forth from subd to box mode?
vad vol (1 month ago)
PC Sim (1 month ago)
I didnt... I retained the box. If you want to manipulate the subD, you can turn points on using F10 hotkey.
vad vol (1 month ago)
awesome. now i can use subd... thx man...
vad vol (1 month ago)
cant wait to see you fix thoses issues and more on subd in rhino...
PC Sim (1 month ago)
Welcome. However, at the present moment, there seems to be some continuity issues at 5-corner region.
sab sarvona (2 months ago)
nice video, also check: http://zevarcadcam.com/product-category/fusion-jewelry
PC Sim (3 months ago)
To select a Face on a mesh object, press SHIFT + CTRL Keys.
foreigner xx (5 months ago)
so cool ..so i don't have a SubD command in my rhino 6 ! can you help me ?
vad vol (1 month ago)
i got it to work in rhino 6.0 i made a mesh box then typed in subdfrommesh and i got 2 boxes, one was the subd... works great...
Stephen Workman (2 months ago)
I believe SubD doesn't live in 6.0. In order to get it, you must download the Rhino 7 wip (work in progress) which is available if you have 6.0
PC Sim (3 months ago)
Its SubDfromMesh ... regards No plugin is required.
Allen Show (3 months ago)
Even though I've tried typing in command 'subdrommesh' still nothing happened. Is 'subdfrommesh' command a plug-in function, that needs to be installed?
foreigner xx (5 months ago)
Thank you so much sir
eian (5 months ago)
nice video ! -PID rhino class
PC Sim (5 months ago)
Thank you E Ian :)

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