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Ira Krakow's Edge Loops and Face Loops Blender 2.49b Tutorial

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You can select parts of a mesh by either right clicking, or shift right click, or the B key to box select, or the B key twice to form a circle selection, or alt left click for lasso select. There's another way to select parts of a mesh, which is by selecting a loop of vertices, edges, or faces. Also, adding loops is a great way to add detail to your mesh. Instead of subdividing a mesh, which adds a lot of extra geometry when it's not needed, adding loops only in the area where you want detail will create a cleaner mesh with fewer edges, vertices, and faces. The aim of this tutorial is to demonstrate how to use loops both to select parts of your mesh and to add details to it.
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Rich Parker (2 years ago)
Thanks Ira. You have done an amazing amount of hard work on many many Blender tutorials. Hope u doin' good, even if u r not putting out 10 great tutorials a week like you used to :-)
Pearly Gate Media (2 years ago)
After clicking Alt + Right button on the mesh face to loop select face, it didn't loop select. What could have been the problem? Pls help. Thanks
Just The Information I Was Looking For.  Thanks For The Share Ira.
shannon huh (6 years ago)
Ira Krakow (7 years ago)
Good to hear. Edge loops and face loops are the ideal way to add geometry to your meshes.
michax56 (8 years ago)
Thanks ! Everything covered nicely.
taids (8 years ago)
nice viddy, thanks! :-)

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