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Why Most Of The Startup Fails? | 10 Reasons Why Startups Fail | Hindi

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Intellectual Indies (1 year ago)
Todays Letsblogging Winner: ARSHPREET BANGA Entrepreneur: How to become an entrepreneur? https://letsblogging.com/entrepreneurhow-to-become-an-entrepreneur/
Mahi Nagare (1 month ago)
bhai agar funding li aur company loss me chale gaye to how to refund investor?
qasim iqbal (2 months ago)
#sahil bro I want to meet you
Bharath KA19 (2 months ago)
Bro you have to put countdown no somting like bulletin
Rohit Sharma (8 months ago)
sir e commerce website kaise banaye ?
Love Storys (10 months ago)
i like you videos.....do more video about new business model, how to manage a big team
Suneel Kumar (51 minutes ago)
Tandar Lene k liye kya koi cartifecat ki jarurat Hoti hai
Ajay Kumar Gupta (15 days ago)
Yes I know. I had pager in 1997.
Muhammad Rizwan (17 days ago)
please many aik.start-up karna hai jiske.liue website bnwani hai plz content me?
Muhammad Rizwan (17 days ago)
hello bro many website bnwani hai?
Sonu Krishna (20 days ago)
I know pager. And sent messages too...
Rajneesh Pandya (23 days ago)
yes I knew Pager
Mayur Patil (27 days ago)
Basically flipkart and Amazon are duopolies in India and they are mature enough to do loss making business and they can bear those millions of dollars of losses but there is always room for the improvement for competition
vikash mishra (27 days ago)
What about ur Start-up India video with Yogi. There you have disabled comments. I thought u r unbiased. U r also unfortunately a andh Bhakt of BJP government.
Vipin Lamba (28 days ago)
Dear sir what is meesho busines . Can you explain.
Rahul (28 days ago)
bhai itna gyan kahan se late ho? sach to ye hai india ke so called "Startups" are copy cat of western initiatives .. sab wahin se ata hai or ham copy karten hain including the word "Startup"
Mecca Mukarramah (29 days ago)
abhay yadav (1 month ago)
Thank you brother😊😊😊
Krishna Chettri (1 month ago)
From Assets yogi ..
Roshan Dave (1 month ago)
Passion nhi hai chalega par skill nhi hai to hm business nhi kar sakte means urbanclap plumbing, spa, hair stylez photography sab Kam Janta hai... ????
Aryavarat india (1 month ago)
Very nice video
Shubham Patil (1 month ago)
Yus Mujhe pager ke Baare me Avengers ke baad pata chala.
POPPER USH (1 month ago)
Suprb bhaijaan💖💖
Hari Nair (1 month ago)
As a analyst now startup comes get more support from the funding organization and that makes them grow further. Currently on to my research found one Indian eCommerce platform is slowly growing up in the competitive market. Hope they have a unique concept in their site of charity wardrobe where anybody can share their clothes for free and any needy can avail this product with out any cost. So they are also thinking about the society. They have a very less manpower but slowly growing it will be good to investors on investing on them. Their site details @t
Chandan Panda (1 month ago)
tumara video me 10 bar adv video chalte haii
Vishesh Upadhyay (1 month ago)
Doraemon n btaya tha pazzer
danerodevils (1 month ago)
Bhai you're great! Aap aadmi sexy ho! Jordaar ekdum! Video dekhke na mazaa aajata hai! kafi cheerful aur full of knowledge ho! love you and keep up the good work!
guddu kumar (1 month ago)
Arjun Garg (1 month ago)
Thank You for uploading this❤
Vikas Yadav (1 month ago)
Hello sir, agr koi start-up start krna ho to kese pta lgaye ki wah idea kesa he uski market me need he yaa nhi
Varun Aneja (1 month ago)
Thanks bhaiya 🙌😊😊
Bhai e-commerce k bare m btaeye pura . Kya fark hota h enma
About All (1 month ago)
Sir so many videos please off your channel
Bhubanjit Sahu (1 month ago)
Who else got 4 ads during this video?
Viva Videos (1 month ago)
What is the difference between current and savings account. Is current account beneficial?
Viva Videos (1 month ago)
Make a full video on matrimony website, like registration, membership, upload photo, take membership paid, how to add your account, when a person add payment it will go to your account, and is it necessary to become a current account.
Antesh Tiwari (1 month ago)
Sir really you provides me a great knowledge ,,,,,,,so thanku so much sir ..........I hope one day I built great business model that is profitable for India .....I am entrepreneur aspirent.. Thankuuuuu soo much sir
Ananya Shetty (1 month ago)
Thanks! loved your videos ❤
Jitendra Sharma (1 month ago)
Indian Being (2 months ago)
I know about pager
ashok bhatta (2 months ago)
Bro how could paytm and other online payment provide a lot of cashback????? Please tell us
Mahavir Patel (2 months ago)
I know about Pager
Nipam Bora (2 months ago)
Tomuch Advertising
Mitali Kamra (2 months ago)
Yes i know about pager
Sarvesh Singh (2 months ago)
Bhai bahot hi acha Kam kar rahe ho
Sourabh Gogna (2 months ago)
Apne isme kaha hai ke e-commerce to barbaad to kya hum e-commerce Mai sell na kare please reply
qasim iqbal (2 months ago)
#sahil bro I want to meet you.
Jeffery Robert (2 months ago)
Lutherangrants; com helped me financially .They got me a grant of $35,000 yesterday
muneer sumi (2 months ago)
Useful information dear.
SAVANT FEVER (2 months ago)
Very up to the point
Micky Malik (2 months ago)
U are the best vlogger dear love your videos 👍😊
PV creations (3 months ago)
Copy cat
Romantic_ songs4u (3 months ago)
Sir mai soch Raha tha mere garment ka wholesale ha Kya sir mai Amazon pe shirt sale karu ya nahi
hemant tilanthe (3 months ago)
Ye video mughe pasand ayi he , detail & sahi content diya he , me kuch point janta tha , kuch point new the & really its helpful video for me , thanxs to giving me wonderful content & mughe startup khada karna he , so apki video meri help karegi mughe esa lagta he
Manjeet Singh (3 months ago)
I used pager in oil and gas plant in abudhabi..
Shubham Saroj (3 months ago)
Awesome video
Vedicamodular kitchen (3 months ago)
Maine use Kiya hai 1999
Rajesh Sharma (3 months ago)
Thanks brother
Kavita Bhandari (3 months ago)
Nicely explained. for social legislations, please visit youtube channel @aBhandari Like Share Subscribe
akash aggarwal (3 months ago)
bhai tu bhi to maarkeitng krra h jo tune 8 lakh liya h is company se.
krishna kaurav (3 months ago)
Copy video .Bhai copy info mt do .kuch apna bhi batao...bindra
Rafik khan (3 months ago)
Tusher Imran (3 months ago)
Thank you, so much
Ravi Rana (3 months ago)
Investors कहा से मिलते है ये कोई नही बताता भाई, क्या कोई online प्लेटफ़ॉर्म है क्या जहा हम investors ढूंड सकते है हम।
Mr. Strange (3 months ago)
do you own a business? if yes, then which one?
Souvik Samanta (3 months ago)
You are great sir 👍
Neha ishitha (3 months ago)
I didn't understand why you said ecommerce barbad hai??
Mayur Patil (27 days ago)
He wanted to clarify flipkart and Amazon will crush any new e-commerce startup
shahid malik (3 months ago)
fudu great 👌😄😄😆😆
khalid rahman (4 months ago)
Don't agree with few of your points for eg. If we don't hv skills n hiring such people n then starting up will lead to failurs but boss there is difference between knowledge and information.
Krishna Murthy (4 months ago)
why should we join youtube subscriptions at 159 rupees when it is available free
Puja Singh (4 months ago)
Awesome sir
yash goel (4 months ago)
Bhai this is the best business channel on YouTube Still not a million subscriber shows this world is only made up for entertainment.
My Watch Book (4 months ago)
Bat to sahi kahi hai . Thanqu
My Watch Book (4 months ago)
Bhai bat to sahi hai amazon ke pas khud ka to hai hi uper se lakho log invest karne ke liye khade honge so amazon us product ko pura hi utha lega ek bhi piece nhi chodega so use fat se half se bhi kam me wo product mil jata hai .. fir kya 48 ko wo aram se 41 me becg ke bhi fayde me hi ..
GG News (4 months ago)
sir Insta pe profile marketing ke Paise kese Kat te hai ...mene ek pic promote kiya or approve b ho gya but pata nhi chal rha hai ki Paise kese leta hai a a
theGamer's Pit (4 months ago)
Who else is a teenager here??? Give it a like
Kashif Zafar (1 month ago)
I am💜
Het Thummar (1 month ago)
Ankit Arya (4 months ago)
Mujhe lagta hai kuchh hi log aapki vide samajh paate honge...
Aishwarya's world (4 months ago)
You are the best !!!
Zee Vines (4 months ago)
😒kya bhai ladki k vedio ko like kroge sirf
Aashish Mallick (5 months ago)
Being an Engineering student , I don't have any basic knowledge about laws and paper works for establishing my start-up and cost and time for establishing the legal terms for start-up. N further cost such as taxes etc to be cost toward Government rules... Can u make some series of the informations? Just getting stuck before moving forward?
Annu Upadhyay (5 months ago)
Great Suggestion Bro👍 will surely help.
Info india (5 months ago)
e commerse babad hota to amazon world ka richest aadmi provide nhi karta, tum logo ko de motivate karna band kro compettion kam karne ke liye
Siyaram Sharma (5 months ago)
Bekar boring hai
Priya Tomar (5 months ago)
Thanks Sahil.
Gaurav Dumbare (5 months ago)
if e-commerce business are in loss then how it earn money
neoz energy (5 months ago)
https://www.itpiller.in/ this is my website
MD KHALID (5 months ago)
Bhai ek video banao small grocery store pe
Ammar Sheikh (5 months ago)
I know about Pager. Well, it was a quite good device. Simple and time friendly! 😂
Bh*s*d** waale Chacha (5 months ago)
Ap k 1 million toh nhi hua
Shubham Nishad (5 months ago)
Sab kuch to thik hai par team ka ek bahut bada lafta hai. Haal to yaha aisa hai ki Khud hi developer aur khud hi sales. Aakhir acche talented partner mile kaha se. Talents to saare bade cities aur bade colleges me hai.
H R Choudhary (5 months ago)
I know pager
Amrith Prasobh P (5 months ago)
Very informative bro... Thumbs up from kerala!
Pravesh (5 months ago)
Nice Video. I was searching and found this startup dhannocare.com. and feel they are really solving a real problem so a large scalability.
RKS Digital Lab (5 months ago)
Hi sir, you really provide value. Your case studies are literally amazing.
ANGRY INDIANS (6 months ago)
thanqu brother
khushal singh (6 months ago)
Bro if I don't want any fund means Initially I can manage my cash burn at that moment when I start getting profit after deduction of cash burn... Should I still go for funding
khushal singh (6 months ago)
Brother if I don't know coding is it lack of skill or I never can do stratup ?
Intellectual Indies (6 months ago)
No, its not like that. You can hire a coder
aniket andeo (6 months ago)
Sir aap ka har video bahutahi acha hota hai.sir aap patanjali ka business modal samjaeya aur patanjali apani income ka kay karati hai ye bhi bataeya aap sir .Kay samajik kam karati hai ya fir only business plz sir batayeya
nik viradiya (6 months ago)
Awesome Bhai you will be famous just add some graphics also not just talking so anybody can visualize... Write topics in graphical ways also... Just suggestion Bhai... Baki solid video
amit choudhary (6 months ago)
V. Nyc video bhai, mai bhi garments ki sale ka bussiness krna chahta hu, retail ke bussiness ka kuch ideas btaao. Thnks
garry singgh (6 months ago)
i am from chandigarh , my new startup (legal app),if anyone investest or patner welcome, The person should be open minded , dedicated , ambitious and decision maker If want to know about it just call me...8557996715.. email.id.. [email protected] .
Logeshwaran Jayaraman (6 months ago)
Imp skill for entrepreneurs...?
Firoz Bhati (6 months ago)
at 10:48 why ecommerce is not successful model
Mithu Mazumdet (6 months ago)
Faltu itna add
vijay sharma (6 months ago)
Sahil bhai m aap se bahut jaruri baat krna cahata hu ek start up ko leker 9808483870
samir kumar Verma (6 months ago)
Kathavachak ban jao bhai.....jyada kamao gay....

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