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Experimenting Rhino Panelling Tools

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I have been teaching myself Rhino for half month and I started playing with Paneling Tools for 1-2 hours yesterday. Here is a little demo of the Rhino Paneling Tools plugin from a Rhino newbie. (testing Mac Rhino at the same time)
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tank you
i cant select materials rhino for mac.Anyone can help me? YANITLA
nauty sunny (1 year ago)
this is not asystem in rhino 5..so what to do ....thank you
Paul Olvera (1 year ago)
Was ptGridSurfaceUV removed for Paneling Tools in Rhino 5?
Paul Olvera (1 year ago)
Figured it out. The command must have been renamed, ptGridSurfaceDomainNumber seems to do the same thing on Rhino 5 WIP for Mac
Damani Vite (2 years ago)
whats the ptgridsurfaceuv for windows????
Alina Amiri (5 years ago)
hi there, in my paneling tools i can not find the ptGridSurfaceUV command. could you let me know why that is. thank you!
Anton (5 years ago)
very helpful and it did helped me a lot too. Thank you very much!
Matthew Law (5 years ago)
thanks a lot, it helped me so much
Deepak Kumar (5 years ago)
Hello friend can we convert the 2d pattern into solid line like net if i dont like surface or dont use ptgrid3dcustom command. if u have any solution so please let me know about this topic
Makus Dhy (5 years ago)
Makus Dhy (5 years ago)
is this a tutorial????????
hunam (6 years ago)
Paneling Tools for Rhino. Google it.
mmadrazom (6 years ago)
what page i can get the plugins?? :(
hoteltech (6 years ago)
you know it's amazing how an instructional video for something as neutral and "boring" as rhino paneling turns into a troll fest. i love the internet.
Arthur Reis (6 years ago)
Ha-Ha-Ha... We can stop here, I don't have time to discuss with fanboys..
Arthur Reis (6 years ago)
this shows how Windows is ugly
Yours In Soap (6 years ago)
Rhino Mac has been getting pretty reliable lately for me. I would not trust it to be in beta version for another year - and would definitely not get a Mac just for using Rhino. Some key things it is missing are Render Settings - but you can sort of work around that. Script Editor - this is a major pain - because it is inconvenient (though you can) to run your own scripts I don't know about VRAY rendering, but grasshopper is not supported on Rhino Mac.
Crispijn van Sas (6 years ago)
Hi im considering buying a mac and use rhino a lot. Can you advise the new beta version? Is it stable built and is there the possibility to install the plugins like VRAY rendering? thank you, Crispijn
Diego (6 years ago)
If you have the Mac version, paneling tools are already included. but some commands have changed name. ptGridSurfaceUV is now called ptGridSurfaceDomain. While the original ptGridSurfaceDomain is now called ptGridSurfaceDomainExact
FMH2011 (7 years ago)
where exactly do u put this plugin? I copied it to the plugin folder, but nothing shows up in rihno.....what am i doing wrong?
Mays Albeik (7 years ago)
@jezzmoto you have to downloaded from the official rhino site, it's a free plugin. the pop up dialogues come up 'cause it's a mac version.
aenarion1984 (7 years ago)
@TheViolenceMan: thx
aenarion1984 (7 years ago)
I don't get the ptGridsurfaceUV command... and I have the same program as you
ElvisFHKE (7 years ago)
@sdtn666 only for Mac version
Jesse Taylor (8 years ago)
How come you get the popup dialogs? Is this paneling function standard in Rhino?
Jesse Taylor (8 years ago)
That rocks man

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