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Mudbox 2015: Symmetry Options

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It's now possible to enforce topologically symmetrical results when retopologizing meshes. Symmetry can be based on the source topology—enabling meshes to retain both topological symmetry and spatial asymmetry (for example, a face with a lop-sided grin)—or on a local or world axis, for completely symmetrical results; artists can choose whether to copy painting and sculpting detail from one or both sides of the source. Existing meshes can also be quickly made symmetrical across one or more axes without retopologizing, with a new Make Symmetrical tool—this is particularly useful for models scanned from real-world objects, which often appear symmetrical but are not. Topologically symmetrical meshes are essential for sculpting and painting with tangent symmetry, and for other processes throughout the production pipeline
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Peter Tremblay (1 year ago)
This software had potential before autodesk bought it but now it is a wreck light years behind Zbrush!
Rock Ingames (5 years ago)
oh gaddamit we still in early 2014 and the 2015 version is already here

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