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ZBrush ZModeler Polygon Actions - Poly Bridge

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Buy ZBrush 4R7 – http://store.pixologic.com/ The all-in-one digital sculpting solution, designed for the pursuit of art. See for yourself how ZBrush is the perfect application for all artists, from hobbyists to professionals. Visit Pixologic ZClassroom for more tutorials. http://pixologic.com/zclassroom/homeroom ZBrush Features – http://pixologic.com/zbrush/features/ZBrush4R7/ ZBrushCentral – http://www.zbrushcentral.com Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/Pixologic Twitter – https://twitter.com/pixologic ——————————————————— Whether it's bridging between connected Polys, or two seperate polys, this video will cover how to bridge polygons with multiple options, including customizable control over curvature and resolution. Bridge functions include custom arcs, splines and round corners to name a few.
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Text Comments (7)
Seven Bulls Games (7 months ago)
You need to turn on align normal in order to work.
The Jovial Brit (8 months ago)
Thanks to these, and similar tutorials, this week has been the longest I have ever spent in ZBrush and it continues to impress me!
boitahaki (8 months ago)
It works differently when the object has more than 4 polygons per face
Chris Wong (1 year ago)
question, if i bridge once 2 poly, and bridge again to the next poly, there had useless facein between just like 2:45 what you did, had useless surface inbetween two bridge
The Jovial Brit (8 months ago)
Those faces auto-delete and weld vertices.
hellatze (2 years ago)
the bridge sometimes flipped.
Carrumbum (3 years ago)
Good stuff. Liked ;). Be good to watch more :)

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