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Grandfather Clock 06 - Mesh Fusion for Door Detail

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In this video we explore how to use Mesh Fusion to make intricate cutouts for our door. Subscribe for more content, comment with questions, and give this video a like! It really helps me out. Facebook: www.facebook.com/brandon.clements.5 Twitter: @TheBranclem Instagram: @TheBranclem
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Text Comments (5)
neil mahmood (3 years ago)
great little series, any progress?
Glass Hand Studios (3 years ago)
+neil mahmood Thank you Neil! Now that the channel has picked up more subscribers, I really want to finish this project. Hopefully I can create another video soon. Thank you for watching and I hope you enjoy!
Wes Wait (3 years ago)
Thanks great series, All caught up and looking forward to getting this into Mari.
Glass Hand Studios (3 years ago)
+Wes Wait Thanks so much, we got a lot of projects going right now, but we will be getting back into this series sooooon! Thanks for the support :)
Raymond Doetjes (3 years ago)
MeshFushion put a smile on my face when I bought it last year and now it''s free in Modo901.

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