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Best Forex Trading System - Part 4.4 - Critical Study of SR Fractals and FX Flows

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Best Forex Trading System - Part 4.4 - Critical Study of SR Fractals and FX Flows
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Faham Parsa (7 months ago)
bro is this the videos of his course or you are chris lori him self and this is just a demo version?
Faham Parsa (7 months ago)
wow this was awsome excelent thank you you really opend my eyes i laked this information
Hayden Harris (1 year ago)
What about projecting forward live and see if you get it wright, this will sort the men from the boys LOL
Hayden Harris (1 year ago)
High probability my assssssss
Hayden Harris (1 year ago)
Any body can make up a story about hindsight results.
Hayden Harris (1 year ago)
If all these bloggers are so confident with their systems, then why are they not as rich as Warren Buffett? I will tell you, because its all hypothetical, theoretical. Why do they not practice what they preach?
Hayden Harris (1 year ago)
I find it amazing how you can make all your claims based on a tiny bit of graph movement. Lets not forget that every movement of the graph is created from infinitesimal variations of ever changing trade strategies and for different amounts of money plus associated natural economy fluctuations which in turn means you cannot be corect. You are making out that there are logical transitions from one level of the graph to the other which is totally impossible. regards Hayden
Hayden Harris (1 year ago)
I like what you say and cheers James
James Powell (1 year ago)
friend I'm not saying it is easy. Day trading is near impossible to succeed at from a retail perspective. However, I think I can change your mind to some degree regarding both impossibility and randomness. I don't know this author and you and I don't know each other. If you are interested, and I can show you fore hand there is something to what the author states here. There is a free website called tradingview.com and on there if you search my name JamesPowell no space and same avatar we can discuss it with illustrations. Regarding Buffett, he is an investor not a trader. I do my best to discourage trading. Trading is really an improbable game to win. Investing on the other hand while risky is the easier game, all one needs is a little luck, a lot of patience and a bull market. I have nothing to sell you or anything like. Markets and their secrets and mysteries are a personal passion. On that website besides there is also a chat titled "supply and demand trading". You will see my avatar there as well. regards James
Hayden Harris (1 year ago)
I agree in the main and so its gambling. The movements in the market are extremely logical and methodicaly random regards Hayden
James Powell (1 year ago)
no sir, the author is correct. The movements in the market are extremely logical and methodical. There is however the problem that there is no way to read the depth of particular levels. This is why any bet placed at any level is always a gamble is there enough market orders there to cause a successful trade or not. But still, the author is very much correct. Impossibility? No! Improbability? Always and traders should trade and risk with the expectation of loosing because of the improbability.
Maria Escobar (1 year ago)
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Edward Lucas (1 year ago)
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iltizam muwafiq (1 year ago)
Your technique simple Like me
Emma Lane (1 year ago)
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andelina jenny (1 year ago)
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Safrana Janmohamed (1 year ago)
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roby keto (2 years ago)
Thank you sir very much, perfect presentation.
Jeffery Uvang (2 years ago)
Your voice tone really similar. ChaosTrader63 is it you sir?
Phoenix Traders (1 year ago)
That is the voice of Chris Lori...i am sure of that.
Sharon Candy (2 years ago)
I have seen a lot of post about this great Mentor Mr Wayne and i 'will also want to show my appreciation to this guru
Sharon Candy (2 years ago)
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Kings Cross Media (2 years ago)
Excellent, thank you.
Glenn Weinstein (11 months ago)
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