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Efficient Meshing with ANSYS Workbench [Tutorial]

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This ANSYS Workbench tutorial offers suggestions to make more efficient meshes for both stress analysis and fluid dynamics (CFD). It covers different mesh methods and geometry.
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Text Comments (38)
muhammad sarmad (1 month ago)
Can you please send the cad file
Mekapati Darshanik (3 months ago)
Great video sir, I am a beginner in fluent and have no experience on fluent.i am doing a project on temperature distribution of gas turbine enclosing compartment. The casing acts as heat source and the heat developed is removed by exhaust fan with approx flow rate of 12.5kg/s,and temperature distribution of 213 to 345 deg, with varied distribution across casing and heat generation rate is 48543.9 w/m3. The final aim is to obtain temperature distribution of enclosing. I have modelled the casing and enclosing in Catia v5( cat part and product in igs format) and imported to fluent and tried to mesh it. It meshed but not showing the complete mesh of enclosing and casing in setup. And also I didn't know which model(like viscous laminar, radiation etc) I should select. My mail ID is "[email protected]". Thank you sir
saurabh amrutkar (1 year ago)
please make a video on centrifugal pump void extraction. and seperate its parts impeller ,...
Dharanesh v n (1 year ago)
Sir can u make a vedio of aerodynamic analysis of winglet in ansys v18
Hasan Ali (2 years ago)
In structural mesh, if i delete filet or fill up gap, will it affect structure or not??
ROHAN DESHMUKH (2 years ago)
great video
Icey Junior (2 years ago)
Why I cannot click those buttons to remove the fillet in ANSYS?
Manjil Puri (3 years ago)
can you provide the geometry file as I am a beginner in learning ANSYS it would be better if I can go thoroughly.
Diana Munive (3 years ago)
can you explain what is the purpose to change option NUM CELLs CROSS GAP, please
Sirius CFD (3 years ago)
+Diana Munive Let's say you have a rectangular channel that is very narrow and very tall. With the feature number of cells across gap you can tell the proximity sizing function to refine this area (the narrow edge of your channel) until N number of cells are fitted across this gap. So, you could set your minimum edge size to a very low value without worrying that the mesh will be over-refined everywhere.
syed ahmed (3 years ago)
+ansysinc  great video but do you have a means to use the inner volume from the solid stucture ? ie i have a more or less complex structure of the solid and i need to work with the fluid in the cavity. I cant seem to be able to mesh the cavity. I dont know how you moved from the surface body to the inner fill around 7 th min since if i import it in design geometry and then go to meshing and try to mesh it the surface gets meshed. Is there a trick to it ? I m new in Fluent so i cant really get an idea how to work with the fluid inside. A bit of help would be very much appreciated.
syed ahmed (2 years ago)
I used a different geometry. Then i filled the mouth of cavity with a cap that seemed to work for some reason.
Abhishek chaubey (2 years ago)
I am having the same exact problem. you got an answer ?
Ian Atkins (3 years ago)
Great video
Paw Zet (4 years ago)
how do you make those transitions from hex to prism mesh which you can see at 11:25? I see you didn't use mesh match control, which doesn't work for me because I get an error saying my faces do not share any topology ;|
Sirius CFD (3 years ago)
+Paw Zet This is done automatically by ANSYS Meshing if you use the option to "Form new part" in DesignModeler after you've finished decomposing or slicing your geometry into appropriate sections. Just select all the parts listed in the tree - right mouse click - Form new part. Now when you go to ANSYS Meshing and specify hexa meshes on sweepable parts and tetra meshes on the rest - the interfaces between the two types of meshes are going to be conformal (i.e. shared nodes).
Anees Aboobacker (5 years ago)
you can also do defeaturing while importing the catia/solid works file to minimise fillet extents.
Patrick Rodriguez (5 years ago)
radii, not radiuses ........not to be pedantic :P
Piotr Leśniak (5 years ago)
I've imported model from catia and cant use enclosure tool (not active) to make inside volume for CFD, any idea ? 
Napoleon Poincare (5 years ago)
Ansysinc very nice video, thank you. I have some questions: 1. Did you start to use the automatic settings provided by ansys for the mesh just to show how is it possible to reduce subsequently the number of elements by deleting geometric features ( i.e. fillets ) or this is the standard procedure you apply when you mesh a complex model? 2. How can you recognize at glance the second mesh is a better mesh? because of its "tidy" and uniform apearance in the region of bolts? thank you.
Abdu Yearwood (5 years ago)
Selection is not very clear, i don't follow very well since i'm learning this with 14.5 version.
Anand Krishnan (6 years ago)
Hi,is there any option for reviewing bad elements,,or selecting elements?
McBango (6 years ago)
Does simplifying the geometry and reducing the node count affect the accuracy of modal solutions?
jkfsdahjk (6 years ago)
Ah, I have already figured it out, it's slice operation in designmodeler :)
jkfsdahjk (6 years ago)
So, have you already figured it out? Can you share the idea?
Carmina Luque (6 years ago)
Really useful! thanks!
Myung1987 (6 years ago)
Please, could you explain how did you the descomposition of the fluid domain into several volumes? Did you do it in Design Modeler, or there are any way to do it in Meshing? Thanks a lot.
jaz9000 (2 years ago)
Hi Myung1987, did you every figure out how to do this? I am having the same problem at the moment as I am new to Ansys. I have modelled my volume but I need to decompose it in and all the options I have tried have resulted in a segregated meshed volumes that ANSYS  cannot resolve the flow through. Any advice you can give me would be appreciated. Cheers.
Kevin B. (6 years ago)
Hey I have a question, using Fluent how do you import that geometry into that program? Did you use AutoCAD or another computer aided design product?
Clarence Chong (6 years ago)
Hi, do u have a tutorial on which how i can create a user defined enclosure, and i cannot seem to by the 'by caps' option that you were talking about
AR M (6 years ago)
Useful, nice presentation. Thanks for uploading.
Arakhan harshtrade (6 years ago)
is this better than gambit?
Where can I find this geometry?
julian neave (7 years ago)
Great video matey
Raef Kobeissi (7 years ago)
@ansysinc it is a very simple, easy, wonderful and useful tutorial indeeed , I admire this video to be honest , I had a question: -Is it acceptable to mesh a valve for example using workbench without going for ICEM ? cause ICEM is very complicated in meshing. I want to do an LES simulation in a valve and I wanted to know if it is possible to use only workbench without ICEM . Thank you :)
guicapone2 (8 years ago)
did you import the drawing from some other cad software e.g. inventor or was the whole shape drawn in ansys?
孙强 (8 years ago)
thanks a lot !
Raszkaj (8 years ago)
very nice presentation...thank you very much for that

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