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Intersecting multiple pipes

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In this Rhino 5 tutorial, learn how to model a smooth intersection between multiple pipe surfaces.
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Tumul Purwar (2 months ago)
PC Sim (3 months ago)
Hi Sir, here is another method .. https://youtu.be/K3SwxZuWdFc
Paula Barros (11 months ago)
When you blend the crv's the resulting crv will always folow the srf? or you need to specify something when dioing teh comand?
RhinoGuide (11 months ago)
BlendCrv won't necessarily be on the surface but it may be within tolerances. Use the Pull command to move it back to the surface if it is off.
Agustina Musich (1 year ago)
when i put the array polar command the circles are created on the same plane and not facing each other
Brian James (1 year ago)
Check that the Front viewport is active when running the ArrayPolar command. This controls the orientation of the axis used.
Xiaopei Zhang (1 year ago)
I have same question, I do not how to solve it
RhinoGuide (1 year ago)
That probably happened due to the active viewport when running the ArrayPolar command. The active view controls the orientation of the array axis.
Maria Casti¤eiras (1 year ago)
how do you make those colored arrows appear when you draw a circle?
Maria Casti¤eiras (1 year ago)
RhinoGuide (1 year ago)
That's the Gumball manipulator object. It will appear for any selection if Gumball is enabled at the bottom of the interface.
Kobi Luke (2 years ago)
Thank you so much! Wish all Youtube tutorials were as clear and helpful as this.

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