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Maya: Guide Objects To Smooth Meshes in the ToolKit

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The Modeling Toolkit in Maya 2014 finally allows us to properly trace background polygon objects while modeling. 1. Open up the Toolkit (icon top right corner) 2. Activate the Toolkit (options - Activate Modeling Toolkit) 3. Select the reference object to snap to... Transform Constraints - Other Surface - (Pick Object) 4. Now tweak the vertices An easier method uses my Toolkit Marking Menu (ctrl alt d) 1. Select the reference object 2. ctrl alt d - select constrained object to switch off constrained object ctrl alt d - Constrained Off Presenter: Andrew Silke (Avatar, Harry Potter, Gravity) Website: www.create3dcharacters.com Facebook Daily Blog: https://www.facebook.com/create3dcharacters Software: Maya 2014
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Text Comments (6)
Great tutorial as usual... However, I'm not seeing the "Other Surface" option in the transform constraints.
nour rakout'malal (2 years ago)
Great! I forget to active the modeling toolkit! Thank you so much.
nour rakout'malal (2 years ago)
Have you try to do the same using? because I have the feelings that's different. I'm searchin for how to snap vertices, faces on guide objects, but don't find except your good tutorial. (sorry for my english!)
andrew silke (2 years ago)
it should, make sure you're in Maya 2015+
nour rakout'malal (2 years ago)
hello, it doesn't snap with make live button. Which tools are you used to snap meshes please ?
andrew silke (3 years ago)
+Black Lobster - Digital Arts this one's pretty old it's all changed now since Maya 2015, just click the magnet make live button

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